Volvo Excavators – “Pump It Up” – Behind the scenes

Volvo Excavators – “Pump It Up” – Behind the scenes

Rise and shine, maggots.
I’m here to pump you up! At Volvo we’re renowned
for making good, long-living, high-productive, powerful engines. But on an excavator,
all you need an engine to do is drive hydraulic pumps
and hydraulic motors. So the secret sauce
in what we do at Volvo is marrying these two together. You’re sitting inside a 750.
You feel like a king already. And then when you actually pull
this 10-ton block behind you, you just go straight forward and
you hardly feel that you’re pulling it, so that’s a perfect feeling. In this stunt
you need to be very precise, you need to get the edge of the bucket
straight under the tire, and that’s not a problem because of the
hydraulic system of this Volvo machine. You are very precise. Honestly, this was
the easiest stunt of the day. I was told by the operator
it was an easy one, but I would challenge him to do it with any other system
than the Volvo hydraulic system. With this machine, this 20-ton
size class, very popular in Volvo, you can almost crack the shell
of an egg without breaking the yolk. Let’s go! From the beginning I was really nervous
and also very scared, but the more time I was up there,
the pressure just fell off me. Taking safety seriously, we had a mobile
crane that had chains with slack, so it didn’t lift the machine,
but, for safety, if something happened, the crane would catch the machine. We changed the combustion engine
to an electrical machine. We also changed the arm cylinder
to a boom cylinder. And we increased the hydraulic pressure. I only needed to use the dipper arm
and the bucket tilt, so I was using the dipper arm to go up and then I used the bucket tilt
to change the angle so I didn’t fall off the beam. So all the machines we have here are equipped
with the ECO mode Volvo patent. ECO mode optimises the hydraulic system to reduce the flow and pressure losses and it gives better fuel efficiency. One of the features you’ve seen today
across the range of excavators is the Volvo Care Cab. This is the operator’s office. He can be spending
up to ten hours a day in there. We provide all the creature comforts, ensuring he gets maximum productivity
from himself and from the machine. They’re all equipped to handle
any job site around the world and any application. I’m proud of you, maggots.


  1. Idk why Ian Harvey voice sounds like those Nature Documentary Narator. Nonetheless great job volvo hope the ads soon take off like the "Epic Split".

  2. Дольф Лунгрен! О да! Благодаря Голливуду он более русский чем я))

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