Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : Motorcycle Riding Gear Tips for a Dirt Bike or Sport Bike

Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : Motorcycle Riding Gear Tips for a Dirt Bike or Sport Bike

My friends call me CK and I’m speaking on
behalf of Expert Village. I am a stunt man currently working out in the Hollywood area
and I’m going to give you some tips today on motorcycles and motorcycle riding. If you’re
going to be doing some dirt riding, along with your basic helmet first of all you want
to be protected your full body because you’re out there in the dirt, riding over obstacles,
jumps, it gets rough, you get tired you’re going to fall down. So you want to protect
your head, you also want to protect the rest of your body. Along with your head, you want
a good pair of gloves and a jersey long sleeve jersey to protect your arms, you don’t want
to go out their with a short sleeve shirt because when you do fall down, you’re going
to get some pretty good rash burn on your arms. You want a long sleeve shirt or jersey
and as I have here, these are motocross motorcycle pants, they’re made out of a more durable
material, they’ll stand up to the rigors and the tumbles that you’re going to take
on a motocross track or a motocross bike when you go out riding. Also, along with the pants,
the jersey, the helmet, these are good safety issues, you’re going to need a good pair
of shoes, you’re going to need a good pair of boots, that’s where these come in hand.
Now when you ride, if you’re just getting into riding, this is one of the most important
aspects of you ride because you can go out there and ride in work boots, but they don’t
have the stability and the strength and if you end up running into something, rocks or
other trees or guys out there running around out there with you, you’re going to want
a good secure pair of boots. And your boots, you want to make sure they fit comfortably
and they’re a good fit for your feet. Street riding it’s also good to have a good nice
leather jacket, such as this one right here. And we get a good jacket or they make you
can buy either leather jackets or they do have good synthetic material that is a little
more breathable and wear resistant. This jacket as you see has perforated holes for more cooling
and that’s a basic jacket. There’s also jackets, this one has extra padding you can
add in or remove, whether you want to pad your back, your elbows, shoulders, that’s
another good thing to look for.


  1. this guys a fucking idiot. Wtf kind of protection is that? An MX rider without armour? Lets see how good you come off when u fall off ur bike with nothing but a jersey you fucking tool. The leather jackets a fashion statement, not protection..

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