1. No way should these be on the road for at least 10 years yet. "What if" scenarios run into the millions, no way can programming solve this yet. Dedicated highway lanes yes but no way on general roads.

  2. I will never understand why people who don't like commuting can't just live closer to where they work if they hate driving so much.

  3. You have a few generation to go before you breed all the real men out of society and we allow such to ever happen. Great pipe dream, you won't live long enough to ever see be anything more than a novelty. The self driving cars keeps on killing people, we won't have to worry about it. It's such a tragedy your parents are paying good money for you to be brainwashed.

  4. The human race is doomed if some people are worried about autonomous car ethics?

    In the scheme of things it's a non-issue when it comes to human life and property.

  5. I wonder how this car will behave if the choice is safety of the driver vs safety of the pedestrian (or another driver)

  6. If circumstances are such that a fatal collision is unavoidable and it had to choose between an aged Nun and a young suicide bomber, which would it choose to run over?

  7. This is a mostly pointless design problem. Given the THOUSANDS of lives autonomous transportation will save, just toss a coin and you're STILL doing vastly better than human drivers. Just go for simple solution…if there's a problem, just stop the vehicle.

  8. Shows we are still in old car thinking.  Why will autonomous vehicles need no passing lines and what makes people think vehicles in one lane won't be in constant communication with surrounding vehicles.  The only real issue will be the human to vehicle interface or loads dropped on the road by careless humans fixing them to trailers or trucks.  The same as it is now, the first vehicle on the scene has to make slow down, swerve or stop calls but with autonomous vehicles the message gets fed to upcoming vehicles "Hey I just encountered a hazard at point x" or "I am moving into lane Y to avoid a hazard all vehicles in immediate area slow now".  It's almost like we cant accept the vehicles will be not only in control of our vehicles but all vehicles will be situationally aware.

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