my name is andreas Stevens my professional name is gray boy and I'm a DJ and a music producer I'm from San Diego and I remember like 15 years ago seeing and a van down there that was all original and had a mural on the side with like a wave breaking and it said get down tonight okay and it had portholes cool portals dodge side pipes and I remember thinking I think that was the first time where I was like man I remember those when I was a kid and I thought like I want to get one of those one day those are awesome you know because of my other interest in bands I collect like old magazines about bands from the seventies and so in a number of those there's articles about the Brubaker box when you see the articles you just think oh that's a really cool car that I'll never see you know or own it was really my friend Joe who was a fellow van enthusiast Oh one day he text me a link and it was a link to the Brubaker box that I ended up with for sale and was on the South New Jersey Craigslist yeah so then when it popped up I just thought okay this is you know this is my chance I'm gonna jump at it just the shape of it really you know the shape and even the big wood bumpers and the dual tone you know and then obviously the fiberglass construction and the fact that was designed and produced in Southern California so all those things together really piqued my interest so it was complete they'll just severely neglected basically you know it got here and because of the fiberglass body the body was all good but everything metal that was underneath the body was pretty much toast so you know I just pulled the body and basically replaced every component of the pan and the chassis there's a piece it's been like six months and it's pretty obsessive about it getting it done well my name is Mike handsome and involved years past with a company called Auto Mecca we got involved with what's called the Brubaker sports fan or the brew maker box to be more realistic and I taught andreas when I spoke to him then I thought we maybe named 2225 my dad always had cool cars and he was always doing fun things with dune buggies off-road racing with my brothers and when he got involved with the sports van my friends thought it was so cool and he would bring drive one home and they'd all want to look at it and climb inside and he was just known as pretty much the cool dad we when we drive around we'd peek out the windows and we could see that everybody was looking and you could tell people were kind of pointing and talking and you knew they were saying like what is that never seen anything like that before so it was it was pretty fun to be the center of attention like that we had some really good times people just wallow over themselves to come see what it was since then I watched it kind of happen and then fade into what I thought was just history and a recent times discover there's a lot of interest I think the Internet has anaphase book phenomenon has brought them into possibility once again I want to look at it now I just never thought I would have a Brubaker box you know and it gets a lot of reaction you know definitely more than any car I've ever owned and I don't know what it is I mean I do know what it's just so unusual you know I mean I try to put myself and like turn it around like if I saw that on the roof what would I think and I'm sure I would just be like whoa what is that