Streaming Powerful Games to your Nintendo Switch? (Resident Evil 7)

Streaming Powerful Games to your Nintendo Switch? (Resident Evil 7)


  1. No game should be run from the cloud on switch! It’s a cop out and defeats the purpose of having it on the switch. I’d rather get it on Pc or PS4 than switch if I have to stream it

  2. I have internet speed of 100mbps, and GeForce Now still works like garbage on my Nvidia Shield, so I'm nervous about this service.

  3. A few notes:
    * Yeah, a PC port might actually work better because PCs can come in all sorts of configurations so game developers have to invest more on having the game scale lower as well as higher. Porting a game designed from the ground up to run on the Xbox One or PS4 would be a problem because they are a much narrower range of specs. That said, porting over from an older system like the Wii U has actually been very successful.
    * Input lag is a big issue. If it's inside your house, it will probably work well. Connecting to a nearby "cloud" server a dozen miles away is gonna be a bit worse, but still doable. Connecting to Japan – probably unplayable. Unless they've taken the time to put some of those streaming servers in the USA, I would expect we'll discover quite quickly that we live on a very big planet and not much can be done about lag from Japan.
    * Dropped frames and delayed frames is another big issue – you're basically streaming video, and unlike Netflix or YouTube, there is no buffering because that would only make input lag worse. So if packets are being dropped or delayed, that will be a very visible problem.
    * Compression is another issue they need to overcome – you can't stream uncompressed, and the compression ratio has to vary itself depending on connection conditions. It's a very challenging hurdle to keep the quality as high as possible on unpredictable conditions.
    * I generally don't like comparing the Switch to console systems (yes it is a potato compared to them) because to be honest the biggest draw of the Switch is its portability, and if you compare it to cell phones and tablets – it's probably in the top percentile. There's not many tablets or phones that can stand toe to toe with the Switch. I don't mind that it's not graphically an Xbox One X because I can finally play good games on the go, and boy are there some great games for it.

  4. Honestly I'd be fine with streaming you didn't have to rent it for six months. Now I'm sure that's plenty of time to beat RE7, but I personally like to replay my campaign based games for fun.

  5. Also, if these developers actually choose to sell these rentals via streaming, they need to have the infrastructure to facilitate that.

  6. I don't greet it because you have good internet connection Plus you lose one key feature play Anywhere

  7. SpawnWave tested it and it does have english support. However, getting a good connection may still not cut it, you're trying to play in Japan's servers after all, inter oceanic links always give you a bump in latency and that is no good for game streaming

  8. I don’t like the idea of it. I don’t want to pay for a game that I can only play for limited time, I always like to come back at some point to play a game again but I won’t be able to do this with ‘the cloud’ plus the input lag will piss me off😂

  9. Is anyone actually dumb enough to think that game publishers are altruistic enough to use this business tactic for it's best applications? Oh yeah, the dozens of people who have been typing "this is the future of gaming" in all caps telling me how dumb I am and that I just need to "get with the times"….um, no thanks…I do not want a future with consoles being bare bones streaming boxes that I will never own a single game on, that I will have to pay another 20 spot on every time I want another hit of my favorite game and all thanks to the droves of people telling me that "this is the future"while dumping another 20 dollars into some game publishers bank account for nothing more than a very loose "rental agreement" that goes "poof" whenever the publisher decides to do so. Normalizing this idea will be the most destructive movement in the gaming market since digital media was introduced, and I for one will bear no responsibility in helping people spread anti-consumer ideas just because they can not see past the idea of "but you get to play RE7 on your Switch!" and I get that but if a publisher lacks the drive/motivation/technology/money/whatever to properly port a game then don't port it at all…half the excitement of the Switch is taking it with you but if I have to be tethered to my wifi or BLOW through my mobile data plan like a virgin on prom night then I will just play the game on another console or my pc…make no mistake, this is a "test" in every sense of the word and if Capcom can get it away with it in Japan they will spread it anywhere that they can, to whatever game that they can and all for their bottom line. Let's not forget this is the same Capcom behind releasing street fighter v without a single player, destroyed devil may cry by westernizing it in 2013, destroyed frank west in dead rising 4, held mega man hostage for decades and made next to nothing on RE7 at only 4 million copies…this is not a company with the consumer in mind, this is a company grasping at straws while the ride the wave of monster hunter for the moment and only now try to cash in on their old franchises they've held hostage from their fans for years. Capcom are not in the best of positions right now and although I have a LOT of love for many of their games, I hold no love for this shady cash grab to try to sell people snake oil, but only for a limited time. Imagine if Capcom sold bicycles and they decided that instead of selling you the bike they will sell you a video of someone else riding the bike for you to enjoy at home while you work out on an exercise bike(that you had to buy yourself aka the Switch) that was 1/3 the price of the whole bike and only for half a year, then you would have to pay 1/3 the price AGAIN to rent it again and NEVER have the option to buy the damn bike. Does that sound like a great business practice to anyone else? I can see valid points in "the possibilities this can open up" but are they possibilities we really want? If Capcom had released this alongside an announcement that they were actively porting RE7 to the Switch then okay, sure…if people want an option to stream then fine but this is not an option and they have no intention of paying to port a game that in their eyes was a commercial flop to begin with. Nobody is looking at where Capcom is coming from on this, everyone is too blinded from playing RE7 on the switch but the sad fact is you are NOT. You are streaming it at the low-low price of 1/3 the cost of the whole game for a game you will never own.

  10. I think it's a terrible idea.
    Imagine some games getting released exclusively to a streaming service and then they after a few years just stop letting you play. Those games are now dead. There's no playing them by anyone ever again because the files are on a server somewhere instead of on your machine.
    Piracy can't even rescue games like that.

  11. Steam is making an app for ios and android to steam your pc to your smartphone. I want this to come to the switch so i can own these games while i stream them to it.

  12. If PS4 is struggling to stream PS3 games by a wired CAT6A connection then I don't see switch doing it..the lag is going to be crazy….but Nintendo are always surprising

  13. actually English is a supported language, but the game kicks you out after 30 seconds saying you're too far away

  14. RE7 Cloud isn't restricted to Japanese only, you can change the language to English too, but it stll sucks anyways. lol

  15. Who is going to pay for it? In case of a 10h singleplayer title the cost is acceptable but for a multiplayer title the cost for gpu server would be extreme.

  16. This is a bad idea on its face. Taking away the portability of the switch kills any reason to play this game at all.

  17. There is no reason or benefit for the Switch to have USB 3 for any reason, especially gaming. It would not improve it at all. And the data rate would not benefit at all either for USB 3 (Unless Nintendo uncaps the download speed for installing games) but that still does not affect latency in gaming at all. USB 2 has a 0.125 ms latancy. That is nearly 1/10 of 1 ms latency. That is nearly 1/16 of 1 frame. So USB 2 ethernet has functionally zero lag on the switch. Perfect as is. Averaging a data throughput of about 20-30 MB/sec too, which is plenty as this is is about 300 Mb/sec and very few have over 150 Mbit internet anywhere anyway. So effectively zero point zero benefit by unlocking usb 3 support.

  18. Please, help with this petition to bring RE7 to the Switch (as a port, not a cloud version)

  19. Hey, for the acer predator monitor for your switch, do you have the 1080p one or the 4k one? I am curious to know before making a purchase. The 1080p one, right? Common sense the switch can not go 4k.

  20. Man how a few hours changes this video, English and many other languages are subtitles, it is 180 days, it can be streamed from the US, but ping times apparently suck, and how you can say any Battle Royale game could be streamed right after saying even local input lag on the Vita kills such an online experience is quite puzzling… You need a physical system played directly from it for FPS or Fighters, period… and I find it impossible to think that will ever change, short of quantum gaming that moves faster than light or electricity itself

  21. Right… The Vita's remote play is so incredible, it's basically a small wireless monitor with controller. WOW!!!

    Yeah, awesome… why don't we treat our Switch(es) just like glorified monitors and RENT someone's computer to play their games.

  22. So if developers put 'cloud' games on the Switch. That just means the portability of the Switch is nonsense! Damn it! Bethesda and Panic Button for the porting for the win!!! 😎

  23. The idea of streaming games is alright but a native port to the switch is better but at the same time time nintendo and the consumers who bought the switch knew what they were getting into with the underpowered hardware

  24. tbh … RE7 100% would have been runable on the switch

    just that it would have required some mayor downscaling of the details (which is possible if you actually HAVE the access to the stuff)

    hell, my crap of a PC is capable of running it kinda smooth … if one now would actually downscale stuff like the object details, it should run perfectly fine native on the switch

  25. Actually it has english, I tried to run it and there's some part where it asks you the language of the text and the voices, it comes with 5 or 6 languages, but obviously you have to deal with the japanese to even reach this part.

  26. I think streaming might stay as a Japan only exclusive. You also have to live fairly close to the server, and Japan isn't that large. If you found a way to play it here, it might not be playable due to the high ping.

  27. I really agree with the potato thing 😀
    And i feel like almost of there games are potato as well(that is just may opinion)

  28. I think that this is a great idea for big ass games that will kill the switch, tho I am afraid that this will make some other DEVS with simpler games go lazy with there work

  29. This whole cloud thing is stupid. In the end 5-10-15 years from now any and all games based on a cloud service will not be playable once the service stops. I'd rather have the ability to stream my steam games to my Switch via wifi or lan.

  30. because of fallout shelter, i got into the fallout universe, so i really wanna see fallout 4 on the switch

  31. "No excuse"… except that supporting a game this way is SUPER expensive for the publisher. They need to be able to spin up a dedicated client for every single player wanting to play the game concurrently.

  32. The input lag on ps now is unplayable. Only games that are some what playable are arcade games. But any FPS is unplayable (My internet is 16mb per second)

  33. The Nvidia Shield was my first experience into game streaming. It sucked, a lot. My PC had to be on a hardline, which is fine since it was already on one, but even the tablet being on a WiFi network without using an ethernet dongle made it really inconvenient to use.

  34. My internet and my wifi are great. I can stream BF1 from my desktop to my laptop and it plays very good. It freezes on my tablet some but on my laptop it's smooth. I'm not even rich either and don't have the best equipment but it works great. I love my router. I get 312Mbps on my laptop over wifi sitting a room away from the router. I have a Netgear R6300v2 router and it was only $30 refurbished from newegg. I don't have the best internet package either. My isp offers 3 speeds. 200mbps at a 350GB/month cap and 400mbps with unlimited data for just $10 more and there is a gigabit speed but it's $30 more than the one I have. I think mine is the better deal of the 3. My gaming desktop is very good. I upgraded my slightly older system instead of buying a whole new system though. I have an i7 4790k, 16GB of RAM, and a GTX 1080 ti. It took me 13 months to get that GTX 1080 ti paid off. I got it through cutting edge gamer. I wish I had saved the money and got it that way instead of paying $90 for 13 months. I paid nearly $1200 for my 1080 ti. Had I saved the $90 instead of paying it to cutting edge gamer I'd have had enough to buy it in 8 months. I have more extra money than $90 each month though because I don't have kids and my bills aren't too high. If I saved everything I get extra I'd have enough to buy an RTX 2080 ti in 3 months. I don't have a great deal of money but if I ever have to struggle a bit to get by it's because it's my own fault and I bought something expensive and not because I'm poor.

  35. Meanwhile #AustralianInternet has a switch only has 1.2MB/s download speeds and don't even start me abort upload speeds –___-'

  36. Introducing thd switch it does not games natively but is a good portable streaming device? That doesn't sound like it end well if developers choose to go that route.

  37. Cloud gaming is the future. Not sure why they would get upset at Nintendo when Microsoft is talking about doing it too and Sony. Nobody is getting mad about that

  38. I like the idea of cloud gaming, but not renting. Besides, what if a game on the cloud has a DLC come out after that 6 month window. If they bring this to the US, which they probably will, considering their competitors, they should treat it as a normal game on the eShop. Charge the normal price, and all. Just play over the cloud.

  39. I wonder why rockstar hasn’t released GTA Collection on switch yet . I mean it’s on mobile and stuff .. I wanna play Vice city on my switch

  40. Cloud gaming is an interesting idea, however unless there is basically database centers every 50 miles there will be lag and even then you better hope your ISP doesn't suck. The closest to a no-lag solution I've seen myself is steam link, I didn't even feel lag at first but once I had to throw a powerline adapter into the mix then I noticed some lag though seriously it wasn't nearly as a bad as playstation remote and looked quite sharper too which tells me the encoding and compression method for playstation now/remote is part of the problem.

  41. Switch games are too expensive. There are no real price drops. ANY first party title is 60$ no if's and's or but's. Xbox I get 4 from gold, plus the alacarte of gamepass. I dont need much from switch, but 60$ to play a 10 year old game?! (think skyrim). There needs to be a balance or a better way. I dont mind dropping full retail on a GREAT game. Something I am going to fully invest in like Zelda… Im having a pretty good time with it. But… A lot of games feel cell-phone-y when you look at them in the shop… Some clone games ect ect…. I dont need much, but a slightly more cost effective way with this switch I just bought. most games on this thing are rehashed games from other consoles of bygone era.

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