Top 15 Most Scary Videos Caught on Buses

Top 15 Most Scary Videos Caught on Buses

15. Baby in the Road
Have you ever driven for hours at night – hours and hours of a stretch of road – and, for
a moment, thought you were seeing things? Mike Hubbard, a bus driver in San Antonio,
Texas, surely thought he was, when he came across a 14-month-old baby smack in the center
of his driving route. It’s a miracle he noticed the lost child,
as it was dark and late at night. Luckily, he was alert enough to spot her just
in time to hit the brakes. He came to a halt just feet from Destiny Flores. The entire event was caught on the bus’
security cameras. It also caught Hubbard jumping out of the
bus and racing toward the baby. But just moments later, the baby’s father
ran up and grabbed Destiny. Then he left without even so much as a ‘thank
you’ to the driver. While Destiny’s mother, Catherine Gonzalez,
claims that their front door was left open, and they thought they’d locked the screen
door, she told WOAI News that perhaps the baby had managed to sneak out, but it was
entirely accidental. Whether accidental or not, the baby’s parents
were investigated by protective services for child negligence. 14. Protective Shield
When passengers attack bus drivers, the fear is real. According to statistics covering the past
three years, “four bus drivers a day” are attacked by passengers in London, alone
– totaling 4,967 reported attacks over three years. This CCTV video has captured one of these
incidents, as a male passenger repeatedly strikes at the driver’s protective shield
on the Route 29 bus in London. The driver had just told him he didn’t have
the right fare, resulting in the man going crazy all over the screen. He then disembarks, heads to the wing mirror
of the bus, breaks it off, and returns to the protective screen to attempt to break
through it again. He smashes the screen over and over with the
wing mirror but, thankfully, it doesn’t break. These incidents on public transport has led
to TfL and other transport operations around the world installing protective screens like
this one on public buses. The problem is, sometimes that doesn’t prevent
aggression from injecting fear into a driver’s day. Considering this video, nothing will stop
aggressive passengers from trying to get a free ride. 13. Twister
Tornado winds move as fast as 302 mph or 486kmh. Apart from our film experience of tornados,
it’s hard to imagine being inside of one of these horrific things. But video on a school bus in Henryville, Indiana
managed to record just that during a terrifying tornado on March 2nd, 2012. The school bus had been evacuated, and the
children and driver were brought to safety, before this wicked twister swept the bus up,
tore it apart, threw it through the air, and flung it into a nearby building. At the beginning of the video, the bus is
fully intact, but by the end, after the twister has had its way with it, the thing is completely
obliterated. Destroyed beyond recognition. Debris within the school bus is taken with
the rabid winds and twists and turns inside the vehicle. Then, the pressure of the winds smash the
windows to smithereens and tear up the frame of the bus before discarding it, along with
all the other structures it’s destroyed in its path. This tornado was not the only one to terrorize
Henryville and the surrounding area. The region between the Great Lakes and Gulf
Coast saw 28 people pass away as a result of the tornado over the course of a single
week. 12. Tipsy Bus Driver
A bus driver in Alfred, New York was accused of drinking and driving and was given a 90-day
jail sentence. The event was caught on camera, after 56-year-old
Martha Thompson was ordered by students to stop operating the bus, an order that was
ignored. There were 37 students on the bus. After Thompson took them at a 70 mph clip
through their journey, hit a mailbox, and even started rolling backwards down a hill,
as can be seen in the video, the older students tried to convince Thompson to stop, but she
was defiant. They kept insisting that she was not okay
and should turn off the vehicle. When she continued to refuse, they accused
her of scaring the small children on the bus…which she was. When she also refused to open the door, the
older kids took matters into their own hands and began shepherding the students out of
the back door emergency exit, while Thompson repeatedly shouted, “You can’t get off
the bus!” Thompson’s defense attorney said, “She never,
ever would intentionally put any of those children… in any type of risk. The fact that my client has no criminal history…no
one was injured, but this has been a really good thing because it’s turned her life around
and now she’s getting the help that she needs.” While it’s all very well and good that the
driver is getting help, her blood alcohol level was 0.15. The DMV notes: a BAC of .04% for commercial
drivers can result in a DUI or DWI conviction nationwide. She’s incredibly lucky that no children
were harmed in this incident of negligence. 11. The Flood
While it might cause some to “sing in the rain,” rainfall is not always pleasant. In fact, sometimes it can be deadly. Like when it turns a gentle creek into a roaring
river, as it did on this occasion in 2001 at Childress Creek near Waco, Texas. When a school bus attempted to cross the now
dangerous creek, it got caught in the middle of the flooded waters. What’s worse is that it had three children
inside. In a recorded call to police, the dispatcher
asks the bus driver if the bus was still moving. The driver replies that no, the bus is now
still, but water is entering at a rapid rate. Footage from above shows that the bus was
captured by the current and carried a distance downstream, where it eventually came to a
halt. But the flood was broad, and there seemed
to be no way out. After a thirty minute wait, a Blackhawk Rescue
helicopter came to the aid of the driver and the three children. A couple attempts of dropping the rescuer
into the top of the bus ended unsuccessfully, as the winds were strong, but after a while,
the rescuer, Private Brent Town, was finally able to grab hold of a rope and position himself
atop the bus. When he managed to attach the first child
to his rope, the helicopter got swept up in some wind that pulled them over to nearby
trees. The rescuer and child were caught in the branches,
but the rescuer managed to clear them again. After returning the child to safety, he returned
for a second child, all the while with the fear that the bus could be swept away by the
strong current at any moment. But, luckily, it remained in place, as the
third child was air-lifted out, after which the bus driver was saved. The whole incident lasted three hours. Three hours of fear that they might not escape. But with the help and stealth of the Blackhawk
Rescue Crew, they lived to tell the tale. 10. Woman, Possessed It turns out public buses are rife with incidents
of alleged possessed people. This one turned up in San Luis, Argentina
on June 7th, 2016. A woman sits with her eyes closed, her head
rolling around at random and her mouth opening and closing. She is jerking all over, not once opening
her eyes, and a terrible sound is heard at times coming from her mouth. What she is saying – if anything – is indiscernible. She continues jerking around, looking quite
possessed, until a man walks forward and shakes her shoulder, attempting to bring her back
around. The man says something to her, and she shouts
back in her scratchy possessed voice. He places his hand on her forehead, and that’s
where the footage ends. Was he attempting an exorcism? Was he doing something more sinister ?
It seems we’ll never know. 9. Paranormal Bus
This bus footage in the north of Bogota alleges to show paranormal activity. In the footage, a yellow bus is parked in
front of some houses on a hill. The driver is outside of the bus, when it
starts to reverse. While this event could be easily explained
had the bus started moving forward – or downhill – as then it would simply be a case of not
putting the bus in park, the bus actually starts moving backwards, rolling uphill on
a slope. It appears to be reversing all on its own,
while a dog barks off to the side, perhaps alert to the paranormal activity happening
right before its very eyes. The bus continues to reverse with no one in
the driver’s seat. In fact, it reverses so far that it ends up
in a garden several meters behind where it was originally parked. Hearing the commotion from the two dogs who
were paying special attention to the bus, a driver runs out and races across the street
to try and stop it. The footage then shows a crowd gathered around
the bus, likely trying to determine what happened. What did happen? Could this have been a paranormal event? All we know is that it can’t be explained. 8. Railroad Crossing
If you’ve ever been near a railroad crossing when a train flies through, you know one thing:
you would never want to be caught on those tracks when they’re in use. But that almost happened when a school bus
in Hardwood, North Dakota got stuck beneath a crossing arm. In the video, you can see a train sweeping
through the railroad intersection, appearing as normal. But once it’s flown by, nothing is normal
about this video. There it is: the bus stalled, with the crossing
arm just leaning on it, while the red railroad lights flash, signaling not to cross. Luckily, the nose of the bus was not jutting
out too far over the tracks. It was also not stuck there for long, as the
crossing arms lifted to release the school bus, allowing it to return to normalcy. The whole event was caught on a cell phone. According to reports, the driver approached
the tracks and came to a stop, following the law, but the moment the driver started moving
again, so did the crossing arms. They descended, and the bus filled with children
was stuck with its nose in the railroad intersection.North Dakota state law requires that buses stop
anywhere from 15 to 50 feet from the rail, but due to snow-packed roads, the substitute
driver couldn’t make out where the rail was. The driver wasn’t charged for the incident,
which could have ended in devastation. 7. Clowning Around
The creepy clowns are at it again. I swear, there must be one clown in every
video…and they’re always frightening. This particular Pennywise was captured taking
a free ride on the back of a Detroit bus. This incident, of course, occurred during
the “creepy clown” epidemic of 2016. One of these sightings involved a person dressed
up as a clown. The wannabe clown terrified bus riders as
they spotted the maniac hanging onto the back of the bus, attempting to break in. “He’s trying to get into the bus,” Michelle
McKinney told WDIV. “[He’s] trying to get inside to do something
to the bus driver and everyone else on the bus.” The entire thing was caught on film, as someone
in a neighboring vehicle took footage of the event and posted it online. Not your everyday commute. 6. Choking Incident
There are superheroes and then there are everyday heroes. Who knows – this bus driver may be both. When six-year-old Cameron started choking
on a coin on a Mannford Public School bus, the school bus driver, Ginger Maxville, sprang
into action. Maxville, who also assistant teaches special
needs at Mannford Public School, told KTUL-TV, “I thought he was just teasing me, and I
thought he was just not following my instructions and not sitting down.” But soon the boy’s sister said that he likely
swallowed a coin, and Maxville saw that he was gasping, and his face was beet red. She pulled over, ensured that the bus was
secure, jumped from the driver’s seat, pulled the young boy into the aisle of the bus, and
began to give him the Heimlich, pressing into his abdomen. This was the very first time she’d been
forced to use the Heimlich during her career, which spans 17 odd years. In short order, Cameron coughed up the coin
he’d been choking on, and it fell to the ground. The entire incident was caught on the school
bus’ surveillance video. The boy requested that he might keep the coin
that he’d choked on, and Maxville allowed it…that is, if he promised not to put it
in his mouth again. Robin Jansson, the boy’s mother called Maxville
an angel and said Cameron was “back to his happy self” again. A bus incident that could have ended so horribly
had a hero not been on the bus with Cameron that day. 5. Himachal Pradesh, India
State-run buses that run through Himachal Road Transport Corporation (or HRTC) are known
to have some of the most treacherous bus routes in the world. Unpaved, muddy and wet roads are just the
beginning. There’s also the landscape, mountainous
and threatening. Here’s just one of those routes, captured
on camera. On the route Manali to Kinnour, the ride is
slow-going, as the roads are wobbly trenches in the mud. In this video, you see a train of buses precariously
rocking back and forth as they meander alongside tall piles of snow, rugged mountains towering
in the background. The large buses don’t look so much like
they’re driving; rather, they look like they’re hopping. The cravats in the muddy road are assumedly
frozen over, resulting in a jackhammer of a ride. And, while the cliff edge on the right hand
side of the buses doesn’t appear to be a clear drop-off, it’s safe to say that one
small over-correction in the mud could potentially send a bus rolling down the mountain. I’m going to play it safe and steer clear
of these routes. 4. Supernatural Powers
Ever wish you had supernatural powers? Well, this video supposedly shows a Thai girl
who discovered she did when she was driven to anger at a bus stop. The video, shot in Thailand, begins with a
girl smack talking someone as she leaves the bus. She is being held back by a friend who remains
quiet. The girl continues to point and exchange some
heated words with the driver, who steps down from his post to return fire. Spectators watch from the ground and others
hang out of windows to witness the exchange. The shouting match continues in Thai with
plenty of pointing and aggression. Another guy tries to intervene. He shouts at the girl and goes to slap her. But before he can, he is thrown back by a
supernatural force. The spectators scream. The origin of this force seems to be not the
shouting girl, but her silent friend who stood behind her. The quiet girl then steps forward and points
her hand out, palm forward, and the bus driver flies up the side of the bus before dropping
to the ground. The girl looks at her hands in amazement,
as though this is the first time she’s realized she has these scary supernatural powers. Everyone is quiet and staring at the girl. She turns in a circle, puts her hands out
again, and a table and chairs fly backward. The bus driver yells at her, and she makes
him fly into the air again. The spectators shout, and even her friend
has backed away and won’t come near her. The video ends with the girl looking down
at her hands, collapsing to the ground, shaking and screaming shrilly. While the footage appears all too real, with
no strings attached, many in the YouTube comments call it out as a fake. YouTuber Pei Peina says, “im thai and thai
people like to make dramas with superpowers like this,” while Jakob Zeimetz notes,
“The biggest flaw in this video is the fact that no one else is talking while the argument
progresses, letting the main characters in this film be heard, as the girl and the guy
take turns.” And it’s unlikely that someone who was just
levitated would have another go at the person who did it. All good points. Still, a scary and intriguing video. You kind of wish it was real. 3. Needles Highway Ever tried to poke a thread through the eye
of a needle. Well, that’s basically what bus drivers
do on Needles Highway in South Dakota. This video is not for the claustrophobic. Highway 87 near Rapid City, South Dakota and
Custer State Park earned its nickname due to its narrow, single-lane roads, deadly-defying
twists and turns and, of course, the “needles,” which are narrow granite tunnels that vehicles
navigate…that is, if their drivers have got the guts. The tunnels were created by blasting through
mountains, forming walls of sheer rock on either side. Believe it or not, some buses attempt the
crazy feat of driving their big hauls through the narrow tunnels. These drivers show no fear as they prepare
to undertake a Mission Impossible-level task of weaving down this dangerous road, while
also looking out for falling rocks. Just watching makes you hold your breath in
anticipation. But, never fear – slowly but surely, this
particular driver succeeded with only inches of room to spare on either side of the tunnel. 2. Possessed, Again
Public transportation can often be frightening. Surrounded by strangers in a confined area. Where else are you more vulnerable? This footage shows just how vulnerable we
are on public transport. A woman, dressed in black, is captured on
video riding public transportation in Edmonton. She appears to be trying to get comfortable
enough to sleep, when suddenly she starts yanking on her long chain necklace, wrapping
it around her neck with her eyes still closed. Then she sits up, feet on the floor, hands
on the seat, head down, hair in front of her face. She pushes the hair out of her face, takes
her necklace off, drops it on the floor, and moves over, as other passengers board at Central
Station. Cut to a moment later, and she appears normal. She looks in her red bag pulls out what appears
to be her phone for a moment. Then she puts it back in her bag. That’s when things get freaky. Her eyes go wide, her jaw goes rigid, and
she starts to look like she’s possessed by a demon. She grits her teeth, opens and closes her
jaw, leans her head back, puts both hands in her hair, and roars at fellow passengers. Suddenly, she launches at a man who’s sitting
beside her, and grabs him by the throat. She starts attacking. After the assault, she walks to the subway
door, as though nothing happened, to wait calmly for her stop. But the man she just attacked retaliates,
despite the person who’s filming suggesting, “She’s probably possessed.” The camera pulls away, as the filmer tells
someone to call security. But it seems they’re already aware. Security arrives and pulls the guy to the
ground, as the female attacker simply collapses. The video leaves us with the question of whether
this lady was on something or actually momentarily possessed by a demon. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
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beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos
we upload every Tuesday and Saturday. 1.Road of Fate The “Camino de la muerte” – or “Road
of Fate” lies in Bolivia along a 50-mile rocky narrow downhill road. The pass is so dangerous that the Inter American
Development Bank deemed it “the most dangerous in the world” in 1995. Somewhere between 200 to 300 people perish
each year on this road. In this video, a bus driver attempts to traverse
it to his own detriment. The road, which had recently suffered heavy
rain, was prone to landslides, making the crossing even riskier business than usual. After ordering his passengers off the bus
for safety’s sake, they watch in terror as the driver attempts to creep across a very
shaky and crumbling stretch of sand and rock, one that should not be crossed. The passengers attempt to help guide him,
with one man in the video moving forward to motion that the driver move further away from
the edge. It appears as if the bus will be successful
in completing its crossing, but suddenly, the ground crumbles beneath it, and the bus
tips, falling over the cliff, through the trees, and down the mountain. While it’s fortunate that the fifty passengers
survived their devastating journey, sadly their driver did not.


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