The Long Road To Pride

The Long Road To Pride

When I grew up, I didn’t know I was gay because there was no word – I’d never
heard of the word. I felt different when I was young. I always felt ‘girly’. I started to dress, a lot of times,
indoors. I thought I was the only one. Like, why did I have a kind of a
weakness? I was in hospital. I just said to the
doctor, “I couldn’t live without affection”, and he said to me,
“What right have you to affection?” It was a hard time. It was tough. My confirmation, you had to wear a dress. I hated it. I knew then, definitely, “there is something wrong with you,
Olive; something mental – mental or physically wrong with you.” I was 12 years of age. Dancing in the street is for the young
and beautiful, and it should be left to the young
and beautiful. I’m here today to invite someone very
special with me to Pride. They’re the ones that fought for our
right to be who we are. I’ve never been to Dublin Pride. Never, not once. Hello! Hello, how are you? – How are you? I’m here today to ask you if you will
come to Dublin Pride with me? On a big Pride bus, yeah. – Oh! On the bus, yeah. I’m thinking about it. I don’t know. – You don’t know? – No. Are you sure you want
me to go up there, like? – Of course! – Don’t you know what I’m like? Yes, okay. [laughter] Thank you for asking me! There we go… Feather boa… [laughter] Oh, perfect… Oh my goodness! You look brilliant! [Bus horn beeps] Oh wow! Oh, my giddy aunt! [Driver] Happy Pride! You shouldn’t look on life as a journey. You should look on it as a dance. I was just thinking about that this
morning and I thought, it has to be a journey until you actually shed the loads that you’re carrying, and then you can dance! There is a lot of light. Thank God for that! I’m proud of who I am. I never expected anything like this
in my life. 30 years ago, I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t. I’m just out now, and I’m proud.


  1. This is the most beautiful thing I've watched. I'm a river of tears right now.


  2. I'm awash in tears … sad at the lives they were forced into, and joy that they lived long enough to reach a time when they could be who they are.

  3. im in tears right now… ive been told that being gay will only bring me pain but youre all so happy… hopefully if i reach that age i can be happy with myself

  4. this is literally the best and most underrated thing ever i love it 💫🏳️‍🌈

  5. nobody deserves to feel alone, or like they’re some kind of freak because of something as trivial as sexual orientation or gender. the looks on their faces as they realize how much the world has changed for the better made my heart soar 🙂

  6. 1995 was when we legalised lgbt+ and was quite taboo till then
    20 years later we became the first country to legalise gay marriage by popular vote and a vast majority of people support and believe in equality for all

    This restores my faith in humanity that in a few short years we are where we are and hopefully it becomes 100% accepted

    -Your favourite Ally x🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  7. This is so beautiful and it makes me so happy to see this. I'm in tears just watching this. I'm so glad they got to have this experience in their lives and just be proud of who they are. It was so lovely.

  8. I would cry while filming this, seriously! Though still a long way to go, I'm proud of what we have accomplished!

  9. INDOCTRINATION OF PEOPLE INTO LGBTQ – You people better be prepared when God comes back! You are all going to hell with Satan. You people will be answering to God for your perversion.

  10. You are corrupting the young children – and in there schools too – shame on the lot of you for allowing this……

  11. Fair enough, tell the world you are homosexual but there's no need to celebrate it, you don't see heterosexual rallies, and another thing if they are so proud why not call it homosexual pride instead of gay ?

  12. Second time watching it and still crying. Was great to see Christine Beynon in it. I tell you I don't know who that doctor was that man mentioned but I hope he has a better attitude now.

  13. I know notice how it's mostly women saying "oh how beautiful I'm crying"goes to show there to emotional, weak and unrealistic.

  14. Im all for equal rights for gay people etc but Its taking out you cant watch YouTube tv anything without It being shoved down your throat

  15. Dublin bus, stick to transport and stop spreading degeneracy in our country.. I'm actually sick of this shit being constantly pushed on people and our kids.. be gay, think your the opposite sex but keep it to yourself, no one gives a shit…

  16. It started as an enoying ad at the beginning of a video I was trying to watch… Ended up by beying one of the best video I've seen ever.

  17. Horrible propaganda. Stop enforcing the concept that people should be proud of who they have sex with, its a sick way to view people.

  18. Stop promoting homosexuality and especially transgenderism as a Norm within the Irish culture, the flag that you fly is not your it's God's.. it was a promise to us that he would never flood the Earth again like the days of Noah but he warns us that there will be a time that will come that will be just as in the days of Noah (Sodom and Gomorrah) and he won't flood it this time but it will be burnt with brimstone.

    Jesus is the only way the only truth and the only Life seek him ask him for forgiveness being a sodomite is a sin, it's rejecting and rebelling against God how he made you, he love you more then you can imagine.
    Life is temporary but eternity in the lake of fire because you love the world and the lusts of the flesh more but is it worth it!!
    None of us are promised tomorrow get right with Jesus he died for you he is God manifest in the flesh and took on all the sins of the world because he want to spend eternity with you in heaven ask him into your life today.
    I was once lost but now I am found I used to live this life style and Jesus knock on my door in 2016 he changed my heart changed my mind changed my life he is loving, caring and wants you to know this..
    No matter what you or I have done in life salvation is a free gift it's the greatest gift you will ever receive and it'll change your life.
    In Jesus name I pray 🌱🌾💕 he will guide you and protect you.
    There is power in the name of Jesus Christ

  19. What is there to be proud about? Men wearing dresses? Men preferring anoter man's anus to a vagina? These people are mentally ill, and they parade half-naked like whores through the streets. People who are secure in what they are don't need this constant assuring, nor do they need to act out in the streets. Disgusting stuff. And they appropriated the rainbow for their sick pursuits. PRIDE? Pride in what? Please answer the question, instead of responding like sick people, with insults and threats.

  20. this video just popped up as an ad, I was so close to skipping it, I'm SO GLAD I didn't because now I'm in tears of joy, this is wonderful thank you for making this.

  21. Being gay isn't just for young people when I mean young people I mean age 20-39 old people can be gay and do what they want and they want to be accepted to. I love you guys

  22. Hi, I'm Flore and I work for the Belgian newspaper De Standaard. What a wonderful video! Would it be ok if we use this video with credit to 'Dublin Bus'? Thanks!

  23. 🏳️‍🌈 The connection to complete strangers held together through similar feelings of isolation brings me to tears every time. So many of us have felt alone, broken, cast away— only to discover that we have an entire family that stretches around the world. Happy Pride, family.

  24. Year ago the leader of a country would come in on horseback now the sickos are cumming in bareback broke back mountain style

  25. why was it a long road because it had to be brainwashed into people…they had to create these characters to get all this crap going..slowly bit by bit ….sick blahhhhhhh

  26. So nice to think all those priests who predated on teenage boys can now openly declare their love for nubile young men. For too long they were stigmatized and called pedos. I'm in tears thinking about it. As David Norris said, "Pederasty is a wonderful thing".

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