Whole Team Built To Support SLARK ☆☆☆ CARRY | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 112

Whole Team Built To Support SLARK ☆☆☆ CARRY | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 112

all right around three I have double slark I want to build this lark I want to build a start can I wear this top is really good on him and I actually once lark to not be necessarily in an assassin build because there are many ways of building a slark doesn't have to be an assassin it can be with someone mentioned in chat warriors on something like not warriors but warlocks and stuff oh okay I have to play the three the three warriors right now but slark can work with a lot of things I might try to build warriors or something warrior world look with slark all I know right now is I want to build this large because I got two of them and we'll think of a way of building around the start throw and warlock right warrior troll warlord something like that yeah we'll see yeah it's okay it's just YouTube comments no big deal no big deal no big deal if people want to be triggered they will find anything to get triggered over anything remember if you want to be triggered you will find a way to be triggered I have double slark let's go what is better than once lark guys coos larks look at this team play okay give me tiny mouse upgrades lark upgrade juggernaut bear fine damn this is a lot of warriors that I'm getting right now yeah I will keep two slugs I feel like they deal damage it doesn't matter even if we had conversation outside of the game I think that was that was a fun game fun video who said earlier troll troll warlock slark who was that he will probably end up being right I'll probably end up doing that troll warrior warlock slark let's go oh yeah oh yeah oh-ho victory I need a dazzle too and dazzle might actually save save this lark a lot okay I think I want to go for the interest here I'm probably not gonna play the jug even if I upgraded or I might play it over Mars I mean I would play even tiny over Mars but I will keep Mars for the overall build or the overall build Mars is part of jag might not be part of I can put a like and as well as one of the Warriors and have two beasts only not want to go more than two beasts but have two would be fine so we're going for a full fully enabled slark here fully enabled and supported slark with trolls attack speed warlocks lifesteal and stuff like that this this lichen came in just in time perfect I could do slaughter as one of the warriors and get Nagas that's definitely a good option it's gonna go mage is going mage I think Naga is very good for me even if even if there weren't mages people have some magical damage as well even if they are not in ages all nicely nerdy adults lark now slark will kill them look at him nice job slark good boys nice team play everybody keep it up we're gonna put the second Naga right now why not III need Mars simply because he's such a damn good tank honestly so what is my build overall if I want to do tasks those business tasks lichen Mars troll witch doctor dazzl shaman level seven I would have the four trolls slark level eight I need another warlock after that honestly I think I'm trying to build too many warriors maybe maybe I will not do two beasts or maybe I will not do Mars one of the two things oh come on these are the worst start please don't hit elementals man Oh heat elementals and we cooler otherwise I will be mad at you I will be very very mad at you maybe I can make a vanguard I'll be pretty dope by the way I'm still in the win streak and that was majors and I had Nagas so that made a difference right holy this guy cause everything upgraded name this guy cause every single to star in the game that's okay I made good interest not bad not bad grim stars stroke grim stroke dreams rock with my second one Lochnagar close or something I don't have diamond so maybe shallow fee no no let's try something might be a bit too crazy but I want to see this lark with attack speed Oh God just needs to not die oh he got great dazzle there's a little lifesaver oh terrorblade please ah it's okay didn't take any damage that was good though that was cool hey I'm glad I could help you somehow man first time to the stream welcome hello hello first time on the stream is there too many people taking Mars or why am I not finding any feels bad feels Mars meant when you need him he doesn't show up slark is popping off voice let's go sir lark damn damn I guess I might end up doing beasts but just two of them though just two of them more so I want to give slark a mask of madness if I can but overall I'll be giving slark survivability stuff and troll damage stuff I once liked to live I need to level it up here otherwise I cannot play the all the trolls and stuff I need a vitality booster accurate people want more games with you man but I don't want to play with you yeah level 8 is another warlock right we put another warlock I will play with bow me what are you threatening me what is this you'll play with bow me sure man no problem I wouldn't mind if you play with bow me I don't care if the people who I play with play with other people unless it is it stops them from playing with me then I will be mad at bow me and mad at you okay I didn't hit this Mars for ages no Mars we are committing to a three star lichen and a 3 star tusk and we're going to keep them and they will tank for us a lot they all tank so so much for us so void stone I think I'll put it on witch doctor it also it's also good on dazzle witch doctor dazzle witch doctor dazzle probably better on which let's go slark oh that morphling what the hell just one shot it I need I need that slardar in right now if I can level eight but at the same time though I need a second warlock so level nine for a second world look oh boy oh boy and how do I play at Combe cos or they play Koon Karina Karina Karina oh God maybe actually maybe I will replace lichen and tusks instead of going for three stars of them maybe I'll replace them with a 2 star hookah and a 2 star do no no no no no they give beasts they give damage to slark and this game is all about slark it is all about slark we give him a tack speed we give him damage we give him blowjobs ah sorry what forgive him armor some cow oh there is a nice nice Warlow although alchemist instead because he can help frontline the frontline consists of only two heroes and maybe a slaughter will be added as well so then alchemist can help frontline what are these items man what is this sheit made please alright like I said troll gets the damage and slark gets the survivability oh I got Naga your your magical damage does nothing to me now boy look at this dude look at this lark microphones nope even the one that wouldn't be bad but nope not part of the plan am I on a streak kind of know didn't mean to do that but whatever actually it's okay I mean dazzle is a good two-star but I could have used that on troll maybe that was probably better used but it's okay it's okay it's okay Jojo it's fine we call we call just watch lark okay if you guys want to have a good time just watch this lark this is either hood or Vanguard and we put it on slark no matter what it is if you just want to have a good time watch this lark that's all do you wanna try the Papago synergy did you have some great plans for the for the Devo games what is the biggest energy explained I will tell you if I want to try it or not this is a good deal actually when I add warlockian your guys are gonna see this is how we do action in Uganda I just need warlock in there if you play with doctorate I donate oke trad dad you free to play a game yes Danny all right let's go next game next game is we doctored you get ang lone druid nature's prophet treant and Mars with mom the Papago synergy the answer is does the Pegasus energy okay can i position a little bit better now somehow yes easy all right three lichens three tasks guys and we're in the three stars larder as well look at the suit from now on keep looking at the slark I know you have been looking at slark the entire time from now on all right we're going with dr. 3-star as well it seems this is our plan boys we're going to star shaman three star dusk lichen slardar witch doctor slark we're going to start reward lord and the game is will be over before that actually get in there slark look at slark look at slark because lifesteal because HP 5% max HP because attack speed from here because magic resistance from here he has damage from here look at all the slark enablers look at this lark maid i wish i was dis lark everybody loves you everybody gives you stuff I don't think I even use tide for Naga instead why I'm only I'm level 9 maybe I used I'd actually because I don't have any disabled do I maybe use tide when I get him a to star in the place of or I can do it right now but I don't know if he will old maybe he will be beggar and not old okay willows actually his good is a good player huge mate also dazzle can help tide ravage look at the next level play dazzle helps tide ravage he will he will grave him if he's about to die let's show the troll some love – shall we because he needs some too he needs upgrading as well oh my god oh my God look at this Papago synergies pop you were actually serious the pegasus energy thank you in delaila for this for the donation thank you so much for the sport huge huge thank you I appreciate that thank you I'm trying to have a super strong slark but I think the fights are over before he even does anything Oh ty didn't ravage and slark died doesn't why didn't you give this large man come on man man come on me on which strong heroes should I not use mom not use mom on terrorblade you shouldn't terrorblade you should not use mom I'm not going to restart troll warlord Oh Oh tight oh nice nice oh I finally got something I thought I will never get anything okay go ahead and kill my slark now go on go on mate go on mate go on mate let's go bro no – another stout shield or a fork off me Motors thought brother okay go ahead and try to kill my slark now huh let's go in oh oh he's on line he's on line boys what is he uh he's right in there in the middle ah wait a second which doctor get out of the way mate I wanted to see I wanted to see the boy the boy the little fish I want to see the little fishy fish here on the back this is the most support this lark will ever get jumping start jumping yeah oh dude how do you beat this wait wait a second serious question ignore now the fact that we are trying to do this large thing why do I have a morbid when did I get that I have mask of madness now as well how do you beat my build serious question what and how do you like what what beats my build and how do you beat it I think my build is unbeatable you were in Valencia last week you didn't say anything you don't tell me this large will never die oh I can't believe what's going on right now mr. Knight mr. mr. Knight player you need to start spending that gold I think you need to be stronger than that to compete brother mr. mr. Knight Anita and if I level 210 I'm actually going to put a shadow show this ruptor I mean look at slark let's go stark mask of madness jump in Panvel yep you're not killing this monster what's going on here there is no way okay let's try to level to 10 now I think I could maybe take the Naga out here and put this for an instant hex and then we easy peasy killed mr. dragon not going for 3 star not going not going for 3 star let's level up next turn and we put disruptor and we end the game ultimate orb we could give that to tidehunter no problem Porsche for show me for sure oh my god this this guy's done this guy's simply just done made rubbish ooh slark let's go oh no guys he has four trolls oh no I'm scared I once lark to kill them oh man oh oh oh he died are those clothes else clothes you almost kill them what oh come on dude holy you got the Enigma – now all right once a big stuff here for slark I got Shiva's guard he got kicks you cannot kill this lark sorry for playing with this guy sorry to that guy for playing a little bit around with him I wanted slark to win it then I didn't want to lose it because we started getting the health reduced by 50% or whatever I didn't want to get second out of nowhere for no reason I wanted the first place but at the same time I wanted like eight out of ten and slark to win it all slark to like just kill them all and he came close to doing it Slugger came really close to doing it too two rounds ago around 38 I think it was really close damn well I think that slark will never get more support in his life he got so much damage and everything resistances live steel and stuff that was so that was a really nice build oh and I think that build is super broken at the moment actually I don't know how do you beat that mages I don't think they can tied will stun them and we have two Nagas I don't I don't know Knights Knights don't stand a chance that the guy I just played against was a night goblins I don't think goblins we neither I mean they no I don't know anyway that's it that's a super strong bill though how do you ever beat this on YouTube guys if you enjoyed the video don't forget to like it and if you're new to the channel subscribe I upload every day thank you for watching see you in the next video have a nice day


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