This Toyota Electric Car Changes Everything

This Toyota Electric Car Changes Everything

rev up your engines now Toyota is making an electric car it’s only gonna be in Japan it’s starting in Japan 2020 called the BEV and it’s a tiny electric vehicle it’s only 98 inches long and 51 inches
wide they see it as a commuter car it has a range of only 60 miles but if it’s
a commuter car doesn’t need that long of a range for what the Japanese are making for small an electric kind of go together heavy big vehicles you gotta
pull the batteries the weight of the car they’re not gonna be able to go this far
but a small compact little car people could have it as a second car no I guess
they’re not planning on even selling the United States until 2025 or something
there’s our Toyota it’s a smart company they test their stuff in a smaller
market first in Japan’s a smaller market Toyota Honda they test it out they’re
fuel-injected cars a lot of new designs in Great Britain before they sold it in
the American market perfected the stuff so they didn’t sell them to Americans
and they broke and they got mad take tesla for example he’s pretty much
using the American public some people the cars then they see as they fall
apart and have problems then they’re trying to fix them but they weren’t
perfected before sold Toyota is making more sense perfect them than later songs
of the American public that perhaps their ideas best start with a small
commuting car so the people that want them can buy him cheaper and not try to
fit everything like your cars really aren’t that good for long distance
travel so why make one for that start small and they get technology can make
them go further great start with a small things like Toyotas makes a lot more
sense to me here’s some interesting news Mazda is
bringing back the rotary engine but it’s not what you might think in 2020 we’re
coming out with a new crossover that’s going to be an electric slash rotary
engine vehicle it’s gonna be a pure electric car that runs on a certain
amount of electricity and then when that runs low it’s gonna kick in with the Wankel
rotary engine now people thought the rotary engine was dead well if they’ve
got various problems of oil burning as they age they don’t get very good gas
mileage and they tend to pollute a lot more but this is they ask the secondary
engine when the electricity runs out really not a bad idea on mazdas because the rotary engines are compact they’re very small a
tiny little one even like a 1.2 liter puts on a lot of horsepower puts on a
lot of power it looks like they’re bringing the rotary engine back in a
hybrid bmw’s got the same idea with their electric car they use a BMW I
believe it’s a motorcycle engine in their electric car so if it runs out of
power that kicks in and starts generating electricity with a generator
you really want an electric car that you run on a power you’re stuck in the
middle of nowhere tesla again turns out that some of the older tesla just lost their screen stops working what you want to think big deal
well that controls a lot of stuff and quite a few of them will not charge up
there you have a chip and it’s a big deal controls a lot of stuff and it’s
always writing things on it all the information is being written on it well
I guess the idiots didn’t think about the future that since it’s writing so
much these chips have a limited lifespan once they get too much written on they
stop working and then boom the screen goes on some of them won’t reach arts
and then you can’t drive them this flash storage drive is causing emmc it has
things written then it takes it off then has things written then it takes it off
but it can only do that so many cycles and then it doesn’t work anymore so I
guess Tesla didn’t think up the long term ratification of their data holding
system now they’re breaking down well like ice already so don’t buy new
technology till it’s been out a while where you find out this technology isn’t
working so well a couple months ago I had a customer just bought a Tesla my
less and the sticker price the original guy paid 124 grand he bought it for
$45,000 with only 15,000 miles on it that is horrendous resale value and I
think it’s time goes on it will probably continue along that way when people find
out that there’s problems started any people around to fix them correctly they
just took technology a little bit further than they should’ve to solid or
the public until the stuff was tried and true so beware if you drive one of those
don’t be surprised if your dash just goes out and it won’t charge anymore
Sunspear gamer says Scotty as the 2004 Infiniti i30 5 for $4,500 with 55,000
miles a good buy I don’t advise buying the fancy infinities when they’re old
and have a lot of mileage that’s all that 16 years old but it’s only got
55,000 miles you can find out that that mileage is real sure for $4,500
55,000 miles generally those things don’t fall apart till you get 100 120
130 thousand miles and if you come by it for 4,500 and get 45,000 miles is a
pretty much trouble free out of it why not, pay a mechanic to check it out
because people I cheat and steal when they sell used vehicles could have been
wrecked flooded stolen you want to get all that checked out proof can be shown
that that’s the real mileage sure could be a fun car for that small price, kicker
Bronski says hi Scotty I’m looking at a 1977 Chevy c10 newly rebuilt transmission 4,000 miles no sign of rust looks great well should I look for before I buy it
and would you recommend this being a daily driver something that old the only
way you can make it a daily driver is if you go through it completely and rebuild
the whole thing because it is so old all the rubber seals are gonna be leaking all the rubber parts brake hoses you name it you’re gonna have to replace all that
stuff to make it a daily driver and you said the transmission is rebuilt but if
it’s still the original engine it’s gonna have a lot of miles on it
those vehicles that actually make very good project vehicles if you can get it
cheap you didn’t mention a price you want to
rebuild it as a project vehicle if you want to go through it entirely put
another engine and all that stuff remove all the rotten parts to put new ones in
but before you do that you want to check it for us thoroughly because those 77s
were notorious rust buckets you want to look closely and get a hammer and hit
all the metal parts make sure there isn’t bondo under there and like I had
in a video I made a few months ago thickness gauge the Russian sent me have somebody run that around you might find there’s a bunch of bondo or the paint’s
real thick cuz it’s been rusted and painted over because it’s a rarity to
find one of those is in the rust bucket now if you’re buying it from Arizona and
New Mexico sure they don’t rust there cuz it’s so dry that would be totally
illogical but anywhere else you want to really check for rust closely Jerome 96
once says hey I got a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country 2.6 car was running fine but
the next morning it cranked it started stalling up and then it won’t start
anymore alright there’s tons of things that can knock out an engine when it’s
running okay and then you start it up and it starts running for and dies but
Chrysler Town and Country the number one killer on those like that are the fuel
pumps going out there inside the gas tank and they burn out after a certain
period and what will happen is they’ll run
perfectly fine now when he showed up he stopped so when he restarted it in the
morning if the pump was starting to go out it
would run like crap because the pressures too low and then if the pump
completely stopped pumping it wouldn’t start at all until hour you would be
just pop the air filter off spray a little starting fluid if it starts and
then dies outside of the fuel pump went out now unfortunately it’s a chrysler town and country van with the worst vans ever made in history of mankind
it’s about 50 things that could do that and I’ve seen them all do it I but try
it’s as simple as just the fuel pump needs replacing because I see that a lot
of those when they’re nine years old like that the pumps often crap out but
all I ask Scotty I’m planning to buying a new Ford EcoSport 1.0 turbocharged
engine what do you think about ego sports okay it’s fascinating technology
they’ve got turbochargers they got gasoline direct injection and that’s a
tiny engine one liter for that size engine it puts out a tremendous amount
of horsepower but to get that horsepower you using high pressure injectors you’re
using turbocharger those things don’t last as long that’s just the way that it
goes now if you’re the type of person that wants a little zippy vehicle and
you changed or a lot to take care of it and you don’t expect to get more than
say a hundred thousand miles out of the vehicle before you buy another one go
ahead you have good luck with it if you’re cheapskate like me and you want
to buy a car let’s stir the last two three hundred thousand miles do not buy
that car because they will not last that long there’s small engines they got a
lot of pressure in them and it will wear out faster the history of the older ones
that were small engines that were turbocharged of GDI they wear out faster
because there’s more strain in the engine if you’re the type of person that
once gets a small car it’s gonna last a long time buy one that is not
turbocharged following that is not GDI that all wears out faster it’s such high
technology when they do break they’re very expensive to fix cuz a lot of guys
don’t know how to work on them and a lot of the parts on our dealer only so
you’re gonna get paying through the nose Joe Kahn says I’d like to get your
opinion out of the statement Isuzu made about the 3 liter diesel engine when
asked why they produce only 177 horsepower they said it was purposely
tweaked to reduce stress to make the engine last longer is this nonsense or
not actually it’s not nonsense and I think Isuzu made a good move there
more stress you put on an engine especially a diesel engine it’s got tons
of pressure faster it’s gonna wear out so you get more horsepower out of a
smaller engine it’s gonna wear out faster it’s just fat more pressure more
friction you see all those little tow trucks with the beds on the back those are isuzu engines in them and there was that great end you just keep oiling and don’t
overheat them they can last forever the most power things on the planet but
a lot of people don’t mind a diesel you’re not buying a diesel engine for
racing you’re buying a diesel engine cuz you want something that holds up over
time doesn’t break down and there’s a lot of torque for pulling stuff so kudos
to Isuzu now I’m not an Isuzu car fan they stopped selling them in United
States a long time ago they had such a bad reputation they’ve always made good
diesel engines and I think it’s a smart move doing that, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell


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  2. Hey Scotty what might you think is the problem with my 1987 chevy k5 blazer it is not idling properly. More as running rough like the engine is being revved and is shaking in the process. Please give me any suggestions as to why it has this problem thanks.

  3. At 1:47–1:50 i thought you were gonna say “ It’s gonna be a pure electric car with a rotary engine it’s gonna be a disaster!” But u didn’t 😞

  4. Good thing they were made in Japan so the powers that be in America can't just round em up and destroy them like they did the last time with the EV1.

  5. Scotty c'mon give Tesla some credit for changing the world. but they turned an entire, huge global industry UPSIDE DOWN..

  6. MRX2? This is probably the MR2 theyre talking about thats a hybrid. I hope its dual engine, the rotary for rear wheel and Ev at the front.

  7. Scotty I need your expert advice. I own a 91 Chevy c1500. I used fuel additive b12 on a 1/4 tank of gas as I was told would flush the fuel system. Well had a problem! As truck was warming up , oil just gushed out from bottom of truck. Bummed out !! Have not been able to get under hood since it was getting dark.

  8. The tesla roadster was the first car tesla made in order to test the waters and perfect their technology. Sure, their cars are not perfect and still have ways to go but it was one of the first mass produced electric cars and started the whole trend with electric cars. There were so many people signing up to buy one without even seeing it that other big brands got scared and started working on their own versions as they know this is where the market is going and sooner or later electric cars will be all over the place.

  9. Elon didn’t have access to those small markets but he did have access to wealthy people in America so he did test his product in a small market

  10. Sorry Scotty. I already have my my wife shoved you know where. Have you ever heard of too much? Sorry Scotty I was a fan but too mutch is too mutch. Hell I hear more from you than my wife. That's TRUELY FUCKED UP. So I decided I can't take anymore. Bye

  11. Mazda should make a rotory engine that runs on air pressure from carbon filled tanks mixed with a little electric hybridization doubt it would need it though

  12. Did we not come to the conclusion that Americans don't want and have no need for a small city commuter car?
    Their cities and parking lots are huge, they drive a lot on highways they need to pack themselves and all the junk they buy into the car …

  13. Always like Mazda as their engines are the basis for Focus Mk1 In fact the basic engine used in Fords today are the original Mazda design.
    Every day I fire up my reliable engine in my Focus 2002 , I thank Mazda.

  14. I remember people in the neighborhood during the 70's owning Wankel engine vehicles and having to have a rebuild after 30k miles!!

  15. Scotty, I have a 2006 Chevy Silverado 4.3L V6. My truck starts up great every time except over the past year when I went out in the morning to start the truck after it had rained, it doesn’t want to start. I know it has a fuel pump so I shouldn’t have to push the accelerator to start it but if I pump it and try, still nothing until I wait 15 minutes and it will start. WHY??

  16. Cheez, Scotty you really hate US made stuff!!! To me living in Australia were you only have majority Asian crap, US quality is awesome!!!

  17. I don't think Americans will be able to afford new cars soon anyhow 🤷🏼‍♂️ them greedy bankers want you all broke

  18. Hi. i bought a brand new highlander 2019 xle. when i charge my phone on the port in a few minutes the check engine lights on and it saying that the engine power is reduced. and i brought it to the dealership but they check it but they didnt see any prob. im just worried about it if im drivingwith my family.

  19. I'm in my bed on my phone 5 minutes till midnight I open youtube see this video tap on it "REV UP YOUR ENGINES" HAD MY VOLUME AT 100% MY GIRLFRIEND JUMPED OUT OF BED AND WENT FOR THE SHOTGUN… scotty nearly got me shot

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  21. Every manufacturer car company has had there best and worst cars thru the course of there existence it taken a century to semi perfected! Its is obvious they had perfected what works But Scotty ur forgetting That Tesla is a new born baby that is learning and doing way better at what there parent ice car company had done or attempted to do for decade's! Tesla is at ahead of the game to the rest of car companies including Toyota! Ask a 5 month baby to throw a 90mile fast ball it would ridiculous to believe it could do any coherent throw! Well tesla has thrown that 90mile fast ball and some! You just can't get over it and talk to much smack about tesla!

  22. Scotty, you need to come to Japan. You'll understand why a small electric car will work here. It's not because they're testing before bringing it to America. 60 kilometers an hour is a top speed in most of Japan and small cars are a must.

  23. they will pile up in traffic with dead batteries-because sheeple are idiots-there aint much tesla dont think about –its engineered stupidness –scotty inform us about what auto laws are not applicable when u buy that new car from a quote "seller" and not a "dealership"

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