Triumph Bonneville T120/T100/ Stainless Steel Pannier Rails/supports, for soft motorcycle luggage!

Triumph Bonneville T120/T100/ Stainless Steel Pannier Rails/supports, for soft motorcycle luggage!

As some of you probably already know, I share just about every video that I make on Facebook, various Triumph, various Bonneville related groups and is a bit of a double-edged sword because they often get castigated by various group members. Because I always seem to be reviewing Motone products, In reality, it’s not a widespread thing, it’s often sort of five or six of the same individuals, each time plague on one group for a while, and then it seems that the group had blocked them and then the stop plaguing and yet on another grope for a while, and this vicious cycle goes on and on now I often try to explain to people why this is the case. and the initial and most simple answer is that most custom parts manufacturers only have a small range. and in comparison Motone is huge, and it’s still growing now a lot of those manufacturers who wanted to participate with me in reviews. I’ve already done most of the relevant parts that they make I do have something like two hundred and fifteen videos upon here now. so it stands to reason that with Motone evergrowing collection of parts I’m going to continue to reveal new product for as long as the coming out, and the other thing is quality, and I think to this review item is a typical example of why I often choose to fit Motone Parts than other manufacturer’s parts, don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing other manufacturers What I’m saying is, I know what I like, and I only put on my bike what I like I don’t see the point in reviewing something that really doesn’t light my candle that isn’t up to scratch and then taking it off my bike the next day because I don’t like it. although quite often Motone parts stay on the bike very long because they bring alternatives out to those parts in an effort to provide something for everyone, I think people often underestimate the amount of development that actually goes into these parts and after admit that before I got involved with Youtube and reviewing items and Motone I had no idea what was involved. Take for example, the new pannier rails. Now in the beginning, there was Triumph with that pannier rails There were the only pannier rails available for the T120 Chrome plated mild steel usual high quality related that you’d expect from Triumph but with a huge price tag. In fact, I think there are something like sixty-five or seventy pounds each, and you need two them now. I remember Motone fast talking about these about eighteen months ago, and in the meantime, last year, several companies released their pannier rails Now to me, they all looked exactly the same again. mild steel chrome plated but those that were appearing on Ebay, etc. from Chinese vendors looked exactly the same as those that have been sold by named parts suppliers, so it would appear on the face of it that these parts suppliers are just buying them in from China of putting their names to them. but round about forty pounds. They’re a good deal, a little bit utilitarian from our tests. But if all I had was forty pounds to spend on a set of pannier rails that probably the ones that I would have gone for now, the common factor with these particular rails was the top connection bracket that fastens answer to the head of the shock absorber is held in place by the shock absorber bolt these were a tubular flange which was welded on to the actual pannier rail. ninety degrees, with some self flanging side to hold everything rigid and hold it in place. Now this top connection is actually the most crucial connection in the whole of this part Freed of the weight of the actual pannier rails is usually bound by the actual seat, rail of the bike, and the function of these penny rails is simply to keep your luggage out of the back wheel and the rear shock absorber. Now the bottom connection is mounted onto the exhaust come rear foot peg mount which is rubber mounted and doesn’t provide any rigidity. So while your luggage is banging around on the roads day in day out against these pannier rails it’s that top bracket that is responsible for keeping everything in check, and it is put under a lot of stress and strain. Triumph chose to use an investment cast bracket, expensive and probably part of the reason they charge so much for those particular pannier rails But the Chinese manufacturers have used this other method of a tubular flange bracket. as I’ve described, it, will do the job but Motone recognize that it wasn’t ideal, it’s a potential weak spot in the whole construction of this part and if it fails, or when it fail that’s where it all fail . the consequences of a failure like this so close to your rear wheel, don’t really bad thinking about so fast. Motone experimented with using a flexible bracket, something that was less likely to break, but would allow some flexibility. This wasn’t particularly successful the considered using a thicker bracket so that it could still be flexible but would have more rigidity. But at this point they had a long hard think about it. What they’ve been aiming to produce with something that price wise could compete with the cheap Chinese rails, but that’s not really the Motone way, so they decided to do it properly. now they realized that it might be a little bit more expensive than the cheap Chinese ones, but instead of using mild steel have been Chrome plated but decided to go for 304 stainless steel instead, And they also decided to investment cast their own top brackets, but they took this a step further, the designed and cast these brackets with a spare or male part that inserted into the children of the actual rail This means that before you’ve even weld it on, this bracket is capable of taking the entire weight of the rail And in fact, it was virtually impossible for this bracket to fail and just after Christmas they presented me with what they said was the final prototype. Now I’ll let you lot know about this. As far as I was concerned, there were imminent and Motone have to look at it again. These rails and all the brackets concerned were already made of 304 stainless steel in this case, polished But they didn’t like the weld it didn’t look tidy enough. It didn’t look Motone enough now because of the way they designed that bracket to insert into the actual frame of the rail. This meant that could actually grant and polish that well down so that it was virtually invisible. It’s a small thing, But it does provide yet with a much nicer looking much stronger pannier rail than even the Triumph ones So an answer to all those questions that get on the first book This is why I do a lot of Motone stuff. This is why I prefer Motone stuff. if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right and that seems to be Motone’s motto with everything that they do and there are a lot of people have been waiting for these rails and have been a long time coming, but is also being a lot of hard work, a lot of investment and a lot of development put into producing some pannier rails that in my opinion, the best on the market and I’m even including Triumph rails in them. Unlike the rest, these are 100% 304 stainless steel, these particular ones of polished for in due course. Motone will release some black powder coated versions. There are also developing some for the Bobbers, Motone tell me that this particular version will fit the T120 the water cooled T100 and the Street Twin, Now price wise They’re about half the price of the Triumph once and yet the 20 30 pounds dearer than the cheap Chinese ones. But I know which ones I would rather have. I think they have a limited batch of these available on Motone website now, and I’ll leave a link in the video description down below once again. thanks for watching. I hope you found this video informative and that you’ve enjoyed it. If you have, please leave a lake and subscribe to this channel back on Friday, where a thing we’ll be looking at some photography equipment, so until then ride safely, and I’ll see you soon.


  1. Hi Stuart. Thanks for all the information you give us.
    I replaced indicators on my Thruxton 1200r. And LED ones blink faster than original ones. Did you have the same thing happen to your bike. And should I do anything about it, or its normal thing? Thanks again

  2. These are just what I’m after and have had to go Stateside because I was aware and didn’t want cheap Chinese ones, but alas I did want black.

  3. Great camera work Stuart, looks like a really nice product. What do you think of the Triumph luggage rack for the Bobber Black? will you be reviewing this? Best regards

  4. Not that you need to explain your choices to me you still did an excellent job of it. I go into your videos counting on your eye for quality and that you feel like something is good enough for you and your bike. Review what you want. I’ll watch. Keep up the good work.

  5. You’re absolutely spot on about the high quality of Motone parts, Stuart, they really are 1st class and worth every penny.

    Andy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  6. Hi Stuart: Great video on a great product, much better than the one I´ve already got – will change to Motone-Rails in due time.
    **Your reason for choosing supplyer of product to review, Is very acceptable, course I will do it the same way, – so just go on.**
    I prefere Stainless steel above chrome-plated material, its more strong, dont rust, and its "stiffer" than the iron "ones".
    Now to another subject: Sumpguard – – I dont like the ones on the market, as explaned to you earlier – any news ??
    Looking forward to see the nxt video on camera´s and "stuff" – have a nice day, and I´ll see U in the nxt 1 – 1 like Of course

  7. I totally agree. It’s your channel, review whatever you like, when you like. There are more than enough channels on YouTube “reviewing” cheap, low quality parts, that appear to be nothing more than advertising channels. Quality always shines through.

  8. Definitely a better-looking piece with that weld ground down and polished like that, the sort of detail that often gets overlooked.  You mentioned the LC T100, do they not fit the older AC ones?

  9. Hi Stuart, thanks for this latest video. Do these Motone pannier rail improve on the maximum weight limit of the OEM Triumph rails (3Kg)? Thanks again, Paul.

  10. I don't see how you can review items you have not seen or used. Some people are never happy. Motone have always made good stuff IMHO so keep up the reviews 🙂

  11. Fantastic video Stuart! Great job! Motone does seem to care a lot more about the quality of their product than some people/companies do. 👍😎🏍🇬🇧

  12. Brake pin upodate: I have given up on getting that calipher pin out. Its not going anywhere, so I will remove it when the pads have to be replaced in another two years. SOmetimes yoiu ahve to pick your battles, not create ones. Next will be rear brake pads replacement, no overtightening pin this time. 🙂

  13. There is a simple choice. If I don't like what is being reviewed I simply skip to the next video. Too many people who's egos wont let them accept another persons point of view.
    I like your reviews as they are honest and demand both high quality products and a value for money that only a northerner, like yourself can quantify! Love the backing music to this one, reminds me of a TV programme called Eurotrash and bad elevator music from an American hotel!! It will be stuck in my head for days, thanks.

  14. Excellent review as usual. I'll be ordering these for my forthcoming trip to Spain; looks like they won't foul my luggage rack.

  15. I’ve been waiting for these! As soon as I can get a set they will replace my Chinese set. Great and very helpful video. Suggestion, how about a video looking back at how some of the many items you’ve shown have held up over time?

  16. I’ll throw my baseball cap in the ring by saying, let other people make reviews about cheap, low quality motorcycle parts. Keep on with the high quality reviews of high quality parts & accessories. There, that’s my two pennies worth, for what it’s worth….. lol

  17. Facebook groups are surprisingly filled with bullies – I experienced that once and left right away… Funny thing was that the guy who did the wordly lambasting, did have a name and address – and it appaered the same name was connected to some activity that was against bullying. Well, could be another guy… 🙂

    But, that seems a good quality item, why would people complain of that? For heavy loaders, I would still design a small third connection between the support and the rail that goes around the rear of the seat, maybe. But just for heavy loads.

  18. Hi great information Stuart , I’d bought the triumph panniers( bit poor …wet luggage 😂) and I’d bought the cheap rails … anyways they are on their way with the se bonneville …. I’m hoping the ones you’ve shown fit the speed twin … the measurement is 275 mm centre of shock blot to centre of foot peg bolt …. just wondered how this compares to the measurement on the T120 ….. regards as always ….Fred

  19. There are not many 3-party mod parts companies for my Ural so we have to get creative. I bought the wet-dry over the saddlebags that you had reviewed last year and then I had to buy an adjustable set of luggage frames that attached to my seat rail. It works and the bags don't rub against the rear shock, but they don't make it easy.

  20. Stuart thanks for this informative video. One part in particular caught my attention, the prospect that Motone might be coming up with a panier system for the Bobber???? If you are talking with them , how about suggesting a swingarm bag at a decent price. Triumph has a nice one but at close to $400.00 CAD, a bit steep for my purse!!

  21. Thank you Stuart. It is this kind of attention to detail that does seem to set Motone apart from some of the other aftermarket companies. A black shock dress up kit would look great on your T120. I got mine from errrr Motone!

  22. From an engineering design perspective I really like the blend radii on the investment cast bracket. As you stated this support carries a majority of the load and needs to be of sufficient strength to undertake its role. Any ‘square’ corners are considered to be potential stress raisers and could lead to fatigue cracking. All the engine aircraft parts that I have worked on during my career with Rolls-Royce always have the appropriate blend radii designed into them, this not only make the component more visually aesthetic but increase its service life.

  23. They do look the real deal. I would certainly pay extra for them over the Chinese cheapos!
    I was lucky though, Triumph recently had a sale of their air cooled Bonnie accessories and I snapped up a pair for £30!
    1st bargain ever direct from Triumph. 😁

  24. Hi Stuart – very interesting and I agree with your selection of quality products! Same question – what about rails for the Speedmaster. I’m planning some touring for the “season” and wonder if you have any advice or tips you’d like to share on soft panniers and soft bag to sit on the existing rear rack. Thanks Stuart. Yours aye, Alan

  25. But uncle Stuart, How can I fit my Givi Trekker Dolomiti aluminium panniers to these ????
    The silly castinaters want to question the obvious nepotism regarding your refusal to use anything but a front wheel between front forks.

  26. Hey Stu, great video as always. Motone care about their customers and their reputation…. Just like your videos. These are a very nice piece of kit and set the bike off nicely.

  27. I bought some of these after watching your video. They arrived the very next day which surprised me as I hadn't paid for next day delivery. They really do look a well made item. All I've got to do now is fit them.

  28. Why would anyone review less than the best parts available? Trust and credibility is a key component of your channel's success. Leave that to others is my vote.

    Regardless, yeah on the cost of the Triumph pannier rails. I have them on my T120 Black (they work just fine) and even with a welcomed discount from my dealer, I winced a bit when I added them to the build sheet along w/the Triumph leather bags, as there was no viable alternative last December when I got the bike.


  29. Please… Don't give a damn about what 5 people living in their mother's basement who have no life other than going on social media and bashing someone's work for fun have to say. Just losers who are starving for the attention that they don't get in real life. Except from their mothers. Sometimes.

    You have a great following. Right now, out of 269 votes for this video, only 5 of them are downers. Probably the same losers I just mentioned. That's like 99% of the people who voted on this video thinks it's great! These folks know why you're doing your videos… Your work is sincere, informative, entertaining and of excellent quality.

    I don't think anyone questions your integrity. Not even the 5 losers. They just want to get a rise from someone who they wish they could be. Keep up the fantastic work!

    BTW, those rails look awesome! Super simple and functional. Oh… I think Triumph made my perfect motorcycle with their Speed Twin… 😛

  30. Hey mate, could you check the option from Youtube that creating AI English subtitles ? Some of your videos do have subtitles, while some don't. It could be very helpful to understand your deep review for our none native speakers.

  31. The only challenge with this type of T120 videos is that they’re helping to postpone my purchase of the bike. I’m waiting for a well cared for “preowned” T120 that already has a few thousand invested on farkles & accessories, and this video just made my search a little harder.

  32. Hi, Stuart. Thx for all the good reviews and videos of camping with the T120. The side bag you're using in this video – could you pls share where to get one? I'm trying hard to find on that fits the style. Thx.

  33. thanks for the video stuart, love the channel. question for ya, does the position of the shorty predator pros relative to the pannier create a risk that the pannier may be fouled or damaged (melted?) by exhaust? feels like a stupid question, but i'll ask it anyway for anyone else wondering. thank you!

  34. Hi! Sorry for stupid quastion. But can i unscrew THE top suspensionen screw like you DO in video having My bike standing in THE sidestand? Or DO i have have to lift it Up before i start unscrew

  35. Thanks for the great videos. Can the Burly Brand throw over saddle bags go on the Bobber Black? Do you have to have something else to lock them down?

  36. Thanks, Stuart, just received a pair for my T120 in readiness for a holiday this year. Very pleased, well made and finished, impressed with Motone again.

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