World's first transmission-equipped wheel hub motor

World's first transmission-equipped wheel hub motor

in wheel motors our next generation drive technology that places motors in automobile wheels this technology improves automobile safety environmental impact and driving comfort a great deal of motor miniaturization research is taking place but motors with sufficient drive performance have been too large and commercialization has yet to be achieved nskzo hub motors achieve driving performance targets while reducing motor size let's look at how this is accomplished nskzo hub motors use two motors both rotating in the same direction for high gear operations when motor bee's rotation directions switches a one-way clutch stops the planetary carrier switching from high to low gear a hub unit bearing with a built in speed reducer delivers the torque to the wheels using a Sun gear pinion gear and ring gear integrated into the hub unit this transmission mechanism makes it possible for small motors to provide a large amount of drive torque and sufficient maximum speed low gear provides faster acceleration than high gear after starting in low gear the motor switches to high gear and accelerates until it reaches maximum speed use of this transmission improves operating efficiency to increase driving range wheel hub motors can be used independent of vehicle body structure so they can be used with evolving drive types such as a TV TV and SPD nsk is continuing to develop products that contribute to the future of automotive technology you


  1. I would like two just for the front wheels of my Camero so I have four wheel drive with an electric boost to save gas and I can drive with te engine as needed to charge.

  2. Low-profile tires and hub motors are not a good fit.
    A taller tire will be required to absorb all pothole damage and other obstacles.
    This seems a serious overcomplication of something that started out with no moving parts.
    Why did the motor get moved outside the body of the hub other than to accommodate artificially and unrealistically small tires?
    All the necessary planetary gears could rotate outside the magnet/coil workings but still inside the plain and protection of the rim and tire.
    Who said the tires could only be 13" tall?
    New technology might require different design of things we take for granted.
    Taller tires and rims will give you more space to keep to the true concept of a hub motor, where the axles do not rotate.
    Only the rim and tire around it do.

  3. Great to see some growth in this subject as it got stuck in the 80's. Things to overcome Unsprung weight and magnets withstanding normal rough road surface. So when is the actual wheel becoming the motor? Michelin should be making RUBBER TREAD MOTORS that you retread. No more engine bay, transmission/gearbox, no more drive shafts, just a power sourse.

  4. You literally don’t need any gear changes of any kind with a brushless motor – encoder combo. If anyone’s interested, see what I mean by looking up ODrive Robotic’s servo motor boards

  5. interesting idea, but fundamentally flawed.
    youve put one of the most sensitive drivetrain portions into the harshest and least shielded sections of a car.
    Worst still, you've added tremendous weight to the vehicles unsprung rotational mass. I guess it's fine for slower and purely functional transportation vehicles though.

  6. that's a lot of unsprung weight, that's subject to constant vibration. it's a nice concept, but they still have to have some real world tests to prove it is more than just a first step on a long road. hub motors are being used in e-bikes, and motorcycles very successfully. if they can tie into some of the data from those manufactures, they could very well make it work. the idea of the entire drivetrain in a self contained, easily replaceable pod is a game changer. work out a universal suspension with a bolt on, plug in design, and a single pod unit would work on any wheel of the vehicle. making them more efficient and cheaper to manufacture. you could drop the floor of a vehicle substantially, and it could be level the entire way through the space, creating a large cargo area for delivery services, plus making it very wheelchair friendly. incorporate an easily replaceable battery pack into the frame structure, one that could have a variety of body styles mounted on to a single frame unit, and you've got yourself a winner. one drive pod, one frame and suspension, whatever you want, or need mounted on to it. you could have a standard, and a heavy duty model pod, and frame for applications that require a greater load capacity. can you imagine the aftermarket on something like that? someone will make a lamborghini lookalike body to mount on your frame for a fraction of the cost of a real one. or hell, even the uss starship enterprise for that matter. imagine that pulling up next to you at a stoplight. what a world of wonders we live in. lol!

  7. Horrible idea. So now those motors are affected by all the bumps and potholes in the road. Going to vibrate like crazy. It will shake itself to pieces.

  8. A lot of complex nonsense i see… dislike
    PS: Similar to -> "Why do you want to square a round wheel" 😂

  9. Why can't we change wheels to motor rather than adding motors to wheels… twisting force increases with length from its center…I have ideas in mind to make it better …contact me …if u really needed…[email protected]

  10. high is this on sale now as looking to make my vw bug electric and this would be a great idea ..thanks fish

  11. How would these wheel motors fare against rain puddles? Here in Miami, rain watercan reach substantial heights.

  12. Better to use a CV axle to reduce sprung weight… hub motors are already bad enough but putting the gearbox in there also just makes it worse.

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