TURNING A $1,000 CAR INTO A $1,000,000 CAR! (Car Mechanic Simulator)

TURNING A $1,000 CAR INTO A $1,000,000 CAR! (Car Mechanic Simulator)

hey guys welcome back to my Channel today we're back in car mechanic simulator where we are going to turn a very cheap car into an expensive car that's right we're gonna try and buy a car for approximately ten thousand dollars and tune it up make it ten times faster and sell it for mega dollar bills like under care or something we're gonna try okay we're in it we're in a simulator game so it's not real money it's all good all right so the last episode if you didn't watch that I actually turned this rusty car into this green beast over here it looks very very good right now although I have to say I kind of underestimated the rim size a little bit they're kind of small it is what it is this is my favorite car I have right now so we're just gonna keep it I'm gonna store this one in the garage let's do that how do I do that move car parking there you go see you later car I before we actually go to the auction or junkyard and get ourselves a really cheap car like really cheap I think it's a good idea to customize our garage this is something I've wanted to do for a while but I didn't know how it worked I finally figured it out right over here you've got this ladder thing and it says garage look customization we can actually change like the floor types look option 100 option 3 it's blue often forged green it already looks like a million times better this is a nice bathroom floor but this is my garage it's not a bathroom it's a nice dance floor you've got a whole bunch of cool options but you know my favorite color is green so if there's not anything else this is actually really nice but if there's not anything else that's green I think I have to go with option number four at the green one all right I think we're pretty far in customizing you this is still really ugly I don't know how to fix that but we've got a green garage now and you know what this is already making me smile look what we've got here guys we've got a new silly jelly shirt banner from jelly store calm oh my goodness I didn't know you could put this in this game but it's here the new silly jelly shirt is looking looking fantastic and that's my face it's a bit deformed hmm anyway enough chitchat let's go to the junkyard and see if we can get a car alright mean gate junkyard it'll cost 250 so we've already spent 250 dollars I'll just transport but yes I'd like to go there alright we've made it to the junkyard I've actually not here before so I'm not really sure I'm looking for I'm just looking for a car that looks like it could function and it's not too ugly we've got one here uh yeah that's not happening is that we went an m3 front bumper Wow we can collect all these cool things I guess the cheapest way to like customize the car oh my god whoa hello hello how are you this is actually not too bad this sweet car we are missing some interior pieces like a steering wheel but wow this is a nice ride but wow it doesn't start no it doesn't start but yeah this is definitely something that we could do it's just like a like a Mustang ripoff obviously this game and cannot use real cars they look like the real-life cars but they won't call it like the Mustang but I'm not sure guys nice trunk and fit like two bodies in there not really sure about this spoiler though will this even work like it's very flat aren't spoilers supposed to be a little bit down so that it catches all the wind and gives you a more dragon resistance aka you get pushed to the floor I'm not sure we are missing a couple pieces on this thing but hey this is definitely a potential but let's keep going let's keep going I've got some more junk here we've got a bus while I am doing that oh we got another one here hello this one also does not look too bad kind of looks in the same shape as the other one to be honest gotta find one day and we really really like you guys Oh another one what's up man is this also a really nice car alright so we've definitely come across some potentials this one is also potential but I don't know this one's a bit too ugly in my opinion like do you really want to buy that no okay can't make profit on an ugly car you know what I'm saying so far I think our best option might be that Ford Mustang ripoff so let's go and get that car I'm not sure how much it's gonna cost us it might even be free so technically it'll cost us 250 on transport by car okay how much whoa car price $20,000 dude it doesn't even work it's got 183 thousand kilometers on it the global body condition for percent everything seems to be a bit weak how about we look at that car over there maybe it's a lot cheaper but also in a better shape it isn't a little bit of a better shape and it's a lot cheaper if we really try to make money here I think the best option we've got is to get this car so that's what we're gonna do all right let's buy the car for nine thousand three hundred and ninety nine oh no – $95 so approximately we've spent about ten thousand dollars and we haven't even fixed the car let's go to the garage alright so I just looked it up real quick and I can confirm that this car is based off the Pontiac GTO which is an American car I haven't actually seen many of these in real life and they were produced around 1965 to 1975 something like that which explains the rashes okay it's it's a bit it's a bit gross realistically so let's put this thing on a lift where where can we put it on a lift move car and I think it's pretty good to start the assembling everything okay realistically we want to strip this car to its maximum let's take out the rear window we gotta clean everything you know let's take out the front right door what else can we take out the front window we should definitely put a new engine in this although let's focus on that later we have the cooling system that we got to take off as well the front bumper headlights and what else can we do I don't know I guess we got to put the tires off as well let's lift it up real quick and get these tires out alright tire number one five screws get rid of those and then you can just take the tire off like I wasn't there before it's such a bad car look these brake discs they look like poop literally so I took all the tires off literally all the brake discs and all the discs whatever they are called they're all dirty they're all really really bad we're gonna have to completely strip this car alright so something we do need to buy is a hood a front left fender because we don't have all these things that they just didn't come with the purchase we spent ten thousand dollars but they weren't even there before we do that let's actually fix everything so far there you go so what we're gonna do is we're gonna get the lifter where's the lifter hey do you even lift bro alright so I think it should work now I got rid of the gearbox I hope the engine will let go come on come on come on come on yes we did it no more engine all right so the engine we took out is this very very rusty v8 and we're gonna have to completely reassemble this we're just gonna have to buy parts on the internet on this sweet computer which is underneath our banner and then yeah we'll have to make a new v8 engine and put it in there something I did not have last episode is a gearbox that I could buy from a tuning shop basically with this gearbox we'll be able to tune the car like crazy and instead of it being 300 hours we'll get it to 600 all right so now that we took the engine out of the car we are left with like a whole bunch of rusty rusty car parts suspensions more suspensions on this side like the chassis exhaust systems and more suspensions we're gonna have to take all of them off repair them or buy new ones and then from there we'll be able to fix the car all right so we're just starting with the front left over here we're gonna have to get rid of all the brake discs the front wheel hub just gonna have to really unscrew everything that we have because guys like I said I want to make a million dollars okay this is a sweet old timer from 1965 and we're gonna have to fix this baby up like it's never been used before there you go we've got one more exhaust over here the rear muffler and the fuel tank and I think I think that should be it guys we have now completely stripped this car from the outside we have it on anything to the interior yet but right now this car is only the body right now it's actually pretty cool I think it's pretty fair to say now that we should use our welder tool to kind of repair the outside body I know it doesn't make sense that we need to use a well or too late' for this because that's not what well they're tools do but in this scheme that's works okay for $1,000 okay that's it's gonna cost me $1,000 to repair the body but it'll clean all the rust away so boom there you go and now this car is looking fantastic Wow all right what we're gonna have to do now is we're gonna have to take out the car battery it's pretty much the last thing we're gonna have to put this one in charge because guys when we finish putting everything back together we obviously want a battery with a full charge on Hayes we're not gonna give farm that we can start building our v81 carved OHV engine oh all right so obviously we're gonna have to build this engine on our new and you can stand over here so we're gonna click create engine we have to build a v8 guys you have to build a carb one v8 OHV so I guess that's this one you got to make sure you click on the right one otherwise you can't go back we're not gonna risk it I'm gonna put 300 horse powers in this we're gonna Choon it though so it's gonna be like 500 plus at least gonna be way quicker and way way more worth what it's gonna be worth way more money that's what I was meant to say all right here you go it's time to assemble this baby together obviously guys we're gonna have to buy some new pieces we don't have everything the car didn't come with anything so we're just gonna have to buy some things so I'm gonna do I'm gonna click on part notes add to list the ignition just distributor power I really want this car to be top-notch for example the fuel filter here I have one but the conditions only on 26% so we're gonna have to buy a new one because it's gonna be worth the money okay so here's a funny one okay so we're gonna have to put some Pistons into the engine the the Pistons that go around the piston shaft that like give you the power to the crankshaft okay I'm not exactly sure if that's how it works but I think so what we're gonna do is we're gonna buy some Pistons from the tuning shop which is gonna make our car go way faster so let's have a look we're gonna go to our tuning shop and I think we can also buy this the cam chef I should buy that look it adds 2.7% to the engine so it'll go away quicker and I'll just be way better in general and here the piston things and 1.3% guys this is amazing wait we also have a fuel filter wait we need a fuel filter don't we yeah we need a fuel filter all right so let's actually take this ignition coil off we're gonna put the better one on it I think we have one right yeah it adds four percent all right so it's time we put these cool Pistons in each of these at about 1% to the engine which in general should just make it a lot faster really it's gonna be a great car guys it's gonna be the best one ever Oh engine head oh this what that's nine percent of course we want that cost a little bit more money I'm not sure how much money I'm spending I think the engine in total will cost about maybe six thousand eight thousand dollars something like that it is definitely worth it guys trust me just gonna have to put everything together here though gonna take some time all right ladies and gentlemen it took me about half an hour but I think we might have just completed our engine here and there it is ladies and gentlemen we've got the v8 one carb in our engine man that looks fantastic let's actually move this engine crane right now because I it's a bit of the way so we've got the engine here all we gotta do now is connected with a cool gearbox so I think if we lift this up it'll say which gearbox we need assemble mode oh I missed a bearing is that it gearbox yes okay so we need a v8 OHV gearbox now if we go to the shop ladies and gentlemen to go to the tuning shop and we can buy ourselves no no we need to go to the gearbox shop we can buy ourselves one of these cool ones this one this is the one we need $1,500 oh there you are oh look at this baby all right so this gearbox will be powerful enough for us to tune this car like crazy and that's really what we need you know all right so we've got the gearbox in place let's get some exhaust pipes going all right the middle muffler on this side as well it's gonna be nice and fresh everything underneath this car is going to be brand new the rear muffler is gonna be brand new as well and man that sounds gonna be poppin mm-hmm boom that's what our engine is gonna sound like I'm gonna have to put some springs in the car I'm gonna have to join the parts first okay so we got some springs with the wishbone of things and then the absorber cap yes and what it does it like pushes it together and now I can actually put this in the car believe it or not I need to do this I think twice and then I think I'll be able to put it into the car some fresh suspense shown you know all right ladies and gentlemen I think I finally finished putting everything together the engine the chassis the suspension the exhaust everything should be in WAIS everything's fresh everything's new we're literally about 45 minutes in this took some time I can tell you that this took some time oh my goodness but it's getting really exciting now because we can finally decide which rims we want so right now the tbx rims that came with this car were 23 and 1/2 inches I'm not exactly sure about that but I think so they're a really bad condition as well so let's top put 25 inches on it and see what it looks like okay I still had these rims from a previous car I built let's see what that looks like just to test obviously this is a car out of 1965 so this does not look good guys I know we can use bigger rims than that we're gonna go to the website where we can buy some nice rims I think we should go all out we should get some sick rims on this thing I certainly believe the more money you spent on a car the more value it will become it doesn't work like that in real life though okay doesn't alright this car is out of 1965 we need some rims that kind of like reminding me of that era we've got this one the chat man I've already used this one before so I don't really want to use that one again we got the Cape for some reason this reminds me of like a Mercedes rim I don't know why I like an old-timer Mercedes which this is an American car okay we're not gonna use Mercedes rooms come on we got the Bentley rim you want to put Bentley rims on this no oh I love that oh I better one whoa so currently we have this but this one looks really cool for this one I think this one's a little cooler let's try this out with like I don't know how many inches 25 I have no idea what I'm doing obviously we're gonna have to buy some tires let's go with a vintage tire we're not gonna get these with the white things around it I don't know I did that last time alright so I hope this fits install we're gonna use the retro 25 inch guys this looks so stupid apparently I only bought one tire guys let's put this one on the car real quick and see what it looks like okay I think I like it guys I think we should just keep it I mean it's really big but it's awesome you know what we're gonna keep it okay we need to buy some more tires up because apparently only about one alright we just got to put the wheels on them with the machine then balance the wheels and then once they're balanced we can put them on the car so it's gonna take some time you know everything in this game takes time I burger I've been recording for a while now but I love this game and if you like this game as well guys please leave a like on this video and I'll make another episode because I mean we can do such crazy things imagine if we could get our hands on sport cars alright like a v12 okay putting some more tires together 25 inches it's ridiculous alright there we have it guys look at these freakin awesome 25 inch rims I mean they're cool alright so now that we've got the wheels on there I think we could get working on our interior that's the next step and then exterior color it or paint it sell it money whoa obviously we need a seat we need a steering wheel we could potentially put back seats in it but I don't know let's have a look at the store and see what we can buy okay so the one problem I have is like I don't know which seat will fit so let's start with a steering wheel obviously guys this car is from nineteen sixty five or seventy five it's kind of in between that era we cannot put a Bentley wheel lining okay Bentley's are for Bentley's we can also not put like a modern steering wheel on it like these ones like from the m3 when is something retro alright so I'm not sure what you guys think but I really like this one it's got the wooden texture around it and I feel like it reminds me of the good old days I wasn't alive then but it still reminds me of it so I'm just gonna try that one then for the seats how about hmm this is so hard I mean again we can't put a Bentley seeds in it why don't we just go with the typhoon seat it's really ugly but it reminds me of the good old days you know and then for the bench in the back I don't know we need something that fits with the typhoon one that we have now would that look like an old-timer seat maybe I mean it could be so I think the tbx that's the car I have right now these aren't kind of the seats and configurations that fits with the car but we're gonna try these different things first okay let's start with the with the bench we can put the tbx on it Oh apparently we bought the same one I didn't even realize that wait this is a green one that's not what all right a new bench in the back fresh leather the front left seat is going to be this nice typhoon one look at that weight the the back seat looks so ugly with it oh my no that is no no no that is uh I think that is not okay that I can't do this guys what about the steering wheel the steering wheel typhoon one that does not look bad I really like that we just need a different front seat alright so how about we try this one it's kind of big what does it look like when we put the the door in okay you know what it doesn't look all that bad but I just feel like to see this way too big all right guys I think we might have to go with tact the actual original seat because it just doesn't seem to look good like if we put the original one in for a second that's just the perfect size alright I'm sorry car but you're really ugly with any other seat I think yeah this is this is just the one that belongs with it you know please yeah look that just looks the best honestly that looks pretty good alright so now that we're done with our interior at least for the most part I'd say I don't know what else you could do we can go ahead and buy some really cool parts like the hood some cool front lights some cool bat lights for this awesome car alright so let's get started with our front left fender we're gonna have to put a new one in so this one's just gonna be great we're gonna have to paint the car afterwards because obviously it didn't come with the fender on the front we can choose out of some different headlights this is the standard one with a bad condition and this is like the new cool one I really like that one it's like like dark cool alright we got to put a nice front bumper on it we have two choices a dark one or a light one how about we just choose this one hello looks pretty good alright for the hood we can choose the tbx who'd be or a but this one's obviously way cooler look at that alright the front right fender it's gonna be this one a new part as well everything's gonna be in the top notch conditions like I've been mentioning already the front right door it's gonna be this one this one was still in a good shape front white window front right rear window there you go buddy there we're endo oh my god I can't even speak anymore trunk okay Wow the rear bumper we need a new taillight here how's this one doing well put a new tiller there as well in case that's like a bad quality taillight yeah it was alright the license plate yeah we should we should get a new license plate that we can put on there well maybe it's cool to have like a Russian license plate that's a bit rusty I don't know is that cool I think is actually quite cool a rusty Russian license plate the right side mirror we still have a really good condition we'll get the shiny one okay we'll get the shiny alright on this side we'll also put a shiny mirror is that everything guys is that is that everything I'm not sure if that's everything alright a radiator the last parts guys oh we still need to get the battery oh yeah let's get the battery out guys we could almost sell this thing we're almost done take out the battery how much is it charged I have no idea but it should be fine as long as it's more than 7% of what we start it with 100% great I think that might be everything we forgot something that's fine it'll tell us it'll tell us alright let's get this thing and the paint shop alright so what color do we want to paint our car I think it's pretty obvious guys I think it's pretty obvious by now it's gonna be green alright are you new to this channel if you are and make sure you subscribe if you're not then you understand that Green is my favorite color and everything in this world should be green we can't I ever change the look of it Committee on it's actually quite cool for some reason when it's matte it doesn't look like it's from 1965 it it looks more modern let's let's choose Pearl and obviously we could put some stickers on it however I feel like it kind of ruins the 60s vibe so I'm not gonna do it let's paint the car alright so now that we're done with that we're gonna have to go to the dyno and tune our car cannot start engine ah why is that well I know why I know why okay get out the car you got to move it back to the lift I did something wrong I forgot something obviously we got to put some oil in the engine otherwise it's not going to work for some reason you need to put oil in the engine but you don't have to put fuel in the car so yeah all right so does the car work that's the question now let's move the car to the dyno cannot start engine let's have a let's have a look guys why can we not start this engine what's what's going on all right so I'm just checking the status and we have everything except for the fuel pump where does that go here hello-o fuel pump that's the one that's the one and is that it is that it guys is that it was that the issue come on come on come on come on yes we started this 1965 car I just spent two hours repairing this oh that is amazing that is absolutely amazing let's get this thing rolling on the diner right so I've actually never choose a car before in this game so this is gonna be interesting but we're on the dyno here we've got the car rolling now this is the machine are you sure you want to proceed with the dyno test yes run Dino oh there there we go the wheels are rolling we've got a factory engine power of 291 horse powers but the measured engine power is gonna be revealed right now 443 horse powers right it's amazing I'm actually impressed we can tune the car a little bit so right now we can add gears okay so currently currently the car has four gears with a maximum speed of 261 kilometres an hour what if we what is this if you increase this it goes so much faster I don't I don't know how this works guys I have no idea how this works let's turn it into six gears okay the top speed now is three hundred and two three hundred and forty two thousand nine hundred kilometers an hour is that legal wait is that even that's not a thing right that's that's not a thing I don't believe it okay so what if we just do this what happens we're gonna break the car immediately is that is that how it works all right so top speed of the car is 2,000 kilometers an hour now I think the car might break if we actually do it like that please tell me we're not breaking the car right now okay everything seems to be fine I'm a bit scared about this guy's I'm a bit scared we're just gonna put the tuning on reset okay this is how it was before all right there you go yeah well add one more gear okay I have no idea what I'm doing all right so before we take it out on the road let's actually see if the car works perfectly fine suspension wise if everything is connected properly and you do that in this chamber over here no please the front wheels on the brake tester okay here we go press and hold the brake 100% great place the rail rails on the brake tester hold the brake guys it's this car truly gonna go thousand kilometers an hour I think we might break the engine within the first try we should we should probably not break the engine before we sell it okay I do want my money oh okay okay is everything okay I think we're fine it's just testing the suspensions it's 100% I love this steering wheel by the way that's a great touch all right everything seems to be a hundred percent to the fullest guys I think it's time to take this baby out on the road all right so here we are with our beautiful a beautiful car with 25 inch rims it is so fast whoa guys I'm gonna crash this thing I got to be really careful if I crashed it does it actually break whoa I'm okay whoa the cars got so much powers that the rims just keep on like aw keep on going crazy I mean the wheels obviously not the ribs we've got a whole lot of grip though because of the because of the big wheels so I this is great oh we got to stop there this is a great car guys I'm really curious to see how much we can sell this baby for because I just spent the last two hours on fixing this baby up all right guys it is time to reveal the price can we sell this car for profit probably but how much profit will it be that's what I'm wondering about all right so we're gonna click on cars status and it's gonna it's gonna tell us whoa we can sell this car for sixty three thousand six hundred and thirty eight dollars considering we spend maybe 15k on repairing it a 40k profit at least man that is a pretty good price why is the interior condition so low though I'm not sure is it because we don't have a dead body in the trunk I don't know let's sell the car for sixty eight thousand four hundred ten dollars oh my god I don't want to I don't want to but we're gonna have to guys we just made a lot of money and that's how you do it we just turned a cheap car into an expensive car thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on the like button a 10,000 likes we'll make another episode on car mechanic and guys if you have any ideas and leave it in the comments please it takes me two hours to record a video on this game but it's worth it because I love it and I love you and I'll out of here bye thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly RB t-shirts on store.com


  1. โ€œmustang ripoffโ€ uhh buddy thats a daytona charger. its one of the rarest cars out there…

  2. jelly the reason the interior value was so low is because you need to cleen the interior like you do welding it just has cleening stuff on it

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