You Need These 6 Content Types For Powerful Inbound Lead Generation

You Need These 6 Content Types For Powerful Inbound Lead Generation

I’m super excited about this topic: How to
get powerful inbound lead generation with six critical content types.
Some of them are more content tools than types of content but you absolutely need to have
these six in order to have amazing inbound lead generation results. The six we’re going
to cover are web pages, great call to actions or CTAs, slog post, eBooks and lead magnets
and finally a conversation app where you can capture conversations real time with your
prospects. So, let’s get into it. If you’re a content marketer or a marketer
in general looking to get more into inbounded content, you’re in the right place. Today
more than 70% of the world’s online traffic starts with a search, publishing content generates
67% more leads than if you don’t publish inbound content and more than 71% of B2B buyers are
reading three to five vlogs during their buying journey.
Sometimes before they speak to a sales rep and if you tack onto all of that that the
ROI, that return on advertising is as low as point six, well inbound content could be
the way to go but how do you actually set up content in a way that works? That’s what
we’re here to talk about. I’ve been practicing content for almost nine years straight. I’ve
used my own businesses to test profitable content marketing strategies. I’ve launched
four different brands all completely advertised through inbound content that have been successful
and profitable. What I found especially with my primary business
my agency Express writers where we handle over 200-projects every month for our clients
is that you need these six content types to work together like an ecosystem to bring in
prospects and convert them. Three are literal content formats, the other three are content
tools so to speak that work hand in hand with that content. So, web pages, blog post, eBooks
or lead magnets, those three are your written content formats that are designed by a designer
or by a web developer And then finally a conversation app on your
site, for example we use drift it’s a great live chat app for websites, will help you
turn those browsers into prospects. So, when and how do you create these six content
types to bring in those inbound lead results? Well, your blog posts and your CTS should
be created weekly if you can, your eBooks or Lead magnets should be created at a minimum
of one per quarter and the other three need to be created, installed and then maintained
once every quarter, web pages, your lead forms and then the app you use on your site to pull
in those conversations. Now how all these work together to bring in
prospects? Well, let’s switch over to my computer where I’m going to show you a live example
of how all of these six works with my agency Express writers to bring in actual leads.
And remember really quickly before we head over there a massive trend, I’ve kind of been
preaching everywhere as we go into and the years to come is that content must be amazing
for it’s a work, if it falls short of that bar which yes that’s a pretty high bar then
you’re not going to see powerful results but the awesome thing is that if you bring in
some experts and the secret word is not doing content but managing content.
So, if you switch over to smart delegation, bring in some expert writers that know your
industry, that can craft gorgeous content that appeals to your buyers your prospects.
Well, then success is closed but mediocre just doesn’t work anymore, it’s going to end
up nowhere. So, the kind of results that I’ll talk about here in a minute you have to invest
an amazing content in order to see those results Okay, so we’re at my computer and we’re going
to talk about how all of these six content tools formats, three are really content formats
the other three are more or less content tools how they all work together in tandem to get
those amazing powerful inbound lead generation results.
Okay, so we’re going to start with a blog post and then I’m going to go into the other
five content formats we’re talking about here. So, the first pathway for us and Express writers,
first of all like before we do anything is to study the terms that our audience is using.
So, for example a lot of our clients they want to know how to do something before they
hire someone to do it. So, when it comes to SEO content which we create and Express writers
I have about 91-writers have trained in SEO and reader friendly content practices, a lot
of times their pain points are keywords like this; how to write SEO content, could even
be some of these dropdowns see this is related to that term SEO article writing service,
so again that when that is a prospect looking for what we sell, that’s the most important
thing before you create content is to know the terms your audience is using and especially,
especially, if your goal is search traffic then you need to be using the right keywords.
I’ll link to our resource where you can learn how to research keywords, that’s also a skill
you need tools I like mangles keyword finder, SEM rush, a rush is another good one to uncover
the data around is this term worth writing content for is it a low key word difficulty
score, what’s the competition like? Those questions you need to have answers on before
you create content. Okay, so our ninety thousand visitors per
month on HYPERLINK “” comes through our Google
rankings for over I think it’s thousand keywords, at this point creating content for eight years
now. So, this is an example of accurate ranking,
the keyword is how to write SEO content, that’s a longtail keyword at the time this is going
back several years, we created this piece back in 2006, it’s still on the first page
of Google. Okay, so the concept format I’m going to switch over to this is a blog post.
So, that’s what we’ve written we’ve written the blog post we’ve created CPAs and we’ve
designed a header set for the title so it’s more engaging but this is what a post that
works looks like and I’ll link to this in the description.
So, this was about 1,500 to 2,000 words as you can see, we have a lot of examples, we
have links to different tools, so we’re really going in depth with explaining our topic for
our reader which could be a prospect, so we want to impress them, delight them, give them
exactly what they’re looking for on this topic. Okay, so next moving into the CTAs, you’ll
see that in this blog what we have going on are several CTAs, one of them goes to an e-book
also called a lead magnet and the other one which we keep all the way at the bottom goes
to a forum. So, this vlog links out to all these other content formats that we’re talking
about creating in order to get the most results from your content, right? So, that blog post
has a CTA in it which goes to an e-book, another CTA that goes to a lead form and then our
conversation app as you can see is showing right here, so if you click on it you’ll see
our sales representative and you can start chatting with her right away and this is a
tool that you absolutely need to consider investing in, we use drift to capture conversations
because in the moment when someone is reading your content, finding it valuable and considering
working with you, you want to capture them in that moment and live chat is just one of
the best ways to do that. So, let me explain our CTAs a little bit more
in depth. So, with our eBooks we have about fourteen or fifteen created by now, we try
to link to relevant eBooks to the topic, so this topic is how to write content for SEO.
Well, we have an e-book called the SEO content writers cheat sheet and what this does is
the CTA inside of this eBook and this is a web page so you need to create a web page
for your eBook a landing page it’s also called it can be short it doesn’t have to be long
the goal is conversion, so keep that page short. We also have this tied to an email
sequence, so when someone downloads this they are up sold email sequence that goes to my
SEO content writers course and I try to keep that email sequence not pushy at all so each
email is spaced out by quite a few days, I had so many unsubscribes bounces and complaints
when I had like a five-day sequence going, so I spaced it out, so I think the emails
go out like once every four or five or even six days.
So, we have a blog post that goes to an e-book the e-book is housed on a web page or a landing
page when someone enrolls grabs this eBook they are enrolled in a sequence we use convert
kit, great email software, super simple, you can set up forms, eBooks, lead Maddox within
minutes, that’s why I love it And then the other CTA that we have that we
always keep at the bottom is to a form. So, your forms are also really important and we
used to not care as much about our forms that used to just be a sign up as a client name,
email and you know phone number but whenever we changed up our forms to give our clients
more suggestions where they don’t have to type, they just pick choices and we’re targeted
choices, we saw a 200 to 300-percent increase in the amount of forms filled out.
Also quick tip, make sure your form the one that gets you prospects like this one would
be for us, make sure it’s also linked to in your menu, right here we have signup for free
that goes straight to this form. So, not only do you want to have that as a CTA but you
want to make sure it’s in your menu the form that lets you prospects it really needs to
be in a lot of places where people can find it, fill it out, let you know they’re interested
in working with you. So, our form has about seven or eight choices first we ask, you know
what category of business are you we let them pick and then we ask for their name their
email, their business name, we give them another choice of the services that we offer that
they’re looking for and all of it and other will generate a box they can tell us and then
we ask them what do you prefer and this will help us cater our services to their preferences,
do they do they like to buy on our site and just check out being kind of self-sufficient
or have us manage their account or maybe they need to have a phone call?
So, how do you do your forums is super important to get more powerful results from your inbound
leads and traffic and as we talked about the quality of what you do needs to be really
important, this is especially true with eBooks and lead magnets in order for people to act
on an offer that you might have hooked up to an e-book, a coupon code to a course, link
to buyer services, all that good stuff, the e-book itself needs to be very valuable so
this is an example a look at what people get when they download this eBook, it’s 25-pages
what I’ve done is I’ve actually pulled some content from this course and have put it right
in here, so it’s some of the best content that you could put in an e-book and there’s
also examples of content that works, so they can see what it takes to rank in Google.
So, this is incredibly valuable to someone looking for tips� guidance help on this
topic, how to write SEO content and that’s something to keep in mind as you create your
content types. Be sure to check the YouTube description for
a summary and links to some of the resources I�ve talked about and then if you have any
questions on any of these content types and how I use them let me know in the comments.
Thank you so much for watching today’s video on powerful inbound lead generation with six
content types or tools. If you have any questions on this topic let me know in the comments
give this video a like, a thumbs up, if you learn anything today that you’ll be able to
practice put into practice for your business your brand or your clients and as always hit
that subscribe button so you catch my new videos I try to give you my best here on my
YouTube channel what I’ve learned over the past nine years of creating content consistently.
Check the video description for the links and resources, I’ve mentioned in this video
and I hope to see you around. “#$%'(OPopqru������
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