The BESTest bus ride ever! Istanbul to Izmir – Turkey vlog #382

The BESTest bus ride ever! Istanbul to Izmir – Turkey vlog #382


  1. I wish i found you before guys i am living in İzmir 🙂 if you come again pls write somewhere i want to help you to look around

  2. Welcome to my city. 🙂 People who from Izmir such a kind person. You can talk, ask whatever you want. I just wanna advice which placeses you can visit. You should go the ‘Izmir Elevator in Dario Moreno Street.’ You can watch whole city there. There is an amazimg cityview. Also Dario Moreno street is historical and amazing. Dario Moreno old musician who lived and loved Izmir. In addition you should go ‘Clock Tower in Konak.’ Clock tower is symbol of Izmir. Near of clock tower you can walk to Kemeralti Bazaar’ but you should be careful cuz some kind of sellers disturb you for selling more but cheapest and useable things. You can buy gifts there. By the way, exactly you should go to the ‘Kordon.’ There seaside pathway. Most of people from Izmir espeacially during evening lie on the grasses and speak with each other suck a easy way of finding friend. If you drink you can drink there as a watching sea. 🙂 In near of Kemeraltı Bazaar you should visit ‘Kizlar agasi Hani’ you should drink Turkish coffee there. Most tasty coffee I’ve ever drink. You can walk where you live not far away from you. Last advice is you should go to the ‘Karsiyaka.’ In the Konak clock tower there is a scaffolding. You can get in the ship and go to the Karsiyaka. Approximately 20-30 minutes. Have fun! See you again! If you any more questions please write me. Take care!

  3. What's the purpose of traveling by closed windows and watching TV.. let's watch YouTube travelogues ..


  5. Amına kodumun çocukları benim ülkemde benden çok kırıkları var ve benden daha çok yer geziyolar.

  6. Hey ur blogs r really helpful, it would be more useful if u post technical details such as itinerary, somewhere like website or blog.

  7. You guys are amazing and cute couple and present video very cutely Lord bless you more and more happiness always🙌🤗

  8. trop bien , salutations from france , the best people in the world i think "TURKISH PEOPLE" : tnx for this video take care !

  9. Gördük gördük Viva Lines'i! İzmir'den İstanbul'a gittim. Rezil ve dolandırıcı bir firma. Hiç reklamlardaki gibi değil. Şimdiye kadar bindiğim en iyi otobüs firmaları Mersin Vif ve DK Köksallar'dır. Bizim memleketin (Malatya) firması olan Zafer Turizm kat ve kat Viva Lines'den daha iyi. Zaten dükkanı da kapatmış Viva Lines.

  10. why dont you say thanks or something polite when somebody opens a door for you or does a favor for you? ı watched the damn videos but you never say thanks to people? deliberately or accidentally?

  11. Thank you for your attaction because so many people are affraid from turkey and hate turks but everynation have bad guys like us but they are judge us and hate us soo thank you for your smile.

  12. Thank you for visiting our country. You are a very gummy face. I would like to meet with you, Austria / Bregenz. good holiday.

  13. Now 95 lira is only 15.4 USD. Assuming they did not hike up the price. But I guess if the Turkish tourism surges due to cheap lira. the demand goes up, while supply stay the same, price will go up, to 350~400 lira?

  14. böyle vip olmaz olsun bu bildiğimiz astor otobüs ulan astorun yeni otobüsü bile buna bin basar 😀 astorun tek eksiği yemek yapmaması

  15. Im coming to turkey on novembre, im intending to saty there for about one month, in izmir, but first the planewill land in istanbul, could you please tell how if i can book a bus ticket from istanbul to izmir online

  16. Cool that place is near my house i can see the buliding at the start next to my house its a new company it seems normally another company called metro takes people to and from places but this looks way better and you get light food and drinks metro never gives such stuff and on the bus you get nothing do nice to see new stuff coming along

  17. It's my first time to watch your videos and i really loved both of u and ur the way of capturing video. I live in İzmir for 6 years and I was get upset when I saw u in a trouble in bus station so if u will come to Izmir I would get help to u appreciatively 🙂

  18. Onlar bu ülkenin değil kendi ceplerini imajını düzeltmeye çalışıyorlar özellikle erkek olanı Türkler den çok nefret ediyor benim saf milletim

  19. There is no any desserts in Turkey.
    I understand that people may not know so many things about other countries BUT ı really don't understand why every foreigner think like that? I mean c'mon we leave in a way better country than more of you. Especially about natural beauty

  20. Is this bus still exist today?? Website not working, call center not working. Fb page latest updAte was few years ago.. i think they shut down.. what bus company are currently number one right now?

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