What’s It Like to Sleep on a Bus?

What’s It Like to Sleep on a Bus?


  1. Thanks for the book recommendation! I will have to check out Blake Crouch. The subject matter seems right up my alley 🙂

  2. I didnt know about the ticket pricing thing. I wanted to go to the show when you guys were coming to Milwaukee and it was something like $200..cant afford that. Wish i had known.

  3. Rhett's bit on the sweet tea just made my whole day! I agree, nothing hurts me more than when I order a sweet tea and I get regular tea, the ultimate disappointment LMAO

    Also, tickets for $30?! In which cheap states are those prices! I'm going to the one in Sacramento since it's closer to me than Vegas (as someone who lives in Reno) and of course CA just skyrockets the prices, balcony are $55 so for 2 no matter what it's over $100. Not even remotely bad given the alternative was to see the Jonas Brothers for closer to $400 but just kills me it's cheaper elsewhere 'cause CA is so damn expensive!

  4. Sorry to say, Rhett… Smithfield's bbq is trash. Cookout definitely dominates them in that arena (surprisingly enough).
    Shoutouts from Kinston.

  5. It's been a long day and I have high expectations for this Biscuit. This is my favorite part of the week.

  6. I've listened to the same ambient playlist Link was referring to, and the first time I heard it, I was so startled by the woman's voice, too!!

  7. Had to go aww when Link thanked Rhett for hanging with his kids. I am glad they got to have some time to hang out as friends and enjoy themselves. They deserve it!

  8. Unfortunately, your experience in North Carolina was not singular. When my husband and I were on vacation in the South a couple months ago, we went to a Bojangles in Roebuck, South Carolina – we’re from the Midwest, wanted to try Bojangles cause I’d kept hearing about them and how good they are. Walked in, not a single person working at the front counter – there were people there, in the kitchen, cause we saw them, heard then, and they knew we were there – and we stood there for a full five minutes, not a soul came to offer any help. I was like, “this isn’t really very fast fast food – outta here” and we walked over to Zaxby’s next door. Which was really good. But, it was a disappointment with Bojangles. I hope most aren’t always like these, still want to try them. But, you have to be able to get served to try them!

  9. I'm a down East "transplant" as they say…but have been here since I graduated high school in 95. From PHX. Now married and in the country, I must agree, since the flood in 99. And then Matthew farther south, eastern NC has a lot of abandoned places now. I miss In and Out burger, and Filabertos. Man, you guys made me hungry today. Lol

  10. I work in a restaurant in Georgia that has sweet tea one day we got a different brand and the flavor was slightly different …. We had 14 people in an hour and a half complain we have since rectified the situation

  11. Loved the Wayward Pines series, the show wasn't good though. Dark Matter was also good. I will definitely check out Recursion. Thanks for the book REC Rhett!

  12. I remember being a little surprised the other time Rhett rhapsodized about the dirty rice… Doesn't it usually have liver in it? Maybe the BoJangles one doesn't or there's enough spice to take the edge off.

  13. A little after 41:50 link pours a water bottle into his mug, I wish he would have poured it all in there.

  14. I get that tastes varies, but I don't understand their love for Bojangles. There is one next to a Chick-Fil-A near me and the drive through and parking lot at CFA are consistently more full because almost everything on the menu is better than the Bojangles equivalent. The only thing keeping the Bojangles afloat is that it opens an hour earlier and closes 1-2 hours later, depending on the day so it can scoop up people who wanted CFA, but settle for Bojangles when they realized that was their only option.

  15. I'm suprised how many average non athletic people can ride those scooters thery're actually quite fast for me someone who bails and eats shit everyother day skating

  16. Being Northern transplants in NC – my youngest has been here about all his life and his favorite thing ever is a Cook Out tray, quesadillas all around with a chocolate shake!

  17. I don't think you have gone soft living in CA. I live in a NC neighboring state and guys…this summer is new level hot.

  18. Links accent is really coming out today, must be a result of all the travelling and time spent back in NC. Cute!

  19. I just want to mention, it really upsets me that you guys have all these tours and shows, and as you stated in a previous video "You'll be doing these shows for a limited time", yet a majority (if not all) of your tours revolve around the Midwest, south, or the western US. You have fans everywhere, please come to the Northeast so I can give you my money and see you perform, it makes me sad every time you announce your tours and it's nowhere even close to me or my friends who would also go.

  20. I run the social media for the company that makes the patty machines Cook Out uses to make their burgers.

  21. If you ever come to WV and you haven't tried them, you should have fried green tomatoes and pepperoni rolls. Oh, and green pepper rings, which are similar to onion rings, but made with green peppers. So good. (Helps you understand the obesity level around here, too, though….)

  22. Being a Wisconsin girl I know how great those cheese curds and custard is..glad you got that experience..when you come to New Orleans the food is great too

  23. Hi guys , just wanted to thank you for all the great content. Since I started watching GMM / Ear Biscuits etc I’ve not watched standard TV at all lol . 😎👍

  24. Recursion was SO SO good!!!
    Talk of comfort food, fireworks, and good books. It doesn’t get much better.

  25. Imo it's the complete opposite guys, you gotta go with longer shorts, not short shorts, to me they need to be a bit below the knee

  26. It was around 100° here in Boston on Saturday and Sunday a few days ago now and with the Humidity they said it was close to a feel of 112° and 115° and it was disgusting

  27. I ate at the Red Iguana in Utah many years ago and I was so glad to see that it’s still open. That brought back good memories of being in Utah. They have great food.

  28. My husband surprised me with tickets to one of the shows this fall for our 7 year anniversary and I am SO excited. Calendar marked 😁😁😁😁

  29. Love ear biscuits because it reminds me of the earlier gmm days where they talked about things like haunted houses and celebrities that faked their deaths. I do enjoy the games they play now but I miss their banter.

  30. yay denver!! that was confluence park and the platt river. 🙂 its gorgeous here! housing is way too damn expensive, but man is the nature fantastic.

  31. I work at Bojangles and the reason we say the order into the mic is to let the other people in the store know what to pack. And we ran out of honey mustard once because our truck didn't show up. And sorry you had such a bad experience at Bojangles. Where I work, I can serve a line that's to the door in about 15 minutes.

  32. I've listened to all the ear biscuits so many times at work to help pass time more times then i can count on 2 hands.

  33. Bojangles without Dirty Rice should be illegal. The whole thing about Bojangles in Eastern NC is pretty common, from Elizabeth City to Southport, and inland to Selma.
    and no, no one would ever throw Supremes.

  34. The newest Reply All podcast #147 is about odd sounds that a man hears in the middle of a sleep recording! These freak him out as much as Link's experience. They track down where the recording came from.

  35. Just from experience at someone who has worked in the restaurant business in the South Primarily Texas they will riot if you do not have sweet tea or at least Drop what they're doing and going the establishment

  36. My mom insisted that I say that there is a difference between humidity and heat and that she is disappointed that two past engineers can’t tell the difference!

  37. The 1 person they keep talking about actually was one person. However, this one person was like the many-armed barista from the Percy Jackson movie and they just couldn’t see through the Mist to process it.

  38. Cookout is the literal BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I always get a cheeseburger and a peanut butter banana shake ☺️ but one time we got cheese curds – also the cookout we have here has mics by the cashiers like bojangles I guess lol

  39. Hey!! I live in New Bern, NC which….happens to be between Raleigh and the beach. We got stuff…AND!! a CookOut

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