UMG UI Inventory: Project Overview | 01 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

UMG UI Inventory: Project Overview | 01 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

♪♪♪ (Wes Bunn) Greetings everyone and welcome. My name is Wes Bunn and I am a Technical Writer here at Epic Games. We are here today to show you how you can work with Unreal Motion Graphics or UMG for short, to create your own inventory system. So let’s take a look at the finished project here. Let me go ahead and hop in and show you what it is we are going to try and create here together over the course of this video series. So in the upper left, we have our Health, Energy, and Mood displayed. It is also affected by gameplay, as you would expect. So as we jump around, we are losing Energy. So we are going to show you how to set something like this up. So we have Health, Energy, and Mood. We also have some items inside of our level here; these are our pickups. So when we press I, you can see that our inventory slides in from the right side of the screen. If I press I again, our inventory goes away. If we go near one of our pickups, you can see that there is text above the pickup that kind of follows us around as we go near it. As we move away, it goes away. We can pick it up by pressing E when we are near it. Then, we can press I to bring up our inventory. There is our inventory. We can hover over it and we can click on it. There are a bunch of different options we can do here. We can return back to the inventory menu, we can click on it. We can drop it and it removes it from our inventory, at which point we can look down and there it is right at our feet. So I can press E to pick it back up. Hit I and it is back in our inventory, at which point I could use it or eat the banana, in this instance. It gave me some Health, Energy, and Mood. If I hit I again, there are some other pickups as well. So we can pick this one up. We can pick this one up. We can also go over here and maybe pick up this little bush here and Collect Firewood. (Laughter) So we can press E to pick that up. We can press I and all of those things have been added to our inventory now. They all do different things. So this one you can eat it and it will give us some Health, Energy, or Mood, which it does. But if we click this one here and it says “Start a Fire”, which it spawned a little fire particle effect right at our feet here. So that is what it is we are going to try and create here together. There is a little bit more to it than that as well. If I hit Esc, we are going to set the system up so that these pickups can be modified directly inside of the Details panel over here. So we have selected a pickup and we can define how much Health, Energy, or Mood the pickup gives us, the thumbnail associated with it, the text, the Static Mesh, etc. We can change that all right here inside the Details panel just to make creating additional pickups a lot easier for us down the road. So I did want to mention that we are using Unreal Engine 4.8 and that this series is aimed at the beginner to intermediate user of Unreal Engine 4, specifically with Blueprints and Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) as that is what we are going to be primarily focused on in this video series. So before we continue, I have a quick PowerPoint that I wanted to bring up to kind of cover the different things that we are going to touch on in this video series. I promise it is the only one that we are going to do. So I am going to pop that up. As you can see, we have a lot of things that we are going to cover, so I wanted to touch on them really quickly to kind of identify what each of these entail. So first up, what we are going to do is import some assets. So these are going to be the thumbnails that appear in our inventory. We are going to have to create those externally and import them into the Engine so that we can use those to represent our items inside of our inventory. We are also going to create some additional assets inside of the editor; so some additional Blueprints for UMG purposes and for our pickups, etc. Then we are going to modify some of the assets that come with the template that we are going to be starting out with as well. So once we get all of that done, then we are going to jump into a quick introduction of Unreal Motion Graphics (or UMG for short) just to make sure that we are all on the same page and have a general understanding of all the different bells and whistles of UMG, how you can navigate your way around the interface, and how everything works together. So we are going to go ahead and do that. Once we do that, we can begin working with UMG to create our player condition setup. So our Health, Energy, and Mood and displaying that onscreen. It is at that point that we are going to start getting into the process of passing information between different Blueprints. How do we do that? How do we communicate from our Player Character that our Player Character has lost Health? How do we update our HUD and pass that information across? So that is going to be handled in the player condition setup. Once we finish that, we will begin setting up the visual layout of our inventory menu inside UMG. This is going to be a little bit more of an intermediate topic. So we have our foundation out of the way with the introduction and done a little bit in UMG. But when we set up our inventory menu, we are going to deep dive into some of the details such as Anchors, working with Anchors, how to anchor your UI widgets to various positions on screen and have them maintain that position on various screen sizes. So we are going to talk about Anchors a little bit. We are then going to get into stylizing buttons, playing with some of the different properties inside of the Designer tab of UMG. Once we set up our inventory menu, then we can begin scripting the UI functionality for our inventory system. So how does the inventory system actually function? We have the visual layout, but what happens when I pick up an item? How are my thumbnails refreshed? How do I bring up that context menu so that I can use or drop items, etc.? We are going to do that all on the Graph tab inside of UMG. Then once we finish that, we will actually need to create some pickups that we can pick up. (Laughter) When we are doing our pickups, we are going to be doing a lot of Blueprint work here. So a lot of visual scripting and specifically communicating between several different Blueprints. So our pickups need to communicate not only to our HUD and our inventory system that the item has been picked up, but also to our PlayerCharacter Blueprint because we are going to affect the Player Character when we use that item. So we will be taking a look at Blueprint Interfaces, Event Dispatchers, direct Blueprint communication, as well as casting, the number of different ways you can communicate between different Blueprints and pass information between them. Then once we do that, we will need to provide a way for the Player Character to actually bring up the inventory menu or toggle it on and off, as well as pick up and drop items. So we will set that up inside of the player input. Excuse me, inside of the PlayerCharacter Blueprint we will set that up. Finally, we will finish up by adding some animation to our inventory menu so that it slides in and off screen for us. So it will be a quick introduction to the Animation Sequencer inside of UMG. We are not going to go too deep into that, but we will show you how to set it up and get started with it so that you can start experimenting with it. Then, we will also start taking a look at how we can customize the pickup that we start out with. So we are going to start out with one pickup and then we are going to modify that so that we can easily create custom pickups based off of a template pickup. So we have a lot to cover. We are going to try to keep these videos between 20-25 minutes each. There should not be that many steps in this video series, but we are going to try to aim for a 20-25 minute length per video. But the ultimate end goal is to get all the way back to here where we can have a fully functional Health, Energy, and Mood player condition status, be able to pick up different items in our level, have them all appear in our inventory with their correct thumbnails to which we can either use or drop them, etc. So that is the goal. We are going to pause here; that is going to do it for this video. In the next video, we will get started creating those assets, importing the thumbnail images that we are going to need to create externally, and doing our heavy prep work so we get most of it out of the way so that we can focus on creating the systems in the later videos. So, thank you guys for watching and we will see you in the next video. ♪♪♪


  1. What happens if two items are right next to each other? They will both overlap with you and both will have their names displayed but you have no control of the one you pick up. Would it be better to get the item with a ray-trace instead of the overlap volumes?

  2. Are there text versions of these tutorials, like the text and picture tutorial UMG UI Designer Quickstart Guide? I prefer following those to video.

  3. It does work only shortcuts as follows:
    LMB: Pickup Action Shortcut
    Q: Drop Action Shortcut
    RMB: Use Action Shortcut

    Open / Close Inventory:
    Pressing E Button (same as Minecraft)

  4. Is unbelievable how in this tutorial there arent deep explanation, but it is just a guy copying a scheme of a premade blueprints.
    Plus the blueprints arent made in logical sequence, but the logical is already done and built in whole bp after whole bp, so you create things that are useful after hour of videos and the guy didnt remember that to the viewers. You have to explode all the logic and redo the connection all to yourself. I dont even call this a tutorial…

  5. For anyone beginning this series: The entirety of it is horribly structured and slightly outdated, the instructor takes hours to explain a simple variable but will gloss over most of the important information, most videos are horribly scripted and the speaker won't understand what he's doing at first, and overall the entire system is sloppy and needs to be updated.

  6. yesterday i was watching the series so that i can do it the next day and i fell asleep watching with my headphones on and the whole series played untill the last vid , right after it was done i woke up realized i fell asleep took my headphones of and started laughing , your voice is so relaxing that it made me fall asleep xD

  7. Here is a completed project for UE4.22.3 in case you got stuck.

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