Tusk D-Flex Pro Motorcycle Handguards

Tusk D-Flex Pro Motorcycle Handguards

– What’s up everyone, I am Chase here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, coming at you with the D-Flex Pro Handguards from Tusk. (upbeat music) So the D-Flex Pro Handguard, this is the latest generation
of our D-Flex Handguard, which was extremely popular,
did very, very well, one of our bestselling, but
now it is new and improved, and this is gonna be a
full wraparound handguard, and what I mean by that, if
you’re new to handguards, it’s gonna mount to the
inside of your handlebar, it’s also gonna mount to the
outside of the handlebar, so these are extremely
popular, do a very good job of protecting both your hands, and also your levers
while you are out riding. So they made some changes to these to make them even better, and that’s what we’re
gonna talk about today. So the first thing we’ll cover is gonna be construction. So the aluminum bars and the mounts are gonna be tempered aluminum, so extremely strong, very durable, nice, thick, hard plastic shields. A nice feature about these handguards is if you were out riding, if
you had a tip-over, a crash, if you broke your shield, you can replace just the plastic shield if you do need to, so that’s a really nice feature. Now, as you can see on
the table in front of me, we got a lot of good colorways for you, so depending on the bike you ride, or the color scheme you’re going for, we’re definitely gonna
have an option for ya. Now, I do wanna point
out that we offer this in two different versions, so you can have the standard version, but you can see on this black handguard
here, this D-Flex Pro, that you’re gonna have
this turn signal on it, so if you want, we offer these as a kit that come with a turn signal. Now, keep in mind, if you were to break one of these plastic guards, we do offer replacement
shield with a cutout for that turn signal. So there’re a couple
different options for us, so if you want a turn
signal on your handguards, you have that option. Now, let’s talk about the big features, the changes that they made to make these even better than the previous version. So if I picked this up
and we turn it sideways, first thing I’ll point
out is when it leaves the outside of the handlebar here, again, tempered aluminum, very strong, they added this downward angle, and then they increased the
overall size of the bend. They wanna make sure you
have as much clearance for your hands and your
levers as possible. And again with that plastic shield, very hard, thick plastic, replaceable, but they increase the
overall size of that as well, so there’s overall better
protection for your hands. Now, when it comes to mounting,
it’s gonna be very simple, it’s not gonna take you very long, one thing you do wanna be cautious of is what size handlebars you have, because these are gonna
come with the clamps for either a 7/8″ handlebar, or a 1 1/8″, so be sure you check those out, but once you get everything, all you’re gonna do is take these clamps, these are gonna mount to the
inside of your handlebar, and then you’re gonna take this insert that comes included, insert that to the end of the handlebar, and you’re gonna have one
long bolt that’s gonna, you’re gonna screw it in, thread it on, and it’s gonna snug everything down, hold it nice and tight. And once you have these things mounted up, again, rock-solid construction, these things are not going anywhere. And there it is, that
is the Tusk D-Flex Pro full wraparound handguard, if you guys have any
questions about these, make sure comment below, we will get those answered,
and head over to our website at RockyMountainATVMC.com
to check these out, remember, lot of cool colorways, and do not forget,
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are constantly rolling out. I’m Chase at Rocky Mountain, and we’ll see you on the trails. (upbeat music)


  1. Don't buy them for a yz250fx. They don't come even close to fitting on my bike. It's a 2019. "New improved" version that eliminated the adjustability on the inner mount. Thumbs down

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