Subhakankshalu Full Movie | Jagapati Babu, Raasi, Ravali | Sri Balaji Video

Subhakankshalu Full Movie | Jagapati Babu, Raasi, Ravali | Sri Balaji Video

Hey Ravi.. How many times to tell you not to
bring the dog to dining table? Leave the dog outside.
Wash your hands & come. Okay grandpa. Mummy, why haven’t you
serve us food? From today, no breakfast
and no dinner for you. Why? Why? I saw your mark list. Single digit marks
in all the subjects. A big zero in Mathematics. Why did you score so low marks? Mother-in-law, if we stop
food for a week, they’ll start studying well. So, Tiger has to starve
for 1 full week. Tiger….means your father! Why should he starve? Because, it’s his mark list. What..!
Is it my son’s mark list? Yes grandpa. My father scored those marks
without any strain. He hid that under the box.
But we found it. What about their marks? I scored 60%
and he has scored 80%. Rascal! How dare he hid those single digit
marks from me all these days…! Let him come.
I’ll teach him a lesson. What’s it father? Who you are going
to teach a lesson? That is… A tremor… A tremor in his heart! First tonsuring my head
and whitewashing house, Because I made a vow to visit
Tirupathi if they score good marks. Darling, they have scored 60 and
80 marks in all the subjects. Those marks are nothing. When I was studying, I used to
score 90 – 95% marks. Spinning yarns…! They mean the power cuts. There were power cuts
during your exams. Those days,
there was no electricity. I used to score
centum in Mathematics. Bluffing…! Gas trouble. Atleast next time, work hard
& try to get good marks. Cashews in “upma”
have made my breath hard. It has caught… Hey Rosy… I knew you’ll come. I named you after my wife so that
I can scold anytime I feel like. This problem arised from then. Take it. Is my father not feeling well? He’s a piles patient. Stop. You’re coming to piss, right? How do you I look like?
A lamp post or a car tyre. Oh god! It would be nice if this old man
dies before this Christmas. Oh my god! Why’re you sleeping like this? It’s a kind of sleeping technique. I sprained my waist
in sleep, I’m like a lamp post
hit by a lorry. Then do one thing. – You want me to
get hit by another lorry? Oh No! I’m not able
to bear the pain. Call hospital.
Take me in an ambulance. Not necessary.
Turn this side. I cannot do that.
Turn me upside down if you want. Wow! The sprain is gone!
– You must have one to let go! You had buttoned your
shirt to your pant. Is the button culprit
for my bend? Instead of keeping quiet
in your old age, you’re taking our lives, grandpa. Give him due respect and
stop talking like this. I’ll break your hand if you
talk about this anymore. Got it…?
– Got what…? I don’t dye my hair.
I don’t dye to show that I’m old. I’ll … Sir, where can I find this address? “Viyyalavari Street”,
“Kayyalavari Peta”. House No. 10.,
D.T. Stephen. How dare you ask that
cheat’s address! How dare you ask my address
with a grass eating mad dog! I’ll… Oh my god! Did you get scared? Their anger on one another
is very intense. Thank god!
It wasn’t a gas cylinder. else you would’ve also
got burnt along with it. But their hatred for one
another is very severe. You got stunned by
these 2 old men. If you see their sons,
god knows what will happen to you. Boochi, it’s our Johny, right? Yes sir. The other one is… …our Rosy. When it comes to the street, even the dogs which we tame
will become a street dog. That’s why it had
a dog’s death. The dog must wag its tail
& not for meddling. So, it died. Let’s go. Just because they are Hindu & Christian,
do they have to fight like this? They killed those
poor animals too. For their ego they disowned
their own siblings, this pup is nothing to them. What are you saying sister? Without religious differences
of Hindu – Christian, both families lived
together happily once. Two families were united, Janakiramaiah had a daughter
Janaki of marriageable age, I mean Balaramaiah’s
younger sister. Brother, I’ll visit temple.
– Okay. You’re going in a car, aren’t you? I’ll walk to the nearby temple. Come quickly dear. Just like in this family, Stephen too had a son
of marriageable age. You mean Moses’s
younger brother. Yes, his name is Robert. What’s this brother?
– What else man? What’s this nonsense early morning? What’s the trouble
between brothers? I’m playing Piano and
brother is disturbing me. He’s your mother’s son,
without any taste for music, You’re my son, you’ll play
Piano brilliantly, just like me. You?! – Yes. Piano? – Yes, me only…Piano. You know to play Piano? – Sometime back
I played Piano in a Music Festival. Yes, Vuyyur Church Father
died hearing your music. Janaki and Robert met each other, our fathers are playing together, our mothers are playing together, they thought, why shouldn’t
we play man and wife game? Man & wife game?
– That’s love game! Their love story moved further with
2 rain songs and 4 group songs, Next? The Director sitting above
wanted some action now, their love matter reached parents
and a tsunami struck, What happened next?
– What will happen? Elders fought for their religions, and younger ones gave up
parents for their love. They united in marriage there. Here they split with
religious intolerance. 25 years have passed
since they are gone. Nobody knows their
whereabouts also. Come, let’s go. Coming… For me? – Yes sir. From where?
– Chandu from Tirupathi. Who is Chandu?
– Janaki’s son. Who is Janaki?
– Your sister Janaki’s son. My respects to grandpa, grandma,
and to uncle and aunt. I’ve been yearning to
meet you since years, and my wish of experiencing
your love personally, is going to be fulfilled. I’m leaving tomorrow
to meet you. yours loving grandson. I’m son of Janaki & Robert,
who eloped & married 25 years ago. Mother, who is coming here?
– Your brother-in-law! Shut up!
Who’s your brother-in-law? Children should be taught morals
but not about immorals. The day she eloped with a
Christian, she died that instant. Janaki…Robert… It should be Rama next
to Janaki not Robert. If you allow her son into home
feeling grandson or nephew, this home will become
a graveyard with six corpses. Idiot!
Bloody grandson! It’s taboo even for his shadow
to fall on our house. Did you see Rosy?
How nastily he was speaking. Grandmother is there.
– Take me to her. Yuck! What’s this?
He’s bossing over us! Am I the man of
this house or he? I’m Seshu with unshaven head,
and Pedarayudu without moustache, I’m telling you all… Grandson from Tirupathi mustn’t
step into this home. This is correct. He’s not in home, Jesus. Why to worry about this?
I’ll finish my bath first. What are you looking at grandma? He has written he’s coming,
but hasn’t written how he’s coming? Excuse me Madam! Will you please
stop the tape recorder? I can’t hear song if I reduce
the volume in a moving bus, if you find it hard,
close your ears. What’s this nuisance? Do you’ve any music sense?
– Do you’ve any common sense? Buddy… show this Bombay girl a sample
of our brand of music. O My hot & spicy Bombay girl… You are my Tabu… If you invite to kiss you
and bath with you… won’t this world get
shaken up with a jolt? You are Chinese lotus… I’m Tomato sauce… This is modern fast food times… It’s horrible to waste time… If any beauty asks for
lift on road… Don’t miss… If a beauty lives
your next door… Don’t miss… If she thanks you for your help
and offers a coffee… Don’t miss… If she says you are my hero
and makes the first move… Don’t miss… If anyone offers free
Beer and Whisky… Don’t miss… If you get a chance to freeload
yourself without working… Don’t miss.. Don’t run away from your
public examinations buddy… change the answer sheets or
copy to pass the exam, buddy… If you get the job of a
girls’ hostel watchman… Don’t miss… If you get an offer
to be sari salesman… Don’t miss… If any ladies tailor
befriends you… Don’t miss… If Steffi Graf jumps to
hit the ball on TV… Don’t miss… If you find money in your
father’s shirt pocket… Don’t miss… If the man next to you
has cigarettes… Don’t miss… Our dads and grandpas
did all this… these are the thrills of youth… Mother…brother-in-law has come. Take it. Pay Rs.5 extra sir.- Why? I’ve to go back all alone sir. Shall I arrange a beauty to make
your journey thrilling? Take it…go! Uncle! Uncle! Greetings uncle. Grandpa…grandpa… So, we’ve stepped into
hostile Kashmir border. Buddy, we would’ve got liquor
if it was Yanam border. Excuse me! Can we get any place
on rent to stay here? Not only this locality, you’ll not get a place
in this entire city. Why? It’s like that! Buddy, all are looking
at us indifferently. He’s looking at us
differently from others. Come, let’s try him. Uncle! Are you doing fine? Who are you? Aren’t you Abracadabra? Who told you that? If anyone carries a mace,
he’s Bheema, if anyone carries a flute,
he’s Krishna, with a face like yours,
it’s Abracadabra. My name is Boochi. Let it be anything, buddy. Didn’t we devour Pulla Reddy sweets
together in Hyderabad? No…never visited Hyderabad. I never eat sweets.
I’m a Diabetic. He’s lying, silly Boochi! I’m not lying. I’ll get ulcer
if I eat spicy food. I’ll catch cold
if I eat sour food, BP, if I take salt,
Asthma, if I eat Ice cream. Breathing trouble
if drink cool drink. With so many diseases
like a Guinness Record holder, how are you living without
eating anything? Cigarette is my food. Though, I’ve tuberculosis,
I’m not able to quit smoking. Buddy, we are sure to get a house. Where? This man is going to die
with so many diseases, he’s sure to vacate his home. Wait Mr.Boochi! Tell me why no
one will let a house to us. Asking me why? Your maternal and paternal uncles
have shown your photo to all here. They have threatened to kill
anyone giving you place, and arrange a buffet dinner
with their bodies. So, it’s better you go
back as you’d come. Sand…dust…spec… Long distance traveller… Come here once… All of you listen carefully! Not only you are
stubborn and proud, I too have because
I’m your blood. Till you accept me as your grandson,
and let me enter your homes, I’ll stay in this place only. This is my open challenge! No…Chandu’s challenge! Come, let’s tell grandma. Grandma!
– What is it dear? Brother-in-law is sitting on the
steps of our neighbour’s house. Dear, I’ll go to the terrace to
check if macaroni has dried or not. What are you looking
at so curiously? Blood relationship! That is poster of Telugu
film, ‘Blood Relationship’. You never miss a film
shown on TV every day. Unsatisfied with it, are you
watching cinema posters too? Go and mind your work. What are you looking
at so charmed? Moon! Moon in broad daylight? Moon means Chandamama(Moon) book You should be reading Epics
not children’s magazine, children are looking
for it, come down. I’ll take a few whiffs of
gentle fresh breeze, you go on. Gentle breeze or
gentleman’s breeze? Enough of theatrics,
come inside. I went to see if the
gate is closed or not. It is closed. That which must
be closed is heart. Where is Tendulkar now? He’s sitting on our
neighbour’s steps. You had seen, hadn’t you? Even goats and
cattle have sheds, we don’t have even that. Why are you still sitting here?
It’s going to be 8 PM. Oh My god! Is it going
to strike 8 PM? Priest, it’s going to be 8 PM. 8 PM? How danger! Hey Cartman!
It’s going to be 8 PM. Take money first.
– I’ll take tomorrow if I’m alive. Come on guys!
Let’s vanish from here! They all are going in fear
at striking 8 PM. Who is going to come? Looks like they are clearing
our way to steal peacefully. Looks like we are lucky, let’s go. Buddy! Shall we catch this man? Catch him!- Stop…stop! Why are they running away as if
a demon is coming to eat them? There’s a devil singer here
known as Nadabrahmam, if he sings it’s calamity to
people, they die & he’s a disaster! Leave me, I’m my wife’s
one and only husband! We had seen people
killing with knives, we had seen people
killing with guns, Who is this strange
musical killer? As the anklet bells
create commotion… As wooden bracelets dangle… As the cries of getting beaten
up touch the skies… Dance Peacock…dance… Let your nubile movements
break my back… Let poetry flow out of me
charmed by your dance… As the fire from the third eye of
Lord Shiva burns down the Cupid… As wife of Cupid
mourns his death… As Himalayas reverberate with
the fiery dance of Shiva… As the sounds of percussions
rent the air… As the death dances creating
havoc and spreading disaster… In eyes and in eye balls… On lips…
on the tip of fear… In mosquito…
in bad time… In your face…
in every inch of your body… Showcasing your dance
in myriad forms… Dance your way to fame… Get up boys…get up. Is it a song?
– Or a tomato ketchup? Happy to hear it boys…
very happy to hear it. Why are you crying sir?
We should be doing it. Tears swelled in eyes for finding
fans to my music after eons. Oh That! I thought you were
crying unable to sing. Will you present the misfortune
of becoming your disciples? Want to become my disciples?
– Yes sir. One must learn from electrifying
master like you or else… Idiot! It’s called Legend &
not electrifying. I see. Thank god! Our Chief Minister
didn’t hear me. If he had, he would’ve asked
him for electricity. Sir, I’ve a doubt. A music legend like you living
in this small village! Time is a curse for music. I took birth… & I had many experiences… In the battle of music… I lost. Enough! We had enough
of your music. You sang very well.
– Thank you, my boy. You look like musicians.
Tell me about you. O my dear music legend… I’m Gopi, one of the best citizen
of North Andhra Pradesh. He’s my friend Chandu. Will you shut up first? Sir, we tried hard to find
a house to stay. But everyone is stubbornly
refusing to rent a house to us. When we were about to leave
with a dejected heart, like the sound of a pig biting
the strings of a violin, we heard your song. If you bless us, we’ll leave. Stop. Which idiot refused to give
you a house on rent? All are idiots. O Maestro of music! I’ll sing a song now
and break their heads. Who refused to rent a house
to my disciples? I warn you all. My disciples will stay in
my house hereafter… listening to my songs. How was my warning? Where did they go? Sit straight. Let’s see the photo.
Let me see it first. Daddy wait. Why are you
hurrying like a child? Want to see whether
I’m in the photo or not. Today is my birthday. Being elder to me, I’ve come to get
your blessings. Please take sweets. Your father eloped with your
mother on this same day. On this day, whatever we say will
be a curse & not blessing. Thomas, didn’t I tell you not
to allow street dogs inside? Daddy, I’m going out. If the engineer comes,
ask him to wait. Uncle… Today is my birthday. I’ve come to give you sweets
and get your blessings. Boochi…- Sir. Go inside and… Sir…? – Do as I say. Please uncle… Not so fast. I’ve sent him to get
the grains to bless. Please wait. What’s your star? – Mrugaseera. So, inauspicious time! What’s your Zodiac sign?
– Rishabam. Scorpio would’ve been better. As the name so will
be the character What is this? – Poison. Uncle…! Who is your uncle? Are you my sister’s son? She died before you were born. Are you my neighbour’s grandson? He betrayed my friendship. His grandson’s sweets will taste
good only if we add poison to it. Do you want me to eat them? Poor boy!
He must’ve really felt bad. Today is his birthday. If we elders shower
our blessings on him, he’ll live happily all his life. Call & bless him. Look, I stand by Balaram’s words. Shit! What kind of
people are they! What did he ask?
Diamonds or Rubies? He asked our blessings. My son is hard hearted. And my husband has no guts. He says he stands
by Balaram’s words. Feeling proud! Gayatri…
– Yes, mother-in-law. I’ll take the short cut,
and go to temple, to make offerings to god. What if grandpa
inquires about you? Tell him that I’ve gone
to the beauty parlour. Priest, today is
my grandson’s birthday. Make these offering
for his welfare. His name is Chandu. Pavatipalla Clan Star Mrugaseera &
zodiac sign Rishabam. Goddess…
– No, it’s god. The carpenter…
– No, he’s a priest. Offering to god. No, special offerings to god
for our grandson to live happily. Very naughty! You know everything,
but still question me. I asked you nothing.
But you said everything. Take offerings. You all must bless
my grandson to be happy. May your grandson live happily. For me…? Come, my son. How is your mother?
– Very fine. You look like our daughter Janaki. If I put all my jewels on you, you’ll look like my daughter. Take son. Did your mother told
anything about us? Yes, she did. To flatter you & grandmother, she told me to be
a little emotional. So, the poster and… I had pasted it. Very energetic. Okay eat. Enough grandma. He too feels shy just
like our daughter. It’s not feeling shy, your love & affection
has taken over me. Certain things have to be
done at the right age. I’ve a relative known
David in Bangalore. He has a daughter who is as
beautiful as Manisha Koirala. If you say okay, it’ll be straight away marriage. Why to talk about marriage now? It’s very necessary. Just because your father married a
Hindu girl everyone is angry on him. But if you marry a Christian, they’ll start loving you, and will allow you
into our house. That way, we can get closer. What do you say? Actually… Hey, I’ll hit you with stones. Go. Go I say. Someone has come. Grandma, it’s Stephen,
my grandfather. Oh my god! If he sees me here,
I’m finished. Then, run from behind. Chandu, don’t forget
about your marriage. Okay.
You come with me. Why are you standing outside?
Come inside grandpa. I didn’t come here intentionally. The dogs chased me
and I came here. Where is the dog? Knowing that there
is no flesh in me, The dog got dejected
and ran away. Bluffing! Barking dogs seldom bite. If it bites me, I won’t shout.
Do you know that? Okay grandpa.
Come inside. Is your house any
Emperor’s palace? What’s there to see in
your palace? I won’t come… Grandpa, what’s in your hand? Sweets. Today is
your birthday, right? Thanks grandpa. Thanks. The dog chased you till here
in the name of sentiment. Very good boy.
Never leave him. Come in. Please sit there. Chandu… What is it?
What’s all this? They have come to
fix your alliance. Fix my alliance…? Yes. I heard that Manthara is looking
for an alliance in Bangalore. So, I’ve got an alliance
from Bunder for you. Buddy, the old lady has
some serious plans. He’s my grandson, Chandu. The boy is very handsome. Who is that next to him? Dung in cattle shed. If you crack such stupid jokes, I’ll make you listen to your
own songs. You’ll die. What’s your qualification?
– M.A. Can you sing? Why him, a novice? I’ll sing. Hubby, it’s a very
auspicious function. Once everything is over, and even then if they don’t leave
the place, then you can sing. Boy Nadabrahmam … Boy Nadabrahmam … Who called him a boy? Oh! Is it you, grandma? – Yes. They have come from Bangalore to
see Chandu & fix the alliance. We’re dead meat. Do they’ve also to
come now only? Has anyone come before me?
– Nothing like that. Then, why are you making us
stand at the threshold? Let’s go. – Stop. I want to tell you a truth. Mr. Nadabrahmam wants everything
to be clean, neat and tidy. If people come to his house, he won’t allow them inside till
they wash their hands & legs. Come, let’s wash our legs. Who was that? People have come to vaccinate free
against Cholera & other diseases. I told them that if Mr. Nadabrahmam
falls sick, I’ll send them a word. Will you please come outside?
– For what? To put mix my ashes
in the drainage. Come. Hey, what happened? You’ve fallen into the trap. Your grandma has brought you
another alliance from Bangalore. Another alliance…?- Yes. Andhra alliance this side and
Karnataka alliance on the other side. You’ve become Almatti dam
between them. That problem might get solved,
but not yours. You’ll become a sandwich
between those 2 grandmas. Come with me. What’s going on
in this house? Has that stupid lady brought
an alliance for you? Don’t agree to it. You must marry the
girl I’ve fixed. The girl looks like a goddess. Marry the girl I’ve chosen. She’ll look like an angel. Come here. Catch him. Let’s take
him to the temple. Temple…- Church. Pull tightly. Pull with vigour. Pull tightly. Pull with vigour. They’ve a strong hold on me. If they take away my hands, I’ll remain as Actor Sanjeev Kumar
in the film ‘Sholay’. Look at this situation, songs start to flow in me. Cut, pinch, punch…
but we still love. Gopi, why are you keeping quiet?
Say something. I’m a complan boy.
– What are you saying? You told me to say something. I asked you for an advice
but you’re imitating an ad. There is only one solution
to this. – What’s it? Tell them that you’re
already married. Have you lost your brain? This is right in a
situation like these. Stop it. I’m already married. Married…? – Oh my god! Yes, I fell in love with a girl
when I was in college. We got married just 3 months ago. No use in standing here, let’s go. your marriage was performed
in a temple, right? It must have been in
the church, right? None of those.
But in Registrar’s office. Is your wife a Hindu? She must be a Christian. None of those.
She is a Hindustani. Hindustani!? I’ve heard about Hindustani music
but not any religion. There you went wrong
Mr. Violin expert. Like my friend Chandu, her father is
a Hindu, and mother is Christian. The short form of those
2 religions is Hindustani. What’s her name?
– What’s her name? Her name is Nirmala… Nirmala Mary. Where is your wife now? How do we know? People suffer a lot with
the increase in petrol price. To change sea water into petrol,
she has gone to do some research. I wanted to do it as a musician.
But she is doing it as a scientist. We want to see your wife. We too. I’ve a small doubt. If you make us sick
with your questions, I’ll divorce his wife. How can you divorce
his wife, you idiot? If you say one word more,
I’ll even divorce your wife. Please do that first. I’ll
pay respects to you all my life. Garland my photo…? Is she abusing me
or praising me? O heart, sing like the
cuckoo in spring… Love, show up like a song
of medley of desires… Coming out from behind
the screens of mist… Knowing the right time
to break free… Let smiles bloom like flowers… Who do you think he is? He’s my student. What are you saying? I was praising you in
Chinese language. That’s all.
– Really! Innocent boy. Buddy, I had to stitch
my shirts & wear them. That’s why, I wanted to become
a doctor just like my father. You never told me.
Is your father a doctor? No. He also wished to become
a doctor just like me. Boy, letter for you. Take it. From where did you
get this letter? From his wife Nirmala Mary. From my wife? Why is he getting so scared
on seeing her letter. I wonder how much he’ll get
scared on seeing his wife. It’s from my wife, right? What is this new problem? We lied to everyone that
you’re married. To make everyone believe it, I posted this letter. Watch the fun… To my dear and
respected Chandu, It’s like writing
to a widow… How will I know that? I used that word because
it was good. Your loving wife Nirmala Mary is writing
this letter with a ball point pen. Hope you’re fine. More importantly,
we need a good friend. Gopi being your friend
is my luck. If you are his friend,
how can she be lucky? Dear Chandu, you wet
the bed at night. Your friend Gopi wants
to be neat & clean. Don’t wet the bed and
don’t sleep next to him. You might be worrying about our
separation even after our marriage. I also feel bad for
bachelor Gopi. Who wrote the letter?
Your wife or his wife? There is no distinction
between his wife & mine. Let she be wife of anyone,
we’ll take good care of her. Something is really wrong. You told about your house owner
Mr. Nadabrahmam, Andhra Annamayya. If his song is so sweet,
he must be much sweeter to look. Record his song and
also send his photo. I want to die seeing his photo
and listening to his song. Heard that? Even she knows that she can easily
die listening to your song. Chandu, our Chitti gave
birth to a baby boy. Choose a name for it. Our only guardian is Mr.
Nadabrahmam. Name after him. Did you listen to them? It seems they’ll name a new
born child after me. Who is Chitti?
Is he Chandu’s brother? No. It’s his wife’s pet dog. Okay stop it. Let me give a finishing touch. Convey my best regards to Gopi. My kisses to him. Yours truly & sincerely, Gopi. Gopi…? Idiot. Sorry. It’s a slip of the tongue.
I wrote my name. We’re unlucky to write
our own love letters. It was your idea. Enjoy it. Nirmal Mary who is nowhere. We’re writing our own letters. Will you guide me to
Mr. Nadabrahmam’s house? Tell me who are you? Chandu, your wife has come. My wife…? Nirmala Mary is your wife, right? They are waiting for you, go fast. Come fast. Come. – How can I?
My hand got stuck in the box. Come or die. Then, let me come & die. Who are you?
Why are you taking the post box? Stop. Look, we’ve only one post box. I’ll lose my job
without the post box. I beg you, give it back. Please… Darling, good you’ve come. I knew that you’ll come running
if you know I’ve come. What are you looking at? Surprised to see me
all of a sudden! I want to give you a surprize.
That’s why I didn’t mention about it Correct! Even I too
didn’t write. You’ve become dark
after coming here. He was fine till now. But your arrival has
changed his complexion. I came long back,
but you haven’t spoken a word. Chandu, why are you still talking
to her on the street? Take her in. Stop. Who are you?
– What did you say? How are you related to me? Is this the way to talk to
a wife? – I don’t know who she is. I’ve never seen her face also. How much you have changed? Just I was away for a month, will you disown your
legally wedded wife? Where am I to drown myself? Postman uncle, will you please remove the post box
without hurting my hand? Sorry, that’s not my duty. If you give a written application
to the Postmaster, he’ll send it to
the head office, if they send it to the central
office, they’ll come and remove it. Is it so cumbersome process? Unnecessarily I put my hand
in the mouth of Central Govt. She claims to be my wife,
tell her to show any evidence. Evidence? Vedic hymns, basic five
elements, marriage band. Leftovers, pickles, canopy
bamboos are not evidences. Evidence must be strong like a
wall built with Nagarjuna cement. Then, check the rings
we exchanged on our engagement, he’ll also be wearing
the same ring. You should be afraid if you
don’t have the ring, buddy. Why should you be afraid if
you have it. Come on show her. True! Two rings are
same like a duet. Yes. Not only this he has a pea sized
mole on his right shoulder. You can check it. There’s no pea sized mole! It’s the size of a cowpea! Did you see?
My husband is testing me by fire. I never went against his word. Even to name my pet dog,
I asked his suggestion. I know that. Did you name
it as Nadabrahmam? I did, and whenever I call, it always barks
in musical notes. Now I’ve understood everything, though you’re angry on your wife,
it’s great sin to disown your wife. No sir… A wife who is not my wife,
how can I accept her as my wife? Look, don’t try to
confuse me anymore. Even if she herself says she’s
not your wife, I’ll not believe it. Look dear, you step into the house
taking the right step first. You come in.
– Come dear…come. Dear…please bring my luggage. Okay, step right leg into the house
and left leg on our heads. Wow! Our room is fantastic! Tell me the truth honestly now.
Who are you? Your wife! Say something else. He’s my husband.
– Don’t talk nonsense. I know how to get
you off my back. Get me off your back? Now I’ve understood
your real intention. You left me there and seeing
another woman here. He’s not accepting a wife,
how can he go for a concubine? Don’t talk nonsense.
Mr. Honest brother Gopi! Becoming a mole your feet,
my dear sister… Shut up! If you sing good sentiment song
on bad occasions, I’ll break your limbs. Brother! Can’t you bring
a change in his heart? Hey, will you disown
your own wife? Won’t you accept her
as wife though she’s not? I’ll kill you,
if you say something. Box, I’m not able to free myself
putting hand into your mouth. How can I free myself if I get
involved in wife & husband fight? Who are wife and husband here? Don’t kick me. You are stuck there
and I’m stuck here. I’ve my own problems. Please close the door, dear. With all my love once… Shut up! This will surely release free. Box or my hand? O heart, sing like the
cuckoo in spring… Love, show up like a song
of medley of desires… Why did you stop there? Please come. Without stopping, do you think I’ll follow you
like pied piper. How do you know this song? You always talk strangely. Didn’t our love start
with this song? She’s confident, by any chance
did you commit yourself, buddy? Bloody! It’s gone! It’s gone!
It’s gone! Why are you shouting? Can’t you behave properly?
What’s this nonsense? Oh My god! Box! O heart, sing like the
cuckoo in spring… Love, show up like a song
of medley of desires… Coming out from behind
the screens of mist… Knowing the right time
to break free… Let smiles bloom like flowers… Did you hear the inviting
flower’s song, Carpenter bee? Raking up passions
and desires in me… It’s a tune of love
that’s enticing me… Looking at the love
you have for me… My youth is getting excited… It’s going after you… I’m trying to reach you fast… Shall I dedicate my life
to you like six seasons… Shall I make your life
a success for generations? I am decked up ready to
come into your arms… I’ve come running to rule
over your mind and body… Every moment is
turning into bliss… You are a beautiful lightning… A beautiful singing bird… Let the rain of
first love fall… On my passionate body… Let the rain of
sweat drench it… I’ve given myself body
and soul to you… With golden
romantic thoughts… Shall I praise your
bubbling youth? Shall I rule over your
heart with my love? Shall I kiss & promise you of
a 1000 year relationship? Shall I arrest you with the
shackles of my love? Time standstill to watch us… I’m struggling here
to release free myself, and you are day dreaming. What are you looking at? Our grandson’s wife has
come, isn’t it? She’s making a motif,
I’m admiring it’s beauty. How is she?
Is she good? I can see her face only
if she turns this side. She’s great from behind. What is she going to lose
if she shows her face? Give it to me. Take it…I’ve work inside. My motherland… Land…land…land… Wow! How beautifully
my voice is echoing. That’s my voice, you fool! Foreigners take bath in shorts
in sea and on shore also. You don’t need soap
or shampoo for it. That’s known as Sunbath. I’ve found a new bath. It is known as Freedom bath. You don’t need soap, shampoo
or anything for that also. Don’t you need water also? No, you don’t need brief also. Take off your briefs. Why are you pondering? Delay is disappointment. This bath will take your heart to
future and age to the past, we can play happily
like new born babies. What are you waiting
for Boochi? Come on take Freedom bath like us. Freedom bath? My foot!
I always take freedom baths only. Why are you hesitating then? Come and join us. Swimming in ponds… Singing peppy songs… What an excitement! Hey! Our clothes are missing. Buddy, did we come
wearing clothes? Rascal! How to go home
without clothes? What? I took you back to your
childhood with Freedom bath, Don’t forget that. Now, with the New Freedom Walk, I’ll take you back
to Stone Age. Will you make us walk naked? This is our New Project. Pre Historic Men! Come, let’s stride
into Twentieth Century. You take a walk and
bring my clothes, I’ll stay in water till then. Why did you stop
midway man? Break? No, shock! Look there! We are in a fix. Looks like they are very hungry. They are looking hungrily
at the leaves. What will happen if it eats
away our modern dress? What shall we do now? Freedom run! Run! Gauva trees in my backyard
inquired about my welfare… What’s this nasty song? Then people will crowd with
Guavas searching you… I’ll die controlling the crowd. Am I not singing well? It’s like Asha Bhonsle
singing Harischandra hymns. I had kept it here only…
Where did it go? What are you searching? I kept my new ironed shirt
here, where is it? See if this is the one… Do you’ve any sense? Will you use a new shirt
to clean the floor? Is it a new shirt?
How do I know? I was wondering who is the fool
to iron a cleaning cloth? Hey Bandit Queen! I’ll cut your plait and
sell it to wig maker. No.- Hey Come here…wait… Where can you go? Stop. If I leave you’ll plait my hair
and adorn it with flowers. No, please. Where can you go?
– No, please. Oh My god! She has kicked the bucket! My leg! Are you Nirmala Mary’s husband? Yes…No! But she said the man strolling
outside is her husband. Did she say like that? Then I’m her husband. Tell me, what’s the matter? Get these medicines. Your leg is normal,
just a sprain. Take medicines, you can dance like
Madhuri Dixit by evening. Your leg? In the drama played by fate, I’m left to play
a crippled’s role. Is life an illusion? Isn’t there any light
in my dark life? Will all my wishes
remain unfulfilled? Am I to live with
just one leg? Jarring tune! Out of tune fools! Will you break the legs
of a Chirpy young girl? Tell me, who among you two
will restore her lost leg? Is it chicken leg to
get it from hotel? It isn’t possible otherwise
I would’ve given my leg. Shut up!
Bloody bow legged fool! Just ask her to say yes… Will she get back her leg
if she says yes? She’ll not get leg but
you’ll go to Nellore jail. I don’t want Nellore jail, Penna River water
doesn’t suit me. Then, let’s confirm
Rajamundry Central Jail. Godavari will be
better for you. No Uncle… In family if wife is water, Husband is jaggery. It’ll be juice only
they are together. These troubles are
like phenol in juice. If he goes to jail, my life will become a wall
poster eaten by goat. Did you hear her words? Still there are
such chaste women, though prohibition
is in force, we are getting liquor. It’s my order you both have to
take care of personal needs. If you defy me, I’ll play Piano on you and
sing a song in your ears. I’m around here only,
if these monkeys trouble you, just say UNCLE!
I’ll cut them to size. Okay uncle. What’re you looking at?
Come on get going boys! Okay boy! That’s I said okay to you
and asked him to come. Be careful. Coming Madam. What for all these clothes? What’s best to wash these
clothes, soap or surf? Most of them are polyester, so Surf will be better.
Isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Wash it clean with Surf.
– Okay… What? Do we have to
wash your clothes? If we had patience to
wash so many clothes, we would’ve opened
a laundry shop. Do one thing, throw a
lighted match stick on it. It’ll save us from washing
and you from wearing it. Don’t be so rash. If you go overboard
like Rebel Star, I’ll call Uncle. He’ll come out like Mega Star
and take you to task, and send you to jail. Then you’ll eat and
sleep in jail. Uncle! What’s it? Are the fools
troubling you again? No uncle. I was just seeing if you
can hear me or not. You eat and go to sleep. Let her voice and
his ears get ruined. Who will wash my clothes now? Aren’t we both here
like bonded labours? Our lives are to be spent
at your broken leg. Come… Look at this madam. This is very good.
Pack this. Sorry madam, another lady
has already selected it. Is it a sari? This looks like a mental patient’s
uniform in a mental asylum. I don’t want. Look mister, my maid is mad, I bought it for her. Okay, let her take & give it
to the mad who liked it. Hello Grandma. What has brought you here? To shave! Why would anyone come
to a cloth shop? Oh No! If I’m stuck between
these two women, I’ll be like a coin on
the track under a train. You select saris,
I’ll get falls for shirt. Falls for shirt?
Only women use falls. Don’t know that too. May be it’s for
his wife’s shirt. How much is my bill?
– Rs.780 madam. I know that, but how much
after the discount? Discount is on bills
above Rs.1000 only. Look at the board. Bills above Rs.1000
get discount of 10%. Grandma! How much is
your bill? – Rs.940. Then, no discount.
– Yes. Give the sari and money.
– Why? I’ll tell you, wait. Grandma, give me the
sari and money.- Why? Wait, I’ll tell you. Make one bill for
the two saris. Why are you making it one bill? Wait, I’ll tell you grandma.
– Why? Grandma, take your sari. Grandma, take your sari. You got a discount of Rs.94. You got a discount of Rs.78. Got the message now. How much you would’ve lost if
you’d bought saris separately? If coming together to buy
a sari is so profitable, think about how profitable it’ll
be if you spend life together? Change the saris. I changed your saris. If you want,
change it or leave it. Wow! What a big bud! Cheeks have turned pink! Is the bud’s name shy? Poor thing! I think cripples’
dream about playing like this. Dream? Isn’t this real? I taught the peacock to dance… Nimble feet movements that
a flute can’t catch… Play acting like Mayuri film
heroine with crutches, making me slog for you, are you skipping here
in my absence? Hey Cripple! Stop…stop… Don’t harm me.
– Where will you go? Stop! Don’t harm me.- Stop I say. Leave me…- Hey stop. She’s taking away your cycle, and you are watching fun.
Go after her. I’ve seen this scene
in many movies. For a change I left. Your zip? O beauty in Addanki sari… Come to me…become mine… Beautiful Sathyabhama
is looking for you… Watch out…beware… Don’t show airs my dear… Come down to earth… Chasing me, my beau…
shall we get down to fight? You’ve come unannounced
from an unknown place… Make me your wife without
any inhibitions… Once into your trap
it’s difficult to break free… Don’t run away
from me anymore… Won’t I totter if
you chase me? Won’t I get entangled
more with you? Confusing fighting damsel
has come of age… and taking chances with me… I’ve come to relieve you of all
your bachelorhood problems… I don’t know what is fate… But I’m stuck with
you all my life… Stop being angry on me… Listen to my love tale… Don’t rush my dear… Will this last forever… Your manliness has made
me to fall for you… People reach hospital
after a car accident, but you’ve reached dream world. Thank god, I’m lucky
not to go to jail. You would’ve got tired
after a dance. Go home and take rest. Cheating… deceiver
…traitor… Not only entering my
home as my wife, she played on me by
acting as a cripple, and made me wash her clothes. Buddy, you needed this. How dare to claim as married? Rascal, it was all your idea,
but blaming me now. Stop…don’t beat me…
I got a brilliant idea. What’s your stupid idea now?
Come out clearly. Help me in getting up. That great actress is
acting to be your wife. If you also consider
her your real wife… You mean? First time in life you’ve
given a great advice. Your game is over. What happened to them?
They are taking baskets of flowers. What are they up to?
Come, let’s see. Wow! You’ve decorated it
like on the first night. This is not like it dear,
it is for first night only. First night? For whom? Who else? For us only. For us? Did you take it as for
me and Nadabrahmam? We have been married
for so long, won’t people take it wrong if
I don’t consummate our marriage? What? Didn’t you consummate
your marriage till now? That’s why, are you fighting
like Legislators in Assembly? No Aunty…
nothing like that… I don’t want to hear anything. What’s there to feel shy?
This happens in every home. Advise her like that aunty. You take Nirmala and get her ready.
– Come. – Wait aunty. No uncle. By now he would be inches
below the heaven. We gave him a half pint
and switched him off. One full pint to aunt also,
all your cries are waste. Crooks! Have you made
her also drink? Though it was houseful, we bought
tickets in black market for her. Before the devotional
movie ends there, romantic scene must
get over here. Come dear.
– No aunty. This is first time to me. It is first night only if
it is first. Come dear. Come. No aunty.
– Don’t be so rigid. No aunty.- Buddy, it’s all your
happiness and perseverance. Don’t know how you’ll manage? Leave me, you don’t know. You come out son. What’s the meaning
of that look? That’s not look but desire. What will you do with me now? No…don’t harm me…
Please, don’t harm me… I’ll not leave you… My body has become
hot like radiator. Today I’ve come to know, leaving
woman & moon is sheer waste. Come… Let’s play a game
of Man and Wife. Chandu, if you dare
to touch me… Will you burn me down
with your eyes? You are my wife
without tying the knot. So, if I touch, I thought
you’ll become my wife. I beg you…please leave me.
– You should leave this place. Am I your husband? Did I romance with you
or sleep with you? No, we don’t have
any relationship. If you want I’ll publicly accept
that I’m not your wife. A girl can wear crown of beauty,
wear gold medals as sprint queen, but if you belittle a holy bond
by claiming yourself as wife, it’ll end up like this only. Tell me the truth atleast now, why did you claim as my wife?
– Are you really honest? Didn’t you claim yourself as the
grandson to those two families? Don’t blabber.- I’ll prove right
now who is blabbering. Do you know the people
in this photo?- I don’t know. Did you ever see them?
– No. The Janaki and Robert, whom you
are claiming as your parents, It’s them. A son who doesn’t know
his own parents, aren’t you the impostor who
claimed to be their grandson? Are you surprized
how do I know all this? This couple who married
after falling in love, don’t have any son. They have only one daughter. Do you know her? It’s me! My grandparents & uncles
don’t know about my parents. But we know what happens
in their families every day. Want to know how? Though the entire village was
against my parents’ marriage, Nadabrahmam uncle was the only
one who supported their love. Weekly magazines may or
may not come to our house, but Nadabrahmam’s letter
was sure to come. Not only the villagers,
even his wife is unaware of it. We came to know about you, your song &
your every move from Nadabrahmam. Tell me, me being
their granddaughter, even I didn’t get the idea of
bringing those 2 families closer. You’re in no way
related to them. Then, why do you want to
build a bridge between them? Why do you want them to unite? Are you doing this without
any selfish motive? Speak out. I’ve only heard about bond between
parents, brothers, sisters & so on. I’m an orphan who never tasted
the sweetness of those bonds. I’ve no idea of my parents. I grew up wild. I’m a grown up man now. Sorrows became my home. Tears became my life. My education taught
me good culture but was unable to find
a solution to my problems. Though my house was only a hut,
it was a heaven to us. Next to our room was a ladies
hostel with full of life. Going for a shower? No. I’m going to call for
a meeting at the centre, & tell them that
we’re penniless. Be careful while taking bath. The door has no latch. Do dogs & foxes latch the
doors while taking bath? They aren’t ashamed of it.
Then why should I be? I’m a free bird. The water is so cold… The water is so cold… Donkey! Bloody, he’s showing what should
be covered but covering face. What does she want me to cover? Oh no! Shit! All these tunes are routine.
I’m not getting a new tune. The music competition
is just 2 days away. What are we going to do
without a tune or lyrics? Buddy, you shouldn’t face the
embarrassment I faced. You go & take bath.
I’ll stand guard. Go, don’t worry. I don’t need your security. When I take bath, people outside
will know that I’m in. Will you take bath keeping
the doors open? Watch, what I’m going to do. What’s he going to do? Happiness is all around… Heart has become a garden
of fulfilled wishes… Happiness that can’t be
expressed in words… Has turned into
a lilting song… Let the time pass through
the paths of flowers… Let the song touch you
like cool breeze… Your wish has become my voice
and has come out as song… Happiness is all around… Heart has become a garden
of fulfilled wishes… Happiness that can’t be
expressed in words… Has turned into
a lilting song… Stop… I heard a song from this building.
Let me see who the girl is. Stop. This is ladies hostel. Men can’t go inside.
– Is it? Then, bye madam. I’m going for an interview. Bye.
– Best of luck, buddy. You’ll definitely
get this job. Who is in?
Bloody fool. Come out. He was the one
who gave us loan. What should we do now? We’ve no choice.
Let’s manage the situation. Hello sir… Who are we to you? No…no… The brave lover will
take away the bride. A style of their own. Trying to escape by reeling
out Hindi movie titles. Then we’ll reel out Telugu
movie titles & escape. Stop. When will you repay
my Rs.2000? Look, I’m going to attend
an interview today. Once I get the job,
I’ll not only repay, I’ll also lend you money. What’s the guarantee that
you’ll get that job? This is the guarantee. No one in India will have
so many merit certificates. Really? Will they offer job seeing this?
– Definitely. If these are so valuable, repay the money
and take them. Listen to me… Stop. Better repay my money and
take back this file in 2 days. Or else I would burn
them to ashes. Sir… Did you see, you passed the exams
and I failed. But in real life both of us
are unsuccessful. Education teaches us the
lessons & conducts the exams. But Life, conducts the exams
and teaches us lessons. Another problem is about
to crop up.- What? House rent. I was never introduced so
badly in any of my movie. Is this the way you
vacate your tenants? Buddy, he’s also sailing
in the same boat. He has been thrown out
for not paying the rent. It’s not because of the rent. I pay Rs. 2000 every month. What’s his crime?
– It’s atrocity & not crime, When he is awake, he takes our
lives by narrating stories. When he sleeps,
he kills with his snores. Snore…! Making him vacate the house
for snoring! Highly injustice. Instead of keeping him
in this house, it is better to sell
the house & live in zoo. Come, let’s sleep with
peacefully for a week. Get lost. If not here, I’ll get dozens of
houses if I throw money. What is it? Watching like cable TV.
Get lost. Atlast the misery
has left us. Sir, do you need a house
very urgently? Do you have it now?
– No. I have it at home. Will a cottage do?
– Even a drainage will do. But I’ve to keep up my prestige. 2 people are already
living there. Will you join them?
– Okay, I’ll adjust. Is there a fan?
– Not just one fan, there are many fans. A separate bathroom? Separate bathroom! The entire
house is like a bathroom. Come with me. I’ll be back soon.
– Okay. Do you have any sense? We don’t have space for us and
you’re taking excess baggage. Will you bring that
“Snore drum” to our room? Why would I allow him
to enter fully? I’ll allow him only
to some extent. Let’s take advance from him
and repay lender’s loan. Let’s make him pay the rent. He’ll pay rent but we’ll
have power. How is it?- It’s wrong. We’ve no other choice.
You just come. Look Mr. Salman Khan.
– Yes, Shahrukh Khan. What do you do?
– I’m write stories for films. Is it for the films which
have been released? or for the forthcoming films? I steal the stories from
the released films, & re-write it for the
forthcoming films. Then, I think you’d definitely
become a good story writer. Are you so confident?
– No, we are very scared. Come, let’s see the house.
– Okay my boy. Okay. This is the heaven I told you. Is this a heaven? Then where will I find
heavenly beauties? They are in the ladies
hostel next to us. Hello, my name is Thukaram,
not funny retort. Open the door. Welcome. You said there are many fans. Where are the fans? Why not? I’m actor Balakrishna’s fan He’s actress Ramyakrishna’s fan. The house owner is
servant maid’s fan. So, you meant those fans. For such a small house, Rs. 1500 rent and
Rs. 2000 advance. Give me my luggage.
I’ll go back. Look, Kumble…
– Yes, Kambli… Great directors like Raghavendra
Rao, Kodandarami Reddy… use to discuss about the story
sitting in this room. Do they know you? They don’t know whether
they know me or not. You won over me with sentiment.
Here is the advance, take it. Give me Rs. 300 more.
– For what? Rs. 200 for brokerage.
And Rs. 100 for showing the house. Though the house looks bad,
you atleast have a bed to sleep. Separate charges for it. Rs. 50 for day, Rs. 100 for night.
Double the charges on Sunday. I can’t help it. I’m used to
sleep on bed. Take it. One more condition, James Bond.
– What’s it, Brooke Bond? You can sleep only on
one side of the cot. Does the other side
has no legs? I’ll sleep on the other side.
– How unjust is this! I can stay in a star hotel
for the rent I pay you. This is too much for
your nasty stories. Are my stories
so funny to you? People are ready to sell their
properties to film my stories. They’ll anyway sell it
after making the film. We’re going out. Lock the door, Mandela.
– Okay. Do I’ve to lock the
doors of this heaven? Get lost… It’s getting late. I must get my certificates from
the lender before dawn. I wonder when will the bus come. Hey, that’s my song.
– Yes it is. Come, let’s see. Happiness is all around… Heart has become a garden
of fulfilled wishes… Happiness that can’t be
expressed in words… Has turned into
a lilting song… Let the time pass through
the paths of flowers… Let the song touch you
like cool breeze… Your wish has become my voice
and has come out as song… I’ve spread flowers
in your path… I hear a new tune
on your each step… I found myself in
your blue eyes… I would become festoon
on your threshold… Every step I take wishes
to walk with you… Every word you utter
is boon to me… You are the song in the
heart filled with music… The musical notes
welcomed me… And my desires took
a step forward in joy… Only after you became part of me,
I understood sweetness of life In a flash the dream came true… My heart is filled with joy
and it hid my love for you… It composed the tune, and
by dedicating this song to you… I must garland woven with smiles
and wish you good luck… We forgot about my file
because of the song. We’ll get it tomorrow. Bloody! His snore is as loud as the
engine of an airplane. Mr. Writer… He won’t get up. Watch now. Mr. Writer, Producer Rama Naidu
is here for your story. If we cut the scene… …blood will ooze out. You! Surjit Singh Burnala. Do I’ve to kick you?
– Why? What kind of a snore is that? You took money, didn’t you?
Enjoy the snore too. Buddy, your file. How did this come here? A girl Nandhini living in the
hostel next to us gave this. To Mr. Chandu, You are the reason behind
the gifts & prizes I’ve got. My thanks to you. Regards, Nandhini. Many many thanks for getting
back my certificates. Infact, I must thank you. I got the 1st prize
singing your song. I’ve nothing to do with it. It’s you who staged
my bathroom song. Infact I must thank you. It will be dawn, if we keep
on thanking each other. Miss. Nandhini… Will you come down
for a minute?- Why? Okay. You would’ve given money to
get back my certificates. Please take it. It’s alright.
Keep it with you. There is a saying called
“Credit cuts relationship”. It’s alright with the lender. But your relationship…?
No way. Okay. For our relationship
not to break, I’m accepting this money. For our relationship
not to break, I’m accepting this money. Stop. Why are you going out? I’ll take care of him. Oh my god! Do you also behave
like eunuch? Such feeling cropped up
only after seeing you. Don’t you have brothers?
– No. I’m for you and
you’re for me. Come, let’s open our hearts. Thank god!
It’s not clothes. Stop, O crescent moon! I won’t, you eunuch. Did you see? We got rid of his snore
and saved on security also. If he comes out, he won’t know
what he’ll do. Not even god can save
me after that. Hey, what’s this
atrocity on me? You’re my god. You’re my father…God Father. Though I am a 1st class graduate,
you haven’t given me a job. Is it fair on your part? This society treats
a jobless man like a widow. Look at that man with
moustache, he has a job. And this specty,
he has a job. What do I lack? Look god, you’re getting
me a job immediately. And then, my marriage too. A small request. A beautiful girl Nandhini
stays in the hostel next to us. I’m feeling shy
to say that. I’m in love with her. You know everything. Unite me with my sweet heart. I’ll never ask anything
else in my life. So, you want to know
what you gain from this? A billion thanks and
a few coconuts. Poor guy!
Looks like he’s born dumb. By god’s grace, you’ll not
only talk but also sing. In my heart, I hear…
…bells ringing… …birds chirping & much more… In my eyes, I see,
…light & astonishment… …wishing me good luck… All these lead me
to you, O my Love… My heart became yours
at first sight… It became your shadow… When you’re with me,
time flies away… If I don’t see you,
time standstill… Your arrival has brought
miracles in my life… Arrested me with
your teasing romance… You introduced me
to myself, O my love… Your name has sparked
the desires in me… But all my desires speak
the language of silence… I dream with
my eyes wide open… Your unspoken words
are poetry… The language of love
is tough and vast… you’ve taught me
that in a day… A moment spent with you
will make my life a history… Why are you breaking the
temple with coconuts? He’s breaking coconuts
not the temple. Why did you call
me so urgently? Any good news? Hereafter, it is only good. Finally an end to our
hunger and starvation. It means… I’ve got a job. Really…! Take this. Why wait for! Find a beautiful girl
and marry her. If not a beautiful girl,
will he marry a beautiful boy? You will do that, nuisance. I’m talking about him. Look, Nandhini is a hostel bird. She’ll fly away home
during holidays. It’s better to express
your love before that. Okay, let’s go.
– Where? On this happy occasion,
you must give us a party. Wow! I never expected such
a grand party from you. Get me 2 plates Parota,
2 chicken pakoda, 2 mutton masala. You’ve ordered for us.
What about you? I’ve ordered for us. Then, what about me? No need to order for you. He’ll serve reading your face. What is that? It looks like cow dung, idiot! They are buns,
not cow dung. Eat. Luck will favour lucky.
– Luck will not favour unlucky. What are you doing here? I’ve got a job.
– Really…! Good news. He wanted to give us a
party in a 5 star hotel. A/C doesn’t suit me. He’s afraid to go in lift. That’s why, we’re having a
buffet dinner on the road. Then, what about me? It won’t be nice to give
you a party here. Once I get my first salary, I’ll give you a party
in that big hotel. The place never matters. What matters is
your affection. When you’re eating here, what’s wrong if I eat here? Boy, 1 special egg biriyani. And 2 ordinary
dishes for me. By the way, tomorrow is
my friend’s birthday. You must definitely
attend that party. Oh No! Rich & big shots will
grace the occasion. Nothing like that. No matter how many
people may come, you’re going to be
my chief guest. I’ve no one more
important than you. Please don’t say no. Okay. As you say. Sir, bill.
– How much? Rs. 150. Look, Zakir Hussain.
– Tell me, Saddam Hussain. Give him 2 green
colour notes. This is injustice. Should I’ve to pay
for your party? Here, there is no I & YOU. Only US. Socialism. We must live happily. A writer must pay the
bill with a smile. Sir, take the change. No need.
Keep it as a tip. This is the sad state of poets. The stories are hard to come by. If you cheat a writer, you’ll be in for bad time. Wait, I’m coming. No matter how many
people may come, you’re going to be
my chief guest. I’ve no one more
important than you. Rose…rose..rose.
Do you bloom everyday? Upma Rava… Are you my favourite dish
Rava Idli with Upma? Are you the spicy chutney? What’s wrong with you today? Singing nonsense early
in the morning…! We’ll be special attraction
in today’s birthday function. Planning to come in shorts…? You’ll see if I come in shorts
or walk in like a hero. Where is the bucket? Rose…Rose… Are you going to take
shower, Prem Nazir? Yes, Benazir. The bathroom has no latch.
Be careful. Bloody advice. I know man. I’ll give running commentary
about your shower. This fool has gone inside
the bathroom with a bucket. Removed all his clothes. Suddenly, the door opened. An aunty is standing
opposite to him. O Writer!
The lady who saw me nude, did she also see you nude? No. I saw the lady nude
who saw you nude. You scoundrel! Did you open the door
without looking around? I saw around only after
opening the door. He had 2 shocks
at the same time. Just a minute please. Hello, please come. Thanks for coming. Will you have cold drinks? What for? Anyway we are going
to have dinner. Get us the cold drinks.
We’ll have it at home. Disgusting!
Stop your silly jokes. Excuse me. I’ve to introduce
an important person to you. I’ll bring him. Buddy, this is the right time. Express your love. But I’m scared. We too. But we can’t do anything. Say “I love you” to her & run. And we’ll also follow you. Lawrence, one minute. The person I wanted to
introduce to you is him. He’s Lawrence. Meet Mr. Chandu,
my best friend. She used to say a lot about you. You carry on.
I’ll be back soon. He’s very active, isn’t he? Very smart too. Is he your classmate? No, he’s my fiance. What’s the use of these
unposted love letters? Are you going to use
them as pillow? Come. Why have you come
at this odd hour? Will you do me a favour? Please tell me. Without our elders knowledge, we’re going to marry tomorrow
at Registrar’s office. You’re my one &
only well-wisher. We need your blessings. Will you sign for us? Me? – Yes. Like your heart,
your hand writing is also good. I saw that in your file. My hand writing was
never lucky to me. But if it is of
some help to you, I’ll definitely sign. Didn’t I tell you
he’s always jovial? Thank you very much.
– We’ll go now Chandu. If you don’t mind I want
to ask you about a thing. Go ahead. I’m an orphan
without parents, though you’ve parents, why do you want marry like
orphans in a Registrar’s office? Our parents will not
accept this marriage. Why? 25 years ago my aunt and
his uncle fell in love. So, you’re doing the same mistake
they did 25 years ago. Nandhini, I’m your well-wisher,
who wishes you to marry your lover. But, love must make
relationships stronger. It shouldn’t weaken it. You both are ready to break
20 year parental relationship, for your love which
is few months old. Just think about the hell
they will go through. You’re right, but it’s not
easy to convince our parents. That’s my responsibility. Let any difficulty I may face, I’ll unite your two families, and get you married
with their blessings. Go to your home confidently. Don’t you believe me? No…okay. We’ll go. – Okay. Stop! Have you gone mad? When you know
she’ll not be yours, why are you bothered
about her future? I thought of settling in
life after marrying Nandhini. My wish remains unfulfilled. Atleast let her wish of marrying
her lover get fulfilled. Wishing her good isn’t
a bad thing, is it? As far as I know either
friends or relatives, take the responsibility
to unite two lovers. But getting the girl you love
married to the man she loves, I’m seeing for the first
time a lover like you. An Emperor built
Taj Mahal for love, another King built city of
Bhagyanagar for his love. But we can’t find
a lover like you, who has ruined his life
for the girl he loves. Till now I thought love
is just an attraction, but after meeting…
sorry after seeing you, not only on you, I’ve started
respecting love also. Should I feel pity on your
situation and console you? Or should I help you
in your endeavour? I’m unable to decide. But remember one thing clearly, I’m always ready to help you. Don’t tell anyone that
I’m not their grandson. But I know the truth. You are finished. Rascal, did you hear the
story, screenplay and dialogues? Not just hear,
I’ll tell this to my boss, and bury you in graveyard. Not only polluting Bay of Bengal
with a vessel of water, Will you threaten to
reveal our secret? I will… Stop man! Stop man!
– If I stop you’ll catch me. I’m asking you to
stop to catch you. Then, I’ll run away. What happened sir? He’s running away after
misbehaving with a girl. Then we mustn’t leave him,
come on boys let’s catch him. What happened sir? He’s running away after
molesting a girl. What happened sir? He’s running away after
molesting & killing a girl. No need to be afraid. He can’t talk for the
next three months. He’ll start talking
slowly after that. We should be afraid
if he talks, why should we be afraid
if he can’t talk? Come. Look Doctor! He’s asking
liquor in prohibition period. Isn’t quarter bottle enough?
Do you want a full bottle? Doctor can drink at times
like this but not you, I’m right, ain’t I doctor? Not just liquor not even a drop of
water to him for next three months. Rosy, I’m going out. Close the door. Accident happened there, but groans
are coming from this side. You go & take care of that grandpa,
I’ll take care of this grandpa. Grandpa, why are you
pushing the scooter? Do you want me to carry it?
– Run out of petrol? How clever! You have said it right. Why are you pushing at this age?
Give me. I’ll do it for you. No need. I don’t like that old age pride. City is still 5 Kms away.
– Oh My god! Grandpa…grandpa. Why did you disturb my sleep? I’m worried about your welfare, but are you sleeping
peacefully here? By the way what happened
to your car? – Broke down. if it had broke down,
how did you hit the tree? It broke down after
hitting the tree. It looks like grandpa
Seetharamaiah’s car. Indeed it is that
old man’s car. He’s always avaricious.
– Avaricious? What else then? He wants to push the tree
to his home with the car. Stupidity!
That’s an accident. Accident? – Yes. Is he dead? Bloody crook!
Sinners have long life. How will you go home? Walk. You can’t, your home is
still 5 Kms away. I’ve already had
two heart attacks. If I walk this distance, I may get third attack and
reach heaven instead of home. I’ve an idea to save
you from walking. Wait a moment please! What happened to the scooter? Run out of petrol. Why are you hesitating? There’s plenty of
petrol in our car, take as much as you want
and fill your tank. Why should we give
him our petrol? Charity! We are giving
him alms, grandpa. You needn’t show off. For your petrol, he’ll take
you home on his scooter. I and that fat man travelling
on one scooter? Yes, we don’t need his help. Though it is hungry,
Tiger will not eat grass. Though no petrol, this Tiger
will not bow to anyone. That’s style! Watch it. If he’s Tiger then
this man is Lion. This lion will hunt but never
board that Stephen’s scooter. That’s pride. We have pride as well
as perseverance. Friendship is nothing
compared to perseverance. Grandpa, don’t forget
your perseverance. Do you know? Even when his daughter left home, he gave her up but
not his perseverance. Are we any less to you? He didn’t care about his son
also when he left home. After a friend becomes foe, he’ll watch him
die ruthlessly, but never care
about their friendship. He’ll turn heart into graveyard
for religion, but not unite. They are slaves to their pride. No, we are not slaves. We are not slaves. We too are humans. Though I wished to
be close to him, I stayed away from him
for other reasons. I don’t have any
anger on him. How can I get angry on him? Tell me. Hey Fat man! – Hey Bean pole! Though we had fights I couldn’t
stop seeing you early morning. My day was a void without
hearing your voice. You both are ready like
re-charged batteries. Scooter is ready with petrol. Go on scooter like Amitabh and
Dharmendra in film ‘Sholay’. Hey Man, come and
sit on the scooter. Stop…stop. – Why? Why did you get down here? I would’ve dropped near
your house.- No please. You’ve given birth to a Jackal, and
I’ve given birth to a hunting dog. If they see us together, they will kill us and arrange our
funeral in one place.- Yes. Buddy, we’ve met after 25 years, we are leaving without even
spending 10 minutes together. When shall we meet again?
– Why to wait for long? Tonight…in a theatre… film ‘Kattula Rathaiah’…
Jyothilakshmi dance… Have you forgotten it? Shall I lift or
shall I lift you? Be patient till night, let’s sing the song
together in the theatre. What? To Mr. Balaramaiah, Chandu is not your sister’s son. What’s written in this letter? Don’t you know Telugu language? I’m a Malayalee. So, you don’t know Telugu?- Yes. If she had known Telugu,
my game would’ve been over. Do you have any sense? Writing a love letter
to a sister? Love letter…? Oh my god! This Venkatappa wrote
the letter, not god. He wants to live with you. Live with me…? Then… Then what? He wants you to break your
husband’s head & elope with him. With this injection,
he’s out of the game. How dare you write
like that to me? Do you want to talk to me? Are you dreaming about me? Boochi will not be able to open
his mouth for next 3 months. Where are they going? Let’s go & see. Buddy, our writer. Writer uncle… It’s us. Chandu & Gopi. Chandu…Wow! It’s been long time since we met.
Are you fine? We’re fine. Why are you here? Are you the story writer
of this film? From story writing
to direction, it’s me. Are you also the producer? No. For safe,
I’ve chosen another man. How did you become a
director suddenly? I narrated a beautiful
story to a producer. He listened & was stunned, and wanted me to
direct the film. How could you write
such a beautiful story? It’s not a story.
It’s real life. In this story, hero falls
in love with a girl. Without knowing his love,
she loves another boy. Hero sacrifices his
love to unite them. Sorry Chandu.
It’s your story. I saw this happening
in real life. I wrote the story
adding life to it. Shall we go?
Go. I’m coming. Chandu, I’m shooting a song.
Come & watch. Hot looks chased me… Incited passions in me… Hot looks came before me… Raked up desires in me… A colourful parrot
selected me… And asked me love
her sweetly… A colourful parrot
selected you… And asked you to
love her sweetly… There are sweet nothings
to say… At the maize farm… Make a visit at dusk,
my dear… As the village belle
dances before me… Moon stealthily looks
hiding behind clouds… Will the beautiful chic
fall for you? Young maiden winked at me… She winked and woke up
my youth with a jolt. Wink at me, boy… Wink and wake up
my youth with a jolt… A sparrow came and
rested on my heart… It promises not to leave
if I take good care of it… Are you telling the truth? I saw them together. The result will be
of my choice. No, it’ll be of my choice. Bet…?- Bet. Chandu…please come. Choose one out of these two. What are they? I want our marriage to be
conducted in the church. I want in it to be conducted
in the temple. Choose one & decide
our place of marriage. Forget about those 2 choices. I’ve chosen a 3rd one. Graveyard. Let’s go. Uncle, please stop. Stop calling me uncle. I’ll kill you both. Get in. If you hit him…. Why talk to some uncultured brute? Get into the car. Hubby, what happened? Hubby… For giving birth
to such a girl, a slap for you and
a disgrace to my honour. In the fire which broke 25 years
ago in this house, today, she added oil to it. She could get my enemy’s
son to fall in love. Enemy’s son…
means…Lawrence… No. I don’t even want his name
to be uttered in this house. Only a Hindu boy can enter
this house as my son-in-law. If not, all of us will leave
this house as dead bodies. “If you marry that girl, you won’t
get a penny from my wealth.” “You won’t have any contact
with my family” I won’t say this
like every father does. I’ll tie your hands &
conduct your marriage. Only a Christian girl can
become our daughter-in-law. If a girl of any other religion
steps into this house, I’ll chop her legs & slice
your throat at the same time. No matter what their
decisions are, Nandhini & Lawrence marriage
will happen. I’ll conduct it. Nandhini is missing. Hubby… Hubby… Stop. Search the bus. They are not in the bus.
– Search the bus stand. Go & search.- Yes sir. Searched all the buses.
Couldn’t find them. Then, let’s go to the
Registrar’s office. They haven’t come here. Then, search the Railway station. Couldn’t find them in
Railway station too. Search all over the city. What happened? Searched all over the place.
But couldn’t find them. Search all the temples and
churches in & around. If my son comes home
by evening, it’s okay. If not, kill everyone
in the opposite house. Go. Stop. Please listen to me. Please try to understand. It’s all because of you. Tell me, where is Nandhini? Tell me, where is Lawrence? Tell me… Tell me… Why are you so surprized? They aren’t married yet. Do you know why? For your permission
and your blessings. You wanted a Hindu
to be your son-in-law. Your son-in-law is a Hindu. But your daughter is not
a Hindu anymore. You wanted a Christian to
be your daughter-in-law. There is your Christian
daughter-in-law. But your son is not
a Christian anymore. What are you thinking about? Now you’ve your choice of
son-in-law & daughter-in-law. But your son & daughter
have converted religions. There may be different forms
of gods. But god is one. God created humans. Humans created religions
and different forms of gods. Will a Hindu child take birth
with scared ash on his body? Will a Christian child take
birth with Holy Cross? Everyone wouldn’t know about
all the religions in the world. But there will be no human
who does not know about love. There will be no heart
which never loves. For your personal
animosity and pride, it’s atrocious to
separate lovers. Please listen to me. Bless their marriage. Your advises will not
affect those fools. Stephen, take your holy cross. Give me your rosary beads. Put it on my neck. You too. From today,
I’m Gurzada Stephen Rayudu. I’m Seetharam George Bush
from today. You never knew in which
religion you were born. I told you were Hindu
after you grew up. I, your father and your son
have converted to Hinduism. How can you be a
Christian between us? Why are you still hesitating? We too once thought like you, and got separated from
our children for 25 years. I don’t want you to
face similar situation. Take our advice and
get them married. They defied death and
left this place, they lived keeping
alive their love. When affection is dead,
why to kill ourselves for religion? Happiness is all around… Heart has become a garden
of fulfilled wishes… Happiness that can’t be
expressed in words… Has turned into
a lilting song… Let the time pass through
the paths of flowers… Let the song touch you
like cool breeze… Your wish has become my voice
and has come out as song… Though screens of mist cover… it can’t stop the
breaking of new dawn… Though you may create hurdles… Love will win against all odds… Your bond of love… I wish it lasts all your life… Earth, sky and water
must bless you… Let the marriage band play
‘Love will triumph’… Banks that can never meet… They have to join
to unite them… I must stand as testimony
and become a memory… Like a never revealed dream
hiding behind the eyelids… It has dropped out
as blessings now… It must wish you
a happy married life… Come…come dear. It’s curtains down to the show. Shall we remove our make up? You go and book train tickets, I’ll go home and
pack our baggage.- Okay. Yes grandpa, Chandu is Nandhini
and Lawrence’s friend He impersonated as your grandson
to get them married. If it hadn’t been for Chandu, our two families would
have never met like this. Even blood relations don’t
show this kind of affection, though he’s not related to us, to unite us he came as our man
and your grandson. How are we going to
repay his generosity? Will you please come
here for a moment? Mad girl! I know
what you want to say. The boy who took so
much pain to unite us, you say what’s wrong in accepting
him as our grandson? Isn’t it? We are living together for
50 years, can’t I understand this? I’m telling everyone here, I’m accepting Chandu
as my grandson. What do you say man? No use in saying it in words.
– What do you want me to do? If we get him married to Nirmala,
he’ll become our grandson in reality. What do you say man? Will you give your daughter Nirmala
in marriage to Chandu… By the way, is your
name really Nirmala? No, Priyadarshini. Whether it is Priyadarshini
or Doordarshan? Do you like to marry Chandu? Knowing my opinion
isn’t important now, first ask him
if he’s interested. I’ll talk to Chandu. You say you are his friend,
you are best to talk to him. You ask him. No, I’m not interested
in this marriage. I’m asking you, why? Tell me. I love another girl. You love a girl? I never knew it till now. Tell me, who is she? I’ll talk to my grandparents & get
you married to the girl you love. It is impossible. Why? The girl is married. Yes. I loved her. But she didn’t love me. She loved another man
and married him. She must’ve been very unlucky
to refuse your love. No, she’s not unlucky. I’m unlucky. If not how can she
not know my love? Let bygones be bygones, instead feeling sad
for the love failure, can’t you marry another girl? Look, love is a feeling beyond
the reach of language. Once you feel it,
even a failure can’t wipe it. Aren’t the love failures marrying
and enjoying life happily? Enjoying and happiness
are two different things. Ask love failures to say truthfully
if they are really happy? They can’t. Because even after 100 years, the memories of failure will
remain a thorn in heart. Love from heart will
cease only after death. True, but a plant
gives many flowers. One flower withers
to make another bloom. But can you make the withered
flower to bloom again? Love is also like that only. It can bloom like a flower, it can’t bloom again
once it withers. You say you can’t
change your heart. If it changes how can
it be a heart? If I can forget,
how can it be love? Is this your final answer? No…this is my final decision. This decision may hurt you, but this hurt is
also soothing to me. Bye. I wish your welfare… that’s why I’m leaving you… so said Poet Athreya… Love is not selfish… True love is ready
for any sacrifice… That’s why, though he
failed in his love… he ensured that his lover
doesn’t fail in her love… and doing so he
ensured his success… and laid foundation
to new history…


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