1. Thanks to KENS 5. More and more, we know the national news media is 100% fake news. We need local stations with integrity to report on what is really going on in the world. No spin, just reporting the information they can find. Much respect.

  2. GOD bless you always and forever. I wish I was there with you. I know violence is not the right way but these people are just abusing. I won't hurt anyone but I will definitely protect anyone that has to be protected. No hate PLEASE 🙏. Free speech always.

  3. There is great irony in the fact that a number of people & media Outlets in a Country that strives & self proclaims its own greatness would actually try to stifle freedom of speech & a positive message to " Make America Great Again"

  4. Love you all man they don’t make men like you anymore. Trumps win in 2020 is going to show USA who’s the ruler. The Democrats are trying to impeach him because they know they can’t beat him at the polls.

  5. Theres just some things to think about..With the nut jobs today..who wants to shoot someone if u dont have to..My maga hat stay at home to avoid trouble..

  6. Typical leftovers pick on what they think is the weak! And then they bite off more than they can chew and then cower like a little pussys they are!!!! God bless Trump!!!

  7. Look, these people that do this cramp for wearing what they believe in just shows they know NOTHING ABOUT POLITICS. They just think they're harasses with big mouths. They are followers NOT LEADERS. If they were leaders, they would see all this corruption in the Democrat party in Washington and how they're own party don't give a rat's ass for them. You wear that hat high. Thank you to out vets for fighting for our freedom.

  8. You all missed the point that man his father fought for the right you idiots have and you're going to blast him for wearing a make America great hat you winnin fucking Millennials all need to be shot because evidently mommy and daddy did not do a good job with you because they were probably picked on in school and there are a bunch of little whining bitches to I would really love to run into one of you assholes one day in my life because I wear that hat bumper sticker on the back of my GMC truck and have any of you got a fucking problem with that come talk to me cuz I will kick your ass right back to your mother and father or probably little one bitches to you guys disgust me you want to act like that go live in fucking China

  9. They report this for Democrat propaganda
    As though the world hates trump… just look how many people show up at trump rally's. Then look at Democrat rallys..
    Trump is here to stay

  10. While I definitely loathe Trump and think this guy is a fool who doesn't see how he's selling out the Constitution he swore to defend by supporting him, I have to also stand up against unwarranted, uncivil methods of dealing with it like this that don't help anyone which, to me, is the most important factor. We need to be actually making things better, not trying to mix in satisfaction of our sense of self-righteousness or worse, bolstering tribalism , even and especially when such comes at the expense of what we claimed to believe in and is against good morals. Vengeance is reserved for God and nobody else. Punishment is reserved for the proper authorities (Government) to exact only when a law is available to prescribe it. Harassment doesn't win friends and the only and TOP concern should be winning people over , not "punishing" them like the MOB you are. End of story. #ResistNobly

  11. All wars since for WW2 have been illegal wars for profit……fuck this old hick!!!!!!! He plays the vicitim…ahah……

  12. Amazing how the KKK and Neo Nazis never took Obama hats off people. But the untolerant Liberals who supposedly fight for people's rights are always suppressing freedom of speech. It easy to tell a Leftist Socialist Police State will be in power in the US in less than 6 years.

  13. These people should be locked up or deported. War veterans are the people that allow us to have our freedom. Trump has done more for USA than last 4 Presidents.
    Canada has Trudeau now that is the worst PM in last 75 years.
    Corrupt Dishonest disgusting pathetic criminal ! Not a business person

  14. Yep..same shit here..and at wallmart..lol..I had 3 approach me..they started..and I gave the big guy a head butt from hell..🤯..put his hat back on his head straight..looked at his buddies and told em to go clean your buddy up..his nose is broke..lips are split and hes full of blood..have a great evening..

  15. I wear T shirts that read, ALL SIX MEDIA OUTLETS ARE LIARS. MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX & CNN . And I get hit with "So you're a conspiracy theorist, eh? And I ask them, "So you believe that Russia made Trump president? They say " No, that turned out a proven lie" .. but for 22 months, that's all we heard. A liar is a liar. The truth is on YouTube and that's why YouTube is under attack. Watching those MDM outlets , is filling your head with what THEY want you to think. They started with Alex jones and I saw it coming. You would not believe the censorship. 10,000 full-time employees deleting videos. 209 of The Boston UNBOMBING alone. You must wake up or we lose America

  16. The election wash set up to be divisive, freemasonry own D.C. and it ties in with a plethora of globalist mafia structures secret societies/ societies with secrets socially engineering the collapse of the US to have it fall in line with the UN global 21 agenda. Republicans and democrats all had endless Freemason/ Jesuit/ occult affiliated presidents and they're like price fighters from the same gym set up to put up a realistic looking fight in order to convince the sheeple, to divide them and be rewarded for serving the cult by the illusion of power and some price money but the fight is rigged and the promoter in this analogy/ the deep state owners of the central bank, military industrial complex and the intelligence mafia orchestrated it this way to make the country collapse from within as neither side will accept deceit in the scam elections. Which in turn will make sure the civil unrest feeds the extreme measures to take down the constitution, second, first and many more amendment for "national security and continuation of government reasons" and the scared shitless sheeple will go along as always. This has been predicted decades ago by people exposing freemasonry, the UN, Luciferianism and Lucis Trust/ Lucifer Trust ( Lucifer trust once housed at 666 United Nations Plaza NY) the new age publisher of UN publications and new age extremist books. The same with the Fabian socialists in England and the communists in Russia and China the Zionists in Israel and abroad etc. hundreds of seemingly separate organizations from religious to political, to NGO' and multinationals run by freemasonry and affiliated cults as is the case with most Fortune 500 companies and silicon alley that are working together on the total surveillance and total dominated global police state system and population reduction agenda. It's well documented and obvious if you yourself aren't some sort of governmental, religious, political or scientism cult follower falling for all their divide and conquer social engineering occult nonsense. But don't be worried just stand back and let the people bash each others heads in as you profit from the chaos and mayhem because you know the agenda and k ow what to do to prosper from the demise of the idiots and fanatics. There are lots of opportunities when the blood flows in the streets as long as you can stay clear headed and prepare to preferably go off grid and are free to move to unpopulated areas or safe countries with the means to set yourself up in there. People still have time to prepare by selling property and diversifying wealth into foreign accounts and or to buy a sailboat for instance that guarantees ways to travel around the world away from troubled areas without being trapped in airports with corrupt government decided what is going to happen with you. It sounds crazy at this pound and I'm not recommending to go all prepped crazy and to buy a bunker or to store years of food and to get yourself a whole arsenal of weapons but to avoid and detach yourself from problem areas and to forget all the nationalist and flag adoring cult bullshit and to just make sure you can travel to peaceful areas and continue your life. Who gives a fuck about nations when you can't take the ground with you when you die and you just wanna enjoy life in a peaceful area wherever.

  17. This is the effect of 3 years of the media and the DNC screaming RACIST, HITLER, EVIL, WHITE SUPREMACIST and sheep nodding in approval because "insert emotion here."

  18. That’s how you do it stand your ground call the police Sue them teach them a lesson put the ball back in their court stick it right up their ass don’t back down to these pieces of shit

  19. Well dude in one way you cant blame the dems for not liking the maga hat I mean let's face it trump is running a freak show

  20. Authorities: "County police, can I help you? What's that? A hate crime? Do you have proof? You do? Alright. Are you white? Yes? Oh, I'm sorry. And by that, I mean, there's nothing much we can do."

  21. Just give all the commies what they want and deport them to North Korea so they can see for themselves the outcome of their stupid ideas!

  22. that veteran still looks in good shape no doubt in my mind that he would have shown the whole lenght of the bus to those 2 democratic left morons . america is devided and the root cause is the democratics politicians ( hillary mainly) and ordenniary democratic idiotic brainless people

  23. Go my friend I'm not a trump fan but these idiots who harass others for thier preferences or believe don't have my simpaty everyone can choose what they want with out having a tyrant ignorant piece of shit harassing him

  24. No one had a problem with Obama hats? But now it's ok to attack people wearing make America great. Sounds like the liberals are the haters.

  25. FolloweOfChrist
    It's the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of speech.
    It's the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of the press.
    It's the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
    It's the soldier, who salutes the flag, who serves under the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.
    Sherman said ”War is hell”
    And it is. There was about that many Americans that died in 3 days at Gettysburg. So the rich could get richer.
    I was with the 3rd Marine Recon Vietnam 1968. I was 18. And to this very day, I still honor the oath I took.
    You never heard..”A soldier's duty is not to reason why”. A soldiers duty is to do or die”🇺🇸

  26. Everyone seems to forget… it’s not trump gear*…… .. I mean c’mon.. LETS REALLY MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN DESPITE WHOS PRESIDENT !

  27. So a Vietnam Vet is ignorant 'scum'…….other than this? He supports a fascist yet has a statue of Liberty in his room, probably does not grasp the irony.

  28. Notice how Lefty's are only tough when they have superior numbers, and even only then if they have bigger people, they would not last in an even scrap.

  29. Hahahaha!!!!! If I ever see anyone wearing that that, they'll get battered, instantly…. You'll take that hat off for me or I'll choke you out you like bitch….lol… FUCK TRUMP THE ORANGE COCKSUCKER


  31. I wear my trump hat with pride. I haven't bothered yet. And it's usually the radical left illegal aliens gang members in American hating pieces of shit that harass you for wearing a trump hat

  32. This man is a veteran. For that alone he should be respected, because these antifa kids have never been in the military. But to ridicule an the man wearing a MAGA hat? I'm glad he stood up and challenged them, and really glad he had a weapon.

  33. Man he really squared up on them for calling trump racist 😂shows a lot about the RIGHT can’t even talk to them without them trying to fight I don’t blame anyone for wanting to beat a trump supporters ass u gotta blow off some steam some way and these bastards are perfect 🤣

  34. I wear my M.A.G.A. hat EVERYWHERE and I have .357 reasons in my pocket that says NO ONE will touch it ! TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2020 BABY !!!

  35. These young fucked-up people are so fucking brainwash I will go to the colleges and see who are educating these idiots democrats Number one shit steerers I could not believe I supported these Democrats for over 20 years the biggest mistake I done in my whole life

  36. A Vietnam veteran should be the last person to wear maga cap. the draft dodger, dodged that time in history plus the caps were made in china.

  37. Some idiots just don't understand they see an older man and think he's weak . here's a man who supports a president he believes is right for America. Bring it on … That's right Boss , bring it on … MAGA 2020

  38. An attack on someone for what they believe or support is an attack on every American no matter which side you’re on.
    It’s always the left Democrats that attack people on the other side.
    You will never see a Republican attacking liberals verbally or physically for what they believe.
    Why? Because we feel sorry for them. Bless their hearts.

  39. Really how can anyone be a part of a party that spreads hate like this. this is why and many other reasons I walked away and never again a Democrat. Trump 2020 and again in 2024 one of His kids should run in 2024 Trump Trump 👍👏I’m for free speech not hate speech and America freedoms not political correctness it’s what makes America great freedom

  40. Even if you don’t agree or like Trump you respect people in their opinions and you respect Trump because he’s our President.

  41. Left claim to be tolerant , Democratic and peaceful. Yet go to any left wing rally all you see is intolerance , hate and acting like babies

  42. Leave that man alone. I thank him and every other vet out there, its just a shame in spite of his sacrifices he's harrassed for supporting the president.🇺🇸


  44. Look at muscle on that guy, he’s like Giles dad from street fighter 2 turbo.
    Those punks were lucky the police picked them up and not Rambo here.

    Thank you for your service 😔


  46. Need to start Fighting back and show these Dumbass People where getting tired of being calm and when we decided to go off it will be the end of their Pathetic Life 💀

  47. It is time we push back on this trash. No one has the right to threaten you for any reason. Laws are what prevent chaos and disorder. Let's defend ourselves but not go on the offensive. These people are the scum, the disenfranchised losers with no hope or brains. Protect yourself! It is your right!

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