Small Engine Locked Up? Easy Fix: How to Unlock Seized Motor

Small Engine Locked Up? Easy Fix: How to Unlock Seized Motor

Hey ya’ll its Danny, with Escape Power Sports. And I learned something this morning, when
I went to crank up the pressure washer and the motor was locked up. And I’d like to share it with ya’ll. So the pull cord would only pull to the same
exact spot no matter what I did. Instead of keeping yanking on it until i broke
the pull cord, like I normally would. I checked and made sure it had oil in it.
and hopped on the internet to see if I couldn’t find a quick fix. And the quick fix I found only involved removing
the spark plug and pouring a little bit, maybe a couple table spoons, of this marvel mystery
oil, into the spark plug hole. So I hope your finding this video helpful
so far and if you are do me a quick favor and give this video a thumbs up. So I was planning to let Marvel’s oil sit
over night. But to my surprise, five minutes later, the
motor was mysteriously unlocked. So I pulled the cord a few times to clear
out most of the lubricant. And re-installed the plug, and took it out
to see if it was still running. She’s smoking, but she’s running. So I aint really sure how this worked so good,
or how long its gonna last. But if you do or have any sort of experience
with this sort of thing, Leave a comment below. And I’ll also keep the description updated
if this pressure washer is still running or not. And if you happen to be a Power Sports Junkie
who loves Can-Am or Polaris as much as I do. Definitely check out some of our other How-To
videos on those machines. I’m Danny with Escape Power Sports, I want
to thank ya’ll for watching. I hope this solves your locked up small engine
problem. And as always, we’ll see ya’ll on the trails.


  1. I have a locked up coleman bike ct200u that I bought two days ago used and I forgot to check it had oil so today it started knocking mid ride and the engine locked but I’ll see if i can save it

  2. I have a ryobi gvc 190 it’s hard to pull the cord and it won’t start do you think this can solve the issue ?

  3. I'll filled marvel oil to the top of the cylinder all the way to ensure it has a path all the way around the piston ring. My plan was to pull the cord and eject the excess. I tried after about 30 mins or so to no avail, but I'm going to let it sit over night and see what happens. It could be the pump seizing up. I was able to pull the cord a couple times after it had been sitting for years, and that's when it locked up. Great video none the less! and I'll update tomorrow or this week. Thanks for posting!

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