What Happens If You Fill Up a Car with Coca-Cola?

What Happens If You Fill Up a Car with Coca-Cola?

what is up guys techrax here so in this video I'm gonna do something a little bit different we're gonna find out what happens if I fill up coca-cola inside this Beamer so check this out it's got a little bit of gas inside already but what happens you know we got some pure delicious coke when you pour this stuff in the gas tank so check it out we aren't about to do it and we're gonna take it on a little trip and see what happens okay guys let's go ahead and do it two liters of Coca Cola and go ahead pour it in nice and slow it's kind of hard to see guys but trust me I'm definitely pouring the coke so far you know engine still sounds good but you know we're here to save you guys some money so who knows maybe this is the next new alternative to you know instead of gas okay there you go two liters gone and we're gonna take it for a little ride so far you know everything is good okay guys so we're gonna test it out I'm accelerating so far so good okay at the stop sign nothing out of the ordinary so good stop sign what is that noise okay we are hearing something this is literally about 60 seconds after the start of the drive it's pretty subtle but you you guys can actually see it filled up so you can see it like went up like there's gas now there's more gas but as I was going down that hill hearing some weird stuff so acceleration yeah I think it's the carbonation you can hear that it's like bubbling or something all the car the car slowing down car stalling car stalling it was literally going from 3,000 rpms to 2,000 whoa check engine light yep just show its says service engine soon that was not on I'm just trying to like it's definitely like tweaking right now so take a left turn today you guys so chic and you like all the cars not going to do car lock does car locked up dude we need to pull it you're starting at your certainty guess I guess I guess you've got to guess you're recording me go come outside so [Applause] just to conclude this video guys I want to show you how much it costs to fix an issue like this so just for the repair shop that I went to to look at the problem tell me what's wrong it's a hundred and thirty five dollar so it says customer states they're also to put in the fuel tank vehicle doesn't run pretty much you know just for them to look at the car then it's a thousand five hundred and two dollars to fix the car and that's just the starting point that's fuel pump you know draining the fuel injectors if there's something wrong with the engine it's you know it's gonna cost even more but the car itself cost me a thousand dollars so that's pretty crazy that it costs more than the vehicle itself that wraps it up though guys just the warning don't put any coke in your vehicle and you should be good as always guys I hope you enjoyed this video peace out


  1. Imagine if he opened it and it fizzed to the top by putting mentos in it and quickly pour it into the car. There would be a violent fizz explosion in bottle and blow up the car and you’ll die imagine that theory!!!

  2. YOU HEARTLESS MONSTER!!!!! Starving children in the Mushroom Kingdom could have eaten that car! >:(

  3. Dude you are full of shit.coke is loaded with sugar it will kill the engine. You are a prick posting this fake shit. U R A Dick

  4. Pouring soda in a tank is the same as pouring pure water in. Water doesn’t compress and thus soda doesn’t and that’ll bend piston rods and ruin the car

  5. Now your car was full of sugar
    I mean that car was a patient of sugar now
    I think you have to use redbull next to give your car wings

  6. So, we still don't know what happens if you "fill up a car with coca-cola". But we do have a better idea now of how your old B'mr runs when you add two liters of Coke to nearly a half a tank of fuel in it. I'm guessing the only reason your car started and ran at all is because of all the (presumably) standard fuel that was that was already in the tank, fuel lines and engine. Seems like an excessive waste of a (presumably) decent imported car. Why don't U experiment with a Lamborghinis or Bentleys? (snicker, lol) Tell U what, I'll trade you two old Ford Festivas or Escorts for that old BMW, as it would probably make a more suitable 'grocery getter' than my Audi or Vette.

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