This Is Why You Should Own a Motorcycle

This Is Why You Should Own a Motorcycle

rev up your engines, before I started my
youtube channel eleven years ago I used to do a TV gig, I did that on CBS TV for
a couple of decades and people are saying, Scotty whatever happened to those
old videos you did, well I dug around in my messy garage and found a bunch of
these old videos so here’s some old school Scotty,
I’ll tell you where all the Cowboys have gone they traded in their cowboy hats
for motorcycle helmets, you notice they’re still black, and they’ve traded
their horses in for motorcycles, but it isn’t just the Cowboys who’ve gone to
motorcycles, hey it’s the cowgirls too, over 35% of motorcycle drivers today are
women, and there’s a technological reason for some of this, in the olden days when
dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was a young man, these old motorcycles took a
lot to start, you needed big boots a strong leg to kick these starters over
and if that engine backfired like they used to every once in a while the
kick started could come up and break you’re leg, but with these modern-day
bikes hey all you need to do is push a button to start them, that’s it
now I know a lot of you are gonna say, hey it’s an expensive hobby, but it
doesn’t necessarily have to be, to start with insurance is very cheap for
motorcycle, it costs me $65 to insure both of these motorcycles
that’s not $65 a month that’s sixty-five dollars a year for both motorcycles and
if you want to really save money, don’t buy a new motorcycle buy a used
motorcycle, now when you buy a used car you often worry you’re getting somebody
else’s problems which may be true, but with motorcycles sometimes it’s the
opposite, they run so good they’ve scared the previous owners or injured them so
they sell them really cheap, this particularly motorcycle I bought for
$2,500 from a salvage lot where the original owner was in the hospital, now
if you’re in the old classic motorcycles like this Norton, hey motorcycles are
basically toys for most people, this thing is thirty years old and it’s only
got 5,600 miles on it and there’s a whole host of reasons that people are
selling good motorcycles, hey when somebody gets married and the Stork is
ready to arrive the first thing to go is usually the motorcycle, pickup a good
motorcycle from somebody who probably took loving care of it, so if you’re
wondering where all the Cowboys have gone, just listen for their lonesome song
no not that lonely song, this one, hey why have one horse when you
can have a hundred horses, this is Scotty Kilmer helping you crank
it up, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!


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  2. Back before Tesla P100DL, motorcycles were the quickest accelerating production vehicle on the road, even quicker than $1M supercars. The good old days…

  3. I'm 65 now, and my motorcycle days are behind me. Started riding at 14. Dirt, street, drag racing, yeah, it's just dumb luck that I'm still here.
    Yes, I miss those days.

  4. I have driven Motorbikes for 25 years. I love every mile. It gives me a sosial happy life. I now own among two Honda's a Zero DSR electric motorbike that i just love even after 3 years. There are so many bikes too have 😀. The car now just becomes the box to get lots of people or things driven around in 😂.

  5. Reminds me of my days at a local TV station here in Ontario Canada.. you know Rogers cable .. I used to do both videography and the talking head segments for the local once a week 'news' segments. I didn't have quite the hair flick move you got down pat though.. I was more of a behind the camera guy..never felt comfy being the 'personality'.. and danged if I didn't already have a hunch you had some previous video experience… you just seemed too cool for youtube. LOL

  6. There was a guy in London Ontario 2 years ago bragging on Youtube how he gets away with being total douchebag on his streetbike. His last video showed his cranium meeting three concrete stairs that go up to the front of a small bungalow. His youtube channel still exists, he doesn't.

  7. That Norton is a nice simple ride. .. Scotty takes advantage of others misfortunes.. "hey , he was in the hospital, i snapped it up" LOLOLOL .. 🙂 Cool story Scott.

  8. $4800 for my 150 hp fz1 (160hp now) and i cant lose a race. im 28 and insurance in a city like LA is still $35 a month tho and the lesser addressed bill of bikes… TIRE$. 500 a set, need a set every 7-9k miles

  9. That Norton was beautiful, my wife got tired of me working on my old bikes so she made me get a new one. I love my Triumph Thruxton 1200.

  10. I love that your a bike enthusiast as well…i love my bike…will never stop riding as long as i can…try to stay off the phones while driving peeps…

  11. I've got to get another bike. But you need to warn people that's it's dangerous since people don't pay attention like they used to.

  12. They are fun and cheap to to run, until you get hurt. The best riders have eventually dumped a bike. Your motorcycle policy doesn't cover your medical bills! You better have a job that has generous sick leave benefits, good health insurance, and doesn't require any physical labor.

  13. You should get a motorcycle! Mine put the previous owner in the hospital!

    Interesting way to try and convince me, and it is totally working.

  14. I've ridden Motorcycles for almost 50 years. The two main things that kill riders are riding with excessive speed, and cage drivers not seeing bikes and turning in front of them, etc. I was in several crack ups myself early in my riding career, and have lost two friends to cycle accidents. #1, is I keep the speed down to about the speed limit, it just allows me more reaction time if something happens. I ride with the headlight on at all times. Any time I see an approaching car slowing down and turning on the turn signal, or coming out of a street ahead on my left or right side, I gently weave or wobble the bike little bit, so that I am noticed, and register in that driver's brain. You cannot ride along in an oblivious euphoric state of two wheeled bliss. You have to be paranoid on everything and everyone around you at all times. Example: I had just turned onto a road at an intersection and was accellerating up to speed.

  15. Nice 'Snortin Norton'….been riding approaching 50 years and still hangin' in there………….just want to say that back in the UK motorcycles are ridiculously expensive to insure for young riders it's killed it off really. But that was over 10 years ago when I left maybe different now?

  16. Why You Should Own a Motorcycle? ….. so you can become organ donor, don't forget to mark it on your driver license.

  17. Gotta love Old School Scotty. Also I wish we had better roads and traffic like the US do, it's alot safer to ride there than here.

  18. When Dinosaurs roamed the earth and you were a young Man lol lolol Old school Scotty !!!! Always had a lot of Humor lol

  19. I had a motorcycle as a very young man and if i had ten bucks for every time a car almost ran into me I'd be a rich but almost dead guy lol

  20. Haha no one probably knows who Roy Roger's is anymore. The first motorcycle looks suspiciously similar to my 1979 Yamaha xs650.

  21. Riding a motorcycle is eye opening. You discover the joy of riding on two wheels and, unfortunately, discover just how many people are on their phones.

    Stay safe.

  22. You don't DRIVE a Motorcycle…..You RIDE a Motorcycle.
    Do you DRIVE a Horse ,or Do you RIDE a Horse.
    Living in Texas which is Cowboy Country you otter know the answer Scotty..

  23. cheaper maintain… but is a lot way more expensive to fix anything than in a car

    i had 3 bikes, harley, r6, and ninja

  24. Motorcycles a lot of fun. In urban areas I am hesitant to ride people do California stops and pull out on you. Only takes one time.

  25. Ha, too funny Scotty I bought a 750cc Katana that was 1 yr. old for $2500. Like you said, a newbie bought and dropped it. I purchased, put a few hundred bucks into the repairs and voila, I had 140mph MC, great buy, great fun.

  26. One word of caution… watch the keys! I used to run a gas station and carried my keys that way
    for convenience. They don't get along with the thin lacquer paint on the gas tank! Been there…
    done that!

  27. went to listen to where have all the cowboys gone after this video thanks scotty 🙂 oldie but goodie good videos very usefull information.

  28. My mom died on her Harley. 10 years later i got hit by a car riding my enduro. I will never drive a motorcycle on the road again its too dangerous. Offroad dirt biking is way more fun and no chance of getting hit by cars and trucks like on the road.

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