Tony Hawk Lands 900 At 48!

Tony Hawk Lands 900 At 48!

Alright, today is June 27th, 2016 and it is 17 years to the date that I landed my first 900 at the X Games in San Francisco. A lot has happened since then in my life. I mean, it’s been the craziest roller-coaster ride, and it really was the apex of my competitive career and so I’m going to try a 900 today. Because I feel like I can, and uh, I never thought I’d be doing this at my age when I was young. I really didn’t think that was a possibility, but I’m still going and I’ll keep going until the wheels fall off I guess. (chuckles) *expletive* Spencer was there on my first one, now he was on my last. Bye. *Outro music playing*


  1. All that emotion…The memories…Everything he gave us as the fans…It felt like he put all of that into it to land it Once more. Bless you Tony. U changed the world of Skateboarding for so many of us. Thank you

  2. late to the party
    how can you not like this
    his commitment is epic
    and ability to get it done @ 48 FFS
    no one who rides is old enough yet to understand
    bar a few of tonys ilk
    i cant, you cant, we cant…
    i dare you to prove it
    and UPLOAD TO YT

  3. It's an amazing trick and watching him bail shows you the reality of it alot of these guys make it look so easy doing all this amazing stuff they dont show you the falls and the struggle

  4. It seems like he was ready to go home after the first few falls but persevered because the camera crew was there. He knows he's risking a lot now doing insane tricks like that. That's why after he did the trick all he was thinking was "I ain't ever doing that shit again, not worth it, could have broke my leg".

  5. I’m a boxer but respec to all the skaters out there no wonder you always see skaters whooping ppl in street fights lol y’all sum tough s.o.b’s gotta have heart for this

  6. It almost looked exactly the same! That was trippy!!! Wow! And other dude his age would be crumpled if they took any of those falls! Hell! I’d be crumpled too! TONY HAWK IS …Tony Hawk! Compliment in itself! They’re is no other! Amazing

  7. God dammit Tony. I've loved you for decades.. But the cool guy throw your helmet..take the pads off… I was just waiting for you to kick your shoes off and pull your pants down and walk emotionless out of the building. Only to come back to have to grab all your stuff and not look so cool. Smile.

  8. No quit, but I love how he's like "Fuck this I did it, I'm done Peace Out, last one!" Best relatable reaction to aging ever!!

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