SYNERGIES AND UPGRADES! Auto Chess Knights+Elf+Undead Lineup Dota 2

SYNERGIES AND UPGRADES! Auto Chess Knights+Elf+Undead Lineup Dota 2

antimage and ax both pretty strong to pick up early axis tanki anti-mage's mana burn is just insanely strong in PvP let's forget the a.m. to magic let's get the a.m. go and see what happens axis tanki but that's it axe doesn't do too much damage unless you get a really early acts of great it's not gonna do too much damage no way Danny the best customer is here I'm here man what's up show him show me what you've got what do I have it removed oh why did I not see it in chat then I bring an end to magic ok ii am i need one more one gold unit let me see let's get this shaman in there ant images are really good early to mid-game later on they are not that strong but early mid game they are very good another nice little thing about ant images am I losing this round are you kidding hell no another good thing about ant images is that they are demon hunters and if enemy has a demon he has no bonus damage you remove the deal you remove the demon bonus damage out of enemy demons okay right now we have 2 1 gold units very weak units we need one strong one meter is larger or luna luna would make more sense because she's an elf and we have double elf or a little early game of synergy and the slider is a warrior which is cool but it has no synergy with anybody else if I win the round I'm gonna get instantly gold right don't tell me I can lose two creeps I'm not gonna get gold I didn't get okay so this is interesting first of all we upgrade I'm actually gonna do this double double elf stays and then double night lunacy Cain Knights I'm wondering if my own antimage is going to remove the demon no right no no no plus 50% damage there it is like it removes it from enemies not from me mana burn inch-perfect this is why antimage is so good early mana burn inch no heal and he lost because of no heal if he sent kyo there they would have won the fight I think oh my god more upgrades to uh these guys I bring an end to magic more anti-mage's let's put this one warrior in there I hope he takes out one of the Lunas yeah even though Luna would have been better than jog probably are we gonna win this round I thought I'm gonna lose this CK's so damn strong girly anent image motherboard is just so good I want to invest into a level up early I have been doing it in the games today so far almost everybody does it and it's it's very wor worth to do early we might have a jog upgrade so I'm gonna sell the Lina level up and we put five units in there I kind of won this bug cause she's an elf and so far we're looking for some kind of night + elf lineup oh my am is gonna die really early he jumped in really deep a disc is burning timber and he wants but he won't use the spell on me and image with living armor how disgusting tinker is not gonna win alone it's a level 1 thinker get up Luna's get up nice should be easy right self heal from double goblin mech so strong let's get this bad ziwei okay if we go elves pas and elf if we have a ck okay this is good this is nice maybe I should put PA instead of one of the Lunas or instead of the joke I think joke doesn't have any synergy with anybody and PA has the elf synergies he is gonna jump on the back line or something on the batter either oh that's okay my aunt image didn't mana burn the tree and he mana burn bad instead this is bad maybe we can still do it there is like a low chance no if my aunt mhm man abhorrent korean protector instead we would have won the fight because he wouldn't leave seed maybe it's worth to put 20 majors early if I get upgrade to another level 2 a.m. I will put double antimage but instead of that we get a perfect upgrade to CK we are looking really good like this I know I can add one more I was just thinking which one and what to do if I want this necro or not I'm gonna have to sell something for necro I guess I'm gonna sell the jog warrior we're not going any warriors I don't think amazing good job everybody necro is a purple unit so he can be quite strong early he certainly is a undead warlock we don't have any synergy with him but we might get some in the future level two and image instead of BH and like this actually we can even go crazy level up would be a back in or maybe the puck what might do more than PA I don't know maybe the PA was good leveling up this early works should work really well most of the time because you do have a lot more units than the enemy right now I'm fighting with six units against by I think five or four no five we have five and if I didn't have many upgrades like I have three level two heroes on my board if I didn't have that many upgrades my early game would still be very weak so even if I put more heroes they are all level one they wouldn't do too much but since they are all what graded that much they will do a lot level two PA would be such a pogchamp level too PA would be dope maybe I'll put the PA instead of buck did pod do anything I don't know it's like it's either this one or or PA jumping on the backline killing someone with grids if my PA gets lucky with crits she is good to go other than that puck might do more oh this is the the Goblin round on the goblin but the golem and they just killed my PA in two seconds what can you do now item drops why attack blade that's gonna be on Luna she is a very strong level to Luna with moon claves hitting every hero almost but we get more damage on her Abaddon is the type of hero weed we need we definitely do this Abaddon over PA every time we don't ruin the elfs energy by taking out PA we add another Knight which has the chance to get a shield and most importantly we get undead synergy necrophos and warlock and Abaddon both on deaths that means – far far more on enemies this ck is gonna hit hard in Luna c-can you're not gonna hit very hard Abaddon you need to shield yourself before you die or you're getting mad opponent understandable not much you can do a crow here perfect good amazing so right now we have a combination of little synergies – elf synergy – Knights energy – undead synergy like not going something crazy like six warriors or six nights for full synergy of one same class or race we do have smaller synergies but at the same time we have upgraded units this is what I was doing wrong before like my units were small non upgraded ones we're gonna sell this jug we don't need the jokes anymore Oryx shaman don't have any orcs and I don't need a shaman so unlucky to get the purple unit disruptor if I got the purple unit DK he's a he's a knight and we already have Knights going so Knight would have been perfectly the DK but it's okay enemy antimage is hitting my antimage there is no mana to burn so this is very very nice for me and inefficient for him meanwhile my and he may just burned the important hero's mana and I guess this is when we have the defender advantage offender house advantage because you can position your units the way you want and get good like good positions where you want it oh yeah so what are we looking at elfs with knights elfs knights that is not bad to be honest elf with knights mainly because we got a ton of upgrades for them I don't think I'm going to keep this bad he is over old probably the weakest unit in the game unless you get him upgraded to level 3 really early if I had a level 3 bad by this point of the game minutes 14 15 it can be quite strong but otherwise later he doesn't do much the only reason I would seem to have a bat would be if you wanna go full nights all six nights because there are only six nights in the game so if you want to go six you need all six of them for the 45 percent chance for a shield do I want this troll warlock just in case I don't know I need ck upgrades CK is a knight and and he's only demon level 3 ck owns a ton of damage i hada i hada bro I had a javelin I mean attack blade on on Luna okay if I get a broadsword this is what happens Crystalis broadsword attack blade Crystalis the items are pretty much the same from normal daughter it's just like no recipes no recipes in here okay we could use the Omni for sure is a knight and we have Knights energy going I'm not gonna use him right now over any other maybe over Abaddon but now I have the undead synergy right now or maybe I should level them up and add the Omni if I get if I get a level 2 PA I will level up and put the PA if I get the level 2 anything I will level up to 7 right now I want to keep a bit of gold right now we have bonus gold from a win streak and we have interest because we have 20 gold so the early game is looking pretty pretty okay so far let's go give me give me the human night give me the DK human night DK human night brother I hope my PA doesn't suicide how many elves would be a tree elf still I could use a fourth elf and get the for elves bonus and this way we have four elf bonus with four four night like four elfs energy and four nights energy like I have a fourth elf I half a bug in here but it's a level one week bug I don't really want the level one bug if I get back to level two I can put it in there but not right now nothing here nothing here and we don't need anything to be on like right now we are in a really good spot recently leveled up to seven so I went down in gold we do keep the win streak going so right now we have plus three extra gold for the win streak and we're gonna continue winning rounds we should because we have super good lineup and we get it's it's like having trained three interest three win streak three gold oh my god that's a level two Omni holy level 2 Lina she's gonna delete my PA watch watch watch okay she went on the CK instead which is nice for me I guess come on voice you can do this is a game yeah is a game high five zero this guy on his board and this guy is the majors guy is going majors Madhu's are really Medusa is like no Nagas energy no hunters energy and level one Medusa will not be stronger than any of our level two units that we have at the moment so if we get a level two Omni we can add them in there and instead of one of the ant images drow is Sun Undead but we don't have hunter synergy and we don't want more intense level trees tasker look at this guy are you kidding we might beat him though his type oh hell yeah brother let's go boys let's go perfect ant images are doing so much work in that dusk cod mana he didn't have mana it because of the a.m. but if that does cut any mana to money to get the punch that's war lost punch would probably do like eight hundred nine hundred damage it's crazy do a quick little refresh not worth it me me what can I do I tried my best what our others doing level seven career we are at level seven as well this guy's looking quite strong this guy are we gonna get matched against them that's not him PA needs to kill tinker before tinker rockets top he rocketed but we are holding we're holding just fine ten percent by the way let's go I prayed to are at Jesus every night before sleep and my PA hasn't created oh there it is you know what else would be nice to have a templar assassin she's an elf and she's gonna be the other elf or elfs energy and she she's an assassin just like PA so EA is a very good hero for us upper level – no it's not level – okay I guess I don't need this witch doctor I need space for another know I guess the bat is not what I won I don't need but I don't need the yeah I need yeah with the Omni in there – so how many else do we have one two three three elves and when we add Templar assassin is gonna be four elves so we don't need a pug it's a little level one doesn't do anything and we also have three nights I believe so when we get upgraded Omni is gonna add the fourth night and we're gonna have four nights energy 35% to get a shield and then we have also for elfs energy which is 40% evasion and apart from that we have the undead going the undead synergy going the two undead's – armor or enemies so we have really good synergies we just need to find the right heroes – a quick refresh and we get what we need perfect I like it second level to Abaddon might do more than am so another refresh this one is pretty worth it to actually be a and am both needed but I need space I'm too evidence away from upgrading him into level two I guess Luna is what I can remove I'm not close to upgrading the Luna plate mail plate now is gonna be for one of the front liners plate Mayo is going to be given to Abaddon or maybe to the CK is the main damage dealer so chain mail plate mail if we get a hyper stone we we have assault cuirass and then if we get a broadsword we have on Luna will have a crystallis remember those little combinations potentially when we get item drops from creeps I just bought the Luna that I sent that I sold earlier I think another luna another omni way okay we have to lock this we can put a level two Omni and this is when I'm gonna level up to eight I'm gonna go down to like ten volt again it should be worth it because I need to keep winning games this is a very tough opponent he's very strong he does level three treant I don't think we can do much here because for elfs energy and the level three tree and this guy is very very tough very hard to beat I have my fourth night Omni I just need my fourth as a fourth elf I need a TA fourth elf and we are looking really strong as well right now we are a bit weak because we haven't reached the peak of the lineup yet kind of the peak is yet to come oh definitely leveling up one loan away from a second level to Luna and to evidence away from a level three Abaddon and when we have a level three abba is going to empty one slot so we can put the anti-mage back in or the second ck wait wouldn't the second ck do way more than a second tab done it would do more damage but Abaddon is more tanky CK is only demon even if we have to see case is the same type of demon the same hero so it doesn't ruin the demon bonus damage what would ruin that bonus damage is to demons like shadow fiend and shadow fiend and CK only CK to CKS or to shadow fiends is just fine who else is demon doom and queen of pain they are demons come on give me uh give me a TA now give me a TA and I'm I don't care if I lose the OPA is really good too to be honest I don't care if I lose the undead combo I'm gonna put a PA instead of necrophos I just lose minus 5 armor on enemy but I gain but I gained 20 evasion on 4 different heroes it's quite a lot another CK wow I guess / am no over PA we are very close to level 3 antimage luna Abaddon and CK and pa is still 1 level 1 PA so we don't want to remove the are we beating these guys the same guy again the guy with the level 3 tree and I think this time we got them for maybe it's another guy that also cost level 3 trillion I like how thankee we are looking lookout thank you we are okay I don't think we lack more tankiness so instead of a second Abaddon I'm going to put a second second level 2 CK because it's going to do more damage Kumiko we don't need warrior we don't need human we don't need the conquer Auto no ei I don't want to sell a I don't want to sell the okay no PA for now number four elf I hope it's not a bad choice to remove the now we remove the healer death pose is healing so I will keep the two Abaddon's for more shields and more tankiness maybe I will put ta when she gets to level two instead of ta but the TA gives us the fourth health so it makes everybody like all the elves have more mischance so I could put second CKD instead of the TA but I don't know if I want to do that come on come on wear my upgrades come on oh my god DK DK is something I do I do want I mean I don't really I have four nights already and I'm not going for all six nights so I am NOT going to get the DK maybe eventually instead of necro because necro has no synergy other than undead synergy for – armor which is something pocket I I hope I don't regret it and now I get a second one you know wow I get the third one dude it's a level three level two unit level 2 DK is so strong oh my god the ck is there – maybe I will lock in and look for upgrades this is what we're gonna do we're gonna look or DK don't die nicely Hokkien perfect we want to fight we're gonna look for upgrades right now it's go time we have to get the upgrades right now otherwise I'm gonna I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to sell something I don't want to sell we need to get upgrades we need to empty space by having one guy down on the board it's gonna be very tricky we have we need the upgrades it's gonna be really tricky right now oh yes microphones that we sold earlier get them back passenger just in case maybe Oh No okay level three CK look at this guy look how big he is a cow how strong he is he hits for 300 unfortunately there is no diamond bonus because anta may because enemy has an ant image and he is a demon hunter but my CK is still very strong we need we are one Luna away from a level-3 Luna and we are now we are one loon away from a level-two Luna one epitone away from a level-3 a burden and two and images away from a level-3 and image and then also we we could use negra false upgrades because why not his his good synergy is decent synergy in here on the night would be cool but no space for him now no time and space for him he a of grade would be amazing I guess Luna will have to wait a bit don't give me a Luna now okay cool ta I don't have time so I'm gonna look and get the TA now level 2 ta this T is just level 1 I'm wondering if I could use a second level to Abaddon over the TA but now it's too late to consider because level ta will be level 2 as well like right now Luna moon claims helped us to keep to get rid of the servants I'm looking for an avid on who's holding my Abaddon because my Avalon guy somebody might be just holding it antimage Abaddon Luna we'll wait and see mage Abaddon antimage Abaddon necrophos antimage Abaddon necrophos no well you to Leatherman up guy as a level 3 Beast Master we might not be able to be the rhythm unless ta times the Beast for a while with refraction and mischances from elf yes he is thanking beasts oh well perfect this is not gonna work we need our upgrades really badly I'm investing it all into the early game like I'm gonna reach the peak the peak is gonna happen now before the late game maybe I can put an echo in there instead of PA I think or instead of TA if instead of ta ta is good to jump on the back line I don't know we'll see what happens I bring an end to match level three and images of pogchamp nice level three a baton and we we are done with the game level three Abaddon and if we don't win then that means we cannot win anymore or maybe we can get an extra enigma or some good unit give it to Luna for a crystallis now perfect grid and we get me through hammer for the CK so he hits even harder void stone is gonna help build more mana let's give that to CK so he the CK has five seconds stun let's give him the mana put that image in there come on Abaddon I'm looking for you come come to me I'm looking for you I want you oh where are you barking Earl Abaddon is gonna be the peak of the lineup and if we don't win with that and it might not be able to win at all we're gonna beat this guy for sure I guess I don't have four elves if I don't have the TA but not much you can do I just like the mana burn from an ant image one ant image in the lineup is nice okay the two Lunas from earlier came back DK is cool but I'm one Abaddon away from a level three so I don't want to spend any gold on the DK come on give me that DK give it to me I mean that Abaddon nobody else in the game has ever done right now nobody so he has to be in the pool we need to find him my PA canceled the talk when she caught a crit how unfortunate is that – armored let's go a blademail is doing so much flamey-o so perfect on the frontline tank like axe or or this other guy timbersaw blademail is perfect come on Abaddon man oh come on and there is always this one hero that you keep refreshing for and you need so bad and you don't get it it's unfortunate I should probably put level to Abaddon instead of pa pa deals more damage but Abaddon has more shields I'm gonna have to look at the DPS see who does more damage PA or Abaddon and if Abaddon does more than we won't change my ck is soloing here the backline look at that damage from plain male records 10% damage its passive nice oh my god there he is where have you been man we're looking for you we were looking for you bro welcome to the team it's nice to see you may be one step ahead of the 2 level 3 so that they tank more damage and then everybody else will do their job there they will do their thing let's see what happens now I mean we beat this guy like three times in a row already without level three Abaddon now it's gonna be even better with the level three perfect I think we pretty much won the game guaranteed guaranteed we won the game level three Luna with the crystallis would be even bigger powers by even stronger lineup don't even need ten units no when the eight that I have are this strong going up to ten units is such a huge investment for the for the late game I have always been trying to do it and it feels like a mistake it's a river wow it's REI this is the first time I see a river drop did anybody had a booster point booster vitality booster so we can make a heart mode but yeah revert to okay 3k HP on about 3k HP on CK let's give the river to DK so he feels better about himself 500 HP and 10 HP regen oh come on don't die now I just gave you a river no you're dead it's okay we still want it's okay you're good you're good eg a guy hasn't lost yet oh come on it's time to you ix it's time for you to lose it is time for you to lose brother enigma I don't even have space for the enigmas I don't need any upgrades anymore unless it's a level 3 Luna let's watch him loose sounds cocky from me but I'm having a good game it doesn't happen very often wait I'm not gonna lose oh no I'm not gonna lose nice we were DG ladies and gentlemen we have won the game this is the third win for the day and we have played like five games I think three out of five wins not bad at all


  1. I like all videos you upload about dota 2 auto chess. Please keep playing this game and i'll always click like to your videos. Good luck

  2. Really love watching this game. I don't even play dota anymore, nor do I watch much dota (cept u and Bulldog), but this Chess game is great. Reminds me of MAFA Tower defense back in WC3, or that SC2 custom tower defense game i used to play a lot.

  3. Nice One Danny 🙂 Some HardCore KnightElven Aktion + That Undead minus armor doing some work there to get the DMG though the GoblinMechs
    still you might wanna consider pushing to lvl 9 at least befor rerolling everything,
    it dubbles your chance to get Tier4 and Tier5 -> more TA´s more DK´s more Alchie more LoneDruid
    you saw how much a 2star TA can offer in Late, she alone kills nearly every Tier1 or Tier2 3Start Unit, like the Beastmaster
    i litteraly Won a Game cuz i swaped a 3Star Treant for a 2Star TA

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