hello what I have here is a chrysler door lock there's the key bidding for it kind of a tough bidding and here we go you can see that the door lock here only has five wipers on it um in it what I'm going to do is pick it for you just to kind of show you there's not a lot of motive picking videos out there I'm going to use the klom automotive tension tool there's one end there's the other just a little wider um I can't zoom right now I'm focused in on this lock so but there it is with the tension tool insert it and see if you can see this real quick and there it is picked using uh I guess Bogota type rake these rake really easy I don't have a whole lot of experience with picking the automotive locks I use a set of high-tech tools but this is sometime just been playing with here lately and they normally break pretty quick see there it is the other way counterclockwise it breaks a lot quicker and depending on what side this is passenger or driver you know depends on which way you would pick it to the unlock position but uh and I think if I'm not mistaken um this would pick a whole lot easier too if it was used this one's brand new and that's why I think because these wafers have a catch on them and the catch on it it's really really sharp and I don't think it would take any time at all for that catch to wear off but uh you can see all the wafers moving there and how it works so break and I think is your best bet on these unless you come up against a really difficult one so there it is raked open a few times like I said I try single pin picking it for you but it takes me way too long because of those those catches on the way version I'd show you but you can't really see them until you get away for out but uh there it is and then I was going to show you something else here Marshall keys wave keys me adjusting here there's the lock looks like how you're used to seeing them here I've got a set of wave keys these are for GM vehicles the tin cup there's the set of them here's another set I've just a made week or so ago I haven't really started using these yet but um there's two sets that I have these are double-sided you know you try one side if it doesn't work you flip it over try the other side and just to show you here this if we can see okay welcome to my garage um here is my vehicle there is got a trailblazer it is a nineteen that since 2010 some 98 or 96 I forget which 96 or 98 trailblazer but uh hope we can see this okay there's what the key for it looks like okay but then as you can see it locks on lungs what you do with these wave keys is just I just start with number one put number one in here try it if it doesn't work flip it over try the second side doesn't work go to key number two try the one side doesn't work turn it over try the other side ooh there it is locking and unlocking it so it was number two so there's what the wait key looks like and there's what the original key looks like the wave key is just made on half cuts all the way across you know instead of a wonder if you've got a one and a half a one and a half cut will work a number one or number two so they just use a pattern of half cuts all the way across the key to make it work but on these keys work really really well I've unlocked several vehicles with them and even though they're GM keys I've had them work other vehicles they work I've had them work some jeeps and a Dodge so they're worth checking out if you do automotive unlocks and like I said this other set of five of them if anybody needs the instructions on cutting them let me know and I'll see what I can do but there's the five wave keys and there's another set another type five of those I also have a set of the original Marshall keys here but those I haven't really got the hang of I don't use them I never really use them they sit in my box all the time but there's what the Marshall Keys looks like you get one for Chrysler one for GM and one for Ford safe principle and there's the klom double sided automotive tension wrench I was talking about that works really really well so you got a thicker side and a thinner side so that's it I just wanted to give you a little bit of information on the automotive locks and how to unlock them and then or how to rake up my guess till I get a little better single pane picking them but uh that's it thanks for watching