What If All Cars Were Indestructible?

What If All Cars Were Indestructible?

imagine if all cars behaved like this
instead of falling apart after a single crash what if we all had cars that were
indestructible would there be fewer fatalities caused by car accidents
what would indestructible cars be made of and could this end up being a bad
thing this is what if and here’s what would happen if all cars were
indestructible every year nearly 1.25 million people died in car accidents
around the world that’s an average of 3200 deaths every day in the United
States alone over 2 million people become injured or disabled from car
accidents each year it’s no secret roads can be dangerous if
we are not careful so would an indestructible car be able to solve our
safety issues first we need to decide what our vehicles would be made of they
could all be cyber trucks these are made out of a type of stainless steel alloy
which is the same material used in spaceships but are they nuke proof
probably not we would want our cars to be completely
indestructible meaning that if we were to throw a nuke at one our car would be
the only thing left standing maybe we could all drive around in u.s.
presidential limos which are essentially drivable tanks that are completely
bulletproof the only issue with them is they cost about 1 million dollars per
car instead we’d most likely take the materials used in the cyber truck and
coat them with a substance known as graphene this rare material is one of
the strongest known to man it’s 200 times stronger than steel and although
it might not be nuke proof it would be pretty close
okay now that we have our indestructible vehicle what would this do for accidents
on the road well your car would be completely fine and you’d be paying a
lot less in insurance but just because your vehicle is indestructible doesn’t
mean that you are sure fatalities and injuries for passengers would certainly
be reduced having indestructible vehicles means
your car won’t explode and there will be less flying debris everywhere but that
would stop you from being flung and tossed around if you did happen to get
into an accident and what about the people who aren’t in vehicles with
indestructible cars roaming around pedestrians would want to be much more
careful as getting hit by one of these would certainly mean death SUVs are
already some of the deadliest cars for pedestrians so having roads lined with
big trucks like this could have only result in more pedestrian deaths on the
other hand injuries inside of indestructible cars would be
significantly reduced so that’s a good thing what might not be so good is the
fact that these things last forever and by forever I mean it literally we’re not
talking 100 or 1000 years we mean until the end of time no more car breakdowns
and spending thousands of dollars on repairs this all sounds like a great
what-if but wait that’s not all come on you knew this was coming with
indestructible cars there’s only one thing we would need to think about how
would we get rid of these things you might be thinking well why would we need
to do that but let’s face it even if we had cars that would never break we’d
still want to buy new ones you buy a new phone or new clothes when you don’t
really need them so wouldn’t that also apply to vehicles not only that but car
manufacturers would be enticing us to find new cars every year as each
iteration would implement new features that we didn’t have previously so now
that we’re buying new cars what we do with our old ones right now in the
United States over 12 million cars are recycled every year and we’re lucky
enough that 86 percent of a car can be recycled from the steel to the plastic
they’re all melted down to be used for new cars this is much better for the
environment as less water and pollutants are used in comparison to making a new
car but since we can’t recycle these old indestructible cars and brand new cars
would still be made it would create much more damage to the environment these old
cars would have to sit in a landfill somewhere luckily you could save some of
them for new drivers but eventually so many people would buy new cars that
there would be more cars than people in certain parts of the world this number
would slowly increase says there’s just no way to get rid of these
indestructible cars if we kept on manufacturing them they’d eventually
take over all the space we have on earth and if this isn’t bad enough we’d also
have tons of job loss even though we’d still be making some new vehicles it
won’t be anywhere near the 100 million we’re producing globally today meaning
much fewer jobs in the car industry so having these indestructible cars might
sound useful but it would ultimately do more harm than good a better approach
would be to power all our cars with electricity instead of gas but we’ll
leave that story for another what-if you


  1. You can crash your Bugatti or Koenigsegg infinite time

  2. Why would there be less fatalities in the car?
    As of now our car absorbs everything when bump it into something, it leaves the car in bad condition but that absorbs all impact but when you make it out of something indistructable you feel the full impact of an accident that'll be many more times worst and there will be greater chance of death.

  3. I'm pretty sure that these indistructable cars could be handed down to ones kids and that there would be plenty of aftermarket upgrades, but there would definitely be a lot less made and a lot more expensive with a lot of job loss. Imagine terrorist with destructible cars! The military would arm them for sure!
    At any rate, at some point, possibly in the near future, there will be more people than jobs!

  4. The second half of this video was kind of stupid, and obviously paid for by automakers who want to keep selling you new cars. Tucker came out with his Tucker car which was meant to be the first car that would last generations. It was a car that you'd be able to hand down to your grandkids. All the other automakers saw this as a threat to their business and so they shut him down. Just because a vehicle's "indestructible" doesn't mean it can't be disassembled and the parts then melted down and recycled.

  5. Umm… May be just reuse the material or parts of old indestructible cars to make a new cars. That way there will be more jobs and cars will not just laying around us for no use.
    Or companies can sell their indescribable cars and take them back when not in use to mold them into something new.

  6. Make them modular inside and outside, interchangeable parts that could be adapted with many other models new and old, and make sure that everything is made with recycled materials. I can imagine a chasis with a rail where you could hook a new body on it and/or parts… imagination is the limit here.

  7. Does used car sale not exist in this video? If you're done with your car when you get a new one, can't you just sell it to the next owner? It doesn't need to be recycled.

  8. There’s no way the Cyber Truck is indestructible. Elon said it’s billet proof up into a 9 mm gun. Not really indestructible if you shoot it with a 50 cal or something bigger than that. Plus the wheels are made out of rubber and rubber is useless in a fire inferno and I’m sure you’d boil inside if that were to happen. Yeah it’s not indestructible for sure, but it will sell. And I’m going to buy one just to prove to my family that it can actually drive. Everyone saying how Tesla ruined it, well I hope you realized more than 250,000 cybertrucks have been preordered. So there you go.

  9. Instead of buying a new car… A person can buy upgrade of the cars, all new features and everything… but instead buying a new one, upgrade the old one with new features that company releases

  10. What if: ‘This sounds like a really good “What if”.’
    Me: ‘Yeah, I thought so too, we should still die, right?’
    What if: 😏

  11. How bout disassembling the old ones and givin them back to the manufacturer so it can be used fpr the new models than sitting on a dumpsite somewhere

  12. The auto industry car makers are gonna try and copy this cyber truck but steel cars are more expensive to produce so the customers wallets will suffer and the auto mechanic and repair profession will be gone.

  13. Cars are designed to have crumble zones to reduce the forces transferred to the passengers. Without that more passengers are going to killed or severely hurt.

  14. 1919: I bet in the future we will have flying cars

    2019: cars that can crash into concrete at 100 miles per hour without even a scratch

  15. Car crashes could still be fatal, and it's called inertia. If the vehicle comes to a rapid stop, the person (because of inertia) will continue to move at the speed of the vehicle before impact, until an outside force stops it, like the windshield, seatbelt, or steering wheel (decapitation or crushed ribs).

    Even if the airbags deploy, the rapid deceleration can cause lots of serious or fatal injuries. Low speeds, like 25 mph(40 kph) or less wont be too bad if not at all, but speeds 50 mph(80 kph) or higher could result in serious to fatal injuries.

    Now, in head-on collisions. Speed are added by momentum of both vehicles. If one car is going 45 mph(72 kph), and another is going 35mph(56 kph), both those speeds are added into the "impacted or collision velocity", at the point of collision which doubles the force inside each vehicles. In this example the collision velocity of theses vehicles is 80mph(129kph), which can and will be fatal.

    Just the force alone, can be enough to be fatal. The car doesn't need to crumple up into a million pieces. At the end if the day physics can be just as deadly.

    In summary, no indestructible vehicles will not change a thing. Just make clean up and resale easier.

  16. Every car should be indestructible. Customers pay thousands of dollars and those cars get dented by just some minor touches that's not fare.

  17. what if we make a car crusher using graphene?? we'll be able to crush those useless cars and use the leftover to make new ones…

  18. The reason cars are safer now are because of their buckle points. The energy dispersed by our cars help lessen the impact on the individual in the cars. That’s why the old cars on the road made of steel were more dangerous to the passengers. So more rigid cars actually makes cars more dangerous.

  19. Can u imagine the repair bill when u have to buy custom parts from one distributer. I’d wait to see if that company can last a decade in production before id even consider them. Can they handle the first major recall that hits them? Remember they no longer get subsidized by the feds.

  20. If all cars were indestructible, hospitals would see a sharp decrease in car accident patients because they'd go straight to the morgue instead.

    I'm not fond of this video not addressing the fact that cars are designed to crumple in a crash because the gradual reduction in speed during a collision reduces the forces acting on a human body, if cars don't crumple they won't absorb the forces acting upon it very well, and the occupants inside would be subjected to most of these forces the car would have otherwise absorbed.

    When the bike helmet became a standard, people working at hospitals saw a dramatic increase in bike accident patients, and this was ignorantly attributed to the helmets being bad and ineffective, when in reality it was because it protected their heads from impacts that would have instead sent them to the morgue, saving their lives and thus the increase in hospitalization rates.

  21. This video needs a bit more research. Coz apparently someone can't melt steal to recycle it… Theres alot of correcting i just don't have the energy

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