Super Chevy Show, Drag Racing, Engine Builds and the WINNER of the Sub Giveaway

Super Chevy Show, Drag Racing, Engine Builds and the WINNER of the Sub Giveaway

on this episode of busted classic
garage we are going to Super Chevy so we’re gonna see a lot of drag racing and
even jet cars then we’re gonna talk about a couple engine bills that I got
to do in the wintertime and what in the world am I going to do with this 2.5
gallons of molasses stay tuned to find out oh yeah make sure you watch till the
end because I’m actually gonna announce the winner of the subscriber giveaway
finally it’s finally fall and fall in the Midwest usually lasts about two days
couple days ago is 92 now it’s 40 at night you can’t win before it gets way
too cold because winter is probably a week away I need to put some paint on
this truck because for me to continue on the cab corner repairs I need to throw
some epoxy on there so that’s the first thing I got to do now as you guys
probably have noticed there’s a huge focus shift that happens in the winter
time and it goes from camaro videos back to the c10 so that’s good so you see 10
guys videos are coming but there needs to be a lot of work done for those
videos to get finished so stay patient we’ll get there so the
second thing is is what am I gonna do with all that molasses but first off to
the races I mean at least 5.48
at 290 thousand miles an hour my ears are bleeding by the way all right so let’s get to this molasses
what am I doing with 2.5 gallons of molasses I’m gonna remove rust with it
that’s the plan that’s why this buckets here now all the engines that I have
have been machined already and they just been sitting around for way too long so
everything’s built up surface rust on it so there’s many ways I can do it but I
think the easiest way would just be dip all the parts pull them out after a week
or two spray them down oil them up and start the engine builds the engines that
I have to build I have the 400 for the Camaro that needs to be built that’s
probably priority number one number two I have my 4.0 GPA that needs to be built
and then I have a 350 that was originally gonna go on the c10 that I
should probably put together now with winter heating right around the corner I
don’t know if I’m gonna have time to dip all of them because it could be snowing
next week all right so with that out of the way I think it’s a good time to
finally announce the winner of the 2,500 subscriber giveaway so let’s see who the
winner is drum roll please and the winner is and never could figure
it out the comment says great Channel I’d like some tips and tricks videos
about anything from car related to YouTube related definitely stay tuned
for that molasses deal because that should be pretty interesting why don’t
you get a hold of me on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll make some
arrangements and I will send that stuff out to you so after seeing all those
sweet cars at Super Chevy we felt like we didn’t have enough gasoline running
through our veins so straight from the event we decided to go to a local car
show but when you see a photo opportunity you gotta take now I didn’t film much at the car show
but we did see one a magical vehicle and that is the checker arrow bus at
roadkill nights I end up asking David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan what they
would hover convert if they had to this is kind of what they would hover convert
so they could put all their friends in it and hopefully land safely when the
thing breaks down in midair do you guys want to see that interview it is right
here check it out until next time


  1. That jet car was moving! Makes me want to get to my local track. Also, I had no idea molasses could be used for rust removal. Looking forward to seeing that.

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