Strongest SNIPER You Will Ever See ☆☆☆ CARRY | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 114

Strongest SNIPER You Will Ever See ☆☆☆ CARRY | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 114

take the goblins here I guess and goblins with NT majorly one of my favorites good also maybe build demons and terrorblade and stuff if I get got a morbid mask very nice for TB I could get a void stone in the TV as well mask of madness I could use the whole item or I could also disassemble it no problem mask of madness on antimage is pretty ok mask of madness on ps3 dok2 to be honest damn I hope I get a mango or something but I do want the timber 100% one the timber I need mango to buy this bounty I just heard a crit somebody that's a PA as well this too can make a hood hood mask of madness very hight very nice items for PA okay so without a doubt the round three is the goblins round four will be PA level 4 will be PA and after that I'll probably put the morph or any third assassin I'll probably give the region items to the Goblin that takes the most damage here I do that sometimes look at the fight see who takes the most damage or who do I want to survive the most timber this clock is getting mono burnt and timber needs to survive and get the spell off and we win okay I was the guy with PA it could be going assassins here me too though me too he could be an assassin as well okay that's a little bit too many now so I'll definitely think of other options he has a PA to so many people with the SAS ins and PA and stuff so maybe I will consider hunters on the on a side note how consider maybe Knights on a side on the side you'll see what we go for hey what's up brother I do sleep some into sleep a bit I'm gonna levels to be able to put three shots incident play with this and early in the early game also level 5 gives me higher chance for three ghosts witches units that I will need to decide my build the good thing about goblinses I can do it with other things actually I can do the job I can do three goblins three hunters I can do three goblins three nights as well so I'll do assassins in the early game because that's what I have and stuff but I will keep in mind and consider other things magic yo what's that he left he said Stan left was that deep sea ninja who was that was that voice yo yo okay I'm gonna have to sell +8 almost like I just started the game you know we go alright if the bench wasn't full of shit if I was hard committed into assassins I would be getting one interest but in this game I think it's better to to get all this bunch of shit instead of going for the interest already because he has bound T he has assassins he switched from assassins it feels he has assassins and is going for them he is going assassins as well and I don't want to be in a game where were four assassins because that much competition for unit is not good in assassin build assassin build needs upgrades we need three stars and where is not much competition but we're very hard going to find three stars very hard kind of want to level but play whatever I guess hey what's up Dave I don't upload some dota 2 gameplay because I rarely play dota 2 in the last two weeks or so also the games are not upload worthy and I cannot pay and I cannot afford to pay an editor to do edit editing for me and stuff so it's very very hard almost impossible to get any dota gameplay uploaded to the channel that guy's holding to iOS god damn before around 10 to iOS that's what interests me if I upgrade this timber and bounty I'll get three goblins until around 17 or so they are going to last for so long nice it's like it's the front line its front line its damaged it just does so much maybe I could combine them with three hunters put three hunters in right now not trusting those assassins very much anymore also I have dope items for a right-click carry okay so I also have an undead on the side a pair of all the Knights pretty interesting I mean the thing here I haven't gotten any Lunas yet and Luna is the one that benefits the most from these items if I go Knights I need to get a three star i need to get a three star Luna with Knights to do this build and there are there is one person building Luna which is not that much but I think there is nobody know he is building Hunters one guy's building hunters I guess we still have room to choose we still have the room and the option to choose keep holding bears keep holding units but I am building either hunter or Knight and this these items are gonna stay on sniper or transfer them to a Luna hopefully can make a crystallis or no strong like that damage is just crazy man above over bounty who'd do that – actually this is a good time to do it I can sell this bounty to get the interest and if I don't win somehow I can sell the other bounty to get more interest it adds on that removes the nanobots but it adds on that so it's decent I do like the nanobots though if they are on timber or clockwork there's no way I lose the round because the better front line the the better thank your front line the better for hunters what I didn't really think of actually was my front line am I going to keep this goblins for the rest of the game I have to tree star them if I want to keep them otherwise I start I need to start building Mars so it actually might be better to do Knights in this case because they have its front line they have its own make up its own carries damage dealers and its own front line maybe I'll go Knights this guy's going for all the gobbling still because a couple of nights goblin still nights with trolls maybe more region also the wind for now okay I'm probably switching to the nights I'm at fifty gold so I can have so much region on both on both but I can have them on nights as well no problem there is barely the first Mars nobody's building Mars so if I start rolling and I've get a lot of Mars but maybe start building that I think I have way more night bears than the hunters hunters I only have sniper pair nothing more I saw the wind Ranger of course but draw is an important one and she's still sitting at the one star so weak have you tried night assassins no not really what if what if I'm hunter and night-night undead hunter put six nights and three hunters that way drow gives Undead put a Medusa in the place of windranger because she will offer us a disabled put medusa in the place of wind upgrade the drow as much as possible do that too I'm going Knights or maybe night-night thunder sassing assassin something assassin troll warrior undead assassin hunter-warrior four assassins four assassins four assassins might are decent night shields very nice corner positioned six hunters can be quite strong too against assassins but I just have two good items on the sniper it just has mascot – crystallis so much good stuff it's a good interval to level so I just pushed it why not do I want the necro probably not now jump in sniper jumping I mean slark yeah that's pretty good the corner is the corner is so like together defending each other in play great team Playboy's CK might be trapped though you're like I have too many million ow CK trapped or what maybe I should do this there is no point right now to position against one build specifically to make a positioning entirely against assassins because not everyone is assassin four people are but not every single player so early to mid-game I will position in the way that I think it's decent against everyone and in the in the way that I think my build will do its work and stuff but only in the late game our position against specific people mum don't silence right now mum silences for eight seconds now and then and then it stops gives attack speed and silences for eight seconds then the the unit is free to cast it's actually pretty dope but I'm gonna need is two three-star the sniper three star this snipper okay I need units and upgrade so I'm gonna be rolling it now at eight and I'll push to nine when I have my when I'm ready to put my team together upgraded Omni and upgraded batrider will replace the two the two mix level nine will give me the slot for DK the last six night to pop and then the level and then I need to find Medusa with void stone or crown preferably see if we get void stone or crown at around thirty maybe from those creeps and we have Medusa as well we have disabled we have night shields we have tankyness damage everything should be should be pretty cool build my Twitter low already holy shit that's so much stuff hey Doc do sir oh so the wind I was gonna replace wind reducer if I got the blight stone there man out have desolator on the sniper as well oh man he would be insane shit decay I'm not ready to level tonight anyway not yet I'll get another DK I only need one one star not more okay one more CK I will make it with IO around 27 three star unit might be a little bit too late but it's okay sometimes game is not that easy giving you everything you need all the time I want tankyness on him survive live tank DPS do everything CK does everything eliminate him give me his items oh yeah that's a good one on the sniper it goes okay so I'm gonna keep five interest and roll keep rolling here at this level could also reposition a little bit better I feel I'll try to fix it maybe switch coroner if I see too many people are in front of me I need people to not be in my face I need to keep my distance from people ha my sniper one is going windranger 3 nice leave me all the snipers leave me leave me actually instead of this batter either I can put the second sniper or Luna but Ryder doesn't really bring any synergies and he doesn't bring a synergies no nope no not really no point to playing him here to be honest oh that was close very important that I beat though that's a hyper stone that could have been a big baby but I don't feel like it's needed this game huh look at this sniper let's go wait I do have big heavy do I want be kami or do I want to wait or maybe a casual blights tone from another player together get a Desolator get him ck easy okay so no BKB needed against him no BKB no point to get a big heavy here good put it on the Medusa make her a little bit more tanky try to try to make sure that she lives a notes for us it beats me assassin I mean I don't have my team together yet so fucking BK again first time ever I'm building not used at all to look for DK first time hunter Undead I don't know DK is part of my team why is this the only Auto chest dream that looks like my older chess games because you are playing Auto chess on PC and me too and currently Jurado currently this is jurado's older chest for PC hasn't released the full game yet the full PC game he does half and focused a lot on what the mobile one which is the one you see the most but this is the PC one that you are probably playing okay just let me get my three stars and get my team together I need to put this DK in and then three star the rest of the units and then I'm good to go this neighbor is already good to go look at our boy sniper what snipers damage we're gonna see now 295 DPS not bad okay how much is it to level 9 14 28 about 25 gold after this round I'll go to level 9 would be game and then I'll continue rolling for the rest of the game not go to level 10 it's not level 10 level 10 game for me what grade okay so I kinda want this decayed to be trapped in here so that he protects people from the assassins I don't care if decay hits or not he's only there for synergy or that Medusa upgrade immediately just makes such a big difference but I don't seem to be able to beat the other hunter though for some reason Oh Daedalus maybe now I can beat the other hunter ok one Luna one omni going for Abaddon 3 as well big tanks big damage this build is not that good actually unless I get all the three stars and I am getting a lot of three stars this build that knocks does not seem that insane but it is something I haven't done before it's pretty fun pick up a combination of three hunters instead of going for six and then have all the Knights sniper could potentially be a insane hard carry though sniper good like potentially win it almost alone because he has life steel he has Knight shields if they broke he has so much stuff 400 deeps by the way I'm just gonna lock this by the two decays next turn I beat him earlier he doesn't have a way of silencing my enigma this other guy actually beats me a lot one of the biggest reasons is cos he dooms my my Medusa right but Medusa went off this time and I still couldn't beat him it's weird so weird hey maybe he doesn't have to be dropped anymore maybe he can do something there was actually no reason to drop him either because there there were no assassins anymore sniper go carry maid yes library yes good reposition good position crits for 1,500 a year this Luna now she has no items but actually I should use this loon as a tank I should put her as a part of the front line somewhere she probably should be like second a second or first line instead of instead of back all the way in the back looking for a blight stone looking for javelin to make me own ear I will rather me own ear over this oh I got the decimals well I guess we'll use the one that combines both are okay I guess if I was more patient and way that I could have cut both or I guess now I can have a my own ear and the Maelstrom no matter what it's always it so good sniper you're killing yourself to blame a homemade please dude this is so good this knife this this is the strongest sniper ever this is the strongest knife or you will ever see I promise it's so good to to build around to carry now because because of the new load system with the treasures you you guaranteed have so many items just look at this knife second mask of madness 614 DPS sniper so this guy was harder for me to beat than the other this should be very easy to beat it's repositioning on the other side but I don't think that it really makes any difference now cuz he is going to have double life steal from two months in dot enigma coulda told even oh he got hexed Oh 790 this is the most I've seen a sniper do ever 790 DPS let's see you now boy hello enigma goodbye anymore motherfucker no not this time made the only thing this sniper needed is maybe magical resistance if I had Naga level 10 I guess possible play if there if there were mages if the top to me and another player is mage could add another Naga you have live steel not from warlock but from double mom he had nine shields he had a ton of damage from items he had everything maybe he owned the only thing he didn't have and didn't need it in this case if he needed it we could have done it is magic resistance from Nagas GG's voice nice holy shit it gave me three times did I report three times yesterday if I did then all three took action or whatever hope you guys on YouTube and enjoyed this sniper just shitting on people sniper shitting on people literally I like on the video would be nice if you guys enjoyed it and if you're new to the channel subscribe I upload videos every day here also I stream on Twitch so don't forget to follow me and check out the stream thanks for watching see you in the next video have a nice day


  1. Why the autochess is dying?
    only two rooms when I'm about to play also more than 5 games to rise from ranked and only one to lower two ranges what a piece of shit…
    Some good servant to recover the faith? or definitely can not choose that?

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