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Trucks For Kids | The Big Digger - Gecko's Real Vehicles | Learning For Kids | Construction Trucks

this is Diggle and a theme park where children can go on big spinny rights and drive diggers [Applause] look here's a big spinny digger gosh it's making me dizzy just looking at it can you guess what it's called it's spin dizzy normally diggers used to make big holes in the ground but here at diggle and they've changed it so it can spin brave people round and round and high up into the sky it's my turn now that was fantastic right then everyone what can we go on next how about that right over there that looks very cool it's called a sky shuttle but I wonder what it does Wow it's lifting me up up up into the sky I bet I can see my garage from here we're almost 50 feet off the ground now that's as tall as two houses stacked on top of each other this is brilliant right it's time to get down now hello hello nice to see you mechanicals but don't get too close there you might end up buried in dirt we're allowed to climb aboard these giant diggers and have fun operating them just jump in belt up and take control pull the joystick one way and it lifts the boom the other way and it drops down this joystick tilts the bucket on the end and scoops lifts and dumps the soil in a big pile making a mess has never been so much fun bet Danny the digger would love to play in here too all this playtime's made me hungry time for my favorite lime flavored ice cream lovely I think I'll just watch this next one whilst I'm eating see ya children Cleavon drive skid loaders around a special track they might not be fast but they're lots of fun to drive just grab hold of the joysticks again push forward and steer how's your driving don't crash great gang I'm going on a little ride on the ground shuttle but I think it's going to get a bit bumpy this carriage I'm sitting in has been specially made to take people for a ride around a fun course where Hey hoo what a ride I had a blast on that there's just so much to do here at Diggle and there's a haka duck and skittle bashing there's tire stacking using a loader whoa don't make it tip you can drive dumper trucks and mini tractors oops oh dear so much that everyone here at bigger lands we had tons of fun playing on all their amazing bigger rides

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