hi guys Disney toys review here today when I'm watching this city vehicle rescue vehicle said wow I can't wait to check it out this set comes with five different vehicles we have a fire chief vehicle there's also this cool bomb squad vehicle check out this tanker the hose turns around we also have a ladder truck the ladder raises and lowers let's not forget about the helicopter the propeller turns around let's go on a rescue oh no there's been a train accident we better call for help we need to send out the rescue team there's been a train accident team one and Team two are on the way team one and Team two are on the way Oh No a fire has started good thing the fire trucks are here let's put the fire out [Applause] [Applause] now the defiers out we need to get the trains back on the track good thing the helicopters here to help I think we can help this one back on the track PA we help too there's still a problem the tracks broke let's put the track back together move away engine move away wagons first we need to move the tracks out of the way so that the mining machines can get to work fixing the track we need to hurry because the train is due at the station here comes the bulldozer that's looking great now let's bring in some rocks that's a great foundation for our track now let's smooth it down hey how's it coming whoo we're nearly done whoo that's great could you hurry up we need to get the train back on the tracks we're going as fast as we can I know but the trains on a schedule it needs to make it to the station on time we should be done in just a few minutes great thanks so much I can't wait to see the train back on the tracks whoo-hoo okay we're ready for you you're ready for the tracks already we sure are we've been working fast and hard he Wow they're super fast today it looks like it's ready to go wow this track is great let's get the train connected and get back on the road we might be able to stay on schedule woohoo it's time to go get your wagons it looks like you're good to go the tracks fixed and everyone is back on the track thank you guys you helped me so much does anyone want to ride on the train I think we all would love a ride on the train thanks for offering thank you guys for watching my video don't forget to subscribe and stay tuned right here on Disney toys review for more videos with your favorite toys


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