What is an Electric Bike?

What is an Electric Bike?

>>Court: Hi, my name is Court and I want to
tell you a little bit about electric bikes. People often ask me, you know, how does that
bike work? How much does it cost? How do you decide which one you want to get and why do
ride that verses a regular bike? So, let me just start out. I ride my bike back and forth
to work back and forth every day, in part because a bicycle doesn’t require insurance,
it doesn’t require gas, doesn’t require expensive parking and it’s good for you. It’s healthy,
it’s social. So for all of those reasons I enjoy riding a bike. But over time, if you
ride every single day, you kind of get hot and sweaty on your way to work. There are
days that I just feel tired and I’m not sure that I want to make that effort. And then,
there are times where my knee actually hurts a little bit because I used to ski and snowboard
and you know, body parts can get sore like that. So, I discovered electric bikes a couple
of years ago but it was really tricky because there are so many options, they’re very expensive
and I wasn’t quite sure where to start. So let me talk a little bit about the electric
bike I have now and why it makes so much sense for me. So, this is my electric bike. It’s
actually a full suspension mountain bike with big tires. And what that does is, it sort
of smoothes out my ride. Now this bike was not cheap, it was $4,000 USD but electric
bikes cost anywhere from $600 up to $10,000 depending on what you want. I was able to
justify the cost of this because I ride it every single day and again, I don’t have to
use gas. Now I do have to use electricity. You can actually see my charger going right
here. Here’s the battery for my bike, it actually just fits right on to the downtube. And charging
it like this daily, it costs less than ten cents. I mean it’s super, super cheap and
it works on any standard wall outlet. So I can bring this to work if I want, I can plug
it right in, I can fill up my battery. And it feels great, you know, being able to do
that. I can park the bike inside and where I work there are actually bike racks. And
I’m going to show you a little bit more about that. But I want to take you out and actually
show you what it’s like to ride this and what it feels like to make my commute each day.
Let’s go! It’s a beautiful day. We’re in Austin Texas. We’re actually riding right downtown
to that building right there. It’s Frost Bank Tower. We’re going to cover that distance
in an amazingly short amount of time using the electric bike. Now, one of the big benefits
to riding an electric bike or an electric car, anything is that you’re tapping into
a source of energy that gets cleaner and cleaner over time. Here in Texas, it’s one of the
largest wind producing states in America. And that means that we use wind turbines to
generate electricity in addition to solar panels. And as more and more of those come
online, more and more of that energy can be used for ebikes and we don’t have to use fossil
fuels and cars and creating smog and stuff like that. I used to live in LA, I’ve also
lived in San Francisco and parking and all of that can be a real hassle. And there are
more services coming online like Car2Go and stuff but personally I like to have a vehicle
that I can hop on any time and that’s what this is right here. So, basically let me go
over the components real quick for this bike. Its got a hub motor back here. Inside this,
there are gears and there’s a little electric motor and whenever I twist the throttle it’s
going to send energy to that. And just like a scooter it’s going to take off. At the same
time, this is a pretty fancy bike, it also has pedal assist. What that means is as I
pedal, there’s a torque sensor and it tells the bike “oh, this person is pedaling, they
want to go, let’s add some energy, let’s boost them” and the motor kicks in then too. So
again, those are two options, pedal assist or throttle on demand. Here’s the little computer
that controls this bike. Press the power button, it comes on and it’s all set. It’s asking
me to choose a mode. I’m going to turn it on to twist throttle mode. Just going to hop
on like a regular bike… There we go, so I’m pedaling. No problem, just riding a bike
just like you normally would. Then the really cool part is, if I want, let’s say I’m hot
and sweaty because it’s a hot day. I can use the twist throttle. [motor noise] It really
gets you going. I’m going to show you what it looks like from my perspective. [motor
noise] Just going through the parking garage. There we go. Out into the daylight. Now I’m
going to go ahead and switch it to pedal assist mode which means I’m not going to have to
twist the throttle. My hand won’t get tired. It’s just going to automatically respond whenever
I pedal. [wind noise] Changing gears, just like a normal bike. Woo. The other cool thing
about an electric bike verses a motorcycle is that you don’t have to ride in traffic.
It’s a lot safer to ride on a bike trail like this. [wind noise] And, you can put it on
the front of a bus so it makes commuting really easy. There we go. Woo. Nice little secret
path down here. The cool thing about this bike is that I can take it off road. It’s
got the suspension, it’s got those big knobby tires. This thing is unstoppable! Haha. There
we go. [wind noise] That’s fun. We’re making our way down town. This is so much better
than sitting in traffic. Howdy! Friendly people. Don’t have to walk this bike. Yep. Wee! [motor
noise] Thanks! One of my favorite parts is that at a stop, you get a little boost. [motor
noise] And here’s the building here. [construction noise] So there we go. Woo! My video says
ten minutes, fifty seconds and that’s including when we started. So, less than ten minutes
to ride all the way to work and park for free with an electric bike. It was a little loud
in the garage so I thought I’d take an elevator. I think electric bikes make a lot of sense.
There are a lot of questions, so I created this site ElectricBikeReview.com check it
out and reach out if you have any questions. Good luck out there and be safe. Thanks!


  1. Sweet video, you should have done it at 5pm to show how much time it saves in the epic traffic jams Austin is unfortunately becoming famous for 🙂

  2. How much does the whole electric park of the bike weigh? Is it harder and if so, how much harder to pedal without any electrical assistance with the motor and the battery? What would you recommend for cross country? How long does a full battery last? How long does it take to charge completely? How about a solar charger? Just as fast? Could I still get a decent one for $1,500? Any recommendations?

  3. Not gunna lie I was a little bit disappointed when you said "making my way downtown" and didn't follow it up with "biking fast, faces past and were work bound"

    Nevertheless though, this was an amazing video and I can't wait to buy my first electric bike. Affordability, eco-friendliness, and health are all things I value and your site has just been so helpful in guiding me towards my decision. Thank you!


  5. Perhaps you have answered this question already, but how does it perform up steeper hills, and how long does the charge last?

    Thank you.

  6. Electric bikes sound SO cool, I really want one for getting around Washington, DC, which is a city that is already easy to get around without a car. I am afraid someone in DC would steal it though, sadly. And I would only want to spend $2,000.

  7. One has to distinguish between an e-bike and a so called "pedelec" (or speed pedelec). A pedelec will only assist you if you also pedal yourself. An e-bike can move fast without pedaling.
    Here in Switzerland for example, only pedelecs (max 25 km/h) or speed pedelecs (max 45 km/h) are allowed. If you are too lazy to pedal yourself, you will have to buy a scooter (also electric scooters are available). It seems every country makes its own laws about this, even here in Europe. For example, in Austria, our neighbour country, my speed pedelec is forbidden. Or here in Switzerland, i am allowed with my speed pedelec on the cycle paths while in Germany speed pedelecs must use the road… very confusing.
    But, after all, i love my speed pedelec and i use it almost every day. Highly recommended especially for hilly cities.

  8. Hello! = ) Do you like this bike better or the Haibikes you've reviewed? congratulations! awesome videos! = )

  9. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to ebikes, and I found your channel and I was like…wow….you're so awesome!!!! Thanks for all your reviews and hard work!
    I looking into bike conversion kits (preferably a front wheel one) at the moment. What are your best recommendations? best valued?

  10. Well Lady Bird is technically a shortcut so there's that. I live in Austin and judging by the view of frost bank tower from where you were, there's no way you'd have made it there sooner in a car while the sun is out.

    Also, I work for Favor and downtown is a nightmare for us. On a bike, your cargo is limited but an electric assisted one should soften the blow.

    Within 3 miles from where I live, there are hundreds of stores and businesses and a nice park. An electric bike would be perfect as I can't be bothered to walk the 1st half mile required to exit my neighborhood.

    Thanks m8.

  11. Very cool. Thanks for the information. What would you recommend if I just want to ride around my neighborhood, no inclines, just a flat road with a couple of straight aways to go fast. Thanks!

  12. A big fan of your videos from India.
    Austin is a beautiful city!

    We only have a couple of eBike models here. They use an in-hub direct drive based motors.

    Just wanted to know –
    a) Can u use the throttle and pedal at the same time? Can we technically call that "Pedal assist"?

    b) Do you also work on videos in the other YouTube channel – "All bike update" ?

  13. Hi there! What about if you want to go slower because if an accident in front of you? Hoy the bike detects that you want to go slower indeed?

  14. I want an electric bike to get to my college and back to my house below 1000 it's a 60 block distance any recommendations? (I live in a semi hilly mostly flat region and want this just because I prefer biking in the street more)

  15. Looking to buy a folding e-bike, interested in the big cat campton, but would like to know based on your knowledge which others do you recommend. I would use it for a 5 miles commute and then take a train, so folding is a must, really appreciate any support

  16. Thank you so much for your valuable information!
    I am currently looking at getting the IZip E3 Zuma as my first Ebike and your reviews videos have really helped me make that decision. I really appreciate it!

  17. you may want to research rules and regulations for E-Bikes before stating access rights. these are illegal on most trails. also you may want to refit your helmet…

  18. Great video, Court! Thanks for sharing your ride to work with me! I am going to check out your webpage next. I bought an electric bike today knowing that the motor was shot, infact removed. This is all new to me and I'm looking at this new project and eager to begin. I really enjoyed your ride-through tho as it gives me an idea what riding mine may eventually, be like. Thanks again! <3

  19. Great video. I ordered ebike called MATE-S a European make with 36v 13amp/h battery and 350wH hub motor on a 20 inches tire. While waiting i am curious to know the actual distance this bike can go on throttle mode with no pedals assistance and also hope you could explain the Watts/amp/h relationship. And the advantages of having small tires on ebike.? Thank you

  20. Thanks a lot for sharing your passion with us Court! It's a very nice and refreshing video.

    Couple of questions here for you Court :

    In the smartphone industry there is Apple and Samsung as top manufacturers (iPhone and Galaxy brands respectively).
    In the automotive industry there is Mercedes and BMW (with their best respective Models).

    In the ebike industry … ? (please don't gimme your thought on the best ebike you are thinking about but only the general trend, impression).


  21. electric bike review can u help me? I got a 1995 AAA Cummins electro drive bike. I know how to fix the busted shifter and gears, but I need to fix the electric motor and charge the batteries. what should I do if they don't charge?

  22. Hey court, I'm Sol from London and I really enjoy your informative videos well done. I just recently ordered a folding e bike called Mate on the crowd funding site called Indiegogo and they're almost ready to start shipping out their orders but I think first ones will be sent to bike reviewers and was wondering if you would be reviewing one?

  23. i have an ElectroBike Dash. it just recently stopped doing power assist and the throttle is not working. it is only 2 years old. do you know what the problem might be and where can they be repaired. the battery has a full charge.

  24. Hi Court Thanks for your video. You sure do hack along and taking a video as well. Make me a bit giddy actually. I am looking at a second hand ebike. Its a Goccia City Grace they want $1000au. Any advise on this brand. Also i have heard the Gazelle Orange is a very good brand

  25. I notice you do not say anything or ring a bell when passing pedestrians. Have you ever been walking in reverie and had a speeding, silent bike come from behind and almost clip you? One can mess their pants. Wouldn't it be nice to be courteous and say "On your left" when rapidly approaching walkers from behind
    ? In the old days (I'm 70) riders were nicer than they are today, they would alert people to their presence. Is it too much to ask?

  26. very cool…I am going to be living in the Mtns of BC how do you think it will fair in mtns, how long will the battery last, how fast were you going…seemed like you were really going…great video thanks

  27. hey bro know what really funny when I ride my e bicyle at night people thought I was riding a motor bike I lol because they don't know what it is can't say it right I love my evelo folding e bicyle it get me point a to b first riding it took me an hour or so to get used too it awesome vlog

  28. Thank you for a good basic video that did not talk over my head. Researching to buy one now and trying to learn all I can.

  29. It is cheaper for me buy and insure a petrol motorcycle than to buy and insure an Ebike plus I must wear a motorcycle helmet while riding an Ebike.which is not practical.

  30. Thanks for the review! Its interesting seeing you riding on the sidewalk! I don't think we are aloud to do that in California. We have bike lanes on just about every road I've ever been on for a really long time now. I'm curious how these bikes perform on hills (we have a lot of steep roads here.) Thanks!

  31. Yeah, I'm kinda done with commuting to work by car 🙂 Still drive for fun and to transport things. I'm currently living 45 minutes away from my office, but I plan to move closer…1st/dream job. We have bike lanes in our small towns but I haven't a good bike path yet so I can avoid riding in traffic. Thankfully, there is a future greenway being planned/constructed to connect our two towns so that'll be super awesome when that's complete.

  32. Hi, Let me congratulate you for the initiative of going to your job in a motor asisted Byke.
    It is practical, economic, energizing, no traffic, faster than walking and little time like in a car.
    I live in Panama and the streets are not as even though but am tempted to buy for going to work. Saw ebykes that can split in two ($600) to carry in the elevator with me, are those ok? or is it better the ones that come in one piece. The bateries must be changed every year?
    Wish you many years of helath and happiness 🙂

  33. I like your videos, very informative. I am curious about your eye protection. It looks like aviator googles, it seems to protect against wind or sand that could get into your eyes. I think it is a good idea. Where did you find those?

  34. I’ve watched a bunch of your review videos and I think you are doing a really stellar job of educating the public and showing us how much fun these ebikes can be. I am researching and trying to decide what to buy. It is hard sifting through all the data, but your work has been very helpful!

    I do have to comment that it appears in this video that you are flying by pedestrians without callng out or ringing a bell. In the Pacific NW that would be considered rudeness in the extreme. Please let folks know you are approaching, especially when coasting from behind them, and SLOW THE HECK DOWN as you pass them, especially if you are on a sidewalk. (Ths really bothers me, you should be on a road or path…. sidewalks are for pedestrians.)

    Thanks again. John Davies Spokane WA

  35. You have a great channel. Subscribed. I'm an older guy with chronic leg weakness, but I want to get out with my family, ride around the neighborhood (with some hills.) etc. I weigh about 200 lbs and am wondering how much of your commute could you do (including that ramp on the overpass) strictly on throttle power? Oh, and for comparison, how much to you weigh, if you don't mind my asking. Thanks!

  36. Awesome channel! I just bought the Como and CANNOT BELIEVE HOW AMAZING IT IS…..MIND BLOWN SHOOKETH as the kids say these days lol

  37. I LOVED this video…THANKS! (It didn't harm you were in Austin and I live in Houston and Austin is one of my fav cities!! Seems like a good omen! LOL) I'm in the UK just now and thinking of buying an e-bike to visit my 98yr young Dad in his nursing home and not be at the mercy of the bus and train services…. I have COPD so my only other option is a mobility scooter but at a young 63 I think I'm not ready to go THAT route yet. I've been researching bikes all day but your video has clinched my desire to buy one!! I think I may even get one when I get back to Texas as a folding one will fit in the back of my CRV!! It would certainly be fun NOT to take the car on the short run to HEB!!

  38. Great videos. Is there an advantage to mid-bike vs. rear-bike drive motors? I'm looking at RadRover, VoltBike Enduro, and others. Would like to stay below $2K. Thanks!

  39. Hi. I am in the process of choosing a Moustache Friday OR Moustache Saturday. I took a look at the two fine videos as bench tests and what a fine professional work. Thanks so much and consequently my decision focus on the Saturday with a battery of 500 W. JR Thibault – Quebec City – Canada (a great place for bikes).

  40. No fenders, so you're comfy with a black-striped butt, eh? <g> I built an ebike, and they truly are fun. A $3 set of fenders removed my stripe. Lead acid batts are too heavy, so I'm saving for lithiums and will build a pack to fit. Upgraded from a FreeCycle freebie dead mountain bike to a Wally World $89 mountain bike. That front suspension makes all the difference in comfort. I wish they made full suspension bikes without putting the shock right where the batt and ctrlr go. My front hub motor gives me 23mph, and I'm installing the pedal assist on the new bike, so I should get a handful of extra mph from that. At age 65, I need the exercise, but not too much. I'm reading your book on my Kindle right now, and will check out your website, Court. Thanks for all the info. We appreciate it. P.S: What's the riding temp in the morning in TX in the winter with the windchill? Brrrr!

  41. do you have an updated 'what is an ebike' video? this one is pretty old and the bike is outdated. cheers.

  42. Am considering getting an electric bike. I've had a hip replacement and was concerned about using just a regular bike, esp going uphill. My endurance is not that great. I think this might be a good option.

  43. I'm on the fence about buying an e-bike, but you've really convinced me here, I just needed to know how they work. I get public transport to and from work every day, it takes 1 hour in the morning if traffic is moderate. But when it's home time, rush hour can slow me down to 1.5-2 hrs getting home, it is literally just because the bus gets stopped at lights and not because I live far away. (I live on the other side of the city from my work but it's only 20 minutes away by car if you imagine 0 traffic, I'm on a small island country lol.) I am getting fed up of public transport so I am looking at these bikes, I think using these bikes could help my weight loss, plus buy me some time since I'm learning to drive but unfortunately I'm a slow learner…. Having the bike would make me feel better since buses make my anxiety crazy, especially when drivers/people can be rude. I will look into it.

  44. 🤫*pssssttt* *you should do research on wind and solar energy, it’s not what you think it is*🤫

  45. I am trying to get some help on a Charger E bike I bought on Craigslist but not sure how it works. I didn't find anything on the internet it has a battery case that holds 2 batteries of 12 Volts The Battery case is from Aero Vironment Inc model No 03860 Serial No 9704074 Input 115vac output 24vdc / 12 vdc

  46. Thank you for taking us along on your commute. Beautiful ride! Am considering eBikes for family. Love all your reviews. Definitely worth subscribing!

  47. I subscribed to your content to take my time and pick the right e-bike for my daily commute. Thanks for creating videos like these! =)

  48. I love this…. IDK that those bikes are so versatile. That's a good solution to not having a car…How heavy is it?
    Thanks for sharing

  49. Watch Your vids all the time. However You don’t have too many road E-bikes Or road E-kits.
    Can You try to include such
    e-bikes and the differences between Fazua snd E-motion motor systems.

  50. Awesome video, I really like all your reviews, I find them very informative, you cover everything from top to bottom, well done!

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