1. CLARIFICATION: A few bikes should have been added in the previous video, thanks to you, which is the reason why I took down the original one. Also, a factual mistake or two were present and are now fixed in this version. I am very sorry about it, I hope it is even better now. My favourite is the Horex, how about you!

  2. I have owned 3 of these, the Kawasaki Z1300, Honda CBX and the Benelli 750 . All of them were good but my favourite was the CBX. It just felt right.

  3. I've had 2 CBX's and loved them all I have one now that I will make into a vintage Race bike sounds great but handles like a Three legged Cow with a hinge in the middle !

  4. Can l ask why you have put these bikes in this order please? There were 6 cylinder buikes befote the cbx 1000. Benelli for example.

  5. Thumbnail 6…title 12…legend say 1200b.c BEFORE COCK there is alien build a half stroke engine

  6. You also forgot Hondas 125 CC six cylinder race bike. It had a 25,000 redline and would run all day at 20,000 rpm. It was the predecessor of all the six cylinder Honda bikes.

  7. I'm much more of a car guy, but that 1600GT sounds absolutely amazing. If I can, I'll try to buy one in the future.

  8. What about the Suzuki Cavalcade?  1400 cc V6.  Suzuki's answer to the Gold Wing, it was a full dress interstate cruiser and it ate Hondas.

  9. I currently have a 97 Valkyrie which I've had for about 15 years. I've had a myriad of motorcycles over the years including a CBR1000RR, XS1100, Gold Wing, FJ1200. For me the Valkyrie is the best of both worlds. It has plenty of power plus it is very comfortable to do miles. I am 69 years old and this bike will be the last and best one that I've owned.

  10. Looks like at the end the Valkyrie had more power than he could handle and the video stopped just before he dropped it.

  11. I rode a Z1300 back in the early 80's, it didn't compare favorably to my Z1000J I had at the time, much heavier feel and "floaty" suspension in comparison with no noticeable performance advantage. I wouldn't mind one now though, the curiosity factor now overcomes any of the shortcomings that there seemed to be back in the day.

  12. Pip Higham in the UK,built a six cylinder Suzuki gsx1100ez,taken out to 1400cc. And Alan Milyard built a 2300cc V12 Z1300.


  13. There was a 400 SEI, good luck finding one.
    I had an workmate at one time that had history with Mr Laverda. He was the owner of Motodd in London and had some history with Jotas and the Saxon Endurance bikes.
    He got to ride the V6 bike from the personal collection, it was after dinner, I believe that wine had been consumed.
    Was a long time ago, but nice to know that it was a runner.

  14. I have a 1979 CBX. Also a 1983 1100F. While the engines were great the wieght, forks and brakes were …. well, not so great. Still love the old bikes though.

  15. You provide great info without a bunch of unnecessary crap. I want a CB1 just for the sound. I did NOT know about the CBX 1400! How is that possible? I know everything.. well, I guess not

  16. Idiots constantly revving engines for no reason should get their right hand chopped off. Revving it for purposes of listening to the sound means you have a super tiny brain and a really tin y dick.

  17. Бразильский акцент, каверкает извращает английский язык.

  18. I know a classic car dealer who owns a Honda cbx and has kept it in a shipping container for nearly 20 years, I’ve been trying to buy it for at least 10 years 😂

  19. Do you know what Main Cycle Manufacture had a V-8 in 1957???? Moto Guzzi.. But they couldn't keep tires on it, kept burning them up…..

  20. My friends neighbor had a Benelli 750 like this back in the day. We thought it was cool as hell and had no idea why!! Some of these I’ve never heard of (Horex), but, any RC has to be the best sound!!

  21. These bikes are too overpowered for a comfortable ride for only but the most experienced riders….
    4 cylinders is more than adequate. I always felt 300cc-650cc is the ideal range for most riders

  22. Although Allen Millyard's 347cc six cylinder Honda replica is a one-off, it might also be included, as it is a bit of craftsmanship genius.

  23. Toute sont de très belles moto ce que j’aime le plus c’est merveilleuse mécanique un enchantement pour les oreilles de véritable horloges merci à tous c’est ingénieurs de génie 👏👏👏👍👍💖🏍🏍🎼🎼🎼

  24. Just what were they thinking with that digital display. The Horex is a stunning bike….but the digital thing just ruins it.

  25. Good thing, the subtitles. I had miheard "Czech" as "chick" and wondered what the point of a "chick-made bike" was.

    Tip for VR: "Czech" is pronounced with the E as in "bear", not the E in "beer".

    Besides, you speak fairly good and comprehensible English but you need to work a little bit more on pronounciation.
    Nothing wrong with a foreign accent, I have one myself, but it's always a good idea to try and make it at least less thick.

  26. Also, my faves are the Benelli and the Honda 1050 mk1 (without fairing). The Benelli was the first 6-cyl road bike, also the first air-cooled straight six (Honda copied Benelli, not the other way around), built in my home country of Italy by the same company that makes the other kind of Benellis… but I have to admit that Honda improved on the design, and sold a lot more straight-six bikes than Benelli could ever dream of.
    Therefore, they come in tied in first place.

  27. About that KZ1300. I had the '80 model. It got fuel mileage in the high 30s and even 40. And they sat high and were top heavy, but smoooooth!

  28. This guy has stolen video from me and credited the wrong people for it. And will not fix it or respond. VISIO IS A CROOK.

  29. I've been on motorcycles from 1 to 6 cylinders (goldwing) and only motorcycle I would honestly buy today would be a straight six engine motorcycle! As things are BMW K1600 is THE ONE!

  30. My favorite is the Laveda V6. Love the layout. Years ago, the President of the company sent me several photos of the bike when it was first introduced. I wish they would have made a street version.

  31. i had a 1979 cbx about 20 years ago,road rocket from hell,only 4 stroke i have ever seen with a 2 stroke power band,from 7000 rpm that engine just came unglued.had a 6 into 1 DG racinng header and sounded like a Ferrari at high rpm.kinda fits since they designed the engine for honda.

  32. Hey visio racer, what gives with the Benelli 6? That is my 1969 Honda CB750 single overhead cam motor, but stretched. I mean look at it, it's a a Honda CB750 4, stretched.

  33. @visioracer ill just say to you this. 1:35 you should have put entire video as this is the best of all sounds, which your video is now missing.

  34. I would be too scared to ride a cbx they don’t stop, my dad had one when he was young and recently bought another now he can afford, lovely sound and to look at, not so much to ride.

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