Tesla Model S Restoration! – Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Gameplay – MOD

Tesla Model S Restoration! - Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Gameplay - MOD

now everyone I'm kryptek Fox and welcome back to my garage we're back here with car mechanic simulator 2018 to do another car rebuild and this one's gonna be a little bit different and I think that some of the other cars we've rebuilt because I pulled a Tesla out of the junkyard now this is a mod it's by full SiC and it has no business being at the junk here I modified the files that would show up there because this is ultimately a awfully new car so you would never find one that's in quite this condition I don't think but I figured as long as we're gonna do a car rebuild we might as well take one that's in the worst condition possible we'll build it up from there so again I mean obviously obviously you would not find a car like a Tesla in this kind of condition but we'll just art right right but the bare bones will build it up right from the ground see if we can come up with a nice car in the end now I'm really curious to see how they tackled this because the the Tesla is an electric car and they don't have electric and they're not electric motors in this game so as a mod I'm thinking that must have had to put something else in I can see there's like a little tiny engineer looks I think so they shrunk down a tiny little engine here for the back that I guess is supposed to be maybe like the little low rocket motor that's being driven by the batteries and there must be batteries hiding here somewhere nevertheless this is what were to work on today now not having a proper engine and things to work on in here this might actually be a pretty fast rebuild in which case I do have another lotus over here that we work on this is one that I hauled out of the junkyard before we pulled out the the Corvette to work on so I can certainly polish this one up the nicest looking car even when it's all polished up I bet but it's something different to do what's gonna start on this this old beast will set this over the lifts let's see what we do to tear it all apart welcome everyone who's here in the stream I'm just dreaming to youtube tonight I'm not doing a dual stream to mixer so there's no chat overlay this time but welcome everyone who's here if you know that we're here early of course has pretty much always smog yeah this car is not gonna produce a whole lot of a whole lot of pollution I don't think I'm even the manufacturing brothers now it looks like looks like what might be all I should take the entire interior component of this apart I'm not sure how this is all gonna work oh well apparently this is a European one because the drivers is mr. grizzle the right-hand side it's a little different from everything else I've redone but actually they've done over the cool job with the control panel and stuffing here that's really neat get out of here if I can figure out how to do there we go all right so we'll strip it all down let's get the the body ripped apart first I guess there's I don't know how much there is actually on here to take apart there's like some weird flying parts and stuff whatever go to Florida pretty sure a bunch of the tons of in the junkyard you think so I guess maybe like if there's been like a flood or a storm or something but I mean it wouldn't be this rusted I wouldn't think this is brand-new right I can't see tested Tesla Model S all right I think that pretty much supplies for the body except see if we can take a we'll pull apart the interior here we're left fender all right oh there we go oh yeah the whole body comes out okay this is uh left body window a no more body out of there so I guess this is probably where the batteries are supposed to be housed nope there they are and that's a lot of batteries all those car batteries it's ridiculous all right we have a big job taking all the batteries up getting them all charged you know I probably won't even charge them all it might be either just to buy them to replace them but yeah this is a mod so it's obviously not going to be exactly as the car would be in real life because they don't have electric motors and things in the game this is just something that they basically taken the workable models that they have in the in the game and they've sort of rearranged it enough to build something that kind of mimics mimics an electric car anyway that was my first dream that I've watched live welcome to the atomic music God glad you're able to make it out make it diamonds small engine yeah there's a little bitty engineer the back I don't know the deals with this I think it's supposed to like I said I think it's supposed to sort of mimic like an electric motor or something but they basically taken like a v8 or something and just shrunk it down tiny I didn't know you could even do that I don't even know life is your how they're all this thing out of here so it still needs the lift for this thing can I just take it all in a one chunk no I mean I guess it can't it's got like like pieces on it I don't know whatever let's just start stripping at all who knows let you go the videos hydrogen well this isn't a hydrogen powered car it's just electric like I said though I mean being a mod it's not gonna be exactly the way that it should be but it's not have you fun to kind of take it apart anyway good luck need you know in the workshop in certainly any of the bombs that I do on site and doing on this or just once you can get available in the Steam Workshop gonna take the bearing out you got em in the Steam Workshop they're really easy to download at the Alpha gave yourself that cool a couple cool new cars that way last time we can we tackled the 1960 Corvette it's a pretty sweet yeah yeah I finally have one where I could forget to put the oil in it it won't be a problem Oh Christopher thanks for subscribing to the channel I'd like to get a Volkswagen man but they don't have one that I've seen yet anyway Volkswagen bug will be fun to do song is not the newer model it's got the old one just was 5,300 batteries in it literally 1,000 cordless drills worth of battery tax that's ridiculous one day they'll come up with like superior battery systems that they don't actually require that much I guess think you'll need to put on that tiny engine I might be who knows it sort of depends all that depends though it's all configured right because it's just gonna it's gonna tell me I have to do whatever's set as a requirement see we're gonna like regards your computer now you know what give me a chance to play that PC simulator repair game or pc repair simulator whatever it is and maybe we'll talk about fixing attribute here funny things got like good drive shafts to the profit there's no actual engine up here just like a empty casing or something I'm really curious to see what we like when we got the little tiny engine on the engine stand oops did not mean to zoom in on that trying so hard to get in the game but all you can think about is how much you want a new car yeah this is one there's one of those interesting games that I like to play on the channel now and then just because it's so relaxed I mean a lot of other games are busy kind of frantically trying to survive or do something properly or what-have-you where this is really just kind of chill Oh pull all the pieces apart put it back together again that's the engine apartment which I can't reach right now oh there's little tiny engine up here – Oh a little baby engine it looks like I said in pristine condition I may not even need to fix the engine this is weird can I check the condition on this thing examine mode only accessible from the engine bay all right so we have to lower this you see whether we even need to do anything with the engine of this this might be an ultimately like a super fast swap Oh all right did my god it says it's only accessible for the engine bay but how do I get in the engine bay you know what maybe if I click on these things it will consider the engine bay yeah that's what it is I have to take it off the car to check it so I can't can't do anything with this thing all right what about no new parts mounts salmon tools compression tester and your needs to be complete to perform all right so I have no idea what the deal is here I think what we might have to pull it out and do something with it I don't know see this being a mod and that this wasn't really intended to be the junkyard actually have no idea whether you're even supposed to do this with a little scar but whatever we'll take it apart anyway well then any luck we'll get to put it back together that's right it's like we'll enzyme in four back there you got it let's see piston rings are a hundred percent apparently alternator battery yada yada a lot of stuff that's just sort of unknown here it's not really giving me any information into your conditions 100% apparently so that's good Tesla to over glorified lawn mower if you say so I think I don't know that's got pretty cool I Drive one around it on the winter time play for tonight that play for night tonight and playing carpeting somebody already got if I found the antennas Infinity Gauntlet yet no I haven't even played the Thanos mode yet been too busy last night I was dreaming Oxford's not included today I had a really busy busy day I only really got on here just a little bit before it was time to stream tonight so I haven't had a chance to try out the new mode yet I've seen a couple of people playing it looks pretty cool little novel anyway just like nothing to the suspension of this thing does he be the weirdest rebuild we've done I think again you're really not supposed to rebuild this car it's only supposed to be in like the auction house and and I think the showroom or the salon Tesla's aren't that fun to drive no I think we just beat the novelty of driving one I mean in the end I have a feeling it would feel very much like driving the other car when we kind of quiet my can strive again Tesla and cannon winter would be living in constant balance of do I have heat or do I go home well I don't know I mean I think there's about like electric engines or electric motors whatever is still produce of a certain amount of heat I would think check the condition of these battery other ways there's actually a battery tester in here I think examine tools a beedi scanner may be a strong meter let's try this Oh what actually has something on the screen now is it is it scanning it's gonna be got sound effects oh Jesus look at that we have good spark plugs our ignition coils in fine shape we have a great thermostat all good things when you're running an electric car it's actually suggest the dev of this game to go associated with epic games and produce fortnight mechanic simulator here get a couple of cars in mechanic simulator with the fake Marion fortnight with the fake names and stuff tronic means try this thing the Edit sound effects an actual stuff on the screen now it used to just be blanket and do like nothing all right the batteries are not in good shape so definitely we need to replace all those which means we got to pull all about accessible from the engine bay are you kidding me we gotta go in the engine bay to take all these things out all right that's a problem slower this town that's a lot of batteries Tupelo should be able to yeah we pull it off from here man's law batteries I'm not even bothering to charge you think this is too many tell me is it actually one two three four five so it's six wide by six by six so we need thirty six batteries how companies gather some engine parts to be really monotonous but Holdings putting all these batteries back if it really be something under rocket to go space like rivalry there yeah I mean I just think the novelty of riding on they look like they're really well appointed to so like just there's nice inside stuff toolbox no interior delicate now said the interior was in perfect shape but we'll try this out anyway we have the welder we need we'll try the engine green I don't know if we can even pull the engine out of this I have a feeling it's gonna tell us we can we're about to find out did I get an engine out what the looks like okay looks like we got the one out of the back all right weird all right so let's try putting this on here yep it works we have a little tiny engine on there that's so funny okay what can I take another there are no engine parts in the car okay so the front one is just a decoration the back one is apparently really there right and it runs about 14 to 30 volts good batter and alright what's it why so many batteries is because it's an electric car it kind of requires electricity so this will repair the body that's all in fancy shape now get rid of this I think it's at the interior a hundred percent but we'll try this anyway alright yeah it shows me hundred dollars even though it's probably fine excellent fortnight mechanic similar it would be although fixing cars while taking down the other mechanic I'm not gonna con this farm well we know how that would end for me I just bees in the storm all the time all right I mean this thing looks pretty pristine it might be missing parts I don't know okay inspect this thing 100% I have a feeling the engines fine hundred percent 9 percent yeah I mean I pulled this out but I actually I don't think we're going to do anything to fix it where's gonna be this a really weird rebuild cuz everything's just top-notch already alright I'm not gonna bother pulling this apart it'd be silly let's get this off of here slap this back in the car this uber really fast rebuild I mean it said the piston rings were under percent when I looked at it before but now it's not saying anything whatever it's fine it comes up orange though almost like it needs repairs and stuff but should do the 1969 Pontiac GTO does that did me uh is that in the Steam Workshop as well hey dude your channel I watched some of your car mechanic videos and made me want to play and now you're about to play it's awesome misses a key dude how CMS horse it actually has an engine it does yeah it's got two of them and they're just like regular sized images that are shrunken down I think they're supposed to be representative of the electric motors I swear sway better when I'm not on mute sorry muted because they had too confident like maybe old thanks so much for the for the new sponsor I appreciate that and I appreciate all the support I know you've given super chance and stuff in the past as well and it's always very much appreciated you know what I'm not even I don't know whether I should try by clowns to ever care what we have we'll see see it again fix broke a couple things already that's great what do you do if you can't be sanded the engine seemed like it wasn't okay shape but all the parts I looked at where I heard percent you don't think the car will work we'll see well Z they might not I mean maybe it'll just be one of those things where I shouldn't put it in the junkyard in the first place whatever uh look there's no custom gearboxes so what custom gearbox tuned parts like lets you change special parts settings that's new I think that was one of the new updates recently my recent I mean like in the past X number of weeks cuz I haven't really played this a ton lately car status I mean I can't see anything about the engine really there's really all the parts that are supposed to be in this thing that seems like a lot curcuit really floppy who's really fast all right um I don't even know where to begin this is just weird alright let's uh I guess we'll start with the front suspension maybe see we fixed our crossmember no look it'll get that from underneath what about the engine compartment ABS pump we fixed this nice maybe it's module we didn't have so we're need to buy one brake servo did not get fixed either all right we have our module a brake servo we need batteries again I could probably fix them and I wanted to spend the time doing it but I just don't want to do that with 36 batteries it's ridiculous Ahri's well let's even let me pick 36 not barely will $5,000 with the battery sit the two miles it will die if I done the Pagani DLC yet no I haven't actually I don't think I've even downloaded the Pagani DLC I'm gonna check I might not have got the Bentley one either there's a few things I still need to do all right every time put all these things back in I can get sumed in enough I can't even look past can't see past the parts that are here I should've put these in boom after and that is a lot of batteries what if I don't have to zoom in on each one to put them in that would really suck master investor electricity made from fossil fuel coal is just as much polluted electricity made by water needs to flood parts of it well no it depends actually so it depends where you are where you're gonna lecture see from so you're right if you're using a hydroelectric dam then yeah you probably do have to flood however I live not far from Niagara Falls for the for the Niagara Falls power plant they actually drilled a tunnel underneath the underneath the land and they diverted a portion of the river flow just before the Falls into that tunnel and the water goes down through the tunnel and drives a couple a bunch of turbines that they used to produce power so in that instance they're not actually flooding any other lands they just redirected a small portion of the water so it sort of depends how you arrived at the electricity right you're getting it from solar power stations or something you might be better off but yeah I mean sometimes like the solution to certain things and to being more destructive than just using the fossil fuel but I think in the long run most of them end up being more beneficial I had two of those customers okay so probably need rubber bushings no no I have some how about that I didn't clear up my image or where we started this build so I've got some leftover stuff from when we did the the Corvette they can click on it there we go well it hasn't Batman there's a lot of Harry really is steering rack will also need a front sway bar B will need front sway bar end links as well but I don't I don't know which ones the area and I think it's probably the bees of check and see trying to buying them I have a tenancy to buy pieces that don't actually need safe I think I'd like to check whoops it was really a man it's really not that much to put back together in this car we might be working on the Lotus sooner than I thought the bottle s there's five thousand-plus battery cells so I guess just be glad you didn't need to do five havoc yeah that is very true that is very true can you imagine what that must be like for the mechanic that has to do that it's gonna replace my chops happy awful unless they can just pull that out it is like one big segment I mean I guess it wouldn't be so bad if it was that way but I need tire rods hey tiger trucking here tie rods we have to – Oh ders ain't that Lotus other yellow orange McCoy got an obsession with yellow all right you get the other side here what's your question Tiger trucking oh we ran into bushings that figures jeans like ten of them for now battery stills of giant pieces made of the factory in California yeah the big Tesla the new Tesla battery factory right I'm really curious to see where the whole battery technology thing goes so they've made a lot of developments over the course the last 10-15 years in terms of battery technology I'm really curious to see if that some day it actually becomes efficient enough that it really does provide the best viable solution for most situations if a 1:18 scale back has to Lotus and it comes oh yeah nice dad's a scientist solar panels are made of the material that conducts heat if Sun is on the channel that he compacts it a form of energy it's not really heat that it's good for energy though heats up form of entropy it's like energy dissolving into chaos got a few copies of GTA 5 want to know if you could do a giveaway on my discard 4 the 5 um yeah I mean feel free if you like now and bear in mind that uh my channel is family-friendly so grand theft auto 5 is maybe a little bit a little little bit different than what I would normally have this is the game if people wanted the great need bearings grab mr. Driehaus at the back I can't remember before it doesn't hurt I guess and he breaks two and how to type all right break need to ventilated will get to other regulars as well for the back I will need break pads it was all for if we're lucky we might have fixed the calipers and stuff and I won't have to do those driveaxle nice fix that to show me them calipers yeah I think the gigafactory is in Nevada oh is it I thought it was in California I'm not entirely on top of all that stuff though I didn't see that like the version of like an electric city that he was working on for next buckle cover well it depends on what the batteries made it of whether they can recycle it or not there's more and more that they're coming out with different materials that are a little less toxic hopefully I'll let you get to a place so they have something that's also good charge it's ultimately easy to produce as a high energy coefficient or whatever and zap recyclable let me know hey Omar how are you Dario lives in Niagara Falls see Daria knows about getting power without flooding everything in theory I can't go way from here let me click over to the side I can't click oh alright this doesn't cater of my laziness at all where'd they put the fuel tank I think this is officially the the weirdest rebuild have done should bring the live chat back in the video well normally I just do the the chat overlay if it's I'm gonna be multi-streaming to another platform now we've people are when you're talking you can see the chat from other areas I think as if you're watching a replay on YouTube now it actually has the chat beside it so it sort of defeats the purpose to do it as an overlay it's like we need to do one over your rear axle on the other side that's done slip over this side I think I need it again I need another housing alright son knuckle housing D and then we needed a rear drive axle but was it the B and I remember I have a horrible memory highway what did I miss I can't I got most over and one thing I don't like about streaming this game is I can't move my mouse over the other screen I've got actually like Tabo to the game in order to go click on stuff and scroll back in the chat a bit of a nuisance and I've ran into bearings there pushing so and even gonna need like one more bushing I think now – more like watching videos new subscriber hi Rome welcome glad you enjoy them but the only that lets you know when I can see your comment well not exactly it doesn't because the overlay lets you see 45 seconds after it seen your comment it doesn't grow feet so I mean I don't I don't catch every single comment I mean I try to read and play at the same time so usually a game like this I can keep up a little bit better because I can watch but am I gonna test the Tesla as long as it'll let me drive it I'm curious to see whether we're running on Wow you've lost money from the last government well yeah it's not that I've lost money is that I've been buying stuff and then not selling so we bought the Corvette and fixed all that up last week at the same time I bought the Lotus I went out I bought this car and I haven't was the driveaxle B and I haven't done anything to replenish the cash so it's just that I've been burning through all the money I kinda need to go into the garage and clean out some stuff I think need to put all the missing parts on the little engine for the car drive oh really okay so it's like the parts that are there or in pristine condition but I didn't even get the piece well that makes sense I guess Carson's never good the favorite stream was the ice charter the ice charger and I remember that oh I need a caliper well I already said your name so I don't really know what you need a specific shout out for it's kind of confusing me what the heck was I doing I am I my brain is like totally not in place and I caliper this uh need man can't think today thank you too much all day at work don't flip this one the tester no we need a cylinder oops let's crash it see we get the hazmat team to show up over here I started a model of a car from one of the last fast the Furious movies oh that's cool our restoration is my primary moneymaker I mean not so much anymore cuz I don't I don't really sell too much of what I restore but ya like it you'd make far more money by restoring and selling a car than you do by any doing jobs for customers double wishbone rear and I think it's double wishbone the front is it I can't click up their things these are double films right yeah so we need don't wash one rear in front that's not helpful to these I guess double wish to those to those where need Springs no not that Tesla's work you should sell it should be worth a lot yeah it might be I probably won't keep in the garage it anyway this is kind of a weird mod it looks cool and everything but in terms of like a rebuild it's just a very weird car to work on but like I said I've modified the file this wouldn't normally show up in the junkyard I just wanted to mess around with it have I done any Alfa Romeos no I don't think I have actually they corrupted if you watched Grand Tour because if you haven't don't blow up the electric car like Hammond no I haven't seen it actually do something will because of your school when you're at home on the computer and start recording at last you and your friends yeah yeah I get some I don't know sometimes like sometimes I find streaming is like really recharging for me get really new a game you're talking about something the way to go but somedays my brain is just not entirely there this seems to be one of those days there's gonna be a bit of an odd night I think it's been just spent too much brain power at work to play seven days they heard people say that but it's not really good fit for my channel now actually I rebranded my my other channel so I've had this the second channel which was actually was originally my first channel before I started up cryptic box it's called cat's kingdom and I decided recently to rebrand it so what I'm gonna do is play games that don't really fit well with my core channel on and if I want to play it and upload it all uploaded on that channel so I called a cryptic Fox Unleashed I haven't linked off of the the main my main channel here so if you if you look on like the channel page there's a link there for cryptic Fox Unleashed and that's what I'll be doing games that I don't think are necessarily a good fit for the type of stuff I normally do on this channel so I'm thinking stuff like the new state of decay I'd like to play war games stuff with like intense gore or like a lot of poker language is I kind of stuff that I normally don't do on this channel I'll probably house it over there it won't be the same kind of consistency is what I'm doing over here though in terms of like frequency of upload what colors are gonna be uh I don't know yeah I haven't painted a lot of crazy cars by picking really wacky stuff I'm not really sure did you have partly before the stream alright welcome to the stream Durgin glad you're awake ish alright let's take the I better bring the engine the crane over we'll pull the engine out and see what parts are missing on this thing since it's not likely to run unless you restore all those it just doesn't look like we're actually have to tear it down it'll just be a matter of like putting them putting the parts on let's rotate the engine over and check the bottom of this thing out oh yeah really is missing a lot and it's very tiny zoom like way in uh where's my inspection tool I don't think I can even inspect these things without taking up now I can't I gotta take them out I can't do compression testing unless this is already finished I just have a feeling the stuff that's in here is already at a hundred percent let's pull some stuff out see the top of the engine still assembled this stuff looks really pristine you know whatever just leave it all this in we'll just we'll just put in all the extra parts we need so we need Rob Capps I think there's eight of them in here might be a six cylinder I wasn't really paying too much attention but painted maroon red gate here it's so weird to pull something out of the junkyard didn't have it like the in good shape aside from the missing parts nope we don't have any don't think I am in the bearings off the check take a quick peek why do you have one who do I need more though recommend any of the stronghold games were like there are billions but medieval-themed you actually you got to build cool councilís need where's the body of the car you don't see it it's completely gone it I did you take the whole thing apart I guess to get to the batteries or whatever what is this oh the flywheel is sitting in there I wonder if I gonna have to put flywheel on it I guess it probably will bearings gonna grab – I think there's only one left in there that we had to put in but by – just in case yeah I guess it was it alright well paying only does it be six okay filter for an eye six go in line six and then where's our v6 down here b6 B is that it I guess it must be there's not just like a plane v6 I don't think yeah let's be six feet man if I had a memory this game to be so much easier memories is trash just subscribe to the channel thanks Tiger appreciate that it's expensive late for hats speaking of life raft the updated version of raft is coming out in like two weeks – looking for to play on that alright we need an alternator roller a and an arm I'm not gonna bother with performance parts of this thing cuz it's just kind of a weird serve a weird thing Roy Pete neon red eye Caleb how are you you should play CC buildings him I actually kind of want to I don't have it and I really was thinking about getting it it does look interesting I might actually learn to think or to also we're just gonna weird they have a lot of licensed parts in that game which is neat I probably don't have a put no I don't have a power stream foam you love draft yeah the original draft was fun this one looks like they've done they've done so much to change it up all kinds of cool stuff I'm looking forward to playing that what else we need they can since you put this thing up right start working on the top side well exhaust manifolds only true those look at the Canada plates mod I did I finally got around to it figured you know what I mean candidate should probably have the ability to puts Canadian plates on the cars of you how do you get those parts from the other store I'm not sure I understand what you mean at t if you're asking like how am i getting it so quickly I mean one of those level up options that you can buy is the tablet and I have the tablet so you just hit T it opens up the tablet for your buy stuff this little rotate should make the license plate sub sub cried it or subscribe for the screen so you can actually fix those tiny inches well it's not even that I'm fixing it is that it's missing parts so I'm having to put the parts back on it all the parts that I checked we're at a hundred percent that we're actually already on the engine so I'm not bothering to pull it apart instead I'm just I'm just adding the parts that are missing I'm just kind of weird cuz they're like really tiny but there's only one of the engines II to fix I mean oh well I'll have to check and see whether I can fix the other one in place where it is in the back if I have to fix it while it's in the car that's gonna be a real nuisance tune parts thing that's we call that well there's there is a tune parts option okay we need what is this camshaft bearings we need for those I guess and then to fuel rails feel real let's see v6b two of these are there any other researchable items in here I don't think so so like I don't think they enter didn't knew anyway there's still a couple stuff a couple things that I haven't gotten 50% off trips to the junkyard I mean that would be handy and save a little money 50% discount his shops this is the exam in 20 parts when seeing a car for the first time and then good to be lucky I have no idea what that means maybe just improves your rate of fixing things I'm not really sure but I don't have any points to upgrade like to unlock these upgrades I have to level up more and frankly I just don't like doing the jobs so much I got I got got into a mode where everything I do is his restorations and that's kind of fun for me so everybody should try that PC rebuilding Zimmer PC repair sim I looked at it and then I was like if I got time for this I mean it looks interesting I'd like to try it out I think the place should be old musky yeah I just a head cover ain't gonna be I think we have another a in another be no way that's see an a what okay hold on a the C a B and another a alright whatever internet cover a v6 B we need two of these we need engine cover b v6 b and we'll need a see there we go have I played fortnight yeah I played it before once or twice don't forget the oil I wonder if it'll require me to put oil in this thing it might because it's still having to use like a an engine instead of liking this a little electric motor just being a mod and all probably will have to put oil in it a little weird I guess the whole rebuilds a little weird so I guess that's fine intake manifold eh thanks Caleb I'm glad you enjoy the channel take manifold there it is how much was car mechanic simulator well the core game is like 20 bucks tell me that goes on sale occasionally I think to the tricky part is that they have a lot of DLC content now so there's like six different DLC things you can get and each of those or something like five bucks it's over time it kind of adds up but the core game itself is like twenty bucks and there is a Steam Workshop support which is where I got this mod from so you can get those pretty much any car that's on there you can get for free so yeah there's definitely a lot of stuff you can do on it but obviously the games as a certain degree of repetitiveness because you're still just ultimately repairing cars and there's not really a lot of racing cam gear to these on that mature channel of yours will you play GTA v in Carmageddon no I won't play GTA 5 because it's been up for so long it's more like as those games that come along that I really want to play I'll probably put it over there fuel filter a fuel filter for it alright fuel filter I did for the fuel rails in I guess I should do that fuel filter thermostats and a throttle throttle they're sweet well my gas powered essa that's right it's it's a mock Tesla I wanted to be cool like the like the rich kids down the street but I couldn't afford a real Tesla so I got a I got a mess huh it still takes fuel but it has very similar body shapes fine really I swear it's very very ecologically friendly I only have to add in a certain amount of oil to the fuel mix it's good serpentine belt B oh gosh there's somebody built options now is crazy looking for the v6 be nervous all these for bag tags all the times of my sheep well I think is everybody who wants you to play the game that they want you to play right just so happens that there's a lot like for tonight's popular right now so a lot of people asked for it Bell tensioner and then timing covers Oh cv6 see time to cover see v6b says one should be a timing cover be there we go time to cover a there we go it's in hock up and they still all the parts of the provision they call it the Edison yeah pretty much clever seven new Tesla no no man this is the Edison it gets way more distance and few and recharges faster I just have to fuel it another idler roller we need can you played on xsplit like this on Xbox one no it's it's not available in the Xbox one so far just um on mobile and PC a believe certain item belt a least I've heard that it's on mobile haven't I haven't seen it to play it but license plate same trees be more to put on this engine I thought there would be this is gonna really stink if I have to do all the same stuff to the rear engine doesn't this rebuild might take longer than I thought all right all this is done we're gonna dig some gearbox stuff here too uh your clutch clutch plate pressure plates release rang and then our gearbox g6p there we go not seem as 2018 was on ps4 and Xbox one well it so when you load up the game and has the the banners for it but I've never heard anything about it coming out on those platforms a lot of people have asked about it any maybe it's out now right and I just totally missed the press release I don't know maybe worth checking I think the rear-engine is just a decoration if York also mentioned that only the engine can work it only one engine can work at a time and CMS oh that could be hopefully that's true so we have to rebuild that whole thing come on what can i seriously Arielle okay we have our little tiny engine hidden in there now again the engine compartment here seeping in the gearbox put on this thing oh wait a minute wait a minute it wait a minute what's the front engine it to go right not the back engine maybe not I don't know I don't know I mean what's the rear engine to go okay so that's good confuse the heck out of me accessible I have to get under the car all right this is so weird having two engines only one of them I have to work on hi Scott how are you yeah so this is a bit of a weird build because this is a mod and they have to kind of work within certain constraints when there are modding the game so this is obviously an electric car but it has a lot of stuff in it you know that might be more relatable to do a gas car so in order to simulate the two electric engines like one in the front one in the back or to electric motors whatever they have they have these little engines you have to rebuild it's like it like a v6 engine theives shrunken down bottle gearbox did by gearbox right oh it's gearbox B isn't it yeah of course it is all wasted a bunch of money that's a big deal we're all way down to like eleven thousand dollars we don't even have enough to finish the build this will be interesting after we test drive this thing we're totally gonna sell it I need money bag starter v8 don't have what no of course it out how come your car mechanics lags so much I mean I don't know maybe your PC I don't play this on the highest graphics settings just because it used to have some video lag and stuff it's improved since they released it but I don't know it might just be your PC I guess okay that's done left on this thing I mean obviously the wheels goal of body is at 2% which doesn't surprise me since it's not really their global park certain 93 percent that's because we don't have the wheels on I think we have most of the rest of it campitos camshafts all that stuff was a hundred percent so didn't need to do any of that so weird so weird how much was the Tesla it was like twenty twenty thousand dollars for something when I bought it in the junkyard so it should sell for a relatively decent amount when it's completed I would think let's get the good the wheels to get a part of this thing you hate fortnight's it's so easy my friends say it's hard frist 5 games you play you one it's too easy alright different people different skill levels I guess performance batteries you should have put in performance parts I mean what's it what does it all fully matter I mean this is time of the legend finding a real engine there should be a new gearbox shop for tuning gearbox yeah there probably is okay if you look in was it here here it is tuned parts let's see change special parts settings but I don't have any special parts maybe we try that with the Lotus we'll buy some performance parts of course I broke them ah alright what were those rim classic 17 B's 2 of them rym classics 17 bees are two of these 17-inch and then we're gonna need to replace the rubber obviously don't say it too loud that they're not real anxious gotta cry this poor little engines was a little engine that could only it didn't sport tires to 6535 our twenty ones looks like they're all the same size that make sense blame it on let me look at that again there's my memory I should write this down so smarty would Estes a Morty – 65 35 our 21 medium ties oh here grip this is the custom custom gear box shop this is all new that's so the fancy like your tuning and stuff I guess if you buy the the custom grip reinforce us tamir boxes you can put those in and then tweak them in I guess using that another mode that's pretty cool we definitely need to try that with a lotus a thing ah let's see sport tire for these with 17 inches we're looking for 265 wait a minute 21-inch wait did I buy the wrong rim size I might have I'm not very bright oh she's I'm stupid it was the 17 be the three be off if they're 21 inches ah I'm really good at wasting money we're down to $8,500 we might not even have enough to buy the body parts for this car oh my gosh all right we need these in 21-inch no no that money just to 21-inch there we go now it makes more sense to me good lord nothing like throwing cash away I mean we have a whole bunch of parts in here I could sell which is fine to our sport tires I was looking at the stuff I'd written down to the looking the tire system I'm going like no there's something wrong here like this I did something wrong to 6535 all right sweet hey Danny things are going well ish playing around with a bit of a weird mob today biggest re Vermont was the 5555 60s and those are my tires here have to charge the batteries to sell for a good price I mean I put new batteries in so it should be oh you're right if I charge the old ones I mean yeah let's take a battery on here I don't want to do this 36 times it would just be such a pain oh there wait a minute oh there's 35 batteries there's one battery in the middle it with that didn't need to go in nice good times again waste of cash throw at it stress my wife what elbows valiree rim sighs there we go by the way cryptic videos interest me – they are billions if you just managed to beat the first map nice good job Galina the only time I beat the first map so far is when I was playing with myself and not recording so I can't prove it I mean I have the achievement which I guess sort of proves it let's try the truants tree even you think I could do it on stream of course not hello from Croatia started to play five days ago awesome mario hope you enjoy the game best license plate should be sub fox alright we can do that that seems reasonable catching up with the first live stream glad to be here tank kripp life welcome austin glad you're here welcome to the very first live streaming to be able to make it to this is a really low-key one because I don't there's not a lot of high energy when you're playing car mechanic simulator but welcome trying to think of stream rules for people watching is hard how so the other broken down 2.2 K left yeah we're gonna have to sell something I don't have enough to buy the body parts Oh actually we saw the junk we'll get a fair amount on that so we'll see what we got I might not even be able to fix what I have all right so you know make sure these are all 21 so I didn't screw up good Dobie I've never been this broke this car costs a lot to repair probably it's good to buy a small fortune in batteries all right that's one end 120 viewers yeah I mean don't get me wrong think the game has interest it's not like it's not psychotic interest but I actually I've said it before and I'll say it again I mean I do like playing the games because this is Pixar chill stream I can just hang out and chat with people and put together cars and pretend like I have some odd sense of know what I'm doing and I clearly don't time I play fortnight you'd like to join I don't you invite people generally unless I know them so usually if I'm gonna do that and play with people that I don't know what's on a open squads type of scenario all right so we have 2200 dollars left let's see what we actually managed to fix here I don't move the car there we go that's what I want oh wow all right I was missing a lot apparently but we fix the hood it's their front bumper fixed that left headlight fix the Hat I don't think you could fix headlights at this game front end nice to fix that too well so we got back rear bumper nice that all these parts I'm not having to buy which is really good because I'm really broke you needed an oil flashy mode I don't we talking about why do this my own away we had all right that I did not prepare let the side up left body window a we did not repair that either not surprisingly because it's technically a window and therefore glass all right so we didn't get a little bit here let's go ahead and clear out my inventory if I can come on there we go it looks so weird we got hovering parts it's great yeah ugly mix colors just for fun how much is it worth now that's a good question not a lot car status oh my gosh so one hundred and forty thousand dollars already it's not even finished it doesn't even have a body you can't drive the thing and it's worth 140 grand I guess that's why it was like twenty thousand when I bought it as a total wreck in the junkyard you know more about cars than most of us I think so just show I don't know about that make aleena to her I think a lot of people who like to follow this game have some clue what's going on with cars I know just enough to hurt myself well hurt hurt or shame myself what to do can we put oil in this thing survey says we can 36 battery it was actually 35 there's one in the middle that doesn't go in look it's like an empty gap they're right here there's a spot that there's no battery that goes in it's kind of weird and I can't click on there so there's there's not supposed to be a battery there okay do I need to put oil in the front mini engine that's it Oh open up I can't reach it yes module that will get me to the engine if I can zoom in right there's no cap no nope you do have to put a wheel in it I think it's overflowing yeah it's pretty full it seemed like the oil dumped it out wonder if it makes it mess on the floor of my shop that'd be cool I suspect not but because they don't think they have anything to clean up with all right it's fine it's funny though because like if you're really overfilled it with that much oil I'm sure it would damage the engine you know about your father's 2007 ford f150 he does nice oil in a Tesla I know Omar but it's just one of those things where they've got to work with components that are in the game already when they're doing these kinds of mods so it's a little weird but it probably requires it just to get it out of the shop all right let's sell what we have is if Adele I can't afford to fix the body of this thing good chunk here actually let's go grab the battery I charged we got like twenty dollars instead of fifteen dollars for this ring all right no inventory sell parts sell everything with condition blow or equal to 100 see it it's got better now you can actually set that slider that lets you pick the things you want to sell which is good because he used to be a real pain to sell now we can do that slider and sell more but it still doesn't get everything like these clearly are parts that are below 100% condition but it didn't sell them nevertheless it's an improvement so I'll take it that got us up to like ninety one hundred dollars so we're recovering some money we still probably have to sell a car but if we can just finish this one off and then sell it we'll get a pretty decent recharge to our bank account I think I have Tesla doors not anymore I don't I sold them all if I have just the doors before they're gone I hold on go into the where's the mod one car watch out there we go for Tesla alrights uh with no body left 12 what nobody left 13 really we got options here all-wheel drive electric motors rear-wheel drive electric motors carbon 5 alright weird the nice thing about the mods is you have all these different types of pieces you can put on they look a little different but the tricky part about the mods there's all these different types of people parts that make it look different actually buy them all remember which parts are missing which one I'm not how do you do is super chat there's like a dollar sign at the bottom of the of the chat window if you click on that it gives you pop-up and gives you the option to do super chants from there was the left window did a cover both sides or do they need two different ones I don't even remember I guess I'll just buy one for now cuz we're low on cash I don't want to make some mistakes here we already have the front end in we had the bumper on not worried about the motors left front door and window left front fender right front fender right door right window do the windshield we have the hood already went through with that left body window a mama's left headlight we have but the right headlight we don't up side mirror left taillight lift trunk taillight the bumper we put on already so that's fine rear left door me there's a lot of parts for this thing I'm gonna go broke again your window your left fender you put roll bars in this thing that's cool why does it have a v6 it's just a so this is a mod so in order to simulate the electric motors in it they used like a shrunken v6 engine and they put one in the front and one in the back so it's a little weird it but yeah whatever it's a mod well we were right fender I guess represents the whole body so we'll need that oh it counts uh we need right headlight need right taillight I need wrong right trunk light there's a lot more body parts of this than I thought there would be looking what spoilers on it that's neat trunk window alright I think I got all the parts we need to put this thing back together except for the front seats in the steering wheel I actually hate Tesla's to electric not a number or I can see that I guess where's the FaceCam at I don't use a face cam but never have I have a couple videos on the channel where I just recorded using my iPhone but I don't own a face cam and I'm not really big fan of all the hassle and stuff that would go into setting one up the fine face cams a little bit polarizing though some people are they really like them others don't and they'll appreciate the fact they see more the actual gameplay and less of my face I've toyed with the idea of using a game can admit there like a webcam at some point but it's just not something I'm gonna rush to do again because it's kind of polarizing right side mirror I did not get what's the right side mirror I grabbed the left side here where's the right side mirror oh there it is found it live in rural Alberta a town with a thousand people whereabouts in Alberta are you chef and what drives lifted drugs as normal drugs well you would almost have to yeah I lived in Edmonton at one point when I was younger my brother lived in Edmonton when he was deployed in the forces and so I still have like nieces and things that live out in Edmonton look it's not deploy and he wouldn't been deployed cuz he was on base but his home base was evidence in anyway when trucks run clean they'll probably be electric I'm actually I'm curious to see if someone ever comes up with the ability to have a clean running transport truck trucks your life gas is life yeah my dad used to have this old beat-up 1950s dump dump truck it had like a wooden box on the back it was like constantly having to be repaired there's just one of those things he had a farm so it was a it was actually really handy on the farm but I need to get rid of this license plate because this thing's toast oh it's honestly there oh that's weird okay that's fine we have all the glass in we have all the body components on I think I even remembered the driver side mirror which I've forgotten on more than one car hey cryptic Fox on Oxford not included on your water tank that is low on water can't you put snow we're sculptures from the cold by oh and there yeah yeah absolutely can that's a very slow way to replenish your water though because it takes a while for the ice to melt and it doesn't add a large quantity each time it melts but that is certainly an option okay so I think we have all the body parts on we just need to the interior so I got to move this away from the lift in order to do that send this over back pop over the back door I know yeah there we go close the door we need a front left seat and we need a driver's side seat I guess but wait a minute the front left seat that's weird what's going on here this is not count that as interior I don't think it does no no it does okay there we go I have no seats so will you eat some steering wheel undersides miss Oh No no it was a whole there's a whole piece that goes on above the batteries right is that what you're telling me did I miss no no it's gotta be fine no it's gotta be fine global body 77% I gotta strip the whole body off of this thing again come on now I want someone mode I want global bodies 70 cent you know what let me let me just double check maybe maybe maybe I've got it maybe I'll go to denial and just then I won't have to pull it apart I need seats in a steering wheel so go to the interior shop yeah give it a bullet just to protect half of them are gone no that was their first mistake asking to protect them hey this is my first stream on your channel I love you thanks Melissa I appreciate that I'm glad you enjoy the channel and welcome by the way welcome Nate the Fox as well another friendly neighborhood Fox their guest really didn't need 36 well no there's no place to put the 36 battery it was only 35 it's got to be something else I mean I'm gonna try putting the seats and steering wheel and we'll see what it says and then I'm gonna cry when I have to take the whole thing apart just to find that because it I think there was like a cover that went over top of the batteries or was there stirred me a little I don't know what to put in here so we'll just put in like a steering wheel 8 no it's fine I don't have enough money I can't even buy a steering wheel I'm so broke are you kidding me I gotta you know what let's put a cheap steering wheel in it this one's only $90 I've got 19 dollars left in my name the side screws that's what they are yeah you got it window body left twelve and then we have left body window eh where did that one go was it over to here someone no no that was already that there's still a piece I have that your right is supposed to go in there somewhere I hate that I'm gonna have to pull this apart again didn't I do the chef Apache mod what no I haven't seen that you can see the shadow underneath the doors I think you were without well so part of it I could do there but I still have another piece and I don't know if it's like an alternate for this thing it might be maybe because it gave me no it gave me choices so maybe it was just an alternate for that piece I don't I do this several body yeah it's giving me alternate choices so body a her body left yeah whatever that's kind of a weird mismatch there but yeah it looks alright okay let's try the interior now sniff-sniff it's been long so long since you watched got a little stream note for a while friend get back into them well welcome back Jim appreciate that I know it is ticking what I'm streaming so constantly I mean it's hours worth the time consumption if you were here for every one of them that's quite a bit I cryptic back to UK tomorrow enjoy being part of the live streams welcome boss VXR glad you were able to join a bit obviously given my the time I stream you might not catch as many after but we could get lots of custom plates you can yeah sort of I mean you can choose like where it's from and stuff and then you can customize what's written on it which reminds me we need to get plates where should we get the place from pick ups pick a spot we'll see we can get plates for it and then we'll just throw a little custom custom gonna make the Tesla matte black I'm kind of leaning towards white sorta like I did in the thumbnail I've got a white car in ages why the scheme yesterday didn't feel like going through the pain of leveling up it just did sandbox mode so you have 900 million dollars nice I didn't realize they had a sandbox mode they didn't have that when I started playing kind of had to level it up and unlock all the stuff have to go to bed now all right have a good night Mick Kalina thanks for coming out you still have stuff to sell on the reserve oh I have a ton of stuff in the shop I can technically go sell I don't really have an inventory in my in my person I have $19 that's right I'm broke no oil clip be for you to forget this time I put the oil in I had to have a oil because these ones to have fake engines plates are a hundred oh I don't have spare part I have one and get one hundred and fifteen bucks for that which is enough to get one license plate I need two Minnesota plates alright we'll grab we're grab Minnesota plates oh well sorry actually have a whole bunch people showing them out so we have Iowa Greenland Maine Minnesota Arizona Ohio Great Britain man they're all over the place Washington DC don't put her tell her to play tönnies like I don't want that electric car my province get that out of here all right we need to sell something because I don't have all of the cash I don't have enough I was hoping I could finish the car out just squeaked through with no money but it's not gonna work that way you know what I'm never gonna rebuild a sir this secure moon if I really wanted to I could go find a way to get relatively easy I'm gonna go sell that that'll get us a couple thousand dollars and then we'll get me enough to finish this off and then obviously once we sell off this car we'll have a ton of money but for now the sudden oh yeah I finally clued in I am smart assume what he I don't have enough to fill the tank again yeah but there's no gas tank so I don't have to worry about filling a tank of gas and two engines and no gas tank we're gonna go we're going places that's what's happening here they could eat a window I thought I had all the windows in off the check channels growing even faster than predicted Connor Kia by December is more than in the bag necessarily Nathan we'll see I mean we're at uh we're approaching 50 mm so far we're just kind of cool but my goal is to hit like a hundred thousand by the end of the year and at the time I sent that goal I actually thought it was going to come price would you without I guess I gotta move it to the garage to sell it all right hopefully Headroom in the garage I think my garage is pretty full right now yeah I mean I I was hoping to get a hundred thousand by the end of the year we're not even quite halfway through the year we're almost at 50 mm but I'm only gaining around 4,000 subscribers a month right now so it's gonna be close we'll see how the rest of the year pans out I have another variety of other games coming up that I want to play that should be fun see what kind of interest those drive you're not even from bein mainly vote for Maine don't have parts of my storage oh I might I should probably go check I very well might have I might have sold that car for nothing but actually isn't even sold yet I guess where did it go all right here it is here let's get rid of the Sakura moon because I'm not really gonna mind it our Rushton really it's not even fixed fifty four thousand seven hundred and forty eight bucks alright whatever catchy I'll take it now we got all kinds of cash let's get license plates I'm gonna check for the glass tube is you said with missing one nope I think I have all the glass on there it looks like it I think we're fine uh license plates so I'm gonna grab mean I guess I don't think we've done mania oops man they would really help with my fingers were in the right key position mate oh look a little birds on it and everything so what was it what was the license-plate message you wanted I think it was a sub Fox as the subtle reminder that if you haven't subscribed already you should subscribe to the channel so you can come back and enjoy some more simple plug alright we've got we got our plates let's get these installed wait a minute oh yeah it's okay good tada alright what have we got for condition god geez Oh missing stuff 96% global parts 97% global body that's gonna bother me and the trouble is with this car there's all this stuff that's just unknown so I don't know what parts actually need fixing this really stinks turns out you weren't live oh that kind of helps sub Boxer crypt for life yeah we crypt like most meat is good the awesome thing is that you aren't having supper attention issues and tough cookie to keep it oh yeah well for the most part not I guess I mean I'm I'm playing sort of a weird it's a lot more like the serpent of games right now makes for interesting audience rape body window a in a second starter I mean I see that window here those but there's got to be something else that represents the body we're gonna have to strip this down again alright I'll rip the body part of this thing we'll see what I'm missing here does I think the ripe red Bonnie window a was like a weird it was something weird it's not the front end although we can take the front of vaguely recall seeing something called that and I thought was weird when I spotted it let's see assemble mode oh my gosh there's just so much stuff in here it's it the overlay is overpowering like you can't even see the things that underneath wait what do we got going there electric motors that's what I'm missing it looks like electric motors I'm missing at the back end of it in here it looks like when I look at the overlay I'm wrong hold on come on it looks like there's a piece in here that I don't have two of them that connected the drive shafts all right that's a good start I gotta send this back to the lift because I have no idea how to put those in exactly actually I might not have to because it's showing those are body parts aha I might not have to rip the entire thing apart to find that that would be great um it's gonna be in here so I was looking at the electric motors that were in here and I thought I mean we're gonna have motors in this thing so we have to have engines in it all-wheel drive electric motor window body right oh yeah look at that window body right thirteen rear-wheel drive electric motor there was another one too right body window eh although what we got here body right I know this is confusing to me rear-wheel drive a large motor all-wheel drive electric motors all right whatever let's take this one I have no idea what I'm doing now and then this one is the rear-wheel drive electric motor I don't know the trouble is I can't I can't see it and put it on I think I might actually have to I'd have to get this up on the lift to be able to do it let's send this over to the lifts I'll hoist it up but we'll see if I can get to this thing from underneath maybe it's weird choice the front front rear or four-wheel drive I did four wheels so we'll see what happens kryptonite seats it's my kryptonite put the trunk on hold on see there we go I can put it I can get to it from under here there it is ha put these on all around here to make sure there's nothing else underneath here I have to do it's just rear right fender and that's the whole body the front end on when I'm under the car I don't have that works but whatever I'll take it okay but think think that might have solved the issue maybe put the trunk on it open it oh that would work – yeah why don't you brains and all shrug lights from the window some doors in here please tell me I got everything now that would be great is this actually taking a lot longer than I thought it would I thought was gonna breeze through this when I at first I thought there were like a limited number of parts on it but it's actually a little more extensive than I thought it would be okay let's go back to normal mode we just shift the car back over in front of the garage so we can get inside some engine has the choice to be covered in carbon fiber only that's the cool hey you talk for not notifying me by the way of notifications I was just weird so do you have it set for all notifications or do you just have it set for some notifications because when you check the Bell they've got choices in there now too cuz you know the Bell itself wasn't enough you know they gotta make that even more okay I think I think we got it all tell me that a hundred percent what am I missing now if it's a hundred seventy hours and CMS that's a fair amount we should be real build Dom's 71 GTX from fast eight and wonder if they have that the game I don't I'd have to check and see whether there's a mod for that out there what am I missing I'm missing something I missing it's really hard to tell from this list though oh man don't have anything left in my inventory – I have like weird random parts I have a license plate I'll shut the plate off the back haha survey says well we got the body altogether but 96% global parts there's got to be something engine related that's not it's not the way that it's supposed to be you know given their engines in this car at all I open the trunk I think I came up with the trunk of this thing oh there we go there we go well I think 96 or 97 percent is the closest we to get there because I really have no idea what we messed up parts wise that's gonna paint job on this thing we'll take it off for a spin and see how it runs the second starter really all right we'll send it over and check it move this over we'll see if it's a second starter take a peek how did you tell though like it there's so much stuff that's just great out it's under the front of the car or window or something right there's the engine no it's so that what this one has a starter on it let's check the one at the back no man can't even oh there we go and that one has to start on a 2 they both have starters you're missing so many ignition coils yeah crews around a little bit here and see there's a figure out all right wasn't even let me move kind of click on stuff but I can't I can't move around in here good times I mean I don't see anything on here that's missing is it one of the batteries maybe I've used that weird gap in the battery like right here there's this one spot that doesn't have one but there's no there's no like template to be able to click here and put one in so it's not that it's just open engine bay and great I don't know maybe you're missing I could be missing the blinker fluid you're right it's likely that it won't run if the engines are aren't assembled no yeah I I did assembly ends though maybe we'll get hop in and try to how do you get nightbot uh you go to night pop dot TV it's really easy to set it up actually now let's move this over to the garage door again and take a look I'm really perplexed about what I might be missing see we can start it actually I guess you should probably get in the cruxit creek seat forgot this one's european-style oh my gosh actually this is might be fun to test drive just because I'm on the wrong side of the car I I don't have an option to start it that's unusual hmm don't run the card will tell you what's wrong but there's not even an option to try and start it which is weird let's go here we'll try and send it out to the track maybe we'll go to a little more racetrack and we'll pick our Tesla there's a spark plug are you kidding me [Laughter] I'm missing spark plugs in my electric vehicle lifts I don't even know if I can get into the engine compartment now okay I even get in here I just pulled something apart that's great there we go we have the engine relatively quick where on earth am I supposed to plug smart close and you know there we go there's a whole bunch of them alright so we need six spark plugs of all things it's the spark plugs I'm missing good lord all right let's grab six of these hopefully this will solve the problem and we'll finally have a functioning car we can take a test drive with welcome to cryptic fox's auto shop where if you bring your car in it may not run when it tries to leave and now what you try to leave with it when they try to leave on its own cuz you know we scare cars away okay we have spark plugs in Lord I should check the front and see if this one has spark looks pretty sure the one up here though I didn't really have to do anything to it it was already already in good condition down here can't see ignition coils I need the ignition coils on the back – I guess those would be kind of important wouldn't yep ignition coils all right grab six of these front engines fine it was already in in like perfect condition I guess it's only the back one here you have to actually fix up and even still most of the parts of this one were in fantastic shape so there wasn't all that much to do as president notice those when I was assembling the engine this what's weird nevertheless I think we've got a cover let's check the whole parts hundred percent nice all right finally finally now I gotta figure out what parts that took off of this thing what else did I pull off I pulled some together as I what I thought uh-huh the electric motors again okay I think we're good I think we finally have the whole car completed a sign for of a paint job ha ha hundred percent across the board finally oh my god that was awful that took way longer than I thought it was going to I'm not gonna lie I thought this I thought this thing was gonna be really simple when I didn't but at first I thought we were working on through any with the engines it would just be like a quick slap together job we'd move on the Lotus and Howard forty minutes later that's not done the car oh my gosh I know you told me like ten minutes ago but I was thinking that what I don't know what I was thinking don't know what I was thinking alright let's get this to the paint babel throw throw a paint job on I kinda wanna paint it white like in that thumbnail my card homes white I kind of like the look I started going to the crazy colors today it was wait what do I have to do to get this thing white no there we go there is a there is a livery option for this but yes I kind of like go into the folders and move delivery to a different folder so that the game will recognize it so I didn't end up doing that I wasn't super thrilled with it anyway there we go this isn't gonna stay in the garage ever I'm gonna sell this thing off and get the cash out of it we'll send this out to the entrance there we go our fancy new all fixed up Tesla that had no business being the junkyard anyway but we put it there just for the purposes of totally rebuilding it he's back to the 12-cylinder electric car I know right oh no I put oil in don't you worry I even put extra oil in the front the point where was totally overflowing so we'll see what happens let's take this out for a spin I'm actually really surprised that when you stood in the in the driver's side you can't you know get an option to like start oh there it is all right it's got a very nice rumble for an electric car think of the racetrack see how it runs it's just funny to hear the engine rumbling on my electric car so weird yay for mods this is a glisteny mod though I mean full of sick and I don't even know if I'm pronouncing that right but he does some really cool mods he does a nice job in terms of like all the layout and everything and he's working within the confines of the game so obviously there's no electric engine there's no electric motors just be coming here so you kind of end up having an engine or the thing just doesn't Drive but every one of his monitor checked out you got on the tractor pic I didn't see his camper again no no no don't switch campers too much it's not good go blow gas agility X Sol so to make one a reasonably high oops and now that wasn't so much it's putting your tires on it actually this is why I don't play racing games terrible electric tune on relieved it's all easier to control the carpet inside than it is when you're outside right we're good nope still there Accor is not good for me so never let me drive your racecar because obviously it's not going to come back in good condition [Applause] who says you should slow down a corners surely play racing came to get Henriette as opposed there's actually eight coming up called the crew that I want to check out the crew – I think it is I'm going to spit this around we'll see what hit listen to fly it or the track the way we have other cars can't be good for the battery it's right adjustment back in you driving I'm gonna be on Kip Canada's worst drivers No we didn't get out of the track I've never got that for me inside the guards before overtime I prefer to flip it up try to get the fly off the track what was everyone gonna try that one the tribe sentences to slow down if you slow down it means your non drama crumbling I'm stuck I can't even move the car oh my gosh I lodged it in the barrier in a way that I can't get out look at the Weir's actually stuck inside it alright well that goes that I was gonna try and flip it out of the track the way I have some other cars but I seem to have wrecked that plan I can't move I broke the car it's just it's stuck there anyway that's our Tesla it's got a very nice Rumble to it considering the car is suppose to have an electric an electric motor there's a Chevy Apache mod I should check that out let's go back to the shop with this thing we'll see if we can sell it for I'm curious what the final price will be when we didn't even have a body on it it was like a hundred and forty or a hundred and fifty thousand dollars we could have sold it for which is pretty crazy you have mirror slash boat anchor you heard they put planes in the crew – yeah so I signed up for the beta I'm kind of hoping I can get access to the beta for that I'm not holding my breath because I'm smaller channel that I don't stand out and it's pretty random chance when you just sign up for things so but we'll see what happens but I am kind of curious to try it out go sell all the junk in my reserve REO I will go check my reserve I don't know that I have much in there let's go look I have a feeling I cleared a bunch of stuff out of here before the warehouse we have we do have some stuff about that how do I select it all I don't are you sure you want to sell this – oh my gosh if I got to do these one at a time really where's the cell all button all right we cleared it out so I had a little bit in there not a huge amount let's see what this sells for though so we have fifty four thousand six eighty eight now this will sell for a grand total of 169 107 that's not so bad not too bad sell that was fun to rebuild it actually replenished my cash into good shape so we're in a good position to do some more restorations instead of going flat broke this one we actually didn't even have enough to finish it I had to go in like sell off random parts destroy him try and finish the car off so you said there is sorry what's that mod the Apache hold I was like I'm gonna try pulling up the like and find it here well bring up the Steam Workshop we'll take a look and see what we have in store actually I'll go into library here's all the DLC stuff so you can see there's a couple of DLCs they don't have just yet so I haven't on the Pagani one or the Bentley I should snag those at some point but we go back and look in the Steam Workshop you said there's the Apache this is a guy that did the the mod we just worked on again it I don't know how it's pronounced whether it's fully sick or full of sick I'm not really sure you said there's an Apache in here oh there it is Chevy Apache this looks really similar to the the c310 actually Chevy Apache remember to put the taillights on before the bed and descriptions gone forget to be updated all right well I'll subscribe to this one we'll see we get that went in the junk and the junkyard so when we're out scoping around of the junkyard we might come across it does that'd be a fun to run to restore that looks pretty cool in the meantime I'm gonna call the rampant tonight we're approaching midnight anyway I don't have enough time to start at another car but this was fun if you don't subscribe to the channel go ahead and click on the subscribe button you can come back and check out another time we play the game and check out the other streams as well tomorrow to be playing some more oxygen unincluded at 10 p.m. Eastern Time Friday will be 492 play some squads and then on Saturday and plan to play some Frost punk next week next Wednesday I think I'm gonna be playing a new game that's coming out called makya villain which is another sort of like colony management kind of game but you're controlling these horror monsters you have to build like a haunted mansion and lure in people said you can eat them looks really fun I can't wait to play it so I'll probably be playing that next week and then I'll try to figure in another time slot for for car mechanic simulator 2018 but thanks again everyone for coming up to the stream thank you again to Blake for the the channel sponsorship I appreciate the support I hope you'll all come back and check out another time but in the meantime as always cryptic Fox I'll see all of you next time you


  1. It's fake.he modified files wrong. Tesla doesn't have engine and tesla car doesn't have a lot of batterys.

  2. So when you say you modified the files to get it in the junkyard, how exactly did you do that?

    Im not being sarcastic either I really do want to know

  3. It's buffing to much. Is it for guys too? Plus cryptic i subscribed and I turned on post notifications.

  4. My moms sisters WiFi is so bad I have to be on the lowest seding so I could not tell that you will broke

  5. Solid state batteries have made huge advancements, they claim to be cheaper, safer, more energy dense, and don't rely on large amounts of lithium and cobalt. Fisker Automotive is planning on using solid state batteries in their Emotion in 2020. I'm sure Tesla would have a similar timescale.

  6. His live streams start at 10 pm on the east coast of north America (EST). BTW i suspect that since the electric motors were "body" parts, the small engines are required for actual performance and tuning and only made small to hide with in the electric motors when viewing the car.

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