The Truth About Vehicle Stats – GTA Fact-Finding #4

The Truth About Vehicle Stats – GTA Fact-Finding #4


  1. So is there any way of finding out which stats are effected by which upgrades?

    For example, does lowering the suspension effect anything? Skirts and bumpers?

    I ask because while doing a heist setup with a level 100+ guy, We were both driving our armoured Karumas down the highway and he remarked to his friend that I was keeping up with him and that he had fully upgraded his and therefore I must have had too. I'm level 44 and have unlocked all the race win dependant upgrades and all the rest up to level 44… but the thing is I didn't just keep up with him I reeled him in, overtook, and then gradually pulled away. He said to his friend that he couldn't understand it.

    At the time I assumed that it was because he had offroad wheels and I had high-end carbon wheels, and that must have made my car lighter than his – but in another of your videos you say there is no difference except for how they handle over kerbs.

    So I'm guessing, A – he hadn't actually upgraded everything, or B – he had and in doing so had increased downforce at the expense of top speed, or something similar… or C – do additional passengers increase the vehicle's weight (he was driving with his buddy)?


    do you think things that say they improve car performance (grills, roof etc) actually improve performance?

  3. hey broughy, you stated that the jester accelerates faster than the massacro, which is obviously true. You said this is because of their mass. When you look at the 'handling.meta' website it says this: "This is the weight of the vehicle in kilograms. Only used when the vehicle collides with another vehicle or non-static object."
    So that would mean that the mass does not affect the acceleration, or performance of a car at all, apart from when you hit other objects. I mean, its not very realistic, but that's what it says. So if this is true, I wouldn't know which stat DOES affect the acceleration, do you have an idea? Could it be the clutch value? or drivetrain?

  4. If you drive in first person view none of the cars reach the maximum speed shown on the tachometer. The Adder (Bugatti) is able to reach 400 km/h but the needle almost can't make it past the half of the tachometer. It is pretty annoying knowing you have a car that is capable of outracing every other car but if you sit inside and you watch the needle…that hurts.

  5. Cars in non-racing simulator games are slower than what they'd be in reality, simply because the average GTA player is a 12 years old with a chrome Adder that spams bombs everywhere. And that means really, really awful reaction times.
    So they just slow down cars to make it easier for unexperienced players.

    Sad, but true.

  6. If u watch t123 vid on the top speed of jest rc vs mass rc the jester wins. For all we know you could have a better engine on urs.

  7. All wheel drive cars have bad top speeds but they backup faster on the start and as for rear wheel drive cars they probably have slower backups but having higher top speeds.

  8. Great video. If the 'driving force' is a representation of bhp then mass can only have an effect in game if the 'driving force' value is for a given mass, say per 1000 kg for example, otherwise the Z type would be much faster than the Adder due to it being only 56% of the weight of the Adder and having 94% of its 'drivng force' and having much lower drag. Just a thought.

  9. Most likely the top speed is just the theoretical top speed based solely on the gear ratios.
    Of course, in "real life" (or in-game) the car can only reach the speed that its drag coefficient and engine-power allows.
    Now, it's cool that they have that much depth to the cars, but it's also very sloppy that they just put in the "max speed" on the info of the in-game webpages.

    (that said, I think the elite page is a lie on purpose as a jab to the often overblown performance sheets of many supercars)

  10. Acceleration is also contigent upon top speed. Of course a fully upgraded car will have more speed, which will affect the acceleration as well.

  11. Your videos are amazing man. You really put out the effort on these things. Very much appreciated. You wouldn't happen to share this spreadsheet at all would you? Definitely useful information to have.

  12. Are you sure the other upgrade didn't increase the top speed.  You should only drive them a couple hundred feet to test.

  13. Awesome videos! really appreciate the effort. Its also good to see a youtuber that doesnt spend the first and last 2 minutes begging for likes for substandard videos of shit everyone already knows. Your vids are very informative 🙂

  14. That's some nice theory-crafting you made! Those spreadsheets man 😀 really means a lot, keep up the good work.

  15. thing i have learned about playing gta 5 online is dont trust stats or what people say. got to drive the car for your self and find out if its best for you. do like 4 laps around cutting corners on each car and what ever has the fastest lap is probably the best car for you

  16. Nice video series. Liked and Subed.

    These values, are they easy to reach in game files and able to be changed, like they were in GTA 3?
    I remember that the best car in GTA 3, after changing the file was the Taxi. Greatest handling.

    *Didnt play Gta 4, VC and SA.

  17. Man this is amazing, all the information you looked for to make this video its just incredible and very useful for us to understand how the cars actually work on the game you have just got another sub 😉

  18. Ok thanks for clearing that up but one more question, can you change the base colors of the two race cars?

  19. Wow, it's amazing the attention to detail put in the performance of the cars in GTAV, it's not a racing only game and the stats are huge, I had no idea.

  20. Are you saying that since the stats on the zentrino and the adder are false then the zentrino is faster than the adder at top speed

  21. Hey Broughy! I mod my game quite a lot, and being a car enthusiast, I tinker with car stats quite a bit. Here's what some of the stats actually represent (even though you probably know some already)

    Mass: Used only in circumstances of collision. Ignored for other purposes
    DragMult: Applies a multiplier to the drag effect
    Percent Submerged: Sets the drag coefficient on the rage physics archetype of the vehicle (proportional to velocity squared). Used to simulate aerodynamic drag
    Centre Of Mass: X is left-right, Y is up-down, Z is forward-back
    Inertia Multiplier: Used for collision speed loss
    Drive Force: Known power output in kW of the engine at peak of torque curve during maximum stress
    Drive Inertia: Retarder on the engine acceleration. A lower DI implies that the engine torque curve picks up higher along the RPM count.
    Max Velocity: Effectively alters the gear ratios used to set peak speed
    Traction Curve (Lat): The shape of the traction curve in degrees–falls in a logarithmic fashion from each side of the curve.
    Traction Bias: Adjusts the aerodynamics to position the downforce in such a way to manipulate the under/oversteer produced in the car. This value is often very close to 0.50.
    Suspension Force: The strength at which the suspension is tied together via (1 / (Force * NumWheels)) = Lower limit for zero force at full extension
    Anti-Roll bar Force: Adds additional spring rebound for the opposing side of the vehicle. Does NOT add an actual ARB.

    Hope that's useful to some degree. 😛

  22. Hi Broughy, and first of all a big bravo for your channel, it's really amazing to see all of the work you've done so far! I hope you'll keep going on like this with GTA.

    I was wondering, will the spreadsheet mentionned above be updated with the cars from IGG 2?

    You made me interested in improving my racing skills, and I've started to do time attack on the races ingame. Though it's quite hard to tell if I'm good or not without a good reference to compare to (most of the 10 first times are obiouvsly cheated…).
    By any chance, are there some NODO members who are doing time attack in non contact and would play on PC, to who I could compare myself? (2 names would be nice, let's say a top racer and one that would be a little bit under).

    Excuse my english, I'm from the other side of the Channel. Thanks for your videos, and keep up the good work!

  23. I am truly amazed by all the detail you have put into that spreadsheet! but i just have to ask you this: How did you exactly get all that data?

  24. Why doesnt this guy have more subscribers ?! The effort he has put into these videos, spreadsheets etc. is insane !

  25. @Broughy1322 what about creating a percentage or score out of one for each statistic (negatively if a lower value is better) then using this to see what the best car is statistically? It will give you a better idea stats-wise (yes yes experience > stats 😉 ) I'd be willing to do it if you don't want to abd could email the results?

  26. Thank you for all your super informative videos! I really love learning this stuff with you because I like the way you present your facts and such. And thank you for testing all these cars for us so we dont need to. I knew these stats that the game shows you couldnt be true but you showed me how it really is and how to understand this stuff. So as a GTA enthusiast im really glad there are peolpe like you who go in such detail. THANK YOU!

  27. Thanks for putting light on gta 5 car statuses. You also answered the question I'd always wondered about: do I need to upgrade the transmision if I made a turbo tuning? ANSWER: YES!

  28. so basically driving force means everything and fuck every other stat. Jester higher top end, lighter, awd & still lighter btw, more aero dynamic. slower than mascarro so drive force. also u were talking about high drive force numbers on diff. types of cars that go diff. speeds. what of drive force is multiplicative to the engine they give the car in game. for instance a v12 would be (drive force x 12)= drive force for the adder and v8 (drive force x 8) = drive force for mascarro. it would make more sense, but it's prob. way way more complicated than that XD with the whole spread sheet being a giant cluster fuck of adding, minusing, multiplying, & dividing.

  29. the reason the massacro was faster is because it must have a higher acceleration, meaning it can reach its top speed faster, the Jester will need more time to reach the top speed, but eventually it should catch up

  30. I know its probably a lot to ask but is there a way for you to make the top 3 for overall performance for racing of each type of car?

  31. People, please spread the word about this guy. He should have over 1million subs, at least. Stop subbing to people that do absolutely nothing to BETTER overall gameplay!!

  32. The bull shit is that the super cars can only reach 145 something. If I dump 725,000 on a zentorno that is based off the Lamborghini lundador. It should go faster

  33. Hahahahah the bars are only a indication. The are not gonna make a haf screen of bars. They could better use numbers.

  34. That wasn't the top speed of when you done true top speed of sport cars video so it isn't true or is the video not true I don't know I'm confused so pls reply

  35. Great research man, I've been going through your videos, and I'm amazed at the amount of work you put into this, it's just amazing…well done, man.


    It's just amazing and I want a poster of that spreadsheet on my wall!!

  37. I just want them to fix the "Slidey Cars" cheat in single-player. It used to be a fun way to get crazy top-speeds without any mods. It has not been the same since last December for me.

  38. How to make your car faster!
    1. Add a fart can exhaust (+100hp)
    2. Add curb feelers (+20hp)
    3. Add stickers. (1 sticker = 10hp)
    4. Add cool rims (+10-100hp)
    5. Add a spoiler (+50-150hp)

  39. Best racing advice for Gta right here, recommended to all my friends who play this game, always proves everything as well

  40. Holy cow, mate. You've got this game down to a science and you obviously put a lot of work into your content. Subbed and can't wait for more.

  41. please someone give this man an oscar… what? well… no that but definitely someone give this man a prize!!! Great videos man!

  42. Broughy you are the BEST youtuber. At first I thought Gun1t was better but I guts I was wrong. You Are the best

  43. Great explanation. You deserve more views and subs, no other YouTuber does these kinds of videos for GTA and prove what they talk about.

  44. Hey broughy, thank you for this video, a great video, precise, full of explanation but can you explain with this spreedsheet how a car will go around a corner ? please, I would so much understand why I feel like the zentrono has a better angle of cornering than the Osiris, and better brakes, but less control over bumps for example, it would be so useful for me, and as well, for a lot of your followers (sorry if there's things you don't understand, i'm french, but, i could try to explain myself more if you want, i'll try to answer asap since you've got so much stuff)

  45. Ok, so using the coding times and variables. Can you determine which car is fastest overall or the top 5? In your opinion what would be the top 5 cars that you would pick as best speed acceleration and handling? From the research I've done its the turismo r, entity, re7b, X80 and tyrus

  46. Insane drag + reduced power + shitload of variables

    Like if you agree and im not the crazy dragon

  47. I just wonder how much of this is still true. Never really worried much into this stuff for a long while, but today found myself curious after a turn bug and was led here.

  48. WOW! Anyone else miss the old website setup where you could pick other cars without spending 30 seconds scrolling after picking another car?

  49. All this could be an easy fix , add a real speedometer like other games . Speedometers arnt a hard thing to program in considering measuring speed isnt a hard .
    Its funny how this is still a problem .

  50. The detail you go into is mind blowing. It must take so much of your time. Gta5 would not be complete without you. Thanks so much for your hard work.

  51. Reminds me of real life cars. This and that stat and crackhead price. Problem is that not everyone can go to a racetrack to test their horsepower. Sooooooo I’m real life an inexpensive car, is ok. In my opinion.

  52. I can't stand how GTA has real life type speeds on websites. Then in the game speeds, most cars struggle to hit 120.

    They should lower the 170 180 numbers from the websites to make them real for in game. Or raise the actual in game speeds to display real numbers. Plus of a car is doing 180 on the speedometer and it takes the same amount of time to travel the map. Rockstar can say the map is actually bigger. Lol

    And it's ridiculous that a bunch of cars under $50,000 can hit 118 or 122 miles an hour. While most $2 million dollar cars barely break 125 mph. Lol. There should be a much bigger MPH discrepancy between a Tezeract for example versus a civic type or a mustang type.

    It should be something like….

    1) Non Box Truck & tank, Slower car types should go around 91-102?
    2) Normal cars should hit 100-110?
    3) Sporty cars maybe 108-119?
    4)Super cars hit 117-129 area?

    Or atleast something in those general brackets that would make sense.
    It's annoying being in a 2 million dollar car. Getting passed in a civic. Or atleast make the speeds realistic or proportional to what the car is meant to be. A 60's era low rider. Would not be passing a modern luxury sports car on the highway.

    There should be an actual difference so you are getting something for your millions of dollars spent. Something that you can actually notice a difference for. Or even when a know nothing shopper looks at the website and sees a 2 million dollar jet powered space ship looking car and they buy it thinking it's fast. They are going to get what they assumed they are spending their money on. A fast,jet powered, spaceship looking car. Certainly something certainly faster than the guy that just bought a coquette on San Andreas Auto.

    I'm actually at the seemingly rare belief. That a person should have to play/buy shark cards. Lol. To progress in the game. Or to have better things. You could even tie the cars overall speeds to a players level. Have a window of speeds a type of car can go. With or without certain upgrades. While Every 5 or 20 or 50 or however many levels they rise with their character. It adds another Mile per hour or whatever amount to the top speed of the car they are driving or own. Something along those lines? C'mon Rockstar. Think outside the box and be a little bit creative. Stop trying to make a game that either only
    A) Promotes the purchase of shark cards. or
    B). Makes sure nobody is ever unhappy or without. The player that signs in and hots pedestrians the whole time. Should have access to or their character should be worse at using the things they have. Than a play that signs on and grinds mission after mission and delivery after delivery to save up for a super car, or does everything right and religiously works at progressing in the game and their character.

    If a player is a level 7 and only has a Camry. Lock them out of super car races or let them rent a super car for the race. Hell, let them rent a super car as a test drive. For 5 minutes at a time or something in free roam normally.

    Don't just bog the supercars down to only being a Max of 4 miles an hour faster than a Camry to give everyone a chance and not be unfair. Someone should have to play the game to get stuff and work towards it. You should be rewarding the people who have played religiously with better cooler things. Not holding those players back with watered down stuff. To make sure first time playing Billy doesn't feel to bad that his stuff stinks. He could of been playing for the last 5 years to get better stuff. Just like the rich player has.

    Cuz with real guy in there real street that has the Lamborghinis. Does have an advantage in driving to a guy that only works 20 hours a week and owns a Corolla.

    We deal with people having better things in real life. We can deal with people having better things in GTA. Oh wow in pursuit of making things Fair. Rockstar adds the orbital Cannon and the oppressor mark 2 to the game. Forgetting they want things Fair. And adding sexy eye candy to draw in more players. You know what will draw and more players Rockstar? having cool things that people will want to save up and buy. Because they are better than what they have now. Or making a good game that gives you the feelings of achievement and fun. Not by being annoyed because some moron in a flying bike shot down with missiles. The only chance you have at making money as a glorified pizza delivery boy, delivering your illegal shipments. Because everybody knows the illegal kingpin. who owns underground facilities and bunkers City skyscrapers and has slave workers in bikinis. Would also be the guy to carry and deliver his own illegal drug shipments. I guess in that aspect you forget you want things to be real.

    come on Rockstar start getting creative and quit being lazy. Get back to what got you to where you are today. stop making stupid simplistic delivery missions just because you want to have direct control over the money people earn. since if they were able to actually earn real money Rockstar wasn't in control of. By using aquired skill or strategy in the game. They wouldn't need to buy Shark cards to buy that 2 million dollar car thats 2 MPH faster than the Ford Taurus.

    You ever wonder why everything in the game for earning money is either one person wins The prize or else the prize is time related? Such as acquiring product?

    Because you can't have skill for your facility to earn product. It's purely a waiting game that can't be hacked. Rockstar is in control. I'll guess what's Rockstar if this were a real criminal Enterprise. our characters would be thinking of ways to streamline their process and acquire more products at a faster rate. They may even attack their neighbors or fellow players to overtake their methods of securing product as well.

    Start no. Not with officer Rockstar on the case. Criminals would be happy with how much they have and will stick with it. They certainly wouldnt do anything unfair to secure more.

    Ughhh Are you frustrating Rockstar. With your lack of creativity and need to control everything into a box.

    What criminals. Lol

    As well as the faster cars in a class. Can possibly beat some of the slower cars, in the class above.

    There's no reason a Tezeract for whatever million dollars it cost. Should be 2 miles per hour faster than the free Elegy. (Fake GTR car).

    It's just dumb. People should get something for what they spend other than looks. And others should have incentive to upgrade their things and play the game.

  53. Your best bet is to upgrade a vehicle with the HIGHEST top speed not acceleration, because you can always raise the acceleration with modifications but you cant raise the top speed

  54. Id like to meet the stupid cuntswab who designed that specific stat setup in the game. Not just the fact that you can go off the visible chart, but that fact that the only 2 fucking stats you can affect are acceleration and braking. Also the retarded fact that none of the vehicles every show maxed out on top speed.

    Rockstar is so full of stupid careless cuntfucks.

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