Suburban Delinquent Can’t Resist the Honda Grom | Offroad Adventures

Suburban Delinquent Can’t Resist the Honda Grom | Offroad Adventures

(heavy music) (bike revving) – What’s up man. – [Narrator] I brought you a friend… – Ty? Oh shit dude. (revving) – Alright YouTube, so
today we’re at a croom. It’s like a preserve
for dirt bikes, ATV’s. We’ve got SubD here,
Shadetree Surgeon, Blockhead, and friends, Tyler from Tampa Grom Squad. Shadetree is gonna try
to bump start his KTM, but in a different way. Let’s watch. He says he’s done it before. Tyler thinks it’s about a
50/50 shot of him eating shit. I feel like with the audience here this would be too much pressure. Alright, we’ll pick it
up in about three seconds with a bump start from my tow vehicle. Boop. Aye. – It started for a second. – Yeah. Give it more gas maybe. Take two. (laughs) Jesus. I’m gonna turn around. I don’t wanna watch anymore of this. It seems a little dangerous. I don’t know. If you guys got any more
tips on that, let me know. I don’t think that would
be a problem on the Grom. I couldn’t watch it anymore,
I had to turn around. It like started, then it
stopped, then he’s like skrrt, and I was like I gotta go. Uh oh. KTM’s not looking so good. KTM’s dead. Shadetree’s trick did not work. SubD here on his rented KTM. And then the Grom Squad with a Z. Shadetree’s 6 days KTM. Looks better in videos. (coughs) That thing fucking stinks. Apparently there is a jump
over here or a hill climb. Oh shit. Oh fuck. This is where like one of those roots come out of the ground and grab you. Solid. Is that the only way back? That’s not happening. I’m gonna get back out,
out of this sugar sand. I’m trying to find the packiness. Eh, it’s not bad right here. We’ve been here for two
hours, hardly even in yet. That way? Okay. (laughs) Good start. (laughs) That was slippery. What the fu.. whoa. I need a dirt bike to be
doing these loop-de-loops. So SubD, Shadetree, Tyler,
they’re all by Blockhead now because Blockhead crashed. They’re all back there, thinking about what they’re going to do, so we figured we’d go
ride for a little bit. Shadetree couldn’t get
the KTM started so Tyler’s letting one of the guys ride his bike. We’ll rip with them later, but
we’ve been here for two hours and we still haven’t started riding, and these guys gotta be back in Orlando and start setting up FLMM. more videos coming. So that’s why SubD is in town. Going for the outside! Woo. – Now we’re ready, dirt and all. – Look at that beard coming out. – Johnny, my man. How are you? – Good, man. – Alright, Photogromer, first time meeting you…good to see you. – Blockhead. What are we doing today? Where are we at? – Riding dirt in Croom
with Shadetree and fam. Let’s go chase em down there. Let’s go get em. – Let’s get em. – Them big bikes. We got em. There they are. I can keep up, I can
keep up, I can keep up. Alright, where are the ground guys at? Shit. We got this. Uh, uh. – Fuck. That’s not meant to be. – Oh that’s reserve right there. Oh yeah, you’re rollin. Pollens all the way that
way, reserves that way. – So its just fucked up. – Try that. – Alright, I’m gonna get this thing back. – Yeah. That’s 0 for two on the KTM’s. As much as I like the KTM’s,
how they look, how they sound, it’s no bullshit you have to
be a mechanic to work on them, or ride them either. It’s kind of silly. We’re going to take a break. Good luck boys. – [Man] I want blurry face bro – [Narrator] Fucking do a face reveal. You said this last year, you’re
going to do a face reveal and here we are. You’ve got a beautiful face. Stop lying to me. Put your fucking helmet on SubD, goddamn. Face reveal, face reveals guys. You know how much editing it takes. So, Blockhead and crew and SubD are gonna head back to Orlando. They gotta set up and
drop off stuff for FLMM. A lot of videos coming. I’m going to go back on
the ground with Tyler. We’re going to go rip it. Mr. Blockhead went down, shocker. Fucking shocker there, right? SubD, what’d you think? – Thanks for letting me ride it. – [Narrator] Yeah. Was it good? – I was pleasantly surprised. – Come on. – It’s a fun bike. – Come on, give me some key words. Should people buy them? – Are you being paid by Honda right now? – [Narrator] I’m trying to
get free shit from Honda. It’s not working. – I think having a Grom as
a secondary, third bike, fourth bike, fifth bike maybe. – [Narrator] Fourth? – Would be completely acceptable. – [Narrator] You know what. – No, I had a good time on it. – [Narrator] Take your
ass back to California. – I really liked it, I
had fun and on the streets I don’t think it would
be that much fun to me. I just worry that, my
worry about the Grom’s is getting run the fuck over. – Its not like a, well
I guess it is like a normal on road bike for you guys. – [Narrator] What do you mean you guys? – Alright man, well we’ll
see you back in Orlando. – Alright man, we’ll see you at FLMM. – That’s not my shake, that’s his. – Oh sorry, what do we do? I just learned that one, you
want me to learn another one? – We do this one. – That’s how grounds shake hands. – Everyone’s gay once in a while. – Alright, these guys are leaving. We’re gonna go ride. Damn, look at my, what are you doing? I don’t know what SubD did, but my uh, my brake lever is way out here. Somebody went down, or
hit a root or something. No not that, this. I just went to go put a
foot break down, I was like, what is this? Yeah it’s just gotta clear
the, with the rear sides, gotta clear this. She’ll be alright. – Can we ride today? – I know, I just wanna ride. Jesus, oh look at that,
oh my god I can’t do this. This is all sugar. I don’t have the wheel base for that. Oh, what is that? What is that? – A squirrel, I don’t know. – That’s a squirrel? Yo that’s Debo if that’s a squirrel. Look at that thing, it’s a panda. Can you guys see this? Where’s my phone? That’s not a squirrel,
that’s a fucking panda. Alright, let’s not stay here too long. We’re gonna get robbed. Bye bud. Alright carry on, sorry. Anyway that was good, so I wouldn’t let SubD ride the grounds, so unfortunately Shadetree’s
KTM’s were having some issues. I think he’s being humble. I think he’s got a deep
root of subscribers, to where, he can’t say
that he would pick a Grom over any bike he owns, but I think deep down inside
that’s what he wanted to say. Jeez, rollercoaster. (laughs) I almost hit that fucking tree. – Drop in. – Drop in? – Do it straight. – I think I’ll go straight over. – No, I promise you won’t. – Right here? – Yeah, the exhaust is gonna bottom out, you’ll just drag right over it. – [Narrator] Alright. Should I stay on the throttle? The breaks, what? – Nah, you’re good. Just keep going straight. – Ride the breaks or
don’t ride the breaks? – No, that’s all. It’s sand, it’ll slow you down anyways. – Alright. He said just drop in. (screeches) hey, one line. Look at that. Definitely made for dirt bikes,
ATV’s, something with navis. Let’s see if I can hit this. I got both feet out. (laughing) Nope. Thanks Tyler. Hey, I got a Blockhead sticker. Get up you. Alright we’re good. Oh, look my whole throttle thing came out. (clicks) Get in there. There we go. Let me out of here. What I hate about YouTube is
you guys cannot experience what it’s like unless you’ve done this. It looks so easy for you guys. Every time you give it
gas, one tire goes one way, the other one goes the other way. That was intense. I like it though. This is nice, this is really packed in. It’s like rocks. The sugar is against you,
you just can’t get a grip. The Grom doesn’t have
power you gotta remember. And if you don’t have a
momentum, or there’s no grip oh you’re going to be fighting it. – Good? – Yeah that was good. – That a little better? – That was easy. I’m fine with everything. If its not sugar sand
I’m fine, I don’t care. I mean as long as I can climb it. (laughing) Why would you do that to me? I feel like I might be able to get it. Yeah baby. I don’t know if you guys could tell, but there was like roots hanging out, big boulders, so if you go
down or hit one of these trees, one of these little sticks hit you, you’re just gonna be in
a little bit of pain. You guys are asking,
these are dual sports, so they’re classified
80% street, 20% dirt. Look at that. So they’re Dunlop D604’s if
you guys are looking for them. I highly recommend if you
do anything like this, but still want a street tire
to get here, Dunlop D604s. Look at that washout. I’m gonna hit the other one. Might wash out here. Yeah. – Check, whoa, whoa. – Don’t tell me how to live my life. That was 80% push and 20% bike. That was kind of fun. Holy shit. Look, they got night lights, see that? The candles or whatever, the solars, so like you don’t fall down and die. That’s really 30 feet. Oh they got like carpet here for the jump. Like the Shirkos. – [Tyler] Dude, they’ll fucking preload, bounce off that carpet,
up the face of that and have just enough
momentum to carry them over. – [Narrator] Alright, let’s go. – Exactly, I’m gonna take you around here and we’re gonna drop into it. – Alright, we’re gonna drop in I guess. I’m just gonna look. I just wanna see if I can get in. I’ll go see what it looks
like from this side. He says it’s not as bad looking down. I don’t think so. – [Tyler] You’ll clear it. – There’s no way I’m clearing that. I’m gonna get stuck. You can’t tell but it,
its literally so narrow. Alright, fuck it. YOLO right? This Grom’s gonna be part of
the track here in a little bit. I don’t like it. (laughs nervously) Come help, help me. I don’t wanna play anymore. I’m just gonna leave it here. Can you put your phone down? I need help. (laughs) It’s moving. (laughing) It’s moving. Like as soon as I got onto
it my ass was in the air. I was like this ain’t happening. You got it? Go. Alright, clutch. – [Tyler] That’s what I was talking about. I was like oh, I can pull it out. – Get out. (laughing) As soon as I hit it my
ass was like straight up. This does not look better from the top. I’m glad I didn’t go any further. I got this, I got this,
I got this, I got this, I got this, I got this, I got this. Told ya. Alright guys, I’m going
to go ahead and end the video right here, but it was awesome meeting
SubD and Shadetree. Wish we could have rode. We’ll see you at FLMM, Blockhead and team. It was fun hanging out
with you guys as well. Tyler of course, thanks for coming. Lot of videos coming at FLMM for anyone. Stay tuned for that. (upbeat music)


  1. riding dirt on a grom without knobbies is asking to fall LMFAO, first time i did i bent my rear peg and it was fucked for weeks

  2. I love off-roading but my Grom tires are not made for it AT ALL 😂 you can see in one of my videos I dropped it like 5 times 😂🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. When pull starting try 3rd gear or higher. His wheel was skidding cuz he had it in too low of gear. Bike prolly had serious issues like out of gas LOL or maybe the spark plug fell out. I'm not a KTM fan but i'm just cracking jokes!!

  4. Was that citrus ya'll were riding at? I'm amazed that grom was handling that sugar sand. I ride Corbett which is all sugar sand and its crazy hard. I ate it last time I was out there. Luckily I had my gopro with me lol

  5. If your battery dips below 9.6 volts during startup, and does not stay mostly above 10v during startup, u may want to grab a new battery! Check it with a Voltometer it happens quick. Voltometers can help test the charging system and Reg/Rec too.
    My batt is bad, so i have been nursing it with a Battery Tender and not leaving my bike anywhere. So i don't get stranded… It was okay until it got COLD outside then the battery just DIES from the cold. Gonna get a new one soon

  6. Hey Photogromer I'm trying to decide between a couple of tires for my new Grom. Either the Dunlop D604's or the Kenda K761's. I would love to know your opinion on the matter. I will spend most of my time on the street. I will pick street performance over off road capabilities. Thank ya!

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