1. " Its a thousand pounds " – these idiots don't have a clue . Should be called sons of wannabes . All democrats I bet . Who else could be that dumb ?

  2. Clay said it was 1000 lbs. and would take three "strapping" men to pick it up? Guess he doesn't know how. I've had three heart attacks, and I could pick it up myself…just gotta know how.

  3. Definitely would’ve preferred they not all have basically the exact same dyna with a few exceptions. And all of you experts on all things outlaw and all things about the biker life, stfu. Stop calling actors who are playing characters in a tv show posers. You’re fucking idiots

  4. WTF? 1000 lbs? Let's go with mid 600's . And three strapping males? Sounds pretty risque. Doubt if they're there to pick up the bike.

  5. The Dyna is an excellent bike though.. I always liked the Sportster but that bike was always a bit too small for me. The Dyna is like a Sportster with everything bigger. Sad to see it go…

  6. When Jax took the dirt nap, he should have been riding an electric bike! As for me have ridden many brands but really love my Indian and it's not a Scout!

  7. Three 'strapping' males to pick it up? My bike weighs around 850 pounds, I am so old I fart dust and can get the bike up on my own unless a semi just ran over me. May ask for help in that case.

  8. Cruisers are about power and torque. Like a bull. The crotch rockets are fast like a gazelle …just depends on what you like to ride. Respect given is respect earned. For those who make fun of the cruisers, try handling a powerful big heavy bike that does more than ride in a straight line. I can't keep up with a Ninja but I bet riders of a Ninja's can't handle a big Harley or Indian unless they ride both on a twisty curvy mountain road with a little speed.

  9. Bobby's bike is the best of all because it's an actual custom bike. Perfect ape hangers, sounds perfect and it matches his personality

  10. I had a honda rebel which weighed 1,000 pounds if your sister was a passenger! Ran perfect wheelies and didn't have to pop the clutch! Lots easier to control the bike on twisties when your sister, road name bertha butts, was home eating pizza and fried chicken and not riding.

  11. Wonder if Jax is still tattoed to the grill of the semi? Wish someone would someday make a really good biker movie or even a comedy. Wait a minute, they already made a comedy…SOA!

  12. If you ride in Mexico then you can ride anywhere. The people here driving like apes at the wheel and the big holes in the roads make you be an expert. So I would like to see any of these guys riding here.

  13. Clays bike is NOT 1,000 lbs lol a stock Dyna is less than 650lbs. You sound like an ass throwing numbers out there Ron

  14. The bikes are pretty boring… most look almost he same… same color, same Dynamic 
    base, same exhaust, etc… Would have at least liked to have seen Juice buck the trend a bit and ride a V-Rod since he is supposed to be a tech geek…

  15. Bobby has the best looking bike. Everyone else has a bike that looks alike. I've have personally met true bikers "The Outlaws" and they've all put their stamp on their own bikes. They are all different, except they're all Harley's.

  16. Come on, everyone had THE most boring bikes ever devised by mankind. None of them were customized, had bright colors, anything! They looked like a bunch of bored geriatrics riding the bikes handed to them by casting.

  17. 9 years ago lol.

    So they spray painted everything black and put a friggin gold eagle on everything possible. Neat.

    Show me a Triumph and I'll get excited.

  18. Access on you tube "Born To Be Wild In All The Fire And Brimstone". Its master song is "The B.P.M.'s". It's a great biker song.

  19. Hey bikers of the internet……just enjoy the god damn show :). We seriously dont care….We came here to see some bikers shooting other gang members, people dealing guns and drugs etc..and you are complaining about the bikes….

  20. It’s hard to watch this after watching the show and not look at some of the guys as horrible people for the things they did in the show

  21. What bike was 'Bobby Elvis' riding when he crashed into Tig??? This wasn't his usual bike, but an older cruiser he'd been restoring…

  22. They tried to copy HA FXR/Dyno. Thats pretty much all we rode except for maybe Rusty. He was too big for a small bike !! Andy and Tiny as well (RIP)

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