Ventrac Powerful Sidewalk Snow Blower

Ventrac Powerful Sidewalk Snow Blower

The two-stage Ventrac KX snow blower for
the 4000 series is designed to meet the heavy duty demands of snow removal. If we’re getting a heavier snow, you know, over six inches actually even over four
inches we’ll switch over to a blower. Really what it’s doing is it’s giving us
the capacity to move the snow away from the edge of sidewalks, push it farther.
The KX features an impressive twenty six inch high and fifty-two inch wide opening
to move large amounts of snow in little time. What we’ll also do with our
Ventracs, maybe if we do have a couple of snow situations we’ve run the V
blades, we’ll go out after the storm with our snow blowers and actually widen out
the sidewalks so we have room later on for more snowfall because not all of our
crews have snow blowers on their Ventracs so the crews that don’t
have it will go through later on with a Ventrac that does have the blower at
least widen out the walks and with the controls on the ventrac snow blower it’s
nice we come along you can actually place the snow where you want it so
you’ve got sidewalks coming off the main sidewalk you’re not blowing onto so
we’ll send a guy out days after a storm his job will be just the widen out the
walks and take the snow from the edge and push it back so next time we have a
snow event the angle blades or the V blades can just push the snow right in. The discharge chute can be hydraulically
rotated to control the blow direction. The controls are very good on that that we can control a chute rotation and also
distance that- depending which proper we might be only [able] to throw it
short or you know long and also it pretty quickly with a machine keep going
that he can adjust that shoot so he bypasses some of the spur sidewalks that
come off the main sidewalks so he’s not throwing snow onto those. So the controls
are excellent To go through even the deepest snow
banks consider the optional upper auger kit. We are finding the snow that we’re
getting in Connecticut we’re getting over the last couple years we’re getting
a lot more heavy wet sleety type of storms that the blades are having a tough time
with so we are finding in the last couple years we’ve run the blowers more
than we have in the past. You know, on a powder storm, white storm, we don’t need
them as much, but we are getting- seeing trend in the snow the type of snow
we’re getting.


  1. @robertis41 Yes, I know that four wheeler and UTV has cigarette lighter. I am owner of few four wheelers and UTV. But never owned a tractor, so wasn't so sure what the tractor has.

  2. Snow is very enjoyable to many people, I know many people who can't stand the heat so they could never live in hotter N.A. climates.

  3. This is a typical norwegian snow height and i must say, im impressed how you are dealing with the amount of snow 🙂

  4. Would be nice to see someone create a snow blower that doesn't create vertical walls of snow. Sloped blades on each side of the blower angled at about 45 degrees, directing the snow into the blower and away from the blower should make for safer paths for sidewalks, roads and rail traffic.

  5. These machines are great and they have all the pieces with one piece to attach them all to I always overlooked ventrac because they are probably pretty expensive but I am realizing that eventually it may be my best bet

  6. This guy were driving too fast with the machine, not allowing the blower to get thru the snow, so he ends up shoving a lot of the snow in front of him. He would've been better of with a blade or a bigger blower.

  7. I work for a municipality I’m the main Sidewalk operator. We run the V Blade Bombardier Through the sidewalks and behind the V Blade we have the same machine with the Blower. Does a great job, a 1 2 punch.

  8. I have watched hours of snow removal and not just ventrac but the one conclusion that I've come to is got a good snow blower and don't waste your time and money on a plow. The snow blower does a better job. The logic Escapes Me even in this video he says we'll use the V blade and they'll go back with the blower later to fix it and make the sidewalk wider. Why not skip the V blade and run the sidewalk with the blower the first time? Why do it twice when you can do it once. The roller brush also looks like a better arrangement for coloring snow down to the sidewalk but I would think that would only appeal to businesses or hilly driveways and sidewalks.

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