Fuck fuck fuck! No no no no no… Fuck!! Arrgh! Mama… What's with the driver? Oooahh! Fucking hell! Ahhh… *Bleep* Fuuuck! *Bleep* Oh wow… Wow… I just captured all of it… Fucking hell! – With what speed was he going? – Is he alive there girls? – Look! He fucking jumped onto the oncoming lane Fucking moron! – Somebody is fucking done…
– Fuck Fucking hell! Where he is going? Is he stupid? Fucking shit! Andrew… Baby… we need to help these people, my god! Such a fools! Fuck! Fucking… – Fuck!
– Fucking fagot! – That's it. He fucked up. You dumb bitch! Cars are coming! – Fuck. You're dumbass!
– Break break – I will break, I will break. – Fuck! Dumbass, dumbass… I can't! – Fuck
– He almost hit that car – Leha, are you gonna make it?
– Yes. Bro… where the fuck you gonna make it? – Aaaa
– WTF? Leha, fucking… Fuck! – Did you see what they're doing? Fucking hell! What is this? – Val', what was that?
– I don't know – They almost rode us over.
– Yes, yes. Go right bro, where