Volvo Electric Car ReCharge Concept hybrid In-Wheel Motor EV

Volvo Electric Car ReCharge Concept hybrid In-Wheel Motor EV

the Volvo recharge concept is a plug-in hybrid electric car the battery pack is placed under the luggage compartment floor for electric motors one at each wheel provide independent traction the generator recharges the batteries and powers the wheel motors when the battery is low the car can be driven about 100 kilometers on battery power alone when battery power gets low the 1.6 liter flexi fuel engine starts automatically to drive the generator which powers the individual wheel motors and recharges the batteries during braking the four electric wheel motors operate as generators sending power back to the battery the batteries can be recharged via a standard electrical outlet this can take three hours but an hour or less will often be enough you


  1. Why couldn't two wheel motors or even three recharge the batteries? Full power start may need all four .
    After the initial start or hilly terrain.
    Use ultra super Capacitors for instant charge.

  2. Подобную машину можно было сделать уже почти 100 лет назад. Все эти технологии существовали.
    Маленький бензиновый движёк крутит генератор и заряжает аккумулятор, а затем эл.мотор крутит колёса.

  3. i honestly think tesla is doing what exactly doing with alternative ideals what the oil industry is doing to alternative technologies..

    they are aware they're there, but not doing a thing..

    murder against elon would be too obvious.. assasination would also be too obvious, and elon knows that if he created something successful by showing it to work, and better their attempts of being "Green" while actually being green and beating them and not making a big deal about it, by being humble and showing the world that it can be done.. they will have to slowly redevelop their ideas elsewhere into new technology.

  4. Having a precision machined instrument like an electric motor bolted to the wheel mounts is really not a good idea. 

  5. this is a great idea, there have been others that have said they wanted to do this but this is the first that i think could actually work.

  6. Volvo, the same company that in the 1980s tested a flywheel system to add power around town when stopped to 15 Miles per Hr, and it saved Appx 25-35% on city driving fuel. They didn't ever bring this out even though their BIG Cars would really have benefitted from this invention. AGAIN car corps Keeping their Freinds in the Oil Corps HAPPY that cars use MORE fuel than needed. We could EASILY have gas cars doing 120 Miles per Gallon and Elec Cars with ranges of 250-350 miles and 30 second swap on depleted batts at service stations…..BUT THEY don't want cheap fuel FOR Us, do they???

  7. Its chemistry holding it back. The batterys need to hold more energy in a smaller space. Then when you accomplish this the battery becomes very sensative and volitile.

  8. Conservation of energy is why (energy is lost from friction, heat, etc), and energy is not created, only transformed. And no, they don't charge it all the time, only when braking.

  9. New transmission CVT design by BitRaptor. Is a continuously variable transmission CVT gear only (the only one functional in the world), very compact and lightweight, and which could replace the current systems both for efficiency, simplicity and not least the costs.

    Because this CVT work only with pinions is better the all other systems by efficiency and high torque transmission.

    In the web page bitraptor com you will find more explanations, drawings and a short video of a basic prototype.

  10. this is one neat idea, having axial flux generators on the hub assembly to generate power to charge the batteries while they discharge powering the electric motor. ingenious! if the generators are built correctly, you could get over 400 miles before charging, on a production electric car from nissan or mitsubishi, or even the tesla. but, if some company incorporated this idea into a production car, im guessing that it wont be around for long due to the fuel companies.

  11. Electric motors in the wheels? Doesn't this play havoc with the unsprung weight? How much do those motors weigh anyway?

  12. Volvo originally said they didn't expect this technology to hit showrooms till 2015. Check out the Wheel Motor playlist on my channel home page to watch every publicly available video of these wheel motors in action. I run an EV News blog so am up-to-date on recent Protean news.

  13. We own a 2006 XC60 and are aware of that. Also, that the Chinese just made an 84 million dollar investment in Michigan based Protean Electric and their in-wheel motor R&D.. it's how end up on this video actually.

  14. '
    hard to find a electric station in local area,,,
    must be free electric station / electric store / electric parking lot…
    no pay parking meter at all

  15. That's why i'm saying it's nothing new. Even russian ''E-mobile'' already uses this system. Why the heck do they claim it's something new???

  16. Есть идея по улучшению этой технологии как минимум в 3 раза, возможно и больше ! ) Заинтересованные пишите в твиттер @DronRUS78

  17. I think you're being overly pessimistic. (Read my reply to szaki.) True corporate enterprises n the past have conspired 2 keep electric cars 4 their own selfish purposes, but let's not forget the market that is available to electric car consumers that wasn't there 20 years ago. Their influence is starting to weaken because the economy and social media.

  18. History tends 2 repeat itself. Henry Ford's powerful ICE made electric cars obsolete. As soon as Jimmy Carter's energy bill passed, all of sudden oil companies started to drop the price of gas which in essence killed his program. George W repossessed all of the electric cars w/the 1990's due 2 pressure from the oil companies. I think w/the advent of social media like Youtube & Facebook where people are aware of advances n electric car tech, it's no longer easy 2 keep hidden from the people.

  19. WW2 submarines had diesel-electric drive and recharging system!
    That was 70 years ago. Hehe!
    They haven't built a diesel electric car yet, because it would blow the oil companies away, with over 100 mil/gal or more.
    When Bush the oil man became president, he had it shred all the existing electric cars.

  20. the larger car manufacturers build internal combustion engines and have a vested interest in keeping electric cars OFF the road, add the self-interest of the oil companies and we will never see viable electric cars within 100 years, when the oil runs out we may do

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