The Biggest News Update Ever! Droidekas, Felucia, New Skins & Vehicles! Star Wars Battlefront 2

The Biggest News Update Ever! Droidekas, Felucia, New Skins & Vehicles! Star Wars Battlefront 2


  1. This is such great news. I am so excited for all the new content coming to the game especially felucia which will looks beautiful in the game. I hope they add felucia for galactic assault as well. I also hope they include other eras in capital supremacy but they will probably do that after felucia.

  2. Oh YES I am very pleased with this transmission! Droidekas, IFT-X Tank, General Skywalker new clone skins and Felucia! Pretty good! Let's hope Ahsoka and Ventress get announced later alongside Clone Commandos and New Weapons!

  3. They should make a mele class. I have a few ideas
    Droids: Magna Guards
    Republic:Clone Assasins ( like the ones we saw in the game of episode 3)
    Empire: Royal guard of the emperor (the red ones)
    Rebelion: padawan surivor to order 66( i really dont know what to put here)
    First order: pretorian guards
    Resistance: ?

  4. Give us a batch of Hero skins Dice ! Don't forget to make my Crimson Dawn Maul skin, I neeeeeeeeed hiiiiiiim!!!!!!

  5. Kinda disappointed by the general Skywalker skin… Wish he had the iconic clone wars hairstyle instead of the ep3 one, but in every other aspect this news update was amazing

  6. Felucia is a strange choice. I kind of get why the would’ve chose this over corsuscant or Mustafar due to gameplay reasons. I’m excited.
    Droidekas but no clone commandos? Also don’t like the fact that droidekas are classed as enforcers, so that’ll mean well only get to play as either the droideka or super battledroid on each map.
    Pretty disappointed in the lack of Hero skins
    Overall, pretty happy with the CT.

  7. I wish they could make a offline modes with hero AI with the choice to spawn 1-4 hero's
    And a way to earn offline credits

  8. Unfortunate? What the hell is fun about the palace aside from cheesing tons of kills with a hero…ooh I see.

  9. Wow, I didn't realise you were one of those Anakin players that runs in a room, uses Heroic Might, hides and let's it recharge, then goes back in 😂

  10. This is where the fun begins. This all looks really great content. You also seem very positive and don’t give any negative things in this video, which I guess is a good thing.

  11. Love everything but I would rather have croussount with the old order 66 gamemode you did

  12. I am beyond dissapointed. They hyped this up way too much saying this was gonna be 3 CTs in one yet they spent the whole thing explaining the fucking history of the stuff we're getting, we need weapons, not helmets.
    Also all they do is tease Ahsoka and Ventress plus we were all expecting Clone Cammando i mean come on their weapon is usable in game for godsake sure people are gonna be hype for a while but it will die down.
    The only thing i have hope for is the Roadmap as its not out yet.

  13. after a year after the accidental droideka model in the tease image Dice had a choice to animate droideka
    TANK god we got tanks on republic tank droid tanks keep wiping the clones out is it canon now ?
    arf trooper helmet well we don't exactly know its a live action shape

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