The Worst Vehicle Ever Made (Do Not Buy)

The Worst Vehicle Ever Made (Do Not Buy)

rev up your engines anybody who’s ever
own one of these Savannah vans for any like the time they know they were poorly
made yeah all kinds of problems they had brake rotors that would even
prematurely crack now they’ve been using brake rotors for a long time again with
GM they’re just making them too cheap and they’re cracking and they’re having
braking problems serious stuff and you got a cargo van loaded with cargo if you
want to do a little research yourself if you don’t believe hold Scottie here do a
research on all the recalls that the savana vans have had these cargo vans
and you’re gonna be amazed at all the recalls they have and recalls of course
are forced by the government only one not people complain they look into it
and they got a lot more problems than just these recalls but the large list of
recalls in and of themselves are telling you these are not well-made cargo vans
the power steering systems had problems with the line separating spraying fluid
all over the place which of course is a fire hazard there are problems with the
parse steering hydraulic pumps not working right the shafts having problems now let’s face it power steering has been around a really
long time the whole idea behind it is relatively simple
you got a pump that runs off the fan belt it builds up a lot of pressure up to
like 1,500 psi pressure pushes that high pressure fluid to the power steering
rack which then pushes hard when you turn one way or the other the only
reason they’re having problems is because they’re making them too cheap
we’re trying to save money using inferior products inferior manufacturing
techniques then they come and bite you in the rear end if you buy one I’ve
worked on I often turn into electrical nightmares all the stuff like the power
locks start to break because they got cheaper wiring and they’re open to
corrosion things that hey shouldn’t be happening they’ve been making vehicles
long enough that you think no the electronics we’re up the to subject to
corrosion stuff that could easily be prevented if they built them right in the
first place one of my favorite repairs that I had to often do they don’t have
the greatest working room either working on yes these things are
notorious for developing intake gasket leaks so water and oil mixes which of
course can destroy an engine now in most cases when you get oil and coolant mix
it’s the head gasket leaking which is what most mechanics are gonna look for
but in this case it’s the intake manifold gasket assembly that leaks and
again they’ve been making intake manifolds and gaskets and engines since
Model T Fords you’d think they’d be able to design one correct through the use of
all these plastic parts to make them cheaper they have more problems with
things leaking because of the difference in the thermal expansion and contraction
of plastic and metal somehow they have been able to figure out how to make
plastic engine heads because the Pistons are going up and down inside and the
valves are in the head opening and closing they out of metal they’d make them out of plastic if they could I read they’ve even tried but of course they
melt and they cracked so they’re still making the heads out of metal but if you’ve
got a plastic intake manifold bolted on top and your engineers don’t know what
they’re doing as the plastic expands that contracts differently than the
metal the gaskets go bad and that’s the problem they have with these not a cheap
fix especially if you don’t notice it and you get too much water in your oil
and it ruins the bearings in the engine then you need the whole engine rebuilt
not just an intake manifold gasket you want a solid reliable work machine you don’t want something that falls apart before its time,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
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  2. I always hated the gm work Van's… much preferred the old dodge work Van's with the 318 ci v8. Those things could move

  3. I have an 06 Chevy Express with 230,000. The power steering leaks like a colander and I am starting to have water pump leaks. Everything is over complicated to work on and you have to take the fan shroud out to reach anything. Just trying not to spend too much on it before it runs into the ground.

  4. I had a friend who had a 1996, cooling system problem blew up the engine, but the worst was a electrical problem that was intermittent, the fuel pump would die for no reason, replace the fuel pump five times, it would work alright for about two weeks, then die. Then thought it was a ground problem. Connected ground wire to the chassis directly. Got a month of trouble free use. Finally I looked at the main connector everything looked okay, but decided to redue the connector. Everything was fine after that. Ran great for a few years until a friend of his borrowed it and totaled it.

  5. Yup, they use cheaper parts and raise the price of the vehicle, because $7-12k profit per vehicle just ain't enough for some people.  Car manufacturers are no long selling cars-they're selling payments.

  6. He talks with his hands like an Italian. I bet his real name is "Scottino Chilemarese". Very entertaining stuff! I really like these vids. 🙂

  7. Holy crap i would of thought gm would of fixed that intake gasket issue after all these years the 3.1 and 3.4L were bad for the intake gaskets because they were made out plastic

  8. That was a buzz kill video I have a 2014 GMC Savana 2500 extended cargo van only one recall for a window switch. No other issues just general maintenance. But I am ready I have been using Gm Cargo Vans for 31 years. I search the salvage yards once a month looking for what parts I know I will need to keep the cost down. One thing about Gm they will keep your car fixing skills up to date.

  9. The worst vehicle ever made was the Pontiac Aztek ! those cars went right to the crusher and fast since they had serious suspension problems, axle problems, electrical problems, engine problems, brake problems, hubs bearings wouldn't last long, the list goes on their was an article 5 years ago that the Pontiac Aztek was the very worst vehicle ever made in history !

  10. The late 70's Pinto and Chevette were true boat anchors.
    The only good vehicles coming out of Detroit today are: The Mustang, Corvette and Ford F-Series trucks, every other vehicle is little more than a rolling dumpster until you finally bring it to the crusher in disgust and half broke.

  11. This guy only talks good about his own vehicles lol… No matter how well something is made his Toyota Celica is the worlds best car.

  12. The only good thing saving these Vans are the GMC aftermarket because they use the same engine in almost every single vehicle and there is performance parts for it and that the stupid engineers did not put on from the factory

  13. Hi Scotty! I know you're not a big fan of jaguar but may you please do a review of the Jaguar F pace SVR? Thanks in advance brother! I enjoy your channel daily 😊👍

  14. I work for a company that has f350s, f450s , f550s. He also has 12v cummins trucks and 2 savanna cargo van. One van is a 2500 with the 4.3 with 275k miles and the other is a 3500 with the 5.7 with 382k miles. Those Van's I never have to work on, other then norman maintenance. Them Van's are the best vehicle he has. Both with factory drive train. He even pulls directional drills and small excavators with them. Them savannas are really good vehicles.

  15. What Scotty is talking about with plastics. Look at transmissions, auto transmissions should last the life of the car in my opinion. My ‘87 300zx went nearly a quarter million miles on the 4 sp auto. Gave the car to charity, trans was perfect. So why can’t they make transmissions today to last, as they did over 30 yrs ago?

  16. Looks like a lot of problems I use to have with my GMC Jimmy. My friends nicknamed it the deathtrap. Just avoid anything made by General Motors, it's generally a bad idea.

  17. I had a few friends at the old GM truck factory. The stories they told me are just appalling. I would never buy one of those things.

  18. Scotty and community. I have the exact problem on my 2010 w the power steering leaking like crazy. I thought it was the hydroboost. How can I fix that without getting
    a whole new van?

  19. Driving a 2011 savanna now only problem been fixed was plugged axle breather made the axle seal leak it's got 332,866 miles still running strong

  20. Scotty should go to Japan and marry Toyota 😁. I have had 2 GM conversion vans and never was stranded, most vehicles will last a long time if maintained.( As long as they are not a FORD.)

  21. I looked for the recalls. The issues Scotty talked about were issues back in years before 2003. There are minimal recalls in the last few years. So I question this being the worst vehicle ever.

  22. Hey, I drove no less than 6 different Chevy Express 3500 Cargo Vans (3 new, 3 used all made it past 80,000 miles with very little trouble) over the course of 12 years, working as a forklift field mechanic.

    The only real trouble I ever had was a starter that gave out, absolutely no warning at all.

    Otherwise, trouble free.

  23. 2001-2002 GM 3.4 v6 head gaskets were utter garbage. They used the cheapest materials and the gasket material failed. This isn't a new problem. The bean counters at GM turned the Corvair into a death trap because it was deemed too expensive to include a rear anti-sway bar.

  24. Scotty, time to antifoul the underside of your boat…….. remember …maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

    For anybody who doesn't comprehend …. see 2:22 …… or thereabouts.

  25. Hey Scotty which one is better, buying a decent car at a dealership from a stranger or doing business with a car brand that have honest people who care for their customers?

  26. Scotty what do you think of the Ford Fiesta/focus and Fords idea of making a Ford active? I personally didn't like the focus or the fiesta

  27. STFU Scotty, these things are still riding around with 300k miles on the dash.. these things get ride hard and put away wet, they are whipping boys. What mileage are these rolling accross your shop floor at?

  28. And yet these Chevy/GMC vans seem to last forever! Plus gaskets wear out when people neglect to keep clean engine coolant! And power steering leaks happen when people don't keep clean power steering fluid!

  29. Hey Scotty! Keep up the Great Job! GM Sucks Now, Right! I am wondering what was & is Now Your Thoughts about the Great Movie Roger & ME? Time has shown this movie to be rather Prophetic! GM turned their back on American Workers! Legendary company can’t compete anymore! CJ

  30. Scotty, what's up with Toyota's power door locks that just stop working on my Daughter's 2010 Camrey..then on her 2014 Venza? Toyota wants around 1,500 dollars to repair EACH vehicle, she just swore off of Toyota's! It Irked me and my wife so bad that we're seriously thinking of trading our 2018 Camry for another brand. What gives?

  31. I looked up the most miles cars on autotrader by brand once and the winner was a chevy cargo van and it had like 753,000, but who knows how many engines and transmissions it's been through.

  32. Our company used to use the Savannah cargo band to transport parts. They really were terrible. We replaced them with Ford E-150s and they lasted forever. Now, we are starting to replace the aging E-150s with new Ford Transits and Ford Stripped Chassis utilities are coming in. It is too early to say if they are going to be a good work vehicle or not. I will miss the E-150. They are ugly, drive like a log wagon, noisy, drafty, but ran forever.

  33. As a mechanic of 45yrs myself,I/we have seen many changes in car manufcture,quality and performance. My last job was in a merc garage,hence I do not ever want one..I love how you call the story,if its crap,tell people before they waste their money ! Love your vids. Keep them going.

  34. Scotty….I love my 2010 Saab 9.3 convertable. Totes reliable…just kills battery if left for a week,but can get round that.

  35. Tell us what you think about the ground clearance of modern cars, especially sedans. They're built so low to the ground that it looks like they can barely clear a speed bump. I hate that. I remember when the Prius came out and I was like gawwwwd that thing is low. Seems like most cars today, you'll be scraping the ground everytime you pull in and out of places, especially gas stations. Even pickup trucks have these front-ends that hang down real low which ruins the ground clearance. That ruins one of the benefits of paying the high cost of a pickup. Did older cars have better ground clearance?

  36. My 98’ gmc savana is 65k miles short of 500k miles, other than having rebuilt transmission once and replacing common parts no big issues, with proper maintenance they can last a long time.

  37. Thanks for info, next time Ill buy a corolla cut it in half and weld it together with the rear side of a cargo van (not savana of course).

  38. Any thoughts on what the best cargo van is to buy? A lot of people are interested in building camper van conversions…Any comments on the Ford Transit? It has great roof height and is coming out with an AWD this 2020.

  39. I agree with you 99% of the time, but my 1990 Astro has 346,000 miles showing on the clock. (I can't prove the history)

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