Why get a really good kids mountain bike?

Why get a really good kids mountain bike?

This is Domingo, a pretty average sized adult,
and here’s me riding a 24 inch kids mountain bike. We’ll get back to that in a minute,
but first let’s talk about kids bikes in general. I know that pricey kids bikes are
a tough sell for most parents. Kids grow really fast, and they change their interests from
day to day. For 150 bucks, you can get them something that pedals around until they grow
out of it. From what I can see, this is what most kids end up with. Given the reasons I
mentioned, it’s hard to blame any parent for this, especially when you consider the
other costs that come along with kids. Some parents do see the value in spending a little
more though. A nice kids bike will have better parts and a smoother ride, but I think that’s
obvious to most people. “Good parts” isn’t a good enough selling point for most parents,
but I think the weight of the bike should be. At 6 years old, I weighed about 45 pounds,
but the weight of this cheap 20” kids bike is 36 pounds. Now let’s say you weigh 160.
How would you fare on a 130 pound bike? How well could you stop it, or maneuver it? That’s
about what this bike would feel like to a 6 year old. Even if they have the strength
to pedal and climb hills with it, let’s also consider the brakes and shifters. You
hear that? That’s a little kid shifting gears. Kids learn real quick, but their hands
aren’t very strong. A well designed kids bike will not only be to scale with their
weight, but also use parts that are refined enough for little hands. These kids were all
able to hold a decent pace on Saturday, partially because they’re all bad asses, but also
because they have decent bikes. So with those points made, let’s have some fun. We have
here, two nice kids bikes that I’ll be giving away later this afternoon. Before that, my
sister and I are going to take them out on some easy trails to see how they ride. I assembled
both of these earlier this week, knowing that we’d be doing this, so I made sure they
were both tuned up from top to bottom.The plan was to go easy on these bikes, but I
was having a little too much fun on what felt like a 24” dirt jumper. Lucky for this bike,
there were no jumps around. I decided to take a chance and see if I could bunny hop the
hardtail on to this picnic table. The lower bench was no problem but the top part looked
pretty scary. Keep in mind that this also means dropping off the other side; all 155
pounds of me. Both bikes left the trailhead in perfect working order, ready for more abuse
from the kids. And abuse them they did… From hard shifting,
to crashes, to direct impacts on the chainrings, these bikes held up to exactly the kind of
abuse you could expect from kids. If you want see more about this event or these bikes,
check the description for a link to my previous video. So nobody expects you to get a 3000
dollar carbon race bike for your kid, but getting a better bike with kid friendly components
will ensure that they get a fun and enjoyable introduction to mountain biking. At the very
least, do it for yourself. After all, the faster they go the more fun it’ll be for
you to follow them. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.


  1. Just bought my son (who happens to share my profile here that's his picture) the GT Stomper Ace 24". He is turning 12, but I see kids who look much younger riding the 24's. He's about 4'8" is this bike too small for him? The range said up to 5'5." My thought it should last him a few years, then his younger brother can take over that bike. Am I over optimistic in thinking it will even last years as opposed to months. I really want the family to enjoy some trail riding this summer. Feedback much appreciated.

  2. Should I go to a bike shop that has an employee that knows bikes or go to a Walmart with employee that doesn't even know what they're talking about to get a bike?

  3. I’m 5:1 and 13 turning 14 in June I weight 90lbs should I buy a diamondback s’yncr 24 or a adult small diamondback hook?

  4. I am 15 now I remember watching this when I was 13 and wanting to do that now I am and I love it to death think about it every day. All because of u Seth thanks

  5. When i was 6 i have bike that s 15 kg and i was maybe 26 but after a month i started to feel comportable

  6. lol I'm 4 foot 6 and i ride my dad's atx by putting my xtc jr saddle on the atx. Tons of fun! I'm super confident now

  7. I am 12 year old kid and i have a Specialized Stumpjumper 27.5 for almost 5 years and ill never quit mountainbiking

  8. Well if I'm 15 and 170cm/5'6 I think lol.. Should I get a good 20" mountain bike as its cheap and light for me I'm just thinking that it would be too small for me idk

  9. I have a $120 mongoose from Walmart (pink cause it is my sisters old bike) it is super heavy and hard to shift and im just waiting for its breaks to just give out and fling me into a tree

  10. Just picked up the Trance Jr. for my ten year-old. $2100. He rode a Giant XTC for the last 3 years. What a difference! The kid is beyond stoked! Much faster, smoother, better in every way! Worth every penny. Now if I could only keep up with him!

  11. Good points. I love riding my bike and hope my kids enjoy it as much as I do as well. I bought my son who is 7 years old a 24" Meerkat model mountain bike from Clearly Bikes. I added a shock fork for a $150.00 more. These bikes are great!!
    His bike came with hydraulic disc brakes front and back! I upgraded his seat. He loves riding it, wants to ride everyday. I just bought my daughter a Trek 20" Wahoo she's happy as can be!!

  12. Uh its rough having to spend so much more on everything like I've been doing since I was 10 with my own money because I have to buy mens thing right now I'm 13, 155, and 5 foot 10

  13. Well my bike so trash suspesion dosent even work
    Cant pedal cuz i used the brakes not really hard
    It cause like 375QR ?

  14. parents please buy a decent MTB for your kid. I had a cycle which was terrible and took the joy out of cycling

  15. I'm 12 and I have an Avanti Montari. Which has hydraulic disc brakes, 24 speed Shimano gears, threadless stem, and looks really nice. My 11 year old friend has an unnamed Scott bike that's practically the same/
    I used to have an Apollo Cougar which I got when I was 10 lol
    Rim brakes, 7 speed shimano and doesn't have a threadless stem. It still worked though, and I could ride trails without dying lol, but as a kid I would reccommend buying a good mtb.

  16. Great Advise. To a 7 and 9 year old boys a 24" wheel is advisable as an introduction to mountain biking?. I was a fanatic when I was younger…the bug is still there ;). Thanks.

  17. I dont really have a decent bike but my bike is fast and is pretty good at offroad and my dad is gonna buy me a small mountain bike

  18. Hey I am getting a gopro soon and will be posting videos on utube please ask your subs to go and subsribe to Cole Mitchell outdoors fishing

  19. do diamondback kids bikes come with the same starter package with the shock pump and pedals like the regular bikes do?

  20. My parents went with WALMART and won't even let me ride my other bike which I like better but is still cheap

  21. I am 13 and i have a bmc trail fox whit a fox float shock and bomber forks i bought it for 900 dolars

  22. I never got a decent bike when I was a kid. Only bikes from local supermarkets. Now at 25 having owned a used Kona Shred for a week I'm having the time of my life!

  23. I am 14 and I rn have a cube hardtail with a 120mm rock shox on the front and I am jumping around the streets and right tour over 50 km in hours,. I want to buy a enurdo to drive more in the forest and going to drive trails do u think its an good idea?

  24. Growing up in the nineties in eastern Europe, the only bikes we had were steel commuters with fixed gears, few cool kids had BMX and that was it. And boy did we abused those things. They were thick steel so could take some abuse, but weighed a ton. We send them over some gnarly stuff. It was only when I was about twelve when I got my mountain bike. Well, you would say a Wallmart bike probably – cheap five-by-three Shimano SIS on a welded steel frame, full rigid bike. It was janky, it twisted and the breaks were shit. I loved that thing anyway(well I didn't know any better, did I? ) But eventually, I started to realize how slow it is and eventually I put it aside and almost stop riding entirely. It is only now that I discovered this channel I started to think about getting back on it.
    Well, what I am getting at is, if you can afford it, get your kids' decent bike, it doesn't have to be new. But more importantly, ride with them, share the passion. It is that passion I remember that inspires me now to get back on it. (Well that and Seth's bike hacks of course)

  25. HAHA. I just bought a 24 inch BMX for my daughter to ride , which I can borrow… Planning on a decent 20 inch BMX for my other daughter hehe…

  26. I remember when I was 7 I'd try to do a pop a wheelie and my dad used to get mad at me a lot. Now I'm 10 trying to do endo turns and manuals lol

  27. I learnt how to ride on a kid £50 mtb bike but when I upgraded to a £600 mtb I learnt 2 times faster but I later swapped for a jump bike as I enjoy riding jumps more than trail but I take and abuse the jump on trail all the time for fun

  28. I was able to get a Cannondale Scalpel 2013 for only $425. The original price was around $2,000-3,000. It was quite a steal.

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