The BATTLE BUS CHALLENGE in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (HARD)

The BATTLE BUS CHALLENGE in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (HARD)

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the battle bus, challenge Welcome everyone, my, name’s ali-a and this is the broken battle bus, challenge, what is a change all about Well i’m gonna explain it it is not easier to and Trust me this is gonna be a tough one so the broken back to bus challenge but, those guys Do not know and it is easily missed there’s actually a? Broken back two buses laying on its side in the Fort night battle royale map it is actually just towards the southern side of the valley that runs through the middle of the fort night Battle royale map and we are gonna be attempting a challenge where, we land at. This battle bus I fuck my sister everynight From this battle bus and we then have to go on using that loot and getting no chess No, ammo boxes no supply drops only, use loot from that battle bus and people we kill? Along, the way to try and get a victory Royale the battle bus barely has any loot if you’re lucky There is sometimes a chest even on the battle bus or just next to the path to bus but that doesn’t always spawn Sometimes you could land there isn’t any weapons and then you definitely screwed so you definitely need Some luck on your side as soon as you start this challenge that you get some good weapons as soon as you drop in the Background here you’re gonna
See one of my attempts actually leading up to the live attempts it took a few attempts to Get the best result i possibly could, which is obviously going for victory roy? Ow and i want to explain this actually on the old map so just a few, days? Ago i said in the video that i had a challenge that i really, wanted to share you guys But it’s on the old map and i wanted to know, do you guys mind or not turns out you guys have you
Still wanted to see it and i’m really happy this is the only Or video that i’ve got saved i really, wanted to share because i actually think this is a harder challenge On the old map the reason being the broken battle bus, was surrounded By, pretty much nothing in the old maps you have to travel quite far to find anyone to get to a town, where anyone Was in the attempt to seeing in the background here i sprinted all the way over to greasy Grove and ended up in a very hairy situation on top of the building, where i was rushed By, so many people and is really really hard if i don’t have, any heat opposed but have Any shield i cannot pick them up from anything else apart, from people that i go on to kill Along, the way so if i hear a Chest if i see a supply drop or even if i see an ammo box I cannot collect it guys and that is what makes it so hard? so in the background here you can see that after going on a really nice killing spree in Kweisi, grove going on to be rushed, by people whose shotguns assault Rifles everything i measure slay out a load of people but i’m fortunate By, someone it was sat atop a mountain Which meant i didn’t quite do it so going on from that game i knew that i was playing? Well but i still want that number one position and this is where you’re gonna Join, me as i am going, for that number one spot if you guys go on to enjoy This, video give it a, big fat thumbs up remember all my fortnight videos are in the place Which is in the description of this video if you haven’t done so already, make, sure you subscribe And remember to always hit a notification but as you can see my videos as soon as they go live and become a part of? The notification squad so guys without further, ado let’s give this a go the broken battle bust Challenge it’s not easy, but it’s definitely, gonna be fun let’s Jump into it and see how i can, do the battle bus, isn’t always, gonna just praise the lord praise The lord, give me that beautiful You know what slurp can’t even complain, anything that can, do anything in terms of shield and To, smg’s okay, would have preferred an assault rifle i mean hey i would have preferred a legendary rpg in 11 Juries scarf but that is not it is it’s not gonna happen it’s not the point of this challenge i’m gonna lose up around the battle bus here and I’m also, making me a part of the ball you can, break the battle bus itself no one knows About the bus mission, okay? And then this is where it gets tricky so unfortunately the battle bus although i am Honest to god didn’t find it really until recently It is actually That’s i should have, oh, my, god pick it up guys Why, this is such a troll, oh, my, god i wish i could pick that but it is not part of the battle bus Challenge i could already, pick up weapons it’s kick start, this this challenge from the back to bus So i’m gonna be going into of these fights with an Smg right now until i find someone unfortunately this side of the map there’s a little bit sparse So the closest place me to get to will be greasy, grove i mean potentially people over here the most likely greasy Grove, is where the action is gonna kick off and you know, what this is not a too? Bad stuff we’ve got a bit of shield i like it Alright, well i said that could be action here Did not she expect it annoying thing is both fleets weapons, use the same ammo type So if i get too low, i’m gonna have to start using F so use my pickaxe me come on show, yourself Whoa, those hot 35 damage headshots but she got a pistol you’re Good have at least looted better for me honestly, what i need, oh, my, god i saw a man with type as Well this is this is just great what i need is to run into, someone that is looted quite heavily, and? to get really lucky as a chest up there i can’t get it guys i his cheating Don’t tell me in the comment section i missed a chest because i could Never pick it up arrived this is where things gonna get a little bit interesting because i can go into greasy grove Now i’ve got a hope because at least a little bit of action over here And if anyone has done any sort of decent looting they should drop, some decent stuff unfortunately actually, we came at Like gunfight that being scape We did not get a single brush of a bullet anywhere, near our fine black armor suit so we’re absolutely dandy Looking kind of quiet in greasy, grub greasy, grove guys, stop eating your burgers and come, and fight me right i need Your loot at the moment things are looking pretty, damn sparse i’ve literally got only the ammo And three weapons i’m holding right now and beyond that point i’ve got pretty much nothing i bet i’ve got nothing but My pickaxe, oh guys i can hear someone in here i can hear someone in here please tell, me he’s looted properly Please please please, tell, me he’s, okay, he’s found a secret chest over there, oh, my, gosh so much stuff i want to pick up But i can’t. Oh, hello, hello, buddy What that can be doing what are you doing bro You, okay, he’s got stopped, oh? my, god The loots of the gods ladies and gentlemen the lute of the god right now Let’s go, oh, my, date just from that two kills in we are looking good but remember Just because, we suddenly got poppin weapons We still have the issue of ammo i’ve only got one clip of an a third for this scar 7 sniper bullets i’m gonna have to rely on all buried weapons here to get myself killed especially if they start building i Hope they put themselves in the situation, where i’m using a lot of ammo it is actually gonna get really tough really really quick okay, that’s good i I’m not even gonna, wait around agrees to grow, over to seem so freaking quiet i don’t know What that guy, wasn’t moving little bit of an easy kill there i wish it been a little bit more challenging but Maybe not cuz, he was shield it up at the same time Now this is where it gets annoying because i’ve just come from the Broken battery bus got a few kills in a way over but then greasy grow Is nowhere near anywhere this is where i need to either run into people a little bit oblivious, oh? You know what let’s just? Check? Let’s just check greasy, grub i know i said that there’s no gunfight or anything but if someone comes out of here Could be pretty useful to be honest with you Think it’s dead man i honestly think it’s dead right now Alright this is where the track begins i don’t know, what the hell They put on top of that mountain if someone could tell Me what that is probably a house is this really d-formed because of how, far where i’m looking at it we need, to go ahead ladies and gentlemen and Try, and find more people get more ammo and stay alive in this battle bus, challenge right now, oh my, gosh Guys, look, it’s just a jet no ally. You can’t do it i can’t bring myself to do it the chest Chilling the wind just suddenly made me think of someone was firing sniper shot on me but even like, beautiful chests, like that ah Against the walls ladies and gentlemen battle bus or kill only or just freaking get yourself up By pulling down a lead gosh damn it 23 help you already Damaged it taken so far as beating from falling off the edge just little mistakes, like, that could cost Me i need to focus up and we need to find, some people to take down right now i think salty springs May, be our best bet to really honest with you guys It will involve going, through the valley but you never know Sometimes people are chilling there and if anyone’s moving from the left hand side map over to the right to the few People that do jump over here it could be easy pickings for your, boy, ali-a alright, oh ladies and gentlemen do you see that, oh? My, god he just got a. Fresh haircut for my sniper bullet, and he’s gone but that is good news? We have spied someone i mean hope you don’t turn around shoot us and make an epic base as We head over there blaze, good someone is in our targets and? i got a boner About his challenge i can’t pick up the ammo remember guide is the fact that the sport is so sparse Like sparse, she’s surrounded, by anything that’s what, mesa pao births challenge so hard though ladies and gentlemen and that’s, why We like to give it a go visit okay, well we’ve made the perfect movement leave, no backtracking or if you Went back to greasy, grove i’d. Be mad can’t light but we’re heading to salty and so is everyone else this is good news, oh? gun, fight, big gun, fight going on three people i Think, three people just engaged over there maybe i heard some half shots and then, some me some Shotgun, trust i don’t even know, let’s keep our wits? About us though this could be a really really important kill right now it’s a lot of loot over there a Lot of loot over there but, who has caused that loot that is the question, what’s up buddy What’s up? Magic, star 10 Another chest that your boy ava are not gonna be making up because it’s against the rules but i always feel Like this is a real, big hot spot right now real, big hot spot for people coming over and just trying to get as much as they possibly can, and Run, over as quickly as they possibly can Only one it’s actually perfect, to be honest with you guys nice nice place is nice Full of bandages i like it i like it i like it Okay, we’re looking a little bit more slide right now 90 bullets in my, skull, making me feel a bit more competent Loads more sniper shots i know this is a slower game but, we are not? Not an endgame right yet guys this, is kind of like, mid game still all right we’ve got three kills it’s good We don’t really, make kits we’ve got a little bit of mini shield a no spare shield Likelihood of us finding spare shoots it’s, gonna be quite minimal we just have to hope that someone drops it because We ain’t getting up from chest, we ain’t getting from anywhere else as, well, oh? buddy Anna, sorry fatal fields it’s. Gotta be someone coming from fatal shirley unless it’s just been chilling it for ages and they’ve gone annoyed you could say open salty depends how, smart, these guys are i Would honest expect, some stragglers? Anyone, they’ve done fields i don’t a bait field show. Yourself right, now be much appreciated come out of your guns forget that i Don’t pass a warning sign that the person and face that’s already gone and set up shop up that’s Where we’re heading to next a german sniper fire is over in that direction maybe Even at the top of the old um birdhouse treehouse thing potentially Supplied, you’re coming in those two can’t either Don’t think i’m gonna, bend the rules just because it’s not a jest ethically guys, alright i’m gonna do is properly i Need, to take care of this little place first get ready slowly, does it What the, hell What i did not expect that and a lie, okay? Let’s go big 130 headshot Scar as, well jeez man big gunfight I’ve lost my shield And i’m down, to i’m discerning everyone hp, baby care i could, be the one hp that saves me, oh my Where i’m being sniped, from but i’m not liking this, oh? Look, at that look at that tactical scar switch for the 10x tram. Oh that was in the clip 130 skya moses look a little bit better Everyone is definitely forced out of fatal? This launchpad Probably, gonna be used to advantage actually? that’s anyone coming in no Man i should, have dealt like a little bit quicker i don’t know He jumped up in the air in a defensive measure i know. This could be useful okay stealing salty, oh? You know it’s gonna be a crazy, finish with stealing salty all right i feel like It’s time for your, boy to make a move Don’t know, for sure all the person that killed me actually could be dead already See this loot on the floor here hmm hey, that back i just heard a gun i Also, think that’s a, is that a custom top to the roof, no maybe not i don’t know let’s have a look, guys we’re investigating i don’t mind Thank you very much bending me surrender What’s this person doing it must be nen sniping like a semi-auto sniper Completely clueless i don’t really know, what you’re doing? Five cues, to our name we are top 11 we’re looking good for amma right now. Okay so ammo is no longer an issue This, this isn’t a she um i thought it’s just bill Watch this, oh? My, god you, lucky lucky, go! How, oh? My come on chu. Chu. Chu slow down I’m i’m the worst knife in the road this is why you’re doing it okay I’m just straight hot trash right now don’t even know, don’t even know i Could shoot a hundred more bullets right now, oh, my, god she’s headshot me Finally it doesn’t kill, her what the hell, oh? My, god this is so risky? let me out no God i hate not having shoe guys is horrible, oh? my Gosh, so she must have been shielded cuz There’s any, any shot that isn’t head shoulder with that, boy it’s like. A hundred hundred, five i’m sure it is She’s a, wee she’s gunning for me thank god she hasn’t got any hits me yeah Now, suddenly into top a Shields are non-existent ammo is fine no medkits are non-existent, oh? My, gosh anything that is a grenade of any sort is not existed that’s right you guessed hold up hold up yooper fighting You can. A fighting they’re fighting good right now. God what the hell, somes rpg over there I’m like like it’s. Guys rpg Okay, this is my chance my chance in my chance it’s easy the one gun go now are you serious okay Finally finally, boil and add shop any, more kills i can, get though be amazing i don’t think a person wears his kill done Six six right now Don’t think she realizes, what’s just happened she has no idea Look, at her look She’s gonna, go over and loot him No, i don’t think so if she’s gonna loot She, still thinks he’s life, surely i’m so nervous right now remember i still have, no spare shoe dis girl i knocked her shoot up but she may have her, own shield i Have, no idea where she’s going to if she’s gonna pop that supply drop It’s an if she’s inside, oh my, gosh Where is this person what’s going on? You know what screw i don’t even know, where she’s gone? Just pray to the fortnight god she doesn’t look over this guy, trying to finish him, off thinking this, maybe this, guy’s still alive Was it lets gop gg Think it is oh, my god medkits, no shoes still your boys Gonna, stay unshielded unfortunately everyone’s got a scar today that’s happening Absolutely everyone 21 lazy grp jesus, yeah this is good Okay, it’s still gonna plane is fairly small, we through a place really smart, ah, who am i kidding here fairly No, we’ve really got to play a smart right now still four other players left, supply drop coming in And i need, to be careful if a next ring is no longer in salty repeats salty is no longer In acquisition of the next ring right now Supplied, you’re right up there, oh my God is so close it’s so painful to see it like that but not be able to do a thing About it alright let’s get off this roof first of all i’m gonna see if i can get up this is gonna be tough Fact the edge of salty, springs just in it it’s not too bad i could. Chill here for a little bit all something’s over there Someone has been located hey, these are I’ve got more than enough just a pop with. A few of them potential kill reckon and it goes and His base is still standing what the hell, not anymore Boom that hopefully should be easy, easy kill Where did you come from What are you doing, oh those, pads let’s go, oh? My, god thank goodness she was just Being an elephant on the rooftops there’s seven kills he’s looking good right now Okay, so we know, where one other player is buy that supply truck the other play have, no idea? That um launchpad could actually be a really good way and actually bat look at the mountain Movies out a bit it’s. Gonna, go i’m gonna be consumed By the rim the mountain is gonna be inside the next one right here, oh? My, god to fighting the fight in the fighting For clay alley weekly Build build build build build There we go no? God dammit i was on it two seconds, ago the tent number two a, building let’s go Get right gone out. And we’re all ready ladies and gentlemen i see them fighting over there Had i nod this cue I can, add this kill all right i can, snipe every now and then Quickly, ally, put this down you freaking, moron here we go okay, this is amazing i am so setup, we may actually do this oh, my God the last two attempts have been so good if i fail this now i am actually the biggest of big noobs We were in a top 2 situation we’ve got ourselves eight Kills it’s been slow. And fast paced all at the same time We have gone with most of the game of our using mini shields if that i think we’ve only used mini shields and sluts And now here with just 100 health and oh shit we’re in a 1v1 Pretty, sure this final girls behind the tree, oh there she Hasn’t worked all games right now there we go? That is such a, weird weird challenge, is that the beginning? That’s just nowhere to go you need to find people may be slightly more stuff for newbies oh
That’s out the, bag and traveled across a lot of amounts make a blazer with a bathroom fast charge i hope you really Liked this challenge i did for any other challenges do even harder even crazier as always we’ll even down Below in the comment section, let me know, what you guys think and if you enjoyed the video you’re a? Big fat thumbs out you got a ford i play this down below More fortnight videos thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you guys next time let’s go




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  3. You can actually blow up your battle bus and get more than 7 kills if your quick enough but the only weapon you can use is a rpg

  4. You can actually blow up your battle bus and get more than 7 kills if your quick enough but the only weapon you can use is a rpg

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