Using the Bus Bicycle Rack

Using the Bus Bicycle Rack

Riding a bicycle or a bus are great ways to
get around, and they can be even better together. Every TCAT bus has a bicycle rack that can
carry your bicycle while you ride the bus. By combining bicycling and the bus, you can
pick up the bus in more locations, breeze up hills, and enjoy bicycling in new places. You can go farther than you can by either
bus or bike alone. To use the bus bicycle rack, wait until the
bus stops. Make sure the driver sees you and
wheel your bike in front of the bus To load your bike, first squeeze the handle
and lower the bicycle rack. Load your bike onto the rack in the open spot nearest to the bus. If your bike is too heavy to lift, load the
first wheel, then extend the bike across the rack while loading the second wheel. Remember to secure the support arm all the way up over the wheel. Then, you’re ready to board the bus. Rider: Hi, how are you doing? Narrator: There’s no extra charge for using
the bicycle rack. Driver: Have a good one! Rider: Thanks! Narrator: After exiting the bus, take the
support arm down off your bicycle, then lift or roll your bike off of the rack. If there’s no other bike left on the rack,
squeeze the handle and return the rack to its upright position against the bus. Combining busing and biking is simple, healthy,
green, and opens up a world of possibilities. Try it! Take Charge of Your Transportation! For more information or tips, contact Way2Go
at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County.


  1. This was very helpful. I tried going on the MBTA website and they had diagrams that show the exact same system, yet this was very easy to understand. Thanks for the video!

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