this is car guys New England your YouTube channel for anything on a motive so this is Jay hey this is Andy what's up and this is car guys New England and today we are at the art of the automobile and Boston very beautiful day excited to get out here so let's let's take a look around there's already some beautiful cars here absolutely yes so let's check it out supercharged yes if you're not already following my buddy Chris on Instagram give them a follow not the same right really no lawsuits risk I know this is gonna hurt it's gonna hurt from taking yeah oh my god beautiful mercy I love that color do beautiful Testarossa cheese graters so that was a really fun day in Boston I actually ended up finding myself out on the Seacoast today and went to get myself some lobster for dinner but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a like if you have questions or comments be sure to comment down below this is Jay we're car guys New England until next time take care