ZigFF: Revolt Electric Motorcycle India Launch Date, Expected Price & Specs | ZigWheels.com

ZigFF: Revolt Electric Motorcycle India Launch Date, Expected Price & Specs | ZigWheels.com

There is no stopping the march of
progress electric mobility is here and it’s here to stay now we have seen a
massive influx of electric two wheelers into the country and not just the cheap
Chinese kind we’ve also got some premium offerings in the form of the Ather
scooters as well as the trend of waters flow but by they’ve got scooters we
haven’t really seen any electric motorcycles well until now that is come
June 18 revolt in tell a cop will be launching India’s first electric
motorcycle so what can be expected from this bike but before we get into the
motorcycle itself you might be asking yourselves who exactly is revolt well
revolt is the brainchild of Rahul Sharma the co-founder of Micromax another
company that makes mobile phones as well as other consumer electronics a revolt
is taking electric motorcycles really seriously and they’ve already got a plan
set up and manager just spread over 1 lakh square feet how well the Sun comes
up to speed it’ll have the capacity of producing 1 lakh 20,000 electric
motorcycles every year that’s 10,000 bikes a month and they also boast of a
strong R&D setup and they have been working for the last two years
developing their own components such as the battery mehram system as well as the
ecu so what is revolt electric bike going to
be like well we have seen some spy shots which have shown some conflicting
configurations but those are like II test news details so far have been a bit
sketchy well quite literally all we had is a
sketch but the sketch confirms a fairly hands of motorcycle and gets upside down
folks a real Mona shock alloy wheels this
breaks and a belt drive the flat headlight and the chunky tank also
reminds us a bit of the Ducati Diavel but we believe in reality this will be
scaled down for the actual production bike because it’s meant to compete
against more conventional 125cc motorcycles now there are reports that
this motorcycle will come with a 4.5 KW electric motor and a 45 amp
controller now in terms of performance they’re saying the top speed will be
capped to 85 kmph in a bid to keep the range high and the claim range is
actually quite high over 150 kilometers on a single charge which will be more
than enough for most people on their daily commutes but the best part is the
lithium-ion battery pack is actually removable and can be swapped out fairly
easily now initially revolt has said that this bike will come with disc brakes
at both ends and will feature CBS a standard what some later reports say
that it will actually featured ABS we should have to read and watch but the more interesting thing here is
that the bike will come with AI enable features now what does that mean
and simply put it will have the ability to actually learn the owner riding style
and then adjust its battery management system accordingly and optimize the
range from the batteries and it will also get a built-in 4G LTE sim to get
over-the-air software updates for its electronics and its battery management
system so that’s what we know about revolts upcoming left a motorcycle so
far as for pricing we expect that to be around rupees 1.20 lakhs but potential
buyers might actually end up playing somewhere to goes to rupees ninety five
thousand considering the frame to subsidy and that’s not bad at all
because that puts its pricing on par with premium 160cc motorcycles so what do
you think the revolt electric bike will be like to drop your opinions in the
comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to the ZigWheels that you can say
notified often are actually walkaround video from the launch goes live on June 18th
as always thank you for watching


  1. It's good to see that Indian companies are investing also innovating in electric vehicles. Hope the product really helps the rider for all his travel needs.

  2. They start with a big bang and then get lost in that smoke only.

    For micromax it happened lets hope the same doesn’t happen here !!
    There R&D doesn’t include motor? Will that be chinese again ?

  3. I don't think that the price is gonna be that low. If that is true, then maybe they cut down the battery a lot

  4. This is also a Chinese rebranded product guys.
    What else can we expect from Micromax.
    Hope they are able to capitalize on 1st entry to the market and stay afloat unlike Micromax.

  5. Reason why I held my bike buying thoughts as electric bikes are coming in and they definitely have a lot on offer . Emflux one is what I am waiting for !

  6. Eagerly waiting.. Major companies should follow the same. Which excite me is now there will be less differences among giant companies and start up companies. I mean we don't have to compromise on engine smoothness, engine refinement…these words.. Future is fine..😌😌

  7. The only problem will be charging time, if it's urgent to go and ur bike is not charged u cannot do anything

  8. GUYS don't get hyped for this new bike.
    Do you know who the founder of this company is ?
    The one and only Rahul Sharma founder of Micromax and YU . I am one of the first users of YU yureka and you all people know how Micromax products are. You may say i am sh*t and how can i compare a smartphone brand to a motorcycle brand. But i have experienced the products of his companies. Just my thoughts and its upto you to believe in Rahul sharma

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