Yamaha FZ25 In Bangladesh – 250cc Motorcycle In Bangladesh

Yamaha FZ25 In Bangladesh – 250cc Motorcycle In Bangladesh

Hello BikeBD fans Today we are going to bring in front of you First impression review of a motorcycle The fact is that, this bike is not 165 Cc More than that But good news is Government has permitted the bike Just to be used by Police That is Yamaha FZ25 Yamaha FZ25 motorcycle is permitted by Bangladesh Government To be used by Bangladesh Police We know that, Motorcycle over 165 Cc is not permitted in Bangladesh Hope in near future we, civilians are Also going to get permission for 250cc Let me tell you about the bike The bike is equipped with a 250CC Engine Before that, look at the headlight It has killer look It has a LED head light Along with front tyre of 100 section If I tell about the bike Engine Then it is a 250 Cc single cylinder, 2 valve engine This engine is fuel injected like FZS If I show you something like that The engine has oil cooled system Which we experienced in Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 If you talk about power delivery This engine produces around 21 horse power And 20 NM torque And the motorcycle has 5 speed gear box If we look at the back side Look at the muffler, it almost looks like FZS Design frame is similar Along with a mono shock suspension in the rear Mono shock suspension travels 120 Mm And in front it has telescopic suspension Both the wheels in front and rear have disk brake Let me tell you about the rear wheel You can see mud guard at the rear Along with 140 section rear tyre Both tyre’s are tubeless but here is no ABS system If you look about the design frame of the bike It almost look like the elder brother of FZS FZS is a 150 Cc Motorcycle and this one is 250 Cc Sitting position of the motorcycle is very upright Let me give you a demo My height is more or less 5’-6” feet So comparing myself you can assume About the height of the motorcycle And if you take a look on the switch instrument It is almost copied from V3 Let’s hear the engine sound Fuel tank of the motorcycle preserve 14 liters oil Which basic info you want to know about the top speed and mileage Unfortunately we didn’t get the opportunity to test itstop speed But it might be 145 to 150Km per hour And about mileage Yamaha India Claims that It goes up to 43Km per liter But I think in Dhaka traffic, it is very difficult to reach over 35 Km It might be 30-35 range One more thing many of you can ask us Whether it is available in Bangladesh? The answer is “not” In Bangladesh permission is not exceeds over 165 Cc This motorcycle is just using for Bangladesh Police only Government permitted it In the near future whether permission will be granted over 250 Cc or not? That’s a good question As far we know We are hearing some rumor about this We can give a confirm news to you Some Motorcycle companies have already applied to Bangladesh Government for permission That they need permission for 250 Cc in Bangladesh But it is not good enough We want the TAX reduction on motorcycle So that this motorcycle shall be available in in Bangladeshi at A close price rate comparing to Indian rate or currency difference To know about 250Cc permission We might have to wait till the budget of 2018-2019 Hope TAX will be reduced there Otherwise it is not going to be logical that this bike’s price reached up to 7to 8 lac Taka So at first we want that Government to reduce motorcycle TAX So that motorcycle price goes down Through, CBU, CKD or manufacturing whatever And secondly we have an urge to the Bangladesh Government On behalf of all the bikers that, they grant the permission of 250 Cc motorcycle I acknowledge the absence of road condition But the thing is that, there might be a condition that, A biker having 5 years of biking experience will get the permission to ride to ride 250 cc motorcycle Which is very common in the foreign countries So that’s all about the first impression review about this motorcycle You will find more details in our website We hope to come in front of you having First impression review of other bikes as well So always ride motorcycle while wearing helmet Obey the Traffic rules Until then, take care, and bye


  1. ভাই pulsar NS 160 কি পিছনে ডিকস লাগানো যাবে এবং ABS করা যাবে কিনা বলবেন.?

  2. 19 সালে আমি বাইক কিনব | যদি 200 Cc আসে তাহলে Apaches 200 4v কিনব | আৱ take যদি একটু কম হতো

  3. রয়েল enfield bike কি বাংলাদেশে আসবে? জানালে ভাল হবে।

  4. বাংলাদেশে কি রয়েল Enfield bike আসবে? বললে খুব ভাল হবে.

  5. Beautiful this bike, I have a channel with her doing top speed original pinion 15 crown 46 152 km, put pinion 16 crown 46 162km check it out.

  6. দেশে 250 cc যে অনুমোদন দিবে..
    দেয়ার আগে ভাবতে হবে দেশের হাসপাতাল গুলোতে কতগুলি icu সীট আছে…

  7. Vaia :')
    Amar ekta e shopno
    Bangladesh e Yamaha R6 chalabo :'')
    But 💔
    A kmon desh e bas Kore amra 😭
    Amar desh a e Amar sadhinota nai 😢
    Sara prithibi 1000 cc 1200 cc chalay
    Tara janeo na 150 cc bikes ase o ba kena 😢
    Bangladesh e 600 cc ke agami 10 year er modhe permission Pete pare ?!
    10 year er modhe na Pele hoyto bike theke e Mon uthe jbe :')
    Should I wait or change my dreams 🙁😖

  8. Bro, there is no country where that rules are applied which you said in this video, you need to pass first driving test for 150cc, if you want to ride more then 150cc then you need to do again driving test for high cc motor bike, they have motor bike training academy, which we don't have.. so please it's my request that don't give people wrong information.

  9. amr kache ache 1year hoigeche black colour ..🤣🤣🤣ekdm pati bike temon kno power nei 20hp 250cc te ekdm kom sudhu milege er jnno eta toiri.. so ami eta sale kore dominar nebo.. far bttt..onek valo

  10. Hero Glamour Fi 2019 মডেলের মটরসাইকেল বাংলাদেশের বাজারে কবে আসবে ভাই

  11. ধন্যবাদ, ভ্যট ট্যাক্স কমানোর কথা বলার জন্য

  12. Baler desh er baler rules… Here in India I am Using Royal Enfield Classic 350 cc..and My brother Using Royal Enfield ThunderBird 500 cc… But in Bangladesh 165 cc r upore kono bike allow nai😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 wtf

  13. ধন্যবাদ ভিডিও টার জন্য, শুনেছি বাইকটা নাকি সিসি কমিয়ে আনা হবে বাংলাদেশে, আসলে কথাটা কতটুকু সত্য জানা থাকলে বলবেন প্লিজ।💖

  14. govt. er kase onurodh tax ta kumanor amader desh er bike er price diye indiay car kena jay aj moddobitto bole bike khali sopnei calai sorker er kase abedon tax ta jno kumay jate sopne na real eo nijer bike calaite pari 😞😞

  15. চোরদের জন্য পারমিশন আছে
    কিন্তু সাধারন মানুষের জন্য নাই

  16. 153% tax …….😢😢😢
    Ami apner sathe ek mot je tax ta sohoniyo porjae niye asa hok…..
    Currency different 1Rupe:1.23Tk

  17. এটা কি পুলিশ ছাড়া আমরা সাধারণ মানুষ ব্যবহার করতে পারবো না? 😢

  18. ভাইয়া এই বাইকটা পেতে হলে সাধারণের জন্য কার অনুমতিক্রমে আনা যাবে

  19. ভাই পুলিশ যখন চালাবে ,তো আমরা দেখে কি করবো ?ওটা পুলিশ তো দেখবে এমনি .আমাদের কেনো দেখাচ্ছেন ?এই বাইক গুলো তো অন্য দেশের উটুবে দেখা যায়

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