Stewie Exacts Revenge on Boy Who Stole His Bike

Stewie Exacts Revenge on Boy Who Stole His Bike

turn until – big shock – a jack pops out. And you laugh and the kids laugh and the dog
laughs and I die a little inside. – (gasps- Surprise, honey. A trikey! – Give it to me now, Give it to me now, dammit! – Not now, Stewie. When we get home. What in God’s name? Mr Lassenbee, what the hell’s going on here? There’s a law against teaching the evolutionary
theory that Gil Gerard used a time machine and ejaculated into the primordial ooze. This stupid country. Are you a high-school student interested in
the glamorous world of unpaid internships? call us now Announcer: Channel Five is not responsible
for anyone burned, maimed, impaled, or molested during actual internship. Stewie: I say! Look at me! I feel like a regular grease monkey! Grease Monkey: Hey, remember that time I had
that Mustang? Stewie: Oh, yeah! You took her for a spin that time. Grease Monkey: Yeah, that was awesome! Stewie: Then those chowderheads on the corner
busted your stones. Grease Monkey: [Laughing]
Stewie: Hey, your sister say anything about me? This is where we cease to be Meg and Neil I just want to kill myself! I’m going upstairs right now and eat a whole
bowl of peanuts! I’m allergic to peanuts! You don’t know anything about me! Who was that guy? Can you believe it? Our little Stewie learning to ride his first
tricycle Oh, this is exhilarating! Here, I gotta check on dinner. You keep taping Stewie. Don’t miss a moment. Peter: I got it. Look! It’s dancing with me! It’s like there’s this incredibly benevolent
force that wants me to know there’s no reason to be afraid. Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world,
it makes my heart burst. God: It’s just some trash blowing in the wind! Do you have any idea how complicated your
circulatory system is? Bully: Nice bike. Stewie: Oh, if that’s not the understatement
of the century. Bully: It’s cool. Too cool for you! Stewie: No, no. I think it’s right where I’m at. Bully: Out of my way! Stewie: I see. I suppose you do have to ride it to truly
appreciate its virtues. Well then, I’ll just wait here till you get
back. Where the devil is he? Brian: You’ve obviously never met a bully. Stewie: What do you mean, “bully”? Brian: He wasn’t taking it for a test ride. He was just taking it. Stewie: You mean…. He stole my trikie! [Crying] Personal trainer: So what were you wanting
to work on? Cardio, upper body, what? Stewie: Upper body, definitely. I need to get buff to get my tricycle back. Personal trainer: Luckily we’re running a
special right now for the next 17 minutes. Stewie: That’s a little unusual, but okay,
tell me. Personal trainer: The normal plan is 78 months
at $40 a month, and $200 down. Watch this. Forget the down. Watching? Good-bye $40 a month. Let’s do $35. Stewie: Okay, $35. Now, that’s the cheapest? Personal trainer: Hang on. Trace, can you bring me some of those free
gym bags? Thanks. Stewie: I can probably just do some pushups
at home… Personal trainer: Okay, well, let’s start
with the complete body-fat test, maybe a heart rate… Stewie: You’re actually not hearing me. I don’t think this is for me. Thanks anyway. And for the future? You came on a little strong. Bully: Hey, you’re blocking my light, you
stupid baby! Stewie: You know, my hooligan friend, I’ve
been racking my brain in a thus far fruitless attempt to resolve our recent unpleasantness. Then it dawned on me. Your cruelty merely stems from some deep-seated
inner pain. So, the obvious remedy is a healthy dose of
outer pain! Stewie: Well, well. Isn’t this a darling picture? Bully: Let me go, man! Stewie: Tell me, how old are you, Charlie? Bully: 7. Stewie: 7? My, my, you’re practically a lady. Ironic that your fate is in the hands of an
infant. Now tell me where my tricycle is! Bully: I don’t know. I lost it. Stewie: Very well. I have other ways of obtaining the truth. [Metallic grinding]
Bully: No! Don’t! Lois: Stewie? Look what I found. Stewie: My trikie! Lois: What’s going on down here? Stewie: We’re playing house. Lois: That boy is all tied up. Stewie: Roman Polanski’s house. Would you kiss this guy?
Girl: Ugh, no. Girl 2: No way! Girl 3: No. Girl 4: No! Girl 5: No. Girl 6: No. Mort: God, no! What’s the matter with you? Ugh! Thank you, Meg. I guess beggars can be choosers.


  1. 3:51
    'Your cruelty merely stems from some deep-seated inner pain. So the obvious remedy is a healthy dose of OUTER PAIN!' pulls out gun

    LOVE that line 😂

  2. Stewie: What do you mean, "bully"?
    Brian: He wasn't taking it for a test a ride he was just taking it
    Stewie: You mean😱 he stole my trikie! 😥

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