Tapping your Compass Card on the bus

Tapping your Compass Card on the bus

Tapping your Compass Card on the bus Be sure to tap-in at the start of every journey. When you tap-in on a bus, Hold your card against the card reader found at the front of the bus. You should see a checkmark and hear a single beep. If you get an error message when you tap, tap again. If you still have a problem, Contact Compass Customer Service by phone at 604-398-2042 Or in-person at the Compass Customer Service Centre at Stadium–Chinatown Station. Remember, you don’t need to tap-out on the bus. Still have questions? Ask away at askcompass.ca Or visit translink.ca/compasscard for more information.


  1. every time you tap does it charge you? because before you pay $1.75 or $2.75 and get 90 minutes to use the transfer. Someone that has to take a few buses to get somewhere it would be stupid to have to pay every time

  2. Tapping from an Evergreen Line Skytrain to a West Coast Express Train at Port Moody Station.

    What is going to be the rules with that?

  3. Actually I have two Compass Cards. A red one for everything but the West Coast Express.
    I have an orange one to use on the West Coast Express only.
    At the Waterfront, I tap out my orange card after exiting a West Coast Express train. After that I tap in before boarding anything else. In Port Moody, I hope there will be signs telling me where to tap for the Skytrain and where to tap for the WCE.

  4. Actually you MUST TAP OUT of the bus. If you don't, the next bus you take, it notes it as a brand new entry not a "transfer"; and therefore, you get charged TWICE. I know this because I reviewed it in my son's card activity as he was not tapping out and the transfer was within 90 mins.

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