Storytime: How I crashed 30 minutes before my driving test // Motorcycle Adventures (4k)(GS500)

Storytime: How I crashed 30 minutes before my driving test // Motorcycle Adventures (4k)(GS500)

Well actually let me tell you about the week
that I got my drivers licence. It was a very busy month in the Netherlands
(at my driving school) for getting a drivers licence, even though it was February. Somehow, suddenly it became really cold, so
on the morning of my exam, it was -4 degrees at 10 o’clock in the morning. My exam was at 11 I think, but I had like
this warming up period before, so just driving around the city with my instructor. So, one week before that, the mechanic of
the driving school asked: “When is your exam? Because the bike is going to get a new back
tyre on Wednesday.” The morning of my exam, the bike had like
0 kilometers on it (since the back tire was changed), it was fresh as f. And, it was still kind of dark, so the ice
that had formed during the night was still there, it was still on the ground. So the first 1 kilometer or so that I rode,
we went across this bridge, and there was just a shadow there, so you didn’t really
see much of what was on the road, because it was like at the end of a corner. So I was just going really slowly, I took
the corner at like 20 kph or even less, like 15. My back tire just slipped away. And even though I was going really slow, because
it was so icy, the bike just kept on sliding; I was kind of under it, it fell on my leg. Which REALLY hurt. During my exam I was holding back grunts of
pain and stuff like that, because the bike is 250 kg and that all just got focused on
one point of my leg. The bike was okay because… yeah… I caught it so… you know. Only the mirror broke off, but they quickly
fixed that. They first wanted me to ride on another bike,
but, they have one other bike for A2 and it’s just… the clutch is so f*cked up. I mean, it’s not THAT big of a deal, you have
to be able to ride on any bike, but It’s not a nice bike to ride when you have an exam. Let’s put it like that. So, we had to ride the bike back, without
the mirror, which was kind of scary. Then hurry up and get the new mirror on there,
because the whole thing was broken off. And keep in mind, this was like 15 minutes
before my exam. My instructor, was like, in panic. She felt really bad, she told me, if I hadn’t
fallen, she would have, because the ice was in a really hidden spot. It was really hard to see it. I had never fallen of my bike before, so I
was in shock a little bit. But in the end, it was actually pretty good,
because of all the adrenaline I was really focussed during the exam. The exam went pretty well so he told me (the
examinator) I didn’t make any mistakes so… congratulations with your drivers license. But at the end, when I got off the bike, my
leg hurt so much that I couldn’t really walk back to the examination hall. But yeah, I got my drivers license that day.


  1. Dude, that was tough !!! What a timing !!! You really needed the license, LLOOOOOOLLL. Gladly you weren't injured that bad, but for a lot of people that would be reazon enough to back out. You did well !!! Great effort !! Cheers

  2. Long as the bike was ok, that’s the important thing!! 😉😂…. ya showing up for a test with crashed bike probably not best idea?! Lol!!! That’s funny!!… for real, good thing you were ok. ✌️

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